May 20, 2008, 6:00 am

#126 Festival Of Frugality – If I Had A Car Edition

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Welcome to the #126 Festival of Frugality! Today we have 72 great articles that will be split among different type of frugal and less frugal cars. Enjoy your carnival and don’t forget to look around our blog and register to our RSS FEED!



Best Car

My dream car is a BMW M3. This is the ultimate bomb! There is nothing less frugal than spending 85K on a car but this one really worth it! One day, she will be mine…

In the meantime, I leave you with the best article of this Festival!

A Simple Way to Save Money on Food by Brip Blap.

What Not to Do When A Bill Collector Calls by Destroy Debt.

Reason Why You Spend Money by Saving Advice.

The Best Home Renovation by Michael Emilio.

Search for Parts and Accessories for BMW M3

Survive a Recession by Gather Little by Little.

Freecycle Rocks!Guess what I got For Free by Clever Dude.

Save Money By Not Renewing Immediately by Free Money Finance.

Cut Everywhere!

Did you know that you can save a lot of money on gas if you drive with less weight? F1 racing car will determine if it’s preferable to have a full or ¾ full gas tank depending on the number of laps remaining. Another great way to save on weight is to lose a few pounds…

no fat car

Frugal Wedding-ness by Budgets are Sexy.

Hot to Cut College Cost by 13%-25% by Blueprint For Financial Prosperity.

The Top 25 Best Low Cost Us Money Market Funds by The Skilled Investor.

Save Money on Gas – The Creative Way by The Happy Rock.

Will The Slow Economy Cause People To Give-up Their Lattes and Bottled Water? By Think Your Way To Wealth.

Stimulate Your Finances Every Month by Single Guy Money.

What Happened to My Cell Phone? By My Dollar Plan.

10 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store by Mrs.Mo’s New Jersey, Baby!

Eat Less Food! By Money and Values.

The Prom For Pennies by Graceful Retirement.

How To Save $100 a Month by Financial Zip.

Money Tips on How To Save On Your Car by Goal of Financial Freedom.

Tips on Saving Gas and Money by I Want Better Gas Mileage.

10 Ways To Save on Everyday Thing by

recycled car

Re-use and Recycle

There are plenty of tricks to save money. Here are a few articles written about all kind of different tricks to save few bucks. Don’t forget to recycle and re-use all your stuff… you could end-up with an original car one day!

Great Places to Earn and Save Money on Used Items by The Digerati Life.

Sneaky Ways to Save Money by Master Your Card.

Lazy Saturdays at The Library by Dollar Frugal.

Extreme Savers: A Closer Look by Prime Time Money.

Save Money With DIY Repairs by Harvesting Dollars.

Frugality in Practice: Making Things Last by Uncommon Cents.

Wedding Tips – Involve Your Family and Friends by Cash Money Life.

Frugal Tip: Use The Library by Festival of Frugality.

No Spend Weekend Ideas by Tales from the road less traveled.

Save Money: Reuse Mailing Boxes and Packing Supplies! By Fire Finance.

Your One-Stop Shop for Work Lunch Ideas by Cheap Healthy Good.

Creative Interior Painting by Her Home Blog.

How To Garage Sale Shop Like A Pro by Not The Jet Set.

Home schooling on The Cheap by Ship Full O’ Pirates.

Get Green

Saving money is one thing. When you can do it by helping the environment or the society is even better! This new Saab Hybrid is surely looking good and requires less gas than most cars.

Saab Hybrid

Frugal and Natural Laundry Soap by The Sojourney.

The Social Acceptability of Frugality by Five Cent Nickel.

Brewing Your Own Beer by Living The Cheap Life.

How To Really Save Money With A Bicycle by The Money Kings.

Tips To Increase Gas Mileage and Reduce Stress by My Wealth Builder.

Plantin’ Season Around The Ol’Homestead by Laura William.

Green and Organic Savings Friday by Organic Mania.

Beyond Compost 4 other ways to save money at allotment by The Allotment Underground.

Healthy Food on The Cheap by Greener Pastures.


Be Smart

The Smart is not only a frugal car in term of gas consumption but also in term of space required. This is definitely a “smart” car for people living in crowded cities. Being smarter means saving money!

A Little Something Is Poison To Emotional Spenders by Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest Of The Time I Know You? (do you know any title that could be longer?)

Pay for The Scoops, Enjoy the Quarts by No Debt Plan.

How To Stop Debt Collector Harassment by Destroy Debt.

Sharing Accounts to Maximize Cash Back and Interest Earnings by Our Fourpence Worth.

How I Talked my Dealer Down to 0% Interest by Queercents.

Top 10 Bloggers Recession Tips to Make Money by It’s the Recession Stupid.

The Miracle of Penny-Pinching by Funny About Money.

Saving Hundreds of Dollar Easily With Well Placed Outlook Reminders by The Personal Financier.

How To Apply for An Instant Approval Credit Card by Money Blue Book.

How to Find the Best Deals in The Drugstore Game by Chief Family Officer.

Payday Loans Cheaper than Bounced Check? By Monroe on a Budget.

Still Being Frugal by Watch Me Become A Millionaire.

What I Like About Credit Card by Life, Money & Development.

Break Bad Habit to Build Your Frugal Fu by Frugal Fu.

Some Simple Debt Solutions For Getting Out Of Debt Faster by Debt Smackdown.

Simple is Beautiful

Do you need fancy gadget or can you drive a simple car with even paint? Here’s a great and creative car made by Honda. No paint, no metal. Definitely stop being so complicated and get to the simple things!

Transparent Honda

Save The Planet – Stop Shopping by Bean Sprout.

How Much Is That Coffee in The Window? By G Blogmaster.

The Microsoft Office Burden by Student Scrooge.

What Is Your Retirement Picture? By Basic Financial.

Cheap Prom Dress by Talk Prom Dresses.

Teaching A Spender To Save by Paid Twice.

Should You Save Or Spend On Makeup? By Sound Money Matters.

How People Are (Mis)Spending Their Stimulus Check by Saving to Invest.

Guide To Frugal Wedding by Mrs. Nespy’s World.

Getting Back To Basics by Remodelling This Life.

Finally, you are going to wonder how come we did a car theme without cute chicks or handsome guys… Well it’s because they are too expensive for frugal people 😉

Images Sources: texasphotowrangler, davydutchy, mambo 1935, eatskisleep, canonsnapper, v2lab ravi,,

Find a novated lease at private fleet.

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Thanks for including my article- great pics! -I particularly love the frugal and green cars.

And the No Fat Chicks made me think of Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls.

And of course, there’s always Janis Joplin singing – Mercedes Benz. I have a great youtube of it I’ll link back to as well. All you youngin’s especially should take a listen- it’s primo classic rock .


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Hey Financial Blogger,

Thanks for the inclusion and great job on this carnival – very creative layout. 🙂


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Haha – I like it!


A virtual car show. Very timely! The car show and cruise season is just starting in my part of the country.

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Great car show and carnival!!

Thanks for hosting!

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The E30 M3 is my dream car… no fluff, all car.

Thanks for hosting.

by: TKO from Ontario | May 20th, 2008 (8:56 am)

BMW M3 is HOT, but M5 is HOTTER for a family man like me.

Borrowed my friends 2002 M5 for a weekend and it was the best weekend of my life, even better than honeymoon and birth of my first one combined.

M Series cars are the pinnacle of German Engineering.
Sadly M5 is not a frugal machine. 15L/100km of Premium Petrol in the city is a killer.
Insurance and maitenance costs are premium too.

It’s so true that if you have to ask about the cost, you cannot affort it.
So untill then, I’ll have to wait for my little one to graduate.

For the winters in Montreal check out the Quattro performance of Audi S4 and S6.

This carnival is growing huge. There are so many links here, so many great-sounding articles. It must take ages to put together – good job. Thanks for including mine.

Well done! I SOO want an M3 too…but I’d suffice with just a 135i…they are quick too.

Thanks for including my article and selecting me as an editors pick.

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I have an M3….the matchbox version anyway which retails for $1.99. It is a sweet car!

Thanks for including my article at s2i.

Thanks for hosting and including my post!

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Sweet cars. Wish I had the extra play money to afford one of the nice ones. Great job on the carnival. Thanks for sharing my post. Have a nice week.


by: DivaJean | May 20th, 2008 (11:14 am)

Just think- by not buying that pricy BMW, you have saved $85K. (only joking!)

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Thank you for including my submission. What a great carnival! So many great posts I’ll be reading forever. Thanks everyone.


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My dream is also the M3, has been since 2001. Now you can import a 2002 M3 from the states for 20k-25k. This will be reality very soon.

Many (belated) thanks for singling out my article as best of the festival! Thanks also to I’ve Paid for That Twice Already, for whom I originally wrote that article (slightly modified) as a guest post!

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