April 4, 2011, 5:00 am

2011 Best Stock Picks Contest Q1 Update – Who’s in the First Place?

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It’s already been 3 months since I picked my 4 best stock picks for 2011. The rules were simple, each blogger makes 4 stock picks (on the American or Canadian stock market) and we hold them until December 31st. On this blog, I have decided to add a little challenge asking readers  to beat our stock picks. Therefore, you will find not only the bloggers’ rankings but our readers’ rankings as well (this should be more than enough to give you some trading ideas 😉 ). Here we go with my 2011 stock picks:

HUZ – So far So Good!

I decided to bet on Silver for my first pick as I wanted to play on the difference between the price of gold and the price of silver. I am not a big fan of commodities in my investment portfolio. However, when it comes down to a stock picking competition, commodities can push your overall return to a whole new level… this is exactly what HUZ is doing right now 😉

RIM – I just can’t let it go!

I currently hold RIM in my retirement investment account and I still think it’s a good stock. I was obviously wrong last year yet I still have faith in this “falling knife”. I was actually right until March when things went sour. The playbook is taking its sweet time to arrive in stores and their latest quarter was quite disappointing. I still have hopes for RIM as it doesn’t need much to get back on its feet. We have seen what kind of progress this stock can have within 12 months in the past. Some analysts still see it over $75 by the end of the year…

CVX – Commodities are definitely good for me!

Instead of making a play on oil, I decided to pick a great dividend payer and oil company; Chevron. This stock is definitely on a great up trend (thx to the rising price of oil!). I think this will be a great stock to hold throughout the year (I do have it in my personal portfolio as well).

POT – Waiting for the volcano to burst!

When I picked Potash, I thought that this would be the joker. I am expecting rumors of a possible merger or acquisition in 2011. Several companies have their eyes on Potash and the simple rumors should be enough to push the stock to a higher level. In the meantime, the stock doesn’t hurt my return so it’s all good ;-).

So with a total yield of 12.41%, I rank #1 YEAH BABY!. Let’s take a look at where are the others (you can click on their name to get their latest update on their stock picks):

The Financial Blogger 12.41%
Million Dollar Journey 12.16%
My Traders Journal 11.77%
Where Does All My Money Go 5.13%
Beating the Index 3.08%
Intelligent Speculator 1.66%
Dividend Growth Investor 1.43%
Wild Investor 0.28%
Money Smarts Blog -1.17%

And now who’s the best performing reader so far?

Jaymus (RealizedReturns)-2.03%
Passive Income Earner3.95%
Steve Zussino7.84%
Stock Glory-29.04%
Financial Uproar-23.08%
Financial Cents6.94%
Robert @ The College Investor8.70%
101 Centavos-9.09%
Kevin @ Thousandaire.com2.89%

Congrats to all participant! JT is the leader for now!

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[…] The Financial Blogger […]

Oh yeah! Taking this thing home with 15% return!

Aim for the middle! That’s what my parents always told me, and it seems to be working out! Now I’m gonna go cry a little.

Ah great – glad you are tracking us here. One of my stocks has carried the other 3 …. one big winner, one big loser.

[…] The Financial Blogger […]

Great pick with HUZ. I just bought HGD (bear gold) a couple or three weeks ago myself, which is working. I also bought HOD (bear oil) at about the same time. This one is not doing so well!

RIM … sorry to hear it 😉 I am waffling over whether I should short it or leave it alone. Long term I’m betting it’s a loser. I just got a blackberry Torch from work, and that thing is terrible. Have you tried an Apple or Android — night and day? Eventually their business clients are going to switch.

POT, nice call on that. POT has been a harsh mistress for me over the years. Rode it up and then rode it back down in the crash. Stayed away this time.

interesting picks- love the RIM for a short term ride, not sure about POT though. Fingers crossed for you!

Hi Everyone

This Contest looks very challenging and I would also like to be a part of the same. Please lemme know when is the next Challenge starting and how do I enroll myself for the same

by: The Financial Blogger | April 4th, 2011 (7:39 pm)

@JT, congrats man! good picks… but the battle isn’t over yet 😉

@SPF, it’s hard to only have a winner. In fact, the funny part is that you “follow the rules”. Out of 10 stocks you will usually get 2 big winners and 2 big losers… about the same proportion here.

@Perfect Dad,
Good job on gold… but I definitely disagree with you on oil (betting on HSE and CVX in my own portfolio). I just can’t quit on RIM… I love my curve ;-). I was tempted by the Torch… sorry to hear that it is that bad…

@CA Karan Batra,
unfortunately, the stock picking contest starts in January and ends up at the end of the year. stay tuned for next year!

I hope you lose your shirt on oil then 🙂 You should try an Apple. Regarding oil: Are you familiar with natural gas? Practically worthless right now. The reason: There is a lot of it. Why? Because of technologies called horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing — it let drillers produce the gas that was stuck in low permeable material (tight gas or shale gas). That same technology is now being used on old exhausted oil reserves to recover oil, and can recover oil again from low permeability reservoirs. Add to that huge reserves found in Columbia, plus that the unrest in the middle east may settle soon, and I’ll say that oil is going for a dip in the mid-term (my guess months not years.). That’s my rationale. Everyone else is driving up oil because currently found reserves are growing much more slowly than demand, but once this technology gets unleashed you’re going to see a lot of renewed supply.

I would be third! I’m all over oil, but I prefer MON to POT.

You gotta sell RIM while you can! They’re old news, i really think they’re going to tank within the next 5 years. To me, the whole blackberry stage was just a fad, nothing more. Their phones die at work all the time, we’ve switched to the android platform.

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