June 19, 2009, 5:00 am

3 Tricks To Make You More Productive (and Happy) at Work Part3

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On this marvellous Friday (according to me, all Friday is marvellous but this one is special; THIS IS MY LAST MBA FRIDAY!!! ), I have a great trick to control bad emotions coming up inside of you. A trick that will make you feel better each time you feel this bad feeling going through your body as a poison injected in your blood.

The girl at seminar on emotional intelligence was explaining that we are all subject to feel bad emotions. However, depending on our personality/background, we have “fast track” going directly to our “favourite” bad emotion. Here’s a quick list:

– Anger / Rage

– Sadness

– Melancholy

– Frustration

– Discouragement

– Fear

– Intolerance (being impatient)

Depending on how you react in your day to day life, there is one (or a few) bad emotion that you naturally tend to create. So your brain is setting you up so you can create those emotions quickly as they are strong and take over your body quite easily. I personally have the anger coming quite easily inside my body. Fortunately, I can control it so I am the only one who feels it. Nonetheless, it is there. So how we can get rid of those bad emotions and replace them with great feelings?

The stories we tell ourselves

The example they used during the presentation was so clear that I decided to copy it (huhoh… trademark alert!). This is a great example as it happened several time to everybody. When I drive on the highway and I have someone getting in my truck and trying to “push” me faster, I suddenly become “unhappy” ;-).

So instead of letting my anger coming up, I am telling myself a story. What if that person flashing his lights in my back was going to the hospital because is son is having an allergy reaction? What if he’s going to reach his wife that is about to give birth? There are actually tons of good reasons to go fast on the highway and ask people to let them pass. While there are a tons of stupid drivers who just drive too fast for nothing, the stories that I am telling myself control my anger and make my life much easier to manage.

Feeling bad inside consumes an enormous quantity of energy, makes you think about all kind of stuff but the important things when you are at work and certainly decrease your life expectancy 😉

Therefore, if you find people reasons why they do things that piss you off, you may react differently and try to become more empathic. Don’t worry, I am not turning myself into a new religion, but I am trying to get my energy to become more productive instead of frustrated 😉

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