July 5, 2011, 5:00 am

2011 Best Stock Pick Contest: OUCH!

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I know, you told me already from my previous 2011 best stock pick update; I should have sold RIM! I actually did it in my portfolio, but this stock picking contest doesn’t allow you to make trades during the year. In fact, it’s pretty basic. We all picked 4 stocks at the beginning of the year and then we try our best to smile throughout the contest.


Without RIM in my portfolio, I would be among the leaders… but it’s easy to say that and others could take off their worst pick as well ;-). However, having a stock plunge by almost 50% in your 4 stock investment portfolio is pretty hard to swallow ;-).


Highly Speculative Choices

This year, I chose 4 highly speculative picks. I thought I would place either very high or low in the overall rankings. Mike from Money Smart Blog actually did the same thing last year betting on the drop of the price of gold… well he finished where I should be finishing this year! Hahaha!


RIM was my baby until not so long ago but I knew this stock would rock it up and down during the year. I just didn’t expect to see such poor results!


CVX will, naturally, follow the price of oil pretty closely. Since the commodity is on a downtrend for the past month or so, so is the stock! I don’t mind since it’s paying a healthy dividend and the price is still up more than 8% this year. It was also a great fit in my own portfolio (I do own shares of CVX).


I also bet on the rise of the Silver Surfer ;-). However, speculation has brought down the stock to a “normal” return (while I was up more than 50% at one point this year!). Here again, it could also gain or lose 20% during the next 6 months J.


Finally, Potash was picked on the same assumptions: there should be some speculation around it. The stock is up slightly but if rumors of mergers or acquisitions arise again, it could fire its way to the top in a few months!


As you can see, this portfolio is not… a real portfolio! This looks more like gambling than investing… but that’s the purpose of this game ;-).


Here are the results so far; congrats to Intelligent Speculator (from our original contest) and JT McGee (from our readers) who are ruling this competition for the moment:

Intelligent Speculator 9.35%

Dividend Growth Investor 8.89%

My Traders Journal 8.67%

Million Dollar Journey 8.06%

Where Does All My Money Go -1.01%

The Financial Blogger -3.74%

Money Smart Blog -5.72%

Wild Investor -7.69%

Beating the Index -12.01%


Robert @ The College Investor14.41%
Financial Cents2.50%
Jaymus (RealizedReturns)-0.20%
Passive Income Earner-0.39%
Steve Zussino-1.80%
Kevin @ Thousandaire.com-2.39%
101 Centavos-17.88%
Stock Glory-29.73%
Financial Uproar-44.22%

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Woot. 23%. I think that’s 2 quarters in a row. 😉

BTW, your chart is weird, the returns are next to the names in the visitor section.

What happens in a merger? Two of my picks are merging…do I lock in my gains on the single stock? 😛 Bragging rights are on the table

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The chart’s a little messsed up i think…..

Yes! I’m not in last!


yeah..I guess we’ll follow the remaining ticker when it happens!

@Financial Uproar,
you’re not too far.. be careful 😉 hahaha!

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