December 14, 2009, 5:00 am

2009 Financial Goals Reviewed

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Whoa! We are already approaching year’s end! While we are all stuck with Christmas shopping lists (my hunt is almost over, yippee!), I will stop for a moment and take a look back at my financial year 2009. I must admit that I started 2009 with great ambitions and thought that if I could achievet 2 of my 4 financial goals, I would be in a much better position. So let’s look at my financial goals and what happened to them:

Make the top 10 financial planners in Montreal

This was a huge step to achieve as we are almost 100 financial planners on the island. I still don’t have the final ranking but as of September 30th (our financial year ends on Oct 31st) I was 6th in Montreal and 18th in the entire province (out of 280 financial planners).

This resulted in an invitation to a special evening (that is tonight actually!). Since I had an amazing month of October, I know that the worst case scenario is that I will keep my 6th position in Montreal. Making the top 10 was not only good for my self esteem, it was good for my wallet too! In addition to that, it’s like being a free agent in the NHL with a 45 goal season. Every single branch manager in Downtown Montreal is trying to find a way to offer me a better position. I guess I should be able to get another raise during the year 😉

Double the income from my online company

This was probably the easiest of my four goals as internet growth is exponential. So it is without surprise that I have more than doubled our online income. This obviously passed through the purchase of Gather Little by Little which has become an important pillar of our online company.

Most importantly, we have diversified our sources of income among many sites and different ways to make money online. This was a key point of 2009 to make sure that we will continue to grow a healthy and sustainable business (and income! Hahaha!).

Finish my MBA with honours

While I didn’t receive my real diploma yet, I have received my certificate “MBA with Honours” a few weeks ago. In order to get it, a GPA over 4.0 and finishing in the top 5% of the class was required. Funny enough, I have a 4.0 even GPA 😉

I thought I would have been happier to get that piece of paper but it feels more like a relief than a feeling of fulfillment;-) Nonetheless, I am happy to have it completed with honours so I can add it to my resume and I know that managers like this a lot 😉 hahaha! The things you do to look good sometimes… aaahh…..

Get my wife to (finally) stay home

I must admit that considering our financial situation, we kind of pushed the envelope with this one a little bit. We couldn’t really afford for my wife to stop working right away but life being what it is, sometimes you have to take decisions that are beyond the rational and financial scope of our minds.

I don’t regret it as our lifestyle changed drastically to become smoother and we have much more time to relax and enjoy ourselves. However, I definitely need to finish among the top 10 financial planners next year too if I want to keep this dream alive!

What I am going to do next…

I already have a few ideas for my 2010 goals but I won’t disclose them right away. I want to take a some time to reflect on them. Financial goals are more than numbers and a list of achievements. It has to have significance in one’s life if you really want to put in the effort that’s required in order to be successful.

Well, it had cost me the very few hairs I had left standing on my head (yup, I’m 28 and almost bald… crazy isn’t?) but I’ve made it! Now it’s time to think about 2010, to Infinity and Beyond!!! 😉

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Congratulations on all the success this year. Goal setting is very important to helping someone keep their focus throughout the year.

With your online income, have you reached a state of profitability yet? Assuming you put a reasonable value on your time of course. I know i’m way under water.

Congratulations. It looks like you did an admirable job of reaching your goals.