December 31, 2009, 5:22 pm

2009 Best Stock Picks Contest

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Last post of the year but not the least! This is the big announcement of the final results of our stock contest for 2009!

Quick reminder: on January 1st, each Blogger had to select 4 stocks (including ETFs) on Canadian or American markets. We have also decided to include dividend in the yield calculation. Each quarter, we followed the rankings and provided commentary on our picks. You can see my 3 quarters here:

Best stock picks 2009 1st quarter

Best stock picks 2009 2nd quarter

Best stock picks 2009 3rd quarter

2009 appeared to be a great year for the stock market but this is not what we were anticipating back in January. We all knew it was meant to come back but we didn’t know when and how strong the stock market would arise from its brutal crash of 2008. I am actually surprised they haven’t given a special name yet to the darkest period  most investors have seen in their lifetimes, any suggestions?

In the end, most of bloggers finished with a positive return and some of them would have made a lot of money with their picks. While 4 stocks is not enough to have a balanced and diversified portfolio, you can build something solid if you use at least 10 stocks,  feel free to use our picks as the foundation  😉

So here are my results:

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG):

According to me, this was an easy pick. Google was already on the rise when I picked it in January. Some other techno stocks like Amazon did pretty well too. Google is a strong company and it is demonstrates continuous improvement and innovation. You don’t need any investment services to tell you it’s a good stock to pick!

Com Dev Intl (TSX: CDV):

This was my biggest disappointment of the year. While it was a very promising company with liquid assets and a track record of growth over the past 3 years, Com Dev still flew under the radar of most investors so the stock never picked up. I guess that people were so afraid of investing in 2009 that they would pick small stocks to compliment their portfolios. Make sure to put Com Dev in your track investment apps next year!

Johnson and Johnson (NYMEX: JNJ):

This was my defensive stock pick for 2009 in case we continue to go deeper and deeper. While it didn’t appreciate much, JNJ was more like a safety net in my portfolio than anything else. With its small dividend and its small stock price increase, I am still happy to have it in my 2009 picks 😉

Bank of Nova Scotia (TSX: BNS):

Here again, another easy pick. Canadians banks have always been solid and I knew that it would continue to be the case in 2009. I decided to pick Bank of Nova Scotia since it was the most international of all Canadian Banks. Therefore, I thought that if it was going to be better in another country than Canada in 2009, BNS was surely going to participate. It appeared that any Canadian bank was a good stock pick in 2009 ;-). It also pays a great dividend too!

So overall it is good news since I have finished with at positive yield of  44% and none of my picks were negative! I have finished 4th in the competition. Here are the other results (links to other blogger will update as their post go onlin in the upcoming days):

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Stay tuned to see our stock picks for 2010 late tonight and tomorrow morning!

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Hey! Good job! Keep on going your great work. I really like your style of writing!! See u next year 😉

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