July 29, 2013, 5:00 am

Build Links Like Superman

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Niche Website

Not another online marketing article about link building???? Argh!

 link building article

Don’t skip this post too fast, Im not going to review the same link building methods you have read over and over on many blogs. We all know we need to build links towards our site to make it great in the face of the big G. We all know we need authority links, or links from popular sites if you prefer, in order to rank higher in search engines. We all know there are tons of gray hats with suit and tie methods to build links with article submissions, spun content, private blog networks, web 2.0, blog comments and so on. It has become so obvious that many people are doing it, and many people are penalized by Google for doing so. They get penalized because its not a natural way of building links. This is where I’m going with my article; creating a way to build natural links with a detailed and effective process.


Are These Natural?

 are these natural

This is a question you may think about but never ask… just kidding! Well Google bots wonder about it with regards to links. So how can you build natural links? Isn’t it not the paradox of “building  links” as if they were really natural, they wouldn’t be “built”? This is probably why it is so important to have a strict, detailed process about how you will generate them. Don’t worry, Im not going to sell you some kind of product at the end of this post, this is a pure and natural way of building links. You may want to accelerate the process by hiring VAs to do a part of this job, but it’s not necessary.


This article is based on the method I intend to use to build links for my new niche site which hasn’t yet been revealed. I’m still building it and I want to reveal it once it generates income. My goal is to make at least $500/month with this site by the end of the year. Here’s the process I will use to make it happen


#1 Shhhht! We Have To Start With Keyword Research!


Yup… you can’t really get away without this. If you start a niche site and you want to rank in Google, you need to work several hours on your keyword research. The point is not only to find the specific keywords your homepage will target, but to build a list of at least 50 other long tail keywords that will be targeted by the other 50 articles you will write on your site. That’s right; I actually intend to write over 50 articles for this site. I’m now done with 17 at the moment. Each of them is targeting a different keyword and all of these keywords are related to the same topic. This is how you can A) build a natural fit with Google rankings since you completely cover a topic and B) rank for long tail keywords and get traffic while waiting for your most competitive keyword to rank.


For the record, I use Long tail Platinum Pro to conduct my keyword research. It helps me generate and calculate the keyword competitiveness in only a few minutes.


#2 Write Article Before You Build Links


The second step is also all about building a natural site to get natural links; write your articles! I started to build links around my niche site once I have a structure that looks like a site instead of having a pale home page with 2 links working on it! I want to capture the interest of my first visitors right away.


While writing articles, you will start to get a real feel for your site and how you want to shape it. It will be easier for you to create internal links and modify your approach as you progress.


#3 Make a List of Types of Links to Build


Now that you have a site that looks like a real site, the next step is finally about link building! You should make an attack plan before you start going crazy with building 500 links per week. Anyways, this method won’t work forever, how is this possible to get that many amount of links naturally? Duh!


a)    Relevant Quality Links


Relevant quality links are done one by one with other sites discussing the same topic. There are three main ways to build these links. Blog commenting, guest posting and expired domain 301 redirects. And I don’t know much about expired domain redirect methods so I will leave that to my friend Jon Haver at Authority Website Income.


My strategy will revolve around blog commenting and guest posting. My detailed process includes how I will search through the internet to find blogs covering my topic. I don’t waste time to identify the PR or do-follow or no-follow links. My point is to find all the articles about my niche site topic, copy and paste the url in an Excel document and start write a comment on each article. The comment must be at least 50 words and must add value to it. I use a pen name with the name of the site to comment (ex: Mike @ The Financial Blogger). It looks less spammy and has better hopes of getting approved.


Then, I will write 2 guests posts per month including 2 links each. The first link will be the home page and the second link will be for another page on my site. I select preferably a page I have chance to rank high or that could lead me to some affiliate sales.


I already know a lot of people in this niche so I don’t have to be too creative in my approach for guest posts. If I didn’t know anybody, I would probably comment on their blog (not only on my topic related article but in general) for a few weeks before sending an email to ask.


b)    Higher Volume Links


Higher volume links are low quality links compared to the relevant ones but they definitely help to get several sources of links. Among the most common sources, we have Web 2.0 sites (WordPress, Blogger, etc), Private Blog Networks (not recommended), Directory Submissions, Yahoo Answers, Social promotion (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and carnival submissions.


These resources are well known by any internet marketer and have definitely lost power for ranking strategies. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth something. The idea is to build a constant and sustainable flow of new links over several months, read years to consolidate your site strength.


c)     High Authority Links


These are hard to come by and they include important websites, high PRs and .edu links. The method that I’ve found to build such links so far is to write epic content (article over 2,000 words) going all-in about a topic and refer such important websites as resources. Then, you can send an email and hope they will link back to your site. It’s not as good as a pure link from an authority site since they are reciprocal links, but at least you have it!


#4 Determine the Number of Links to Build Weekly for Each Type


This is where planning is important. You definitely want a massive amount of links pointing towards your site but you don’t want them to happen overnight. This is why I would rather take a slow approach and build roughly 100 links per month (so 25 per week). Once I’ve listed all the places I want to link from, I determine the number of links to build for each type on a weekly basis. This will look a lot more natural and it ensures that you can build links for at least a year.


#5 Identify Several Pages on Your Site to Build Links


Now that you know how many links per week and how you will build them, it’s important to have a plan for pages you want to rank with. You will obviously aim 50% of your link building towards your home page; this is your main page to grow your authority. However, I plan on using the other 50% of my links to point to various other articles. This is a good way to make sure that you have more than one strong page and, here again, it makes a lot more sense to have various pages highlighted in the web.


I’ve selected 5 other pages (so roughly getting 10% each of my link building strategy). It should be interesting to see which pages will rank on the top 10 searches first!


#6 Detail Each Process on How To Create Links


If you want to save time, create a word document with a process for each type of link you want to create. This is how you can truly think about how you can build a maximum of links with a minimum of time. Then, create an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of each of the links.


The more detailed your process is, the more effective you will become in building links. And this is when you can start to outsource part of this boring stuff…

#7 Hire a VA


You can pretty much do everything by yourself. There is nothing mentioned in this post that you can’t do. But these tasks are quite boring and repetitive. This is why I decided to hire a VA on ODesk to complete these tasks. This is also why I just insisted on how detailed your process must be.


I spent 30 minutes on ODesk to find the VA I was looking for. I picked someone charging under $3 per hour and started with a very simple task: find all blog posts related to my topic and copy their url into a spreadsheet. In 2h20 he found 200 articles. That was a big $6 spent on him for a very boring task.


I will train this VA slowly with a new task each week. The point will be to become proficient at all different tasks I don’t want to do:

–          Find blogs to comment on

–          Blog commenting

–          Creating web 2.0 sites

–          Carnival submissions

–          Directory submissions

–          Publish content (find pictures, do links, etc)

–          Social promotion, etc

I’m currently writing a detailed procedure for each task with print screens and additional information to make sure he does the right thing first and doesn’t ask any questions. So far, I’m pretty happy with the results!


#8 Spin the Wheel

 spin the wheel

I mentioned this before in the article but dont go crazy with link building once your site is live. Give it time to grow naturally as well.  Now that you have a detailed process there is no rush to push the link building machine to the extreme. I will start off by building 100 links per month from various types but I won’t stop after a month. The key is to keep adding new links and make the link building wheel spin forever. After all, great sites keep getting new links each right, aren’t they?


I’ll tell you if this plan works in a few months, but I’m already seeing some results after my first attempt…


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July 27, 2013, 11:00 am

Epicness Time

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling

What should you check out from the past week?

Get Up, Get Out, and Find a Job @ Save and Conquer.

This is a straight to the point piece on getting out there and actually finding a job. What’s holding you back from looking for a new gig? The author caught my attention with this:

“If you are out of work, you need to treat finding your next job as your current job. That is, you need to spend 8+ hours a day looking for your next job.”

The future is messy… @ Seth’s Blog

On a similar note, another short, yet brilliant piece.

“Even viral videos are easy to describe after they happen. But if these experts are so smart, how come they can never predict the next one?”

Passive Income Muscles @ Free at 33.

A great reminder to track both input and output.

Carnival of Personal Finance — Fireworks Edition!

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July 25, 2013, 6:00 am

Career, Business or Travel — What Would You Do?

by: MD    Category: Alternative Income

Would you focus on business, travel, or look for a job? What would you do if you were 25 again?

I need some help with making a decision in September. I’m not sure of what to do next and I would love to hear from you guys on how you would react in this situation.

Here’s the quick background info…

In September our lease expires. I rented a place with my cousins about an hour away from Toronto in a college town. This has been the best year of my life socially and personally. It’s time to move on though. Moving back with my parents is the obvious option since I already spend most weekends at home and my parents love (I think) having me there.

As for other options…

I rented out my condo. I bought this as a rental property but lived in it for a year. It’s now being rented out and generating money. I can’t go back there.

I can move in with other friends, but I’m not so sure I’m impressed by any of the current offers.

I make my income through freelancing, my own blog, a part-time job, and investments (yes, very random).

I love to travel. I have been on many trips and would ideally prefer to travel more in the future.

I’m just not sure of what to do next in September at 25. Apart of me is saying that I need to get a job and be a real adult. Another part is saying to grow my business. I’m also feeling the travel bug coming on once again.

Let’s get specific.


Well, I don’t have a career to be honest. After I got my degree in business, I never applied for a job. I worked hard throughout college to ensure that I could graduate with zero student loans. This allowed me to be pretty carefree after college.

However, I have been thinking of applying for a job for the fall. I’ve already applied to a few gigs that excited me.

The good news is that I can be picky. I have money saved and have no student loans. I don’t have to stress about earning on a paycheck.

The forces pushing me in this direction are the usual suspects: family, society, and friends. Everyone that I know has a 9-5 gig. I’m the only person trying something different. I’m constantly reminded that I need to get a real job and be a real person.

My biggest concern here is that I’ll get stuck in a vicious cycle where I hate my job, but I rely on the steady income. I’m worried that I’m going to hate every single aspect of the job and that I’m only going to enjoy the added income. I don’t want to hate my life. This thought would keep me up at night.

Would you find a career in your 20s or avoid the trap of the steady paycheck?


I have a huge post on this coming up next week.

I can keep on going or put things on auto-pilot.

I can consider new blogs, new projects, more freelancing, and so on.

On the flip side, I can put everyone on auto-pilot while I get a real job and try other ventures.


I can travel more and see what this world has to offer.

I love to travel, as already mentioned. I’ve been on all sorts of random trips the past few years:

  • Spring Break in Dominican.
  • Backpacking through Europe (mainly Poland where I practised my speaking).
  • Miami for Wrestlemania.
  • Austin, Texas for work.

I would like to travel more. Ideally, somewhere I can work on my Spanish and become better at speaking it. I also have been pondering the idea of teaching English and actually living somewhere for an extended period of time.

The obvious negative to traveling is that it would interfere with business ventures and prevent me from starting a career. On the positive side, I would see the world and explore more.

So what would you do in this case? I’m open to all ideas.

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July 22, 2013, 4:39 am

What is Wrong with Your Cubicle?

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business,Career



Will today be another Groundhog Day?

 groundhog day

Lately, I have been inspired by several success stories. I didn’t read about another dotcom mogul on the internet that I barely knew existed. I heard stories from a close relative who succeeded by taking the evil way of entrepreneurship. I’m using the world “evil” as in: if you start your business; you automatically leave the herd and stop being a sheep. If you are not part of the group, it must be because it’s evil, right?


A friend of mine recently started his own business and bought a new house.

A friend of my partner just sold a part of his business for $500K.

My sister-in-law’s neighbor sold his online company for a hefty pile of money.

Guys from my Mastermind group are simply amazing me with their plans.


It all happened at the same time, I heard about these stories one after the other and still, I’m sitting on the sidelines, watching the parade. I guess I’m just waiting to see if my conditions will hurt or not to move. I’ve given some thought about what is good or bad about my day job and the fundamental reasons why I can’t quit. I think I’ve finally found the answer!


The Guaranteed Paycheck


Many times in my life I encounter people who invest in certificates of deposit. I once heard in a conference that investment risk wasn’t in the stock market but it was with certificates of deposit. The biggest risk was the fact that you can’t get enough return to sustain your lifestyle at retirement. Since certificates of deposit are fixed, there is no way for you to get a better return.


This is exactly what happens with my guaranteed paycheck. No matter what I do, I have the assurance that I will be receiving my bi-weekly paycheck deposited directly into my account. I don’t really have to worry about how my employer is doing as I know there is a lot of money in the bank account. Therefore, there is no stress to produce enough income to be able to pay myself from my own company’s bank account.


As with the CD investor, I know I’m limited by my potential return, but I’m happy with the meager raise I get each year. The security has a huge cost, but still, you are secured.


Is it That Bad to be Salaried? What is Wrong With Your Cubicle?


When you think about it; is it that bad to have a pension plan? To get a high paycheck every two weeks? To get plenty of side benefits such as insurance, employers stocks, etc? And, most importantly, is it that bad to be paid for a job that you like? What’s wrong with my cubicle? What is wrong with me?


I guess it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s a pretty good world by itself! However, the cubicle is still filled with things that suck:


–          Corporate BS (you have to drink the Koolaid)

–          You are set with a fixed schedule (not much flexibility)

–          You are set with fixed vacation

–          There are always some stupid annoying rules you can’t deal with


I know from the start that I’m not good with the corporate environment. I enjoy working with my colleagues but the lack of flexibility has always been an issue. It’s not surprising that I had to fight so hard to get my 4 day workweek schedule and that I try by all means to have a flexible schedule. So far, I can’t complain, my employer has been fairly open-minded with this part.


Still… there is something itching in the back of my mind… but as much as I want to work on my own, I am also terrified by the idea of generating my own income. The money won’t be coming from some kind of automated payment system; the money will be coming from my company bank account to my personal bank account.  The fear of not producing enough income is terrible. What if I could not sustain my lifestyle? What would happen? These are the fears preventing me from jumping right now.


Have you ever had these fears? How did you deal with them?

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July 21, 2013, 12:52 am

Epic Link Time

by: MD    Category: Financial Rambling

What should you catch from the last week?

6 Things Happy People Never Do @ Marc and Angel Hack Life.

I enjoy reading this site whenever I want to chill out on a Monday morning and reflect on my week. The following really got me thinking:

“So don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to hide the truth with deception; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion of what’s popular.  It is better to offer no explanation or excuse than a false one.”

How to Launch a Brand New Website (with a Bang!) – The Ultimate Guide @ SPI.

This is a must read for anyone looking to launch a new site. I’m using this post to help with my official launch for my fitness site.

If you’re blog doesn’t have an audience, you’re essentially writing for nobody. Follows these tips so that you don’t write for nobody. Why waste time? Start off with a bang!

Canadian Personal Finance Blog: Free Agent Mania Edition.

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