October 19, 2007, 7:00 am

The Primerica Paradox: The Conclusion Part 2

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After this fourth post on the Primerica Paradox series, I finally put a final dot on the reasons why I decided to not follow this career path. While I was able to find somebody that was successful in this kind of business, it was still not enough for me to leave my job and hop on the Primerica Train to… financial freedom?

Back to the pyramid scheme

Is it a pyramid scheme? In legal terms, the answer is no. However, it does not mean that because it is legal that the company’s structure is not shaped like a pyramid. Everybody is making a cut off of the people below them; it goes four layers deep! I think it is clear that the guy on top makes the big bucks. They will answer that every company is the same, the President and the VPs sit in the box seats and the  employees are left in the bleachers. It may be so. However, Primerica does not explain why they are able to compensate four people for the same sale. The answer is pretty easy: they have cut down the commission compared to the industry norms. For example, if a life insurance policy of 100K would provide one agent with $1,500 in commission, a Primerica advisor at the lowest level will earn $900, then his recruiter will receive $300, the recruiter’s recruiter will get $200 and finally the guy who put all of them together will earn $100. So for those who are in to sell, Primerica is definitely not the right place to be. “Yeah, but you could build a team and create your own business”, I guess they forgot that the best sellers on earth are not necessarily interested in building a team compared to earning the big bucks right away. The main problem I see with this approach is that you have to convince many an individual to work hard for less that they could earn only because they have the option of building a team to earn extra commissions from somebody else’s work. In fact, if everybody concentrates on recruiting individuals, who will close the sale? You may have a hundred people below you, if nobody sells, it still means $0 in your pocket.

Anybody can do it

Another thing that bugged me was the fact that any Walmart greeter could manage one’s personal finances (no offense intended). With only a couple of licenses in hand, they are shipped to their relatives’ homes  to sell them financial products. Primerica was able to build complete questionnaires that are completed by the clients with the advisor and then sent back to their control centre. An evaluation of the client’s file is done and the result is communicated to the advisor. This is how they manage to have a mechanic suddenly “specialized” in financial products. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against mechanics or any other profession, but would you really give me the keys to repair your car if you know that I am a banker and that I recently passed a three month technical class? I can barely check the engine oil myself, how the hell in three months would I be able to diagnose much less fix your car?

This results into a huge lack of credibility in the advisors. Most of them have very limited knowledge as to what they are recommending/selling and why. They follow the guide and offer what Primerica tells them to offer. There is little place for creativity there and real financial planning. The thing is that their market consists of every one that the advisor knows. Most people do not know much about finance anyways and they are even less likely to question their advisor if he is part of the family or has been referred by a good friend. The relationship you have with your financial advisor is based more on trust than competence. You simply assume he knows what he is doing as you know him through your circle of contacts. This is why dealing with a Primerica advisor might be dangerous. Then again, I am not generalizing the situation, but the way they recruit individual leads to this kind of supposition.

How you start making real money with Primerica

It took me a while to figure out the best way to make money through Primerica. The reason is simple; they prefer presenting their company as an opportunity to build your own business and make money on your team’s sales. However, if you think about it twice, you figure out that if everybody is trying to build a team, nobody is concentrating on selling. As I said before, I may have a hundred advisors under my position, if they don’t sell, I do not make s%!t. So how can you really make money?

You have two options: The first one is to recruit good salespeople that will concentrate their business on their own capacity to sell financial products. However, you have to be prepared to answer their questions when they find out that they would make almost twice their income if they would work for another company. You will have to show them how to recruit people in order to keep them. If not, they will surely transfer to the competition. Unless you remind them that the client base must remain with Primerica as it is not yours anymore (wait… I thought it was an opportunity to own my business?).

The second option is how you really make money. When you think about it, the training process is done in two steps: the advisor gets his licenses to sell insurance and mutual funds and then, meets his five best contacts to see how to close a deal. The recruiter makes full commission on these meetings as the advisor is not fully trained and “not ready” to jump into hot water. Therefore, every time you recruit an individual, you are more likely to close four deals out of five. Why? Because you ask them for their best five contacts, people that have a high potential need in financial products and that fully trust your new advisor. The evil plan goes beyond this point: if you train your guy to recruit efficiently, you will make extra commissions on his rookie’s first five sales.

This is obviously the main reason why I decided to not leave my job and work for Primerica. However, I understand that many people may find success with this company. The problem is not that it doesn’t work (because it does) but how Primerica is presented to their new employees (or should I say partners?). This was an honest conclusion and if you think I am in the left field and did not understand the process properly, please feel free to comment

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Interesting series.

Are you into sales as a career yourself?


You wonder how multi-level marketers make money:

MLM is not about beating the pavement to make sales, it is about building referral organizations. That’s why the compensation is not geared to one-off end customer sales (as you mention, just making a sale is not that lucrative), but to find more people who will join the organization AND have lots of other contacts who will join. These people will all buy and the big incentive is earned by those who can bring in the biggest networks of buyers.

MLM is a very excellent concept but I think it is mis-executed very often because people who either don’t have the ability to get many contacts or don’t have an understanding of the product are sucked in.

by: The Financial Blogger | October 19th, 2007 (1:34 pm)

FP, I’m not into directly into sales but I really like the sales development part of my job. I guess I was born with this marketing interest 😀

CR, the problem with MLM is that there are not promoted correctly. Most people get in with the wrong information…

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The worst part, IMO, is that they have people start on family. Trying to get family involved in a pyramid group (even its products) can lead to tension and fights. Suppose that after selling them you product, you eventually recruit your nephew, then things go bad, then your sister isn’t speaking to you and your mom’s a bit pissed too….

by: The Financial Blogger | October 31st, 2007 (6:07 pm)

Mrs, Micah, you are damn right! The fact is that it is much easier to convince relatives and people you don’t know! family members are most likely follow you on your path to “financial freedom”!

Here’s my 2¢

I’ve been with Primerica part time for a few months now (got school and a different job outside of it) and while not all it’s products are “the best” and they are a bit cult-like, they’ve got their uses. So here is my opinion on some various aspects:


I was in the mortgage industry for 4 years until I had a conflict of conscience, and the $MART loan really isn’t anything to write home about. Frankly, there are a dozen lenders that offer simple interest mortgages, sometimes with better rates.


I’m not an insurance expert, but I’ve done some competitive shopping. While Primerica’s life insurance isn’t going to be the best for everyone in every situation, for people with less-than-perfect credit they seem to come out on top in terms cost for amount of coverage.


If you’ve got $50,000 or more laying around to invest, Primerica sucks. However, for middle class folks with no securities aside from a 401k (if that) they’re a great place to at least get educated and begin to build a reliable portfolio.

$199 TO JOIN

Actually, for me it was $117.50 and I was able to talk my recruiter into paying that for me 😀 . Seriously though, if you stick around long enough to get your licenses (Primerica pays for those, btw) it’s well worth it. Where I live the licenses would cost over $3,000 if I paid for them on my own.


While they encourage that and some of their hardcore zealots swear by it, I don’t find it to be necessary. Hell, I put in maybe 20 hours a week (that includes “kitchen table” meetings with potential clients) and I’m getting numbers equal to if not better than people who signed on around the time I did.


Yeah, this aspect doesn’t exactly thrill me. I signed on three friends who essentially do the same thing I do as far as hours and commitment. Sure, they urge me to get more (and I’m not about to sign someone on who wouldn’t benefit from this and/or couldn’t do it) so I occasionally get a friend to come in and sit through one of the intro sessions and buy them a drink later.


Well, compared to similar jobs at similar companies (the ones I’ve researched, at least) the pay sucks. However, those similar jobs at other companies are going to require specialized college degrees, licenses and/or 2+ years prior experience. This is a foot in the door for the financial industry. You’ll get knowledge and experience first hand and your licenses for free. If you can do the same thing elsewhere and get an hourly/salary wage + full commission elsewhere, go for it.


It blows. No company should hold those terms in their contracts. You aren’t really going to “own your own business” here (granted though, RVPs do make good money).


In some respects, yeah. Certainly it can come off that way with some of the reps/recruiters, and that can be compounded with the MLM pay structure. Frankly, I think this aspect depends on the individual. To quote Tim Leary: “Think for yourself; question authority”.

So to sum it up, Primerica isn’t perfect though it isn’t an evil scam. It has it’s uses and can be extremely beneficial for many middle-income families that are drowning in debt, as well as people looking to get their feet wet in the finance industry for less time and money. It’s working well for me and doing wonders for my clients.

All in all, it’s a good place to start (as a client and employee), but doesn’t look like a great place to stay.

[Yes, I’ve posted this via copy/paste on a few other discussions about Primerica]

by: The Financial Blogger | November 18th, 2007 (9:37 pm)

Noah, I think that you are confirming my thoughts on Primerica; not the greatest of all, but the the evil minded company like many people like to pretend 😀

However, I would appreciate more honesty from the recruiters when you ask them questions. In general, they tend to make the job more like a real dream and not for what it is…

Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

[…] I should bring another point regarding personal finance companies. While I still do not think that Primerica is being honest with its marketing, it does not mean that all their financial advisors are crooked. […]

by: Primerica MAN | February 17th, 2008 (11:38 pm)

So do tell, are you upset with the company because you submitted business and the company didnt pay? Or because you never submitted business and expected to get paid? I have started submitting business and I am getting paid, feels great from where I am at.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 18th, 2008 (7:47 am)

Primerica Man,
I am definitely not upset and I never said that the company will not pay if you submit business. All I am saying is that the system is not as wonderful as Primerica claims it is. If you recruit a bunch of people and they make sales, you will obviously make money.

However, when you sell for Primerica, you earn less money than if you would have sold the same product under another company. Therefore, you basically have to convince your recruits to close sell for a lesser commission since there is no point of recruiting 1,000 advisor and all they do is that they recruit. They must make sales as well.

If you understand the system correctly, all you have to do is recruit somebody, tell him that you will “train him” and close his first 5 to 10 easy sell (close friend and family that will already believe what you and your new recruit says). So you make commission on those sales and your new apprentice isn’t because he is “on training”. Once your done with him, you recruit somebody else and your first recruit is doing the same thing. While he will be earning the big commission on the first 5-10 sales of his own recruit, you are still making a cut.

Primerica never advertise their system as I just described it even if it’s the most productive way to make money out of this system. Then again, I am not upset, I just wanted to give a clear point of view on a company and its system.



by: Scott Brown | March 4th, 2008 (11:36 am)

So I haven’t read much on this site, because I don’t really have to. I do know that most people hear MLM and think Pyramid. Now did any of you ever wonder about the GM,Ford,Chrysler etc etc plants that some of your parents may work for, or any other company for that matter. I am certain that their is One guy on top and thousands of little worker slaves putting there 40 YEARS of hard work in to get some pension that is half decent but nothing to write home about. Have any of your parents or people you know with “GREAT JOBS” ever come to you and said “Man you will never guess what the CEO of (Insert “Great Jobs” company name here) just came down from his office, HAND picked me to show me every single detail to get to where he is” NEVER happen Never will. You know, if most people actually did some research they would realize that PFS is just trying ot get people out of financial trouble, and offer people a NEW way of thinking. Do you agree that Banks should be allowed to offer you more and more CREDIT when you are down and out and wondering how to keep you children feed? Nope they don’t care, why would they, they’re in the business of keeping us in debt. PFS is jsut a company that is GENUINELY trying to help people see things from a different point of view. You know how when you go to IKEA and they have those blue arrows on the floor to show everyone exactly where they want YOU to go?? How is the any different that what every Bank in the US and Canda do??? Come on sheeple just put you head down and do what everyone else is doing!! Yep that sounds liek a good idea, pretty sure your moms have all told you, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?? Well thats exactly what happens everytime people really on banks to “Help” them. Its funny that people can go on and on about what THEY believe is wrong with PFS, but what you don’t know is that its just a company trying to help people. I don’t see any of you coming up with “BLOGS” about how bad the local bank is ripping your Grandparents or parents off on a daily basis like they’ve done for hundreds of years, nope you just pick apart a company that tries to off regular Joe’s like you and I an oppurtunity to see things from a different vantage point. There is a reason why only 1% of the population can enjoy the “Golden years” because they step outside the box. So everyone who is a “Sheeple” keep doin what you’re doin and enjoy working until you die, because believe me, I have done it all, Everything from Wall forming, to Truck driving and LITERALLLY everything in between, and this is by far the best thing I’ve ever come across, it may not be the be all end all, but I have worked my ASS off for way to long and made way too much money for people who consider me just another #. So I thank GOD that Primerica found me because i may have just wondered the earth for the duration of my time inside the box like most of the sheeple out there. Life is good now, and I don’t have to put money in anyone else’s pocket, the harder I “Work” the more I make, I only say “Work” because compared to the work I;ve done up until now, is work. So not sure if anyone will read this but hey, jsut had to say sumthing. take care of yourselves and try t okeep those blinders off, or I;ll see yas at the local Wally mart when your 70 saying, “Its a PYRAMID” LOL if only you knew, you either see it or you don’t, hope to see ya;s on the beach someday.


by: The Financial Blogger | March 4th, 2008 (9:56 pm)


I find pretty funny that you “haven’t read much on this site, because I don’t really have to” and simply presume what I think instead of reading. I guess you did the same thing before signing with Primerica; “did not read much, did not ask much question, because you did not have to”.

There are a lot of people that are far ahead in their financial life and they don’t work for Primerica. Just look outside your “new box” and you will find a world of opportunity.

I suggest that you read my series and comment again on the blog. Since you are on the beach, you probably have a lot of time to do it anyway 😀

No offense, and enjoy your reading!

[…] is much better with other companies. And if you recruit people, you have to convince them to sell with under paid commissions. Sounds like a real challenge, […]

I was accosted at the local Wal-Mart today by a two-person Primerica team. While my immediate assumption was that they were husband and wife, I quickly picked up on the fact that they were more likely a mentor/mentoree team instead. I wasn’t so much offended by their cheesy tactics as I was baffled by them.

How many people are actually so gullible as to think a successful insurance salesman or money manager goes to the local Wal-Mart to drum up a sales team? If these Primerica shills were as successful as I would think they’d hope to be in a similar business, they wouldn’t have to step foot in a Wal-Mart to interview prospective employees. These people aren’t selling financial products so much as they’re selling themselves.

Sadly, neither of these two jamokes grasped the first step of making a successful sale which is to divorce oneself from the desire for the outcome. From moment one they wreaked of trying to delve into my pocket and social network at any cost.

No thanks.

When you sell yourself to family and friends, you do just that. If you get them to buy, you have perhaps put a few quick dollars in your pocket, but in so doing you traded integrity that you once had with the people who trusted you most. This same integrity, mind you, is integrity that you cannot easily buy back. Regardless of how big your sphere of influence might be, staying on this path will guarantee that your well will eventually run dry.

Granted, those very few select big wigs at the top of the Primerica pyramid (by the way, if you’re reading this then it’s too late to join their ranks) may earn a killing, the newest recruit however will simply soil his reputation to family and friends.

Not my bag, Baby, and if you’re smart, it won’t be yours either.

On your response to PRIMERICA MAN,

selling the same product for a different company and making more money off of it, means that you will be ripping off the customer…What you fail to understand is that Primericans care about their clients…Go with New York Life and sell cash value insurance and make more money!!!….Where’s the morality in that?

Pyramid scheme, huh!!??
Manufacturing companies have an Owner, who has a sales team, with busy bee’s working on the production lines who work their butt’s off to make minimum wage all the while the owner WILL ALWAYS STAY AT THE TOP…
that sound like a Pyramid Scheme to me!!
but of course it cannot be called that because that is illegal…

Primerica has an opportunity for Everyone to make it to the top….
Unfortunately some of you don’t have the people skills, and your fear will always keep you on the bottom.
You just don’t have the personality and heart for it so that is why you rag on Primerica…sorry.

So I read the authors remarks and they didn’t do that bad of a job but still is lacking very basic and very important information to be imo writing about Primerica Financial Services. I work for and have been with Primerica for almost 3 years now. So I have 6 licenses through the state of Oregon and Finra (formerly NASD). They are Life, Health, LTC, Variable Annuities, Series 6 and Series 63. Because these licenses come from the various levels of Goverment I do think that they bring something to the table as far as credability. I loved it when you said that a greeter at Walgreens can do Primerica – granted they can if they could pass the back ground check and the testing requiments. Thats the great thing about our free enterprise system and your right here to have self determination. You went on to say that the people at the top make all the money….. Again your wrong because lets say for instance if you recruited me into the business and I out performed you….. At that point then you would loose any over rides. It’s all performace based and you do loose it if you don’t perform even if you did recruit me. What I found was funny is that you don’t care about me nor my family so what does it matter to you what I make? I didn’t get a Christmas card from you. With that said then now lets change our focus and put it on the customer – where it should belong. You never mentioned how good our products are compared to the rest of the industry.

Term insurance – The rest of the industry pushes Whole life because they make more money off of it. We only sell Term. Keep in mind that life insurance was ment for one thing and that was if you die then it pays out, thats it and nothing else. Remember 9/11? When other companies with held life insurance payments because they wanted to see if President Bush was going to declare it a act of war or not, Primerica paid out. For you people that don’t know – Most companies put in an exclusion in there insurance policies that say they don’t have to cover an act of war and thus don’t pay out. I am not even going to go into the whole Cash Value thing because that is so out dated and not in the best interest of the consumer.

Lets talk about Long Term care or LTC. Long Term care is designed to protect your assets (home) and also add to guality of life (helps with IADLs and ADLs and also adds additional insurance coverage) .

We do 1st, 2nd and debt consolidation loans. You don’t need anything other then that. If someone else tells you that you do then I suggest your run the other way and get with some one else who has your needs ahead of there own. Primerica tries to find ways for the customer to pay the least amount in intrest dollars that they can in the shortest amount of time. Who benifits from that? Duh, the customer. Primerica only does 30 year loans, 15 year loans and thats it. I suppose if they wanted to get into marketing the jumbo loans, the 40 year loans and the 50 year loans then they could legally but the won’t and in 33 years have never.

Lets talk about Retirements for a second. You said that Primerica wants you to talk to your family members first. They never stress that but okay I can see where you are coming from. With Social Security due to be bankrupt in 2014 wouldn’t you want your family member to talk to you about that if you don’t have your own retirement set up. Remember time is money.

You make it sound as if Primerica is going to come to your home every day and balance you check book, if thats what you thought then let me clarify it – they won’t.
You never did point out one of the top benifits of our company and that is that it’s all under on roof and one person to supervise. Go to a stand alone security company and most likely they are not going to care what kind of life insurance you have nor how you are doing on your mortgage that may or may not be an arm. I dare you to go into your bank and ask them about life insurance, drivers insurance and home owners insurance. What is wrong with one stop shopping? The left hand can see what the right hand is doing because it does matter. You talk about not wanting to be with primerica but why don’t you talk to the people that are with primerica. Something tells me that they are happy watching this mortgage crisis from the sidelines because we never sold 1 adjustable reate mortgage and on top of that we never sold any mortgages off to other companies. When the mortgage industry as a whole is down 24 percent and we are up todate 27 percent then isn’t that saying something? Thats a 51 percent swing. You don’t sit there any tell the people that Primerica is made up of the people by the poeple. I know thats sounds like a cliche but it’s true. The consumer wins because of this. I have never in 3 years ever heard anyone at any level ever tell someone that they needed to sell or they were going to get fired like what is very common in todays sales industry. When a sales person gets put into a corner like that then they start doing things that just are not right. So let me ask you a question – How much advertising from Primerica have you seen on TV? Answer= the don’t and haven’t. That means that they can be very competitive in the products that they offer. Here is another question for you. Think of the other financial services companies and there advertising, Where do you think that they come up with the money to pay for all that? Duh through charging the consumer with it by the products they sell.

I need to just say one more thing before I go and thats this. In Primerica you don’t need skill and know all about x’s and o’s because if we don’t have the answer we have so many people that we can call that will be more then happy to bend over backwards to help us out to find the answer needed. Yes we don’t make as much as others in the industry but let me ask you this. Would it be better to make a little bit less per transaction if that meant that we are not going to have to look for new jobs every time a trend is over like in the mortgage industry today? A lot of those business’s are shut down today and have no employees. I met one girl here a while back who said that she made 105k last year and now she is out of a job and out of money because she didn’t think the bubble was going to burst. Whats worst is that she thinks that bubble is going to come back and it isnt at least for 3-5 years and it won’t be the same as what it was because I think that there is going to be some legislation to prevent a big bubble popping again.



by: Financial Rep | May 13th, 2008 (6:00 pm)

I am an insurance- and securities-licensed financial specialist for a Fortune 500 company. Primerica has a really bad reputation among legitimate financial specialists for many of the reasons outlined in this series.

All of the other Broker-Dealers I know of forbid their representatives from being involved in any multi-level marketing activities. While it may not be ‘illegal’, it is at best ‘shady’ and they try to distance themselves from any ‘appearance of evil’. Not Primerica. No, not only do they not forbid their reps from engaging in multi-level marketing outside of the company, their whole business is set up that way. I love the arguments about how MLM (or ‘network marketing’ as they like to call it in an effort to sound legit) is set up the way any other business is set up. There are a couple of ‘small’ problems with this argument. First, the owners, CEOs, top management, etc. of normal companies have usually busted their butts to get where they are. Generally speaking, they are the best of the best at what they do, or they wouldn’t be where they are today. Secondly, people who start and run their own businesses accept all liability and all risk associated with their businesses. From the cheap seats, it may appear that they aren’t paying the shipping clerk or the secretary enough, but it stands to reason that the person who has the most at risk in a company should be compensated the most. After all, if the company goes down due to that business owner’s mistakes, everyone is out of a job, not just him. Let alone the fact that if I own a business, I can choose to pay a certain position whatever I want to pay a position. If I hire a shipping clerk and pay them $8.00/hr., then it’s my option to pay them $8.00 an hour. The person applied for the job at that rate, and that is what they received. With good performance, they may be entitled to a raise at my discretion in the future. I don’t, however, tell my new shipping clerk hire that with some hard work, he could be pulling down $500,000 a year. I also don’t introduce him to shipping clerks out there who have done that, to show him what’s possible. If all they are qualified for is the shipping clerk position, they realistically will probably not make more than $12.00 an hour in that position in my company. But that is what they signed up for. Now, if that shipping clerk is qualified for a promotion to a higher-paid position, they may be able to move up in the company and, who knows, maybe they will be able to pull down $500,000 in my company at some level. But not as a shipping clerk. And, in order to get to that level eventually, they will have to have much more training, much more experience, much more skill, and a little luck. It has nothing to do with him referring other employees to the company. At best, they may get a gift basket for that, or a slap on the back. With MLM, you accept no liability for the company, you accept no risk other than your own stupid risk you took when you quit your real job. You have no real stake in the company, so if it goes down, what the hell, just get another job. With MLM, your ability to make money hinges on your ability to sucker other people into the business with promises of making millions, in fact, you will even introduce them to the rare few who have made millions to increase the chances of ‘getting them’. The Primerica reps never actually own a tangible business, and therefore have no inkling of what it means to actually have others depend on you for the bread on your table. So if they go by the wayside, nobody but them loses. And so you bet, the CEO at Ford should make more than the assembly line worker. There is a lot more riding on him. Primerica reps use him as a scapegoat to legitimize themselves, but as you can see, their reasoning is faulty. They try to compare themselves to him as if they are real business owners. It’s laughable. I could go on and on about this topic alone, but I won’t.

My last point is that Primerica reps consistently do what is in their best interest rather than a customer’s. Todd’s comments above make this abundantly clear. Once example is that he mentions that Primerica only offers Term Life Insurance and expounds on the virtues of such a model. Well, let’s look at national statistics. Of all life insurance benefits paid out in the US, 99.7% are from a permanent life insurance product (he groups them all together as ‘whole life’, but I guess that just goes to illustrate his lack of understanding). Only 0.03% of all life insurance benefits paid out in the US are from Term life insurance products. Hmmm, now who did he say was greedy? With all of the premium coming in from their overpriced term life insurance products, and very little chance of actually having to pay out, do you honestly think that the reason they don’t offer permanent life insurance is because they are such a benevolent company?! I think not. Let’s talk about why, as Todd said, reps make more money off of permanent products. Usually, reps are paid commission based on a percentage of first-year premium. True, permanent life insurance products cost more in the beginning, therefore the commission amount (not the commission percentage in most cases) is more. But let’s look at insurance premiums over the long term. Term insurance is for a short term, usually 5, 10, 20 or 30 years. At the end of that term, your premiums jump way up. Look at any life insurance illustration to see that not only do they jump up drastically on the year following expiration of the term, but every year thereafter. It takes just a few short years to bring your $30 a month premium to $3000 a month and more. If you look, however, at a permanent product, while you may be paying more to begin with (maybe $200-$300 a month) you will pay that for the life of the policy, not just for a specified term. Therefore, after somebody’s 10-year term expires and their premiums jump from $50/month to $500 a month (and increasing astronomically every year), you are still paying your $200-$300. Even another 10 years down the road when their projected premiums rise to several thousand dollars per month, you are still happily paying your $200-$300 a month, all the while building a cash value from which you can borrow, withdraw, etc.

Primerica’s main deal is that you should buy term insurance and invest the difference. Their claim is that you will have more to draw from at retirement if you do it this way. While the reasoning behind this is faulty due to tax consequences, it is an opinion shared by several financial advisers and one that is certainly open for discussion. But when dealing with historically average rates of return you will have more available money to pull out of a permanent life insurance policy, as opposed to mutual funds or other investments, in every case. That is the beauty of a tax-free vehicle. While Todd is right that life insurance was originally intended to only pay out a death benefit, insurance companies have created a vehicle that can do that and more. Why not take advantage of it?! And if you think for a minute that people are going to keep a term life insurance policy after their term expires, you are crazy. With a permanent policy, you have coverage for life at a steady premium.

Along the lines of that last paragraph, compare the rates of Primerica term insurance with just about any other life insurance company out there. Primerica can be more than double the rates for the same coverage. So if their model is correct (buy term insurance and invest the difference), wouldn’t it make sense to ditch Primerica and go with the cheapest term policy out there that is underwritten by a solid company. Then, the invested difference (which there will be more of) would really do you some good. But because they have to cut the pie into so many slices because of their MLM structure, their rates have to be what they are to cover costs. It is the same reason you buy $40 per bottle vitamins, $50 per bottle fruit juice, and $30 per bottle lotion from other notable MLMs. Of course, their reps will all tell you that you pay more because it is a better product, but when it all comes down to it, most production methods, most insurance contracts, and most quality control measures are pretty standard. You can quack all day about your gimmicks, but the core product is still the same.

Todd also mentions that the top benefit of his company is having everything under one roof. He talks about this like as if it is unique. In the US, the same legislation that allowed insurance companies to offer financial services allowed banks to offer insurance products. I think nowadays you would be hard-pressed to find a bank that wouldn’t offer you help with your insurance (life, auto, home or otherwise) and vice versa. While the insurance they offer might be from a third-party company, they can service the policy in-house. Therefore, everything is still under one roof.

I am happy that Primerica is out there for one reason. I am glad that those without some form of life insurance are being encouraged to buy it. I am glad that those without a Long Term Care policy beyond age 40 are being encouraged to buy it. I am glad they have products available that can help people if used correctly. That is the purpose of these products. Unfortunately, an untrained hand can lead to financial destruction, and that’s where I worry.


Why do you waste your time complaining about this company. It seems you all try to find out more reason why to not do it!

It’s easier to say that’s it’s not godd than I don’t have the guts to do it.

I’m not in Primerica, but I know some people doing very well, i’m a client… Their Concert series and Common Sens are quoted #1 in canada…

You are negative people crying about averything… get a life

First and foremost — Primerica is not a “get rich quick scheme” or scam of any kind. Primerica offers quality products, services, sound advice and customized solutions to thier clients. To that woman that was “accosted” at Walmart – i’m sorry you had a negative impression. However i’m guessing those guys were trying to approach you as a potential client – most likely for a free and confidential financial needs analysis, in hopes of doing business with you and possibly getting referrals for more business as Primerica operates by word-of-mouth.

As far as the “anybody can do it” concern, that is true to an extent, but there are stipulations and prerequisites determined by your state and various regulatory agencies. In order to work with Primerica you are required to complete a background check, an individual license from state of residence has to be obtained, and participate in training with a seasoned representative. Why can’t one go from working “as a Walmart greeter” to educating others about finance? Is there a special advanced degree required before one is able to explain the benefits of a term life insurance policy vs. whole life or variable annuity?? // Sorry for the rant, I just had to say my piece, seems there is a lot misinformation on this thread! I’m just a representative posting my personal opinion/experiences. Please visit the official site if you are seeking information about Primerica -> http://www.primericabusinessopportunity.com/

My advice is — when you are approached about any organization that you suspect might be a pyramid scheme or MLM scam, utilize websites such as MLM watch or Quackwatch and see what others are saying. Ask critical questions like – Does the money I would be earning come from the sale of the products/services or from getting recruits? Would I be required to purchase *pricey* training materials or company products? Would I be expected (pressured) to attend events where an admission fee is charged? If yes, that could indicate the money is generated by recruiting or those “training” materials or workshops, and not from the products and services. I asked myself these questions prior to making the decision to join Primerica and i’m glad I signed up because my experience has been very positive.

Primerica is in the business of financial education and debt elimination, aimed at the under-served middle income market. An individual can make a decent supplementary income, even on a part-time basis, without recruiting anyone. And the clients are often in dire need of the products and services we (licensed agents) are educating them about.

Going with the bloggers life insurance example, those commissions are possible because that is a one-time payment based on the annual premium of that policy. If a person “recruits’ you into Primerica, they are instrumental in your training and development, so yes, they do have a vested interest in your success. There is no bonus or pay incentive to sign people up that won’t invest the time and energy it takes to get licensed/ trained (AND most, if not all, fees associated with obtaining the license of your state are reimbursable) so the “name of the game” is not endless recruiting.

If one has an entrepreneurial mindset and wants to build a team and run an office – that is an option as well.

TG, if someone is trying to sell me something and does not have the knowledge to answer my questions then he is gone. I can research just about anything on the internet so when someone wants to sell me insurance, etc. I expect them to be up on their subject matter. Kudos to those making money with Primerica. Any poster can tell you they are making thousands but my first question if I were to think about becoming a partner would be show me your results and how the money or commissions ripple down the chain. I feel it is a fair question.

P.S. – I have no interest in working to feed multiple layers of people!

by: Champ Johnson | June 9th, 2008 (10:29 pm)

I have been with primerica for 21 years full time. Best thing that has ever happen to my family financially.

by: EconoMan | June 11th, 2008 (1:59 am)

I went to a Primerica “meeting” tonight; a girl I’d just met invited me and I thought why not. I like her so far, I’m interested in financial work, and I’d like to see where an Econ degree will take me. I knew she was involved with some financial institution, but she’s been pretty vague about what exactly she does, so I went. I have studied economics in university and am now working while I take a sabbatical from school (temporarily burned out!); I’ll be doing more econ when I go back.

The job I’m at now pays well and is offering me an apprenticeship if I want it (a trade apprenticeship, not a Primedia “training” course) so I’m in no hurry to switch jobs, but if I can make some extra money in my downtime, I’m all for it.

After the presentation, wich is pretty much just as TFB described his, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire which turned out to be little more than my name and phone number on a recipe-sized card. In hindsight, I regret leaving my number after reading about their guerilla recruiting tactics.

While I was filling out the card, I was approached by someone else (who I assume is this girl’s supervisor/mentor/ whatever) and asked what I thought. I’ve never seen someone so interested to set up an interview with me who had no idea what my credentials were! All they knew was what I do for a living now and what I plan to study when resuming University, which I’d mentioned in casual conversation before the meeting started — and he was trying to get me to come in for an interview in the next couple of days! This is when my guard went up; I’m a little apprehensive about things that seem “too easy”. But I was still interested, so I asked how exactly you make money there. All he said was “I don’t have time for that now, I have a meeting at 9 but if you come to see me later we can go over it then.”

Other questions I had were mostly about points brought up during the presentation, and I was mostly paying attention to the specivity (if that’s a word) of his answers than anything else. For example:
“Why don’t you advertise?” (I don’t think he answered that one)
“Who do you sell insurance to? This isn’t really an insurance office.” (It was a hole in the wall behind Princess Auto; maybe rented office space, but definitely NOT your typical insurance or any financial office). I assume you sell to people you know, and then they hate you.

What I found particularly interesting was that I would ask her questions, and he would answer. She had apparently just finished her ‘training’… but he wouldn’t let her answer, and I’m not even a potential client who might be grilling her about more serious issues.

I also found it pretty interesting that I seemed to be the only one wearing a name tag?? I wonder if a handful of the other “guests” tonight were actually employees.

Scott Brown: You might want to do a little more research. I only read the first 3 lines of your comment — the lack of any proper grammar, spacing, capitalisation, etc. gave me a headache — but Ford, GM, and Chrysler have excellent pension packages. The lifetime benefits and life insurance packages that their full-time employees have are part of the reason why they’re in so much financial trouble right now. (Regardless of what you think of their cars!!)

when you sell for Primerica, you earn less money than if you would have sold the same product under another company. I think this particular statement could prove to be true for multiple companies across the board. Which wold be why people are constantly looking for better jobs. I’m interested in the company but it’s just something to get my feet wet. Most places don’t tell you all of the bad things about their company. Ex: you have an interview at a local Bank branch well they might not tell you that the position that you are interviewing for was vacated by the previous employee because of sexual harrasment charges and the branch is known for vicious gossip. So take the company for what it is. If you think you can find a certain level of success in it then go for it. If not don’t worry about it.

I am contemplating Primerica, somewhat skeptically. But perhaps an advantage to the commission being paid up more than one level is that the new agent’s recruiter has a vested interest in training the new agent well. In fact, multiple levels have this interest in training. My recruiter would do the speaking at my first 10-20 appointments so I can watch and learn. If there is a sale, we both get paid. This allows for immediate income in parallel with training. I’m leery of the emphasis on recruiting, however. Need more research into their products.

Im a PFS “kid”, who was born and raised around the business. My father was an original founder of AL Williams. I have seen many people come and go. I have seen more become successful.

It all really depends on your philosophy of how you (the agent) wants others (possible recruits and clients) to perceive you. I have found the most success with the laid back approach to recruiting. I hate pushy people. People who would open a phone book and call to try to recruit the first number they come upon.

I understand some that has been blogged here. I would definitly steer clear of anyone approaching me at Wal-Mart. If someone who came across educated and was willing to help a person (we are dealing primarily with lower/Middle class families)acheive financial independance all along building a business and a legacy for his/her family…..why not?

I agree with Marc, quit complaining about Primerica, its the largest Marketing division in the country for a reason and backed by Citi……not a bad gig I’d say.



Primerica is a company of mostly amateurs. My father also started off with A.L. Williams, and in the end Primerica left him. You cannot be in a professional business when your main goal is to recruit people, unless your position in your professional business is that only of a recruiter. My advice to anyone is before picking a financial advisor do some research and make sre they are an independent agent. Primerica’s #1 problem is not the company or the people; it is their limited product line. As for your comment “largest Marketing division in the country for a reason and backed by Citi” I hate to burst your bubble but Primerica is for sale! See the link below. Just like Travelers and Smith Barney Funds were sold off. In my opinion Citi never did anything wonderful for Primerica anyway.


by: A Different Story | July 13th, 2008 (9:11 pm)

I don’t know if it’s different out here in Vancouver, or if this Primerica office happens to be more ethical than the average… but when I was meeting with the representatives, and attended the meetings, I was given complete and detailed answers to all of my questions. Including hard questions about comission, pay structure, the fact that it’s MLM, the fact that they profit from my hard work, etc…

Perhaps I am lucky to have come accross a no BS approach from Primerica people — but the whole office seemed to treat me the same. It gave me the feeling of confidence in what they were doing, rather than the feeling of “I hope he doesn’t figure out what’s going on here” which other people have encountered with other Primerica reps / offices.

However, knowing that MLM (which he himself admitted they were) has a bad rep, I decided to do some research before jumping in (I still haven’t jumped in, but I have decded to try it).

It was a pleasant surprise to come and read a blog like this, with an excellent and objective opinion (and many equally valuable comments to clarify many points), that I still felt like I had received the complete picture from the Primerica rep.

So hats off to the Vancouver office for managing to be intelligent enough to decide that the truth is out there — and the best way to cover an objection in sales is to be up-front.

The only concern I have left, after reading this site and talking to people at Primerica, is if I do sign on, I have to give up my best “leads” (also known as the people I care about)…

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conciously decide to NOT give them my best leads, no matter how much they beg for them. If they become bullheaded about this believe, me I will be out of there.

I have decided to leave my family and closest friends out of this until 2 things happen:

1) I make some decent money
2) I’ve actually helped somene else achieve a financial goal with no feeling of guilt.

If these two things never happen, my family will never know how silly I was to try this Primerica thing.

Years ago I read The Wealthy Barber on advice from my parents. It surprised me that the “education” the financial advisor who talked to me from primerica gave me was essentially verbatum from that book… this tells me 2 things:

1) The financial advisor is, as people on this website point out, providing simple and well known financial advice… it’s not rocket science, it’s not magic, and it’s definatley not revolutionary. It also shows me that he didn’t have to be highly trained (and wasnt), and simply parroting what is common knowledge in the financial world.

It works because most people in north america don’t know, or don’t practice these simple principles of how to be rich at retirement — so it sounds revolutionary to them.

2) The financial advice they gave me was sound, and the only negative is that they only have a limited set of products and didn’t recommend I shop around (but in their defence, they didn’t object when I said I would).

At one point I did business with Altamira. They sat me down, and gave me an overview of how money works and how to invest for my future, and didn’t ask me for a penny in return. At the end, they offered their own products as a potential way to achieve these goals.

That one aspect of Altamira’s business was exactly the same as that one aspect of Primerica’s business.

The only difference is in how they market, advertise, and prospect for leads.

I see no evil (nor, I think, does the author of this blog) in a business which asks someone to offer fundimental no-brainer financial advice to their freinds (most of whom wouldn’t learn it on their own, in today’s world).

The fact that they have products at the ready that align with that advice is business as usual.

Everyone should be intelligent enough to shop around… regardless of who’s trying to sell them somthing.

If I ever come to your home, as a Primerica representative (which I am not… yet)… I would hope that you would turn around, do your own research… and of course I would also hope that you would come back and say “Your product is as good, or better than the products i compared it to” and agree to do business with me.

From what I can see in my own research is that Primerica’s products are, at the very least, as good as everwhere else… so I can believe that I am doing the right thing for the people I would be advising… The “best market” people they told me about in the meeting… the middle income people who have no investments and lots of debt.

Trying this out is, in my opinion, a small risk, as long as I keep my family out of it…. so wish me luck!

by: The Financial Blogger | July 14th, 2008 (5:35 am)

I really like your approach of not including your family and closest friend at first. It will be harder to make your first sales but will definitely protect your relationship until you are a 100% sure that you are in the right place.

Each Primerica office is lead by its VP or Director like most companies in this field. While they have guidelines, each office operate according to the VP/Director’s value or ways to make thing (even though they always have to stay in the guideline of the company). This is probably why you end up with a great office with no BS.

They do exist (for any companies) and the only way to find out about honest people is to make your own research as you are doing right now. Congratulation on your open mind and the best of luck with your career 😀

[…] it V for Vendetta?). If you are curious about “V”, you should read comments following any of my Primerica posts. He(she?) pointed some good questions in his latest comment about Mutual Funds. I thought I would […]

MLM – Multi Level Marketing or Multi Level Management. Doesn’t matter where people work still part of MLM otherwise they are self-employee. Some people don’t like the idea someone else is making money from their effort – If your boss don’t make money of you, then you would not have a job – Would you agree?

Why do employees get laid-off? I guest the companies are not making enough money to keep the employee (i.e. the employees no longer asset for the companies, they are becoming liability).

At Primerica, everyone have the same opportunity to become a business owner. So . . . Primerica’s MLM (Multi Level Management) is better structure than the traditional Corporate MLM.

One more thing – Some people are shock with the $99 for the IBA fee . . . To get any job does cost money (i.e. Cost of Resume, Business Outfit, transportation going to different job fair etc.) . . . at the end of the day, once people get that new job . . . some job require a whole new business outfit, uniform etc. and still making minimum wage or salary or if they get higher job position and higher paying job, they have to give up their life to work 40 to 50 hours per week, but they never complain?

Cost $99 to start with Primerica, where you can build any size organization, become business owner/operator, have financial security and freedom, doing something good for our society instead of working for the rest of your life to build someone else financial security and freedom.

[…] The Primerica Paradox: The Conclusion Part 2 […]

I would not advise anyone to make any decision without doing serious research first.In pursuing research on any subject beware there are a few principles to consider. I order to make a quality decision you must have quality information. If you expect to have quality information than you should obtain if from quality people. “If you consort in a company of fools you are a fool”. If you want to gain wisdom than consort yourself with those who are wise. I few notable observations can help make quality decisions. Firstof all, I have never seen any scam or fraud scheme that requires a criminal back ground check before they recruited or hired someone, and primeamerica does this. Secondly, I have never seen a fraud or scam that gave away free products or services that were of any value or worth and primeamerica does this. The financial blueprint they offer is the same or better than those other institutions charge $500.00-1000.00 for. Thirdly, I have never found any business or organization, whether it is for profit or nonprofit, that never had complaint or a bad experience with someone. There simply are none-not even churches. Please inform me if you find one, I would challenge you to do soothe fact remains true that anyone who wants to find fault in something they will and it will not in any way deface the value or worth of that which the complaint is formed. For heaven sakes, the Pharisees and Scribes found fault in Jesus and he was perfect and sinless! I have witnessed many times over that those who do the most complaining are those who wish to project blame on others in order to deny or hide their own iniquities to avoid taking responsibility for their selves. Discontented people simple cannot stand consorting
with those whom are content, successful, and prosperous. For in the light the darkness cannot exist. If is simply impossible to be thankful and contemptuous or dissatisfied at the same time. Those who are contented are those who are thankful and those who complain are simply not thankful. With or without Prime America the discontented are still discontent. The best advice is, in any situation is to examine the motives. It would appear that why should one settle for less money when they could have more on their own would be a viable rebuttal against the idea of incorporating a team effort and disperse the income throughout. The answer to this is:”For one may put one thousand to flight but two will put ten thousand to flight.”

I have been searching and researching Primerica on the net for a few days. We just met with a rep and she is coming back tonight with our ‘financial’ assessment.

Here’s my problem. I am hearing about the ‘business’ end of Primerica. The MLM does not bother me. The government is a pyramid….what isn’t these days? It just seems the only info available is how the reps make money, how they try to recruit etc etc.

I’ve been trying to find info that proves Primerica works for it’s ‘customers’, not just its recruits. I am NOt interested in sales of any kind. I want to know how Primerica is going to help me with debt solutions, the products available to me, and I want the truth!

Does anyone have testimony to back up Primerica’s financial services from a customer point of view. Now THAT would make me the happiest bear in the forest!


Hi. Two days ago at 6pm I was contacted by a Primerica agent or what they call RVP (Regional Vice President). I was asked if i was still looking for a sales job and I said that i was (i just recently graduated from University and am desperately seeking a job. But I realized that I never applied to this company but I figured it must have been from one of the job websites and they just found my resume online. But then the man who introduced himself as Rowland, said the company was about helping families manage their dept and a red flag went up. I have NO experience or knowledge about this type of job. But i decided to go anyway because well i am desperate.
So the interview was schedualed for the next day at 6pm again a weird time for a interview. But i went and I found the building on finch ave west in north York. The office was on the fourth floor of this building which was not very nice or even safe looking really kinda scary and dirty. But i go and i enter the tiny room with scuff marks all over the walls and there are about 15 people sitting there waiting. Now the second flag went up some of them were extreamly young and one guy clearly just came from his highschool class because he was still wearing his uniform. But i sat down and in 45 minutes i was asked to come into this dingy room and sit with one of the RVP’s. Firstly she was dressed horribly and her hair was undone and she did not look professional at all. The interview was not an interview at all but her describing her coming to Canada and how this job has been so great for her. She said that she was really interested in my sales background but then soon after she said that this was not a sales job (huh?). She asked me to stay on longer for an information session.
So I did and three people one after the other came up to give a presentation. The first man was apparently a high school VP doing this Primerica job part time, and he described how families were all in debt and the company’s goal was to help all of these people. It sounded nice. Then the woman who interviewed me was next. She didn’t really talk about the company but herself and again how this company helped her. The third person was the man who called me, Rowland. He talked about the training and the compensation and the room to grow.
In short I learned NOTHING they did not tell me how i would be trained and who would do it or where. They really didnt say how i would be compensated but said that for 3hrs work or 2hrs work i would get 500 bucks. Well heck thats more then most lawyers make to start.
Then they asked for everyone to fill out a form to say how the presentation could have been better and to stay for a follow up interview/discussion with the person who interviewed me. I stood there with two other young people who had just finished university and I told them that I was surprised when that asked my if i was still looking for a sales job when they had originally called me. That is when both of my colleagues looked at me and one said that when they called her they asked her if she was still looking for a HR job and my other colleague said that they asked him if he was still looking for a PR job. Well I had had enough and when it was my turn to talk to the woman who interviewed me I told her that I was not interested and she was trying to sway me and tell me that the course i would have to take costs 2500$ but i would be getting it for free etc. I declined and she proceeded to ask me if i knew anyone else who would be interested and of course I replied that I knew no one.
The idea is that those two people who are RVP make money on the amount of people i recruit and sell to. Which goes against their policy of being your own boss which was the whole theme of the information session. Please do not fall for this scam and please stay away from this company its not worth your time or money. Again I have NO experience in this field and they were willing to give me a job! No would you want to buy insurance from someone like me or a 19 year old kid?

Buy Term and Invest the Difference. Permanent insurance sold as a “tax free way to grow your savings” is the most ridiculous lie in the financial services industry. More like a way to under-protect middle-class families and pad the agent’s bank account for years to come.

Are all Primerica agents perfect? Of course not. Are their concepts sound? Absolutely. Is anyone else out there focused on helping the increasingly burdened middle class? Nope. Anyone who has not seen the inner workings of Primerica cannot fairly comment. It is a first-rate organization and the business model is the only one that works in a time where traditional financial companies focused on the affluent client are dropping like flies or at least rapidly trying to stop the bleeding.

The Financial Needs Analysis showed me areas of concern in my finances and how to fi them. I am extremely grateful for what my Primerica agent did for me. Bad experiences happen, but why people smear this company the way they do is a mystery to me.

Oh yeah… somebody better call Vikram Pandit (CEO of Citi) and let him know that the distribution arm for the largest financial company in the world is actually a pyramid scheme! Wow, he’s going to be shocked to hear that. Good thing for these internet posts.

Would Citi really be able to market Primerica as a 7.5 billion dollar asset if it was a scam? For heaven’s sake… some of these comments are utterly insane. Anyone who takes those garbage posts seriously at face value is beyond help anyways.

by: The Financial Blogger | September 19th, 2008 (6:15 am)

I actually called him and we are going to have coffee next week so I can give my opinion on Primerica 😉 hahaha!
James, I said it was legal and I never said it was a scam. I just said that it looks a lot like a pyramid without being one 😀



I was more referring to some of the replies to your blog and not necessarily the blog itself.

Apparently most of you folks on here don’t know much about what Primerica stands for.
It is an opportunity to eventually own your own business, not a JOB as some of you are referring. When you can prove yourself worthy to the company, (like most other companies there are stipulations), you can actually sell your solution # to another qualified Representative for about 10 times the value based on historical earnings.
It is not a pyramid. Pyramids are illegal and not ethical.
“PRIMERICA” notice the spelling for some of you who can not spell.
Its goal is to help middle to upper class Americans reach their dreams and goals.
Granite there are a few Reps who do not represent the company well and I am sure they will not make it in the company for the long haul.
It’s about doing what’s right 100% of the time for most of us.
That’s what the company was founded on, doing the right thing for families.
As far as making money that’s the easy part, if you are recruiting then you should be training in the process. It’s about pushing people up during training, getting them promoted so they can in turn recruit and train their recruit’s so on and so forth.
To put it simply if you do what is right 100% of the time how can you fail! You can’t fail it’s a win win situation you win because you make money the client wins because the get their finance’s in order.
Like the old saying goes “Winner’s never quit and quitters never win”, it’s that simple.
So I ask you go find a real client who has been educated by a Primerica rep and they will give you the truth.
We can help everyone in some form or another, weather it be through a financial needs analysis or the opportunity to make extra money, it works.

To quote #8 Noah
1. Here’s my 2¢
I’ve been with Primerica part time for a few months now (got school and a different job outside of it) and while not all it’s products are “the best” and they are a bit cult-like, they’ve got their uses. So here is my opinion on some various aspects:
MORTGAGE I was in the mortgage industry for 4 years until I had a conflict of conscience, and the $MART loan really isn’t anything to write home about. Frankly, there are a dozen lenders that offer simple interest mortgages, sometimes with better rates. ”


The Smart program works very well, I am living proof.First off it’s not about chasing interest rates that has nothing to do with it, it’s about how long you are exposed to the rate, the longer you are exposed to it the more interest you are going to pay.The Smart program helps in condensing the time of exposure there for cutting the interest paid.I could go on and on but there is not enough time in the day.
Proud Primerica Representitive

by: primerica rep | October 18th, 2008 (12:14 pm)

I didn’t read all of this, didn’t have time, but in regards to original poster, about the “take your 5-10 best freinds out” You DO get paid on those.

Your trainer takes you out before your licensed, and you may or may not make a sale. You have 2 options: One, use the sales as credit towards a promotion, or don’t use it towards a promotion and get paid on those once you are licensed. That’s how my office does it at least. The day you get your licenses they transfer all those clients to you, since they were your freinds/family, and you get the comission on those sales.

And regarding Smart loans, They work. I just helped a family, whos mortgage was 25 years, and they would end up paying 120000$ in interest dollars (on top of the mortgage).
We did a smart loan, which yes, WAS a higher rate, HOWEVER, their mortgage was paid of in 16 years (same amount paid a month) and saved them 79500$ in interest dollars.

SO if your mortgage is paid off 9 years faster, and you saved 79500$ in interest dollars, does it really matter if your interest rate is 1%? or 10%, or even 98% for that matter.

Look at the BIG picture people. The only important thing is A) how long are you in the mortgage and B) How much EXTRA money are you paying in interest dollars. The interets rate is not important if you pay the mortgage for less time and spend less money.

Euki, or anybody else at Primerica,

I would like to get more information on that “Smart Loans”. Based on what I know, there are 3 ways to pay your mortgage faster:
#1 decrease your interest rate
#2 reduce your amortization / increase your payment
#3 make weekly payment (which is part or increasing your payment)

So please tell me how you pay a mortgage faster without touching the monthly payment and increasing the interest rate. I don’t know any Excel spread sheet showing me that I am paying my loan faster. I am sorry but I don’t understand how it is mathematically possible.

Euki, Richard, V; can you please explain.



RE # 36 KayCee
Hi Kaycee, I am a client of primerica and I am her to tell you they have helped me and my family . At the time the Primerica Rep sat down with us I was unemployed from the painters union and we were on the verge of bankruptcy. They showed us a plan wich would indeed get us out of debt 15 yrs sooner and save us $ 56,000.00 in interest alone.
Primerica does work if you give it the effort.
I truly hope they can help you with your finances.
There are situations where Primerica can not help due to extenuating circumstances, (past credit history, length of employment ect.) But it does offer solutions in your FNA how you can implement the plan youself and also the opportunity to make extra income.
After we recieved our FNA and put htings in place my wife and my self became Reps our selves because of the awesome job they had done for us.
Its no BS in our office only 100% of doing what is right for the client.
I hope this helps with your decision.

I will try my best to shed a little light on this whole “S.M.A.R.T Loan situation. I have not done a ton of these so I am by no means an expert, however I have had hours of formal training on how it works.

It’s pretty simple…

FB, I will get a real life example from the office and get the exact numbers for you. But here goes:

Say a client is currently in a 250,000 20 year fixed mortgage paying 5% interest. their monthy payment will be roughly 1,600/month. Now, this same family probably has some credit cards, lines of credit, car loans etc… Drowning in debt like most families. Making it extremely hard to even keep up with this bills let alone put money away for retirement. (keep in mind that Primerica’s mission statement is to help families become “debt free and most importantly FINANCIALLY INDEPENDANT”

Ok, so we wrap up all of their debt into a brand new second mortgage. The rates on our S.M.A.R.T. loans are actually quite competitive. Again, I will get you the exact figures. So the new mortgage might be for 300K. Here’s what makes that loan unique.

1. we offer a 30 and I think 35 year fixed rate mortgage. I beleive we’re the only one who offers that. When you get a mortgage at the banks, you have to go back every 5 years or so to re-negotiate interest rates (after your term is up). So if you have a 25 year mortgage, your banker can’t actually tell you how much you’re going to pay back because if interest rates rise when your term is up, your payments might increatse.. Our 30 mortgage is just that, 30 years at a fixed rate. no interest term, no re-negotiations. We can tell you exactly how much you’ll pay back from day one.

2. You can pay off the entire balance at any time, with no penalty. Again, not to knock the banks but they will say you can pay off a certain percentage of the mortgage at the end of the year.. or you can add 10% to your monthly payment. With Primerica, you can pay of 100% at any time, no strings.

3. The reason we are able to reduce the minimum payment, is because we stretch the loan out over a longer period (35 years). The interest rate is a non-factor and I will show you why: If their old montly payment was $1,600 and we stretch the loan out 15-20 longer than their original amortization, that is how we are able to lower the monthly payment. Say we lower the monthly payment to just $1000.

4. What Primerica will do is offer the client three scenarios. They can continue to pay $1,600 per month (and effectively toss $600 onto the principle of the mortgage every month, interest free) or they can pay $1,200 and invest $400 per month. Remember, before us, they had no money to invest monthly. Or, then can pay $1,000 per month and pocket the $600. And somehow, with our S.M.A.R.T. loan, even if they choose that last option, the home is still payed off faster than if they kept their original mortgage.

When you’re dumping $600 onto you’re principle mortgage every month, that’s how we’re able to eliminate our clients debt, and get them on the road to inveting money. once the mortgage is payed off, now that same client can really pay themselves first. Instead of paying $1,600 towards debt every month, now they can invest $1,200 or $1,600 /month at 8-12% average rate of return and end up with millions in their retirement account when they want to retire. Banks never show you this. They give you a debt “consolidation” loan, which is all this is, but they free up the money for you and never teach the client anything. a couple years down the road, that same person needs to “Re-fi” again because they took the $600 in monthly savings and ran up more debt.

When the average person goes to the bank to get a mortgage they ask “what’s the interest rate, and what are my monthly payments”. While those are important questions to ask. A couple better questions to ask would be “how LONG will I be in debt, and HOW MUCH is this debt going to cost me in total over the long run.”

We educate our clients about how all of these financial products work so that they can make an educated decision before buying. We don’t just sell them a bill of goods, we provide clients with a custom gameplan to get them where they wanna go, and we are there every step of the way to help them for free.

Given all of the facts, I like to think most people want to get out of debt 5-10 years sooner than their on track for, and have a million in their retirement account. but how many people out there are teaching people how to do that? FB, you mentioned that you have a mortgage.. you should look into a S.M.A.R.T Loan and see if what we’re saying isn’t true. You can fill out the application and get a quote for free.. try it out.


by: The Financial Blogger | October 21st, 2008 (5:03 pm)

first a big thank you to bring the method to us. However, I still have a few questions.

– By doing the SMART, you are consolidating debts and increasing free cash flow (which is not necessarily a bad idea) BUT you are not paying any debts faster? Your debt is now over 35 years. Even if you use the extra $600 to pay back the mortgage, you are still paying over a longer period of time:

250K mtg at 5% over 20 years make pmt of $1642. I assume you have another 50K of debt requesting payment of $1,010 a month (debts are over 5 years at 8%)
300K mtg at 5.5% (I’m sure you can’t have a fixed 35 years equal to the 5 years on the market) over 35 years make pmt of $1598 so you have 1054$ more in your pocket. If you decide to increase your payment to the same level as you were (total payment of 1598 + 1054 = 2652), your mortgage will be paid of in 13.3 years. Cool, 13 years, you may just have a point…

HOWEVER if you take the additional payment of $1010 in 5 years an you apply it to the remaining balance of your mortgage (208K) (snowballing effect), you will pay your house in 12.9 years.

if your rate is 6% instead of 5%, then it becomes 13.9 years. Then, you won’t pay your mortgage faster.

If you take the option #2 (invest a part or the difference), you have to make an annualized yield over 6% (plus considering your taxes since your mortgage payment is made with after tax money and your investment are taxable) to pay it faster. It’s like leveraging (which I think it is a really good technique… for some people).

The good thing about the SMART is the possibility to fix your interest rate for 30 or 35 years (Banks used to offer up to 40 years in Canada until the Gov changed their mind a few months ago). However, for someone who is not on a tight budget, stats shows that variable rate is the best choice by far.

While the technique is not bad, you could simply show people how to snowball with a variable rate mortgage (who cares about the payment fluctuation if you consolidate your debts and make bigger payment anyway? it won’t affect you) and you will just do fine… in fact you will pay it off faster than 12 or 13 years.

What do you think?


I have just lost over 10,000 dollars in the past 6 months due to investment I did throught primeamerica. Is other experiencing the same crunch and how are they dealing with it. I want to pull out but my advisor ask me not to

by: The Financial Blogger | October 21st, 2008 (7:49 pm)


The amount is not really important, it’s the percentage. If you had 15K and you lost 10k, there is a problem. If you have 100K, then it is really good considering the market 😉

Honestly, anybody that is invested in the market with a balanced portfolio (50% equity, 50% fixed income) would have suffered lost of about 10% to 20% regardless if they are with Primerica or not.

In fact, your Primerica advisor is telling you the right thing to do: don’t do a thing. Revise the strategy you chose when you first invest your money with your advisor and ask if there is anything that changed since then (beside the fact that the market is going down. The stock market is cyclic.). If your goal, time and risk tolerance didn’t change, you don’t have to do a thing.

by: inside man | November 7th, 2008 (3:35 pm)

Hmmm… Sounds like another fishy scam, big brother outfit out there that make no money form a man called Mr. Crock(spelling might be in error), McDonalds…

The Financial Blogger Says “.”While the technique is not bad, you could simply show people how to snowball with a variable rate mortgage (who cares about the payment fluctuation if you consolidate your debts and make bigger payment anyway? it won’t affect you) and you will just do fine… in fact you will pay it off faster than 12 or 13 years.”

Ahh, but Primerica does true biweekly payments at no charge and gives a 1/4 % discount to boot . so you are making an extra payment a year and your loan reameritizes every 14 days so your not paying as much interest. Saves on average 12 yrs. Banks dont do that for free if at all.

by: The Financial Blogger | November 8th, 2008 (8:45 am)

I don’t know about banks in the States, but in Canada, you have the option of paying your mortgage weekly, bi-weekly or monthly without any penalty. So if you pay weekly, you will obviously make more payments. This is no magic, if you pay more capital at the end of the year, you will decrease your amortization. Banks also offer to double you payment for free every year. You will pay your mortgage faster, but it will require more cash flow.



The Financial Blogger
Thats good for Canada, but here in the states banks and mortgage companies may offer byweekly payments but they charge a setup fee and there is a fee for each transaction.Also Primerica uses simple interest not sceduled interest. But you are right this is not magic just simple education that people are unaware of, thats what we teach.
We belive in education family’s so they may make better financial decisions.
Education is they key.

by: The Financial Blogger | November 8th, 2008 (4:12 pm)

banks are very greedy down south 😉

I believe that financial education is must… even though I work in a bank, I still educate my clients 😉 but not everyone does this!

Yes they are.
I dont know about the mortgage industry in Canada but here in the states it is terrable, mostly due to the mortgage lenders. They got greedy and created exotic mortgages such as pick a payment or otherwise known as interest only not to mention baloon mortgages and many others. I know these type of mortagges have been around for a while but until recently the last few years have they become popular with the finance industry.
Its to bad this had to happen and the Government did not step in and put a stop to it.
Now we all have to pay the price ie $700 Billion bail out, thats a joke.

One of the biggest differences in the SMART program vs banks are the way your hard earned dollars are being distributed.

With a regular mortgage, the majority if not all your payments in the beginning are put towards the interest. This is no big secret and that’s something until now we all have taken at face value and considered normal since we all have had no other options.

SMART will break it down to show exactly how much of your payments goes towards interest as well as the principle. Your payments program will always have more of the payment portion going towards you principle vs a regular mortgage. You actually start owning more of your home quicker!
Any and all additional contributions goes towards the principle thereby reducing the time and also the total interest.

Primerica is all about no obligation while giving the consumer information, options and opportunities. Something alot of people are just not used to since we all have been getting ripped off by the big financial institutions for far too long.
I highly recommend reading all the fine prints, and consulting things with your lawyer as well as a unbiased third party to do your due diligence. But please do the logical thing based on facts and not on emotions or other people’s uninformed rambling, for yourself and your family.

now seriously The Financial Blogger enough of ur anaylsis on the company, no one cares about ur bullshit, whatever u said seems like none sense to me. ”the primerica paradox” lol
dude honestly, dont judge primerica if urself have not been involved with it, at least be at top then gives ur thoughts about it. to me u r like a highschool drop out trying to judge and analysis on what university system is like. u dont have any credibility, because the way u see it is different than the ppl who’s been involved in the business and be great at it. what u r doing is misleading. but w/e theres gotta be ppl who keeps crying and making commons about things, thats how the world spins.

by: The Financial Blogger | November 11th, 2008 (7:54 am)

Kee Chong,
You made some valid point in your comments… and my dad is bigger than yours 😉
Are you a top 10? ’cause according to what you say, I should only listen to top 10 people.
Dude, top 10 people in all industry make money…. duh!
Don’t take it like that, it’s just an article, just my opinion. People are free to think whatever they want `;-)

by: The Financial Blogger | November 11th, 2008 (7:58 am)

I’m quite curious about the fact that the SMART makes capital payments bigger. Can you explain the mathematics behind the product? According to me a 200K mortgage at 5% will make a X$ payment a month with Y$ in capital (increasing slowly from payments to payment) and Z$ interest (decreasing slowly from payments to payment). There is no way to pay more capital in my example except if you make bigger payment, right?

The Financial Blogger

In the conventional way of financing your mortgage, you would be right. SMART differs because of the way they structure the allocation of client payments. They actually show you the breakdown of how your money is allocated over the life of your mortgage vs the typical bank mortgage. You would then be welcome to ask the same from your financial institution and compare the differences.
Take the time to compare both parties information and make your own choice as to what is best for you.
Correct information is power and that is the goal of Primerica. Educate people correctly on their financial dealings allowing them to choose the best course of action and plan an appropriate strategy for the future.

I believe we all have the right to question and scrutinize what is presented to us but most do not and make decisions based on uninformed or biased hearsay which is unfortunate since they might be passing up opportunities that might be worthwhile.

You sound like a smart and well educated person and I respect your point of view, after all we live in a free society. I believe you will do well in your life choices (wherever that may take you). Just keep an open mind.

I wish you all the best in your future in devours.

RE # 36 KayCee Says:
September 8th, 2008 at 8:22 pm Quote “I have been searching and researching Primerica on the net for a few days. We just met with a rep and she is coming back tonight with our ‘financial’ assessment.

Here’s my problem. I am hearing about the ‘business’ end of Primerica. The MLM does not bother me. The government is a pyramid….what isn’t these days? It just seems the only info available is how the reps make money, how they try to recruit etc etc.

I’ve been trying to find info that proves Primerica works for it’s ‘customers’, not just its recruits. I am NOt interested in sales of any kind. I want to know how Primerica is going to help me with debt solutions, the products available to me, and I want the truth!

Does anyone have testimony to back up Primerica’s financial services from a customer point of view. Now THAT would make me the happiest bear in the forest! ”


I was wonderind KayCee, if you were happy with what Primerica had to offer.


You are on the right track. As a client, Primerica will not give direct advice without evaluating your specific situation. This is why your rep needs to do a Financial Needs Analysis. This will map out your current situaltion and “IF” it is possible, make recomendations for you to take advantage of their services and better your current and future circumstances. Everyone is unique and should be treated as such.

If you choose not to join the team, but only wish to take advantage of their services, make this perfectly clear with your rep and your wishes will be honoured.

Understand that if Primerica is able to help you better your situation, other families close to you might benefit from these services as well. Do the right thing and set them up to take adventage of services you were offered as well.

I hope this helps…

[…] Primerica Paradox Part 1, part 2, part 3 and the final conclusion on Primerica with part 4 […]

I just read most of these blogs, and when it comes to MLM there are alot of questions and most people are not asking them. I believe in the whole MLM scheme as long as the product is tangiable. I for one am living proof of the banks wanting to keep the working guys like me in debt, how else are the banks going to survive. I refinanced my mortgage but I have never told what to do with that savings, and found myself back where I was but worse off now. I totally take accountability for my own actions, however if I was shown how to get out of debt faster I would have made a valiant effort to live up to it.

Why is it that the banks only give 3% interest (if that) on our money we put into our accounts, when they then take our funds and re-invest at a higher rate (8-12%) the they charge us for taking our money out. Wow! the guy who says that the CEO deserves to get more money because he deserves it must be a CEO, what about all those people who sweat to get you that big fat bonus? Tell it to the 7.5 millions who are on the verge of losing the jobs if the Big 3 go under.

When it comes to Primerica, I am a client and years ago I would have said no to doing the business, but unlike Anway and others out there they do have a tangiable product that can help the uneducated middle class get out of the finiancial mess they are in. When last did you see a financial advisor at the bank sit at your dining room table and give you advice? The banks won’t touch you unless you have a treasure chest behind you, okay they will but they will past you off to the 21 -26 year who just got their liciences and sell you the product that best suits the bank’s needs.

Granted there are reps out there that are push and act like they know you to get you involved in their business (pre paid legal for example). If there’s a way for me to make my monthly salary by working part-time and not quitting my job, well I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Amen (wlfpck ) You hit the nail on the head.

by: SmoknMirrors | November 21st, 2008 (11:51 am)

I am a Primerica Rep, six months in the company. I am doing well, and made over $9,000 lastmonth. Granted, I am WAY above the average. Prior, I owned a mortgage company for seventeen years. No company is perfect, so there is always some valid criticism. Here is what I see in reviewing this and other threads about the merits and creditibility of our company and our system. Most of the criticism comes from people who are not actually involved with the company, or who ‘tried it’ but quickly quit. Most people who have worked in the company for more than a year or two, then quit, have positive responses to it.

There are two criticisms that are repeated over and over, that are simply off-base. The first is that other companies pay more compensation for the same sales activity. The second is that it’s not credible to train people from Walmart, etc, to do financial services in a couple of months and believe that they can really help people financially.

With respect to complensation, lets compare apples to apples. Primerica is an army of part time people, 90% of them have full time jobs and work on their Primerica businessin their off hours. Few other financial companies would ever hire these people. Why? They don’t have the background, the education, the appearance, the personality etc., And few companies will hire you, train you, and pay for your licensing without a full time commitment. So it’s silly to tell a Primerica rep that they could make more money working for the competition, because they would never get hired by the competition, nor do they have the skills, at the beginning, to support themselves full time. Primerica offers an open opportunity for everyone to learn the business who wants to, and tomake moneydoing so. Once they have developed their skills and learned the business, the compensation increases. I interviewed at New York Life and other companies before joining Primerica. I found Primerica to be the best opportunity for me.

With respect to the qualifications of our reps, Iwill simply say that we hold the same professional licenses as our competitors. We are regulated by our respective state insurance commissioners, and by the SEC. We have a wonderful compliance record. Itis a mistake to think that someone with a college education and a nice suit cares more about your finances and is more competent. Primerica is designed to promote practices that are in the consumers best interest. If you read a book on personal financial planning, written by a connsumer advocate, you will learn strategies similar to the ones Primerica follows. These strategies are not complex or sophisticated. They simply involve understanding which financial vehicles are appropriate for you, and how to coordinate and implement them to work for you. That is exactly what Primerica does. If the average person can do this for themselves through self-education, why is it difficult to believe that an average person can learn how do do it for others?

Here is a fact. Primerica has a streamlined product line because it offers ONLY those products that are good for consumers. I go meet with clients who pay big bucks to a certified financial planner, and I find out that that ‘professional’ has typically sold them a high commission Universal Life Insurance policy that isvery expensive and virtually guaranteed to screw them. When we show them the terms of the policy that are written into the contract, as opposed to the terms that the ‘certified financial planner’ sold them on, they feel raped, and can’t wait to cancel that policy.

We are out there teaching people how mony works, how to organize their financial lives, and how to do the right things for themselves and their families.

The last thing I notice is that the debate is all about whether theopportunity is legitimate. You won’t find many consumer complaints. But we are a pretty good sized financial company, So if we sell a lot of financial products that people are happy with, and we offer an open opportunity to those who wish to join our company and learn our business, I don’t see how anyone can say that it is not a legitimate opportunity. It’s not for evreryone, but everyone who is interested in an opportunity should look at it for themselves and decide, and not be disuadded from the comments of ignorant outsiders and whiny quitters.

Thank you for all the information. I have just spent the last hour reading all of the posts. Financial Rep’s rants were extreamly helpfull. His biased views on traditional work place social dynamics shows that he is at the top and is very threatened by the concept that anyone with due dillagence and effort could bypass him and cast down in ruin his petty structures. While I know little about Primerica I will be looking more into this company, training for under 300 is nothing to snear at unless you do not want the other person to learn. Rant away Rep, by your argument I will join.

by: Answer this | January 5th, 2009 (4:25 am)

AL Williams/Primerica has been in business for 30 plus years. Where are all the financially independent people they have helped? Do you guys ever look at the policy renewal rates? If you may have not noticed the BTIV crusade began with the boomers in the accumulation phase of life, well now it’s about protection and distribution. The glory days of Primerica are over. You just can’t compete with an independent be it for a recruit or with products. Stay around long enough and you’ll figure it out. Sure your cost of licensing is cheap, but also consider what you give up..I would rather pay the cost of licensing and have immediate ownership of my reps and clients.

You say you do what’s right 100% of the time. Well now you know if you were independent you could save clients more money on their life products and invest more (rule of 72). Well knowing that will you still sell PFS products? You see it’s not about doing what’s right. it’s about selling what Primerica allows you to sell. Back away from the kool-aid and look at it froma business stand point.

The person who makes the sale should make the most money. That’s just fair. Oh yes I forgot the cost of getting Life/Health licensed was only $99.00…Not to mention the noncompete…Think about.

Did anyone understand a word this guy just said? If so, please explain It to me so I can provide an accurate response. Just some questions: Who’s backing an independent broker? Where is your credibilit? The reason Primerica is able to offer such low prices on certain products is because we have such a large sales force. When you do the type of volume we do, simple Economics says we’ll have a price advantage. How can you have immidiate ownership of reps? Also, the glory days will never be over. As long as clients do what we tell them to do, BTID has worked out quite well. You wanna know where all the financially independent people are, I’m on my way to being one of them and everyone in Primerica is a client by choice. More on that in a subsequent response. How is this the protection and distribution phase? And what does that have to do with Primerica? So many questions about that last post… It made No sense….

Well V, All I can say about (Answer This) is he or She has no clue what Primerica stands for.
The way I figure it if you do what is right 100% of the time it will eventually comes back to you ten fold.
Primerica is still the largest marketers for term life and I am sure they will stay there for many years to come.

by: Answer this | January 7th, 2009 (1:30 pm)

Answer this. Many at PFS want to become an RVP. Have any of you ever wondered why RVP’s and above leave PFS? You don’t understand immediate ownership of clients and downline because you may not know it exist.

As for the fess paid by PFS, yes it may be low cost, but look at the starting commisions. Look at what you have to do to qualify for ownership. Look at the restrictions of being captive. So is it really low cost to contract with PFS? If you wanted to expand your business with health insurance could you? NO..If you wanted to expand your investment business by becoming a RIA (series 65) could you? NO. If you wanted to sell fixed Indexed Annuity Products could you? NO..If you wantd to sell AFLAC could you? NO..So what is the true cost of “Your Business”.

I left PFS and became independent. I can sell any products allowed by my licenses. I can contract with many carriers. I own my recruits and clients. I can and have hired other professionals. I can offer different contract levels per experience or whatever. So say your rah, rah. I have heard it before and lived it.

Primerica stand for Primerica. Compare your contract and products against what’s in the industry. Yes I do sell Term, but with many different carriers. I believe in Buy Term Invest The Difference. I also believe in freedom especially if part-time. So How is it good to be captive if a part-time agent? How is it good to have to give up legs. How is it good for the new agent to do most of the work and be paid the commission PFS pays new agents? You can justify it any way you want, but Primerica comes out ahead. Read your contract and see who benefits the most. consider this. You find the clients and recruits. You sell the program, train the agent and pay your own expenses. (Oh yes they helped you with licensing cost) Now look at your contract and ask yourself fi you left what could you take with you? Remember you built the business…If you can live with that business relationship your at the best place for you…Don’t try to compare contracts or products because you won’t win. The best way to grow with PFS is to not ask questions outside PFS and at all cost stay away from message boards because sooner or later you will do some research to give a rebuttal and you will read facts in your agent agreement.

Been there and done that. While I was there I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Well (Answer this ) the only thing I can figure is you quit Primerica cause you could not make it there.

Thanks for this incisive critique on Primerica! An old acquaintance of mine has been bugging me for 5 months now, trying to get me on to his “team” at Primerica. Something about them was bugging me though, maybe one of the leaders asking me to write down 25 of my closest contacts (?) on about the first visit. There were a lot of good explanations though as to how the company helped people with their finances and that was what attracted me at first. However, I declined to join week after week, because I wasn’t completely sure about what was going on. I asked advice from a few trusted family friends who were experienced in the financial field, and they all said to be cautious, but could not give a definite answer as to what I should be avoiding. Your critique on Primerica here practically fills in the blanks that were missing for the past 5 months! The key to this company’s legal “scam” is that they can recruit just about anybody without time-proven credentials because each new recruit will lead the company straight to the easiest clients, namely the recruit’s family. After all the ‘soft’ contacts are used up, it’s time to move on the the next recruit. Recruit, recruit, recruit!

I’m gonna go back to school for finance, get my bona fide accreditations, and work for a more intelligent and worthy body – me! Anyway, thanks a bunch again for this post.

by: Answer This | January 9th, 2009 (12:43 pm)

Sales is sales. If I just wanted to sell at PFS it wouldn’t have been a problem. I’m not currently doing anything basically different than when I was at PFS except I have more products to offer. A better contract and total freedom. As for quitting, I moved on. It was in my best business interest to leave. Really it’s very simple. Take one of your clients and shop their coverage. To get a ball park quote you can go to http://www.term4sale.com

If you are doing what’s right 100% of the time for your clients, i’m sure you wouldn’t mind telling about the rates of other companies. Now consider this. Once the person you sold a policy to signs the contract, they become the property of Primerica for a specified ampunt of time per your agent agreement. Exactly what did Primerica do to find and sell the client? You did all the work and who wons the client and downline? Forget the emotion. For get the can make it or not make it. Look at the contract. If you think it’s fair to you as a salesperson and team builder your at the right place for you. When i joined primerica I signed the contract and had no clue what to look for. Once I was educated I made a business decision. I was an independent contractor. I had to look out for my biusiness interest and in my opinion the PFS contract was just too one sided towards their advantage. You see with a part-time “MLM” sales force Primerica has to protect their client base and the recruits. If people could walk away at will it could shut the company down…Yes there is a businesss side to consider.

by: Answer This | January 9th, 2009 (1:02 pm)

To V. It is possible get immediate ownership of clients and downline per contract. For example. If I wanted to leave the current marketing organization i’m with I can just leave and take my clients and downline with me. Now get this if I wanted to go back they would accept me with open arms. The clients i get and the downline I build is mine. I can sell it at anytime I so choose.

As for backing, I contract with different carriers. Yes I can even contract with Met and I am contracted with the same company you are for LTC and get this. I am paid renewals. Are you? if not why? You say your prices are lower. If you really believe that don’t go to http://www.term4sale.com Check out the fees on some of your other products.

Ask yourself this. Do you love Primerica more than your own family? If it’s possible to get more coverage on yourself for less or the same money with another company..Is it in the best interest of your family for you to own a Primerica policy? Considering I represent different companies, I can get the coverage that’s in my best interest jaus as i do when I offer my clients coverage. I present different carriers and let them decide which is in their best interest. To me that’s what I consider doing what’s best for the client. Any way you look at it your currently doing what’s best for Primerica. To primerica it’s business. Primerica isn’t a scam, they just have their way of doing business. Yes it does work for some.

Sit down with your RVP and go over your contract. Prove me wrong. At the very least ask about the noncompet, giving up legs, and the possibility of roll backs.

it’s not possible to get immeidate ownership at Primerica but they just recently made it easier. I’m not going to go into all the details over the web, but now you can own all of your your assets under management, downline RVP’s etc much easier and sell it or will it to your kids if you wish. You seem to be very concerned with “fees, renewals (which we get by the way) trailers etc” and fattening up your own pocket.. and that’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But if you wanna go somewhere and make a billion dollars, Primerica may not be the place for you. You need to speak to Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Jay-Z or Oprah or something…. Primerica is about average and ordinary people helping average and ordinary people. We don’t claim to have the best prices or all that other jazz you be talkin’a bout. Our mission statement is to “help families become debt free, and financially independant.”

I dont know how your whole setup works, but at Primerica your code number gets paid for life. So once you qualify for ownership (I know you seem to have a problem with qualifying for anything) you can will your business to your kids and they will get paid on that code number for life.

Also, I agree that Primerica does not have the cheapest products. But we strive to have th BEST products. For example: do these other policies you speak of have guaranteed insurability? Do they offer an Increasing Benefit Rider? Do they have Waiver of Premium? There’s a big difference between “cheap” and inexpensive quality products. These are just a few of the bells and whistles that Primerica offers with EVERY policy, no questions asked.

And how about integrity? Do you know how many insurance companies out there refuse to pay death claims? People pass away, family’s are distraught emotionally/financially and you went with a company that decided to leave the underwriting process until AFTER the person dies. Then they go back through your family history and try to find anything that will stop you from being qualified for your death claim. Is that your company? I dunno.. If it was all about cheap, you should have group coverage with your job and mortgage insurance right? And how have those two products helped anyone? You don’t wanna get personal Life insurance cause “I’ve got group, it’s the cheapest” then you get fired from your job, get Cancer and now nobody will insure you..

I can tell you story after story which I know personally where Primerica has gone over and above it’s duties/obligations to their life clients because it was the right thing to do. That’s the type of company I’d like to work for. Do you work for a company that offer’s “Whole Life” life insurance to the average family? IF so, then you’re out of integrity.

It’s not always about who’s prices are cheaper, as you mentioned it’s about doing what’s right. And Primerica does what’s right ALL OF THE TIME. Most people can’t say the same thing. But if you can, more power to you. If your insurance companies underwrite their policies before they’re issued, and if you offer 35-40yr term insurance policies, and if you have all of the qualities listed above in your policies then you go boy! If not, then you’re in a position to Judge Primerica.

As far as investing is concerned, a mutual fund is a mutual fund. Whether you offer 100 funds to the public or 1000 funds, 80% of mutual funds aren’t worth owning at any price. Only a handful. And Primerica markets some of the best mutual funds in the industry. You can read my earlier posts to the FB for names in particular. As long as you’re averageing 8-12% on your investments, WHO CARES how many funds you offer. Does it really matter if you have more funds to offer the public that perform like crap?

Lastly, FB I haven’t forgot about you. I’ve been away on vacation for a while but I remember that I promised you those numbers on our S.M.A.R.T loan product remember? I will get that to you asap so you can see how it really works. You gotta switch your mortgage man!!

At the end of the day, there’s always going to be haters out there. I think this will be one of my last posts. People just hate for no reason. If you’re with a company that can take someone from making 30k a year (getting screwed by a bank – and knows nothing about money)… you take that person and turn them into a millionairE over time via good investment advice or a business opportunity.. you get that person out of debt 10-15 years sooner than he was on track for (Before he ever met you) and you properly protect his family with one of the best term policies on the market from the compay that pioneered BTID…… If you want to hate on that then I can’t argue with you. I can’t win that discussion because the opponent is not logical. so I’m signing off. I’ve left enough positive information on this website to last a lifetime. For those who are really interested in becoming a Primerica client, or joining the company just read my posts/rebuttals and you will have a great understanding of what the company is all about. If you choose to believe internet bloggers like “answer this” talkin’ bout increase your trailing commissions, ownership of clients and all that other (me,me,me,me) talk then more power to you.



p.s. Books of Choice: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, The Millionaire Next Door, Start Late Finish Rich, Secrets of the Millionare Mind, The 4:8 Principle, Success is Not an Accident, The Wealthy Barber, and anything by Donald Trump or Warren Buffet.


by: HolySmokes! | January 10th, 2009 (3:58 am)

I am going to make this simple. After you read this, go back and read all of the previous posts. I landed at this site this evening because I was blindsided into wasting 2 hours of my day listening to a Primerica RVP sucker me into joining this joke of a MLM. I wanted to see what others were saying. The amount of typos, incorrect spelling, grammar mistakes and, my favorite, invented words that I have read on this site convinced me to run as far away from this crap as I can. Call it arrogance. I don’t care. It says a lot about someone if they present themselves like an 8th grade dropout. I hear the replies. Money this, I make that, I drive this. Wake up. Learn a trade. Go back to school. Or, if you must be in finance, you can do all of this with other companies that actually sell products. If you want to recruit people and sell a dream with nothing tangible attached, try religion. That has been working way before 1971.

RE ( HolySmokes ) For your information ( HolySmokes ) Primerica was rated A+ by the BBB.

by: Answer This | January 10th, 2009 (12:09 pm)

V….There’s also a business side people are sold on when they are presented with the Primerica opportunity. You are an independent business person with Primerica and not an employee. If you can live with the contract knowing what you know now I say great. Me I couldn’t do it. I don’t have a hate for Primerica. The more policies you place the more I can replace. I say don’t believe anything I say, do some research on your own. Have you ever considered why some companies pay commissions on submission? Do you know how dangerous that can be for chargebacks? I’m sure you know what chargebacks are. If not ask your RVP. Do you know in many states post underwriting is illigal? Have you ever heard of the incontestability period? You see I have been in Primerica and i am outside of Primerica. I see both sides of the issue. I don’t hate PFS. It’s business. On the business side i have to do what’s in my best interest and to me immediate ownership and access to many different carriers and products and having the freedom to build my business as I feel is in my best economic interest. Just as it’s in Primerica’s best interest to contractually have ownership of your clients and downline for whatever period of time they require.

Now of course i’m concerned on fees and renewals. Don’t you teach the rule of 72? When i was at PFS renewas were not paid to anyone under RVP on certain products. Currently are renewals paid to reps. under RVP on LTC and the legal plan? If someone bypassed the middle man (PFS) and contracted for that business outside of PFS they would be paid renewals. As for policy bells and whistles yes other companies have those features. If you looked around you would also see more generous terminal illiness benefit. You don ‘t know what you don’t know. I was once the same way so I understand. So leave the message board if you must, but your contract is still the same.

In business you should always consider an plan. So I ask. If you left PFS, what could you take with you per contract? Currently if I wanted to join Primerica I have the option of bringing on my whole team if they wanted to follow me, and get this I could ask for a higher starting commission level form the RVP. I do know at one time RVP’s had descreation on hiring people at different levels. Did you know that? It’s not just about BTID. There’s also a business side. Prove what I say is wrong. Read your contract and get some quotes.

Do you really think Warren Buffet and the likes of Donald Trump have Term insurance. Even Dave Ramsey tells his audience to shop different companies with Zander. You can’t debate facts. See you at the top.

Your so concerned with the image of Primerica you can ‘t see that i’m just giving you information. If after you get the info. and still stay at PFS that’s your personal business decision. Primerica or your RVP doesn’t care about you. Have you ever wondered why they will talk up some new person who does some impressive numbers and then you don’t heaqr of them again? It’s because they went through their warm market and after they go through their warm market they have to compete against other companies.

As I said before it’s business. Your loyal to them, but to them your just a number. “Throw them against the wall and keep who sticks”..That say alot and i’m sure you have heard that saying in PFS..Think about it… It’s ok to have confidence in your company, but don’t give them your mind. Primerica isn’t A.L Williams..They are two different animals. Read the book Coach.

Dude! you’re getting $900 as an amateur, probably with someone by your side, helping you at the beginning, for a measely 1 sale! And you’re complaining? Shit!

Why is Real Estate not considered a pyramid scheme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Why are people so anal about the dude who hired them making a couple bucks? Your parents are in that boat, if they’re not self employed, and so do all of your relatives, and friends, if they’re not self employed. So why is it ok for some Employer to hire you and pay you $10/hr, and make the other $40/hr of your work??

You said it yourself, it’s not a pyramid scheme. You’re just trying to justify to yourself that it is, to make yourself feel better about your decision. They tell you straight up that it’s not for everyone! Business is not for everyone. Do you think those corner store owners are rolling in money and have no stress? Probably no to both. Tim Hortons has a dude who owns all the chains. He sits on his ass in the Bahamas drinking a cold beer, and the cash just rolls in. Then you have some VP or CEO below him that do some work, but play golf every other day. Then you got the Higher Managers, who lets say invested tons of money in a location. They make a ton of money, but have a ton of stress. Then you have Manager assistants, who have a lot of stress, and no money. Then you got highschool kids, and immigrants who can’t speak fluently some times. They get the $8-10/hr; have to make a sandwitch in 25seconds!!!!!!!!!!
How is that not a pyramid???????? Just think about it.

Like I said, you’re just trying to convince yourself that Primerica is a pyramid scheme, while it acts just like any other company/organization/business.


@ HolySmokes!
this site was made to bash Primerica, that’s why you see poor spelling!

by: The Financial Blogger | January 13th, 2009 (10:35 pm)

I can’t wait to get the numbers, this will be a great addition to this series!

I know that sometimes the Primerica discussion has gone sideways with some readers (Pro Primerica and Against Primerica) but I want to get people’s opinion and not censor some comments.

this side was not made to bash Primerica. Some people did, but some people like Richard, V and Rex added more credibility as I didn’t have the chance to discuss Primerica with rational arguments with many people beside my friend working for them yet.

As for myself, I think I gave a pretty good picture form an outsider point of view. Some comments went to add a lot of information to my series.


For that matter everyone else that are so hung up on grammar and spelling…
This is not an exercise in vocabulary! This site reflects individual’s opinion on the particular subject. If you are that picky then jump on an English forum and have at ‘er. We cannot all be scholars. Sometimes people’s thoughts and typing skills just do not gel when commenting on an emotional topic. So please, give us all a break.

BTW, I am on your side on this topic. In case you were wondering…

My perspective on the lack of commission during training is this. I have been thru post secondary education for my previous profession and I had to do practicum for a specified period as part of my training. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this even if the company that received my training did. This is a common practice thru many industry education training and is not questioned. I was not guaranteed a position with any of the company that took advantage of my practicum training so why is Primerica’s training regiment looked upon so different?
Primerica at least guarantees that if you pass the required courses that all insurance agencies require, continue to work and produce, you will be guaranteed your compensation. No quotas or deadlines to meet. Nobody to answer to for your shortcomings except maybe to your better half and your bank account. This if you notice is usually in direct proportion to the effort and attitude you put in.
Others on the other hand, will find solace in placing blame rather for their lack of dedication and effort. This might be a trait that places you seeking an easy- out opportunity. Primerica is certainly not this!
If you agree that to expect change you must first make the change, then Stop finding excuses on why something didn’t work for you. Rather, understand that you didn’t work for it.
Stop making excuses and finding others to blame. Stop quitting! Make the necessary changes within yourself and go out and make your fortune in any endeavor you choose!

I wish you all the success that you deserve.

by: The Financial Blogger | January 14th, 2009 (9:11 pm)

I think you are bringing an interesting point on the training program. While it does not deny the fact that you can use this training program and make it a business model, I was not aware of this practice.

Maybe it is different in the states? I was personally paid while all training I had and I didn’t hear about this way of doing things very often.


I just signed up with Primerica yesterday. After having read all these threads in here, I am kind of having a buyer’s remorse feelings. These guys have my social security number. Is it safe?

The Financial Blogger,

You are then very fortunate.
Here in Canada, it is part of the curriculum. I am familiar with the trades and this seems to apply across the board. I cannot speak for other professions.

by: The Financial Blogger | January 15th, 2009 (9:49 pm)

don’t worry, they are not mad fraudulent people 😉
since you signed up, why don’t you try and make your own opinion?
I’m not Pro Primerica, but I would say that you should ask questions you had while reading my blog and ask them yourself to your RVP so you get clear and straight answer.



Alino, You are in good hands, I am a rep myself and this company is awesome.
100% straight up.
But dont join up and expect to get rich quick its something you have to work at.
Like any other biz you get out of it what you put into it.

I have been with Primerica for a few months now. I have had my doubts along the way. Most of my doubts have been answered through personal research, and my own inquiries about the company.

Their may be some RVPs out there that have the M.O. of trying to keep recruits in the dark as long as possible, and use other shady tactics to make a quick buck off some people. This is an unfortunate side effect of the Independent Business Opportunity system.
An RVP can recruit (within the laws and Primerica regulations) anyway he chooses. Therein also lies the beauty of the Independent Business Opportunity system. I can choose to recruit and operate however I like, and my policy will always be honesty and sincerity.
The truly successful RVPs, are those that are as honest as possible, because the more people know about Primerica, the more they will understand the true meaning and mission behind it. That mission is to help families to GET OUT OF DEBT as quickly as possible and become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. Period! Anything beyond that is the creation of the Independent Representative, not the company itself.

The real opportunity within this company lies in your ability to build your own business with little else invested besides your time and effort. Where else can you do that? I see it like this: when I recruit someone I am going to tell them, “You have an unlimited earning potential at Primerica. However, nothing is guaranteed, and it takes a lot of hard work and full-time dedication to make it to even an RVPs position. The people at the top of Primerica are there the same reason as at any other company, they WORKED HARD.”
At the same time, I will let a recruit know that if they want to just do this part-time and make some extra money by helping families out, I will definitely support them and would encourage them to do so. You can make some pretty decent supplemental income with just a little time and effort.

by: Answer This | January 16th, 2009 (3:02 pm)

Here is the key to making it big in PFS. Get off of message boards NOW..You will be hit with facts and will do some research. You will find that the only rebuttals you see from PFS
agents are all hype comments. Nothing of substance. They will say the ones who talk about PFS are people who couldn’t make in PFS. For example consider Rex. He say Primerica is 100% straight up? What does that mean? Should we ask Citi? Next we ask compared to what or whom?

So Alino, get the license(s) and then come back to hear what your options are. You will be given facts and information you can verify. Don’t forget to ask your recruiter about chargebacks, noncompete, roll backs, giving up legs, and who owns the clients you bring in or the recruits you find and train with your gas? Then ask them the difference between a captive and an independent agent? That’s enough for now. I’m not trying to make it seem like you should stay away from PFS. I just don’t want anyone to go in blind and green like I did..It’s business, we may not think of it that way, but Primerica does. They don’t have a contract for your benefit…oh yes one more. Ask your trainer if you decide to leave Primerica, what can you take with you from the business you built? If you cna live with the answers you get, more power to you. See you across the kitchen table…

Answer This,

Not sure where you are really coming from but I would agree with your recommendation to Alino. Get 1st hand information and make your own decision.
Everyone here is really just expressing opinions and should not be counted on as gospel. This includes my posts.

I will not pretend to know everything there is on this subject but I will try to shed some light on some of the topics you have brought up:

Chargebacks- Since you are paid commissions before the client has paid enough premiums to equal this amount, you cannot expect any company to swallow everyone that changes their mind and cancels their policy. Imagine the implications of fraud that could arise if this was the case. I would like to know which company exists that will not chargeback.

Who owns the clients- Every business that I have come across that employs a sales force also owns the clientele that are brought in. In addition to this there is such a thing as a Confidentiality & Non-Solicitation Agreement that must be signed. This states that upon termination, you cannot pursue any business contacts of this company for the usual minimum period of 1 year. This is the norm in the sales and marketing business of any industry, therefore why should Primerica be criticized for doing the same?

Giving up legs- This is the structure that rewards RVP for the hard work they have put in to build this team. Everyone is encouraged to work hard to which over time rewards handsomely. If you examine the structure closely, this will become clearer to you as well.

I like this one: Captive vs. independent agent- If you are born a gifted salesman, you need to be an independent salesman. If not, God help you if the bills start to pile up when you are in a slump period and cannot produce any sales. Who will you go to for guidance and motivation? For the majority of us, we need a drawn up system so that we need not try and re-invent the wheel. We can follow a proven plan (which I was lacking) to allow me to succeed if I work hard (I was already doing that for another employer) and not quit. I believe the products we promote are sound and thus there is no need to offer other products. Remember our business model of “Buy Term And Invest The Difference”? Offering other products goes against our core beliefs and this is not acceptable. (Insert examples of competitive companies here…)

Ask your trainer if you decide to leave Primerica, what can you take with you from the business you built?- If Primerica helped you be successful, why would you bite the hand that feeds you? If your business was built on Primerica’s structure, I was one of your team members and you decided to quit. Primerica is the concept that I bought into. You did not pioneer this company and therefore I would continue to follow the company that is working to help me build my dreams. Not the person who introduced me to the system.

Just remember that to succeed in any venture you choose, quitting should not be an option.
See you at the top…

by: Answer This | January 16th, 2009 (6:57 pm)

Charge backs: There’s a difference in what stays on the books between when compensated on submission or fully underwritten.

Who owns clients: Just because others do as you say doesn’t mean it’s in the agents best interest. Would you rather have immediate ownership or per qualification? I’m not talking what’s best for PFS, i’m talking about what’s in the agents best interest.

Giving up legs. When you do it in most cases the RVP will take your best leg. Sure I understand about building many productive legs, but most people going RVP don’t do it that way. Now giving the option of have to and not having to give up a leg, which would you choose?

Captive and independent.. When I speak of other products it’s not about just cash value products. there are many other companies that offer many different TERM plans. Some plans are priced better for different risk. One company may use unisex rates and another might underwrite male and female individually. There is no one size fits all product on the market. Offering other products isn’t against PFS core of beliefs, Just look at some of the companies they do business with. Does PFS still do business with MET Life? What about when they were aligned with Travelers? Did Citigroup have any companies under the umbrella that sold cash value products? Now you can also look at it another way. If your life business is slow why not also do some Health sales. What about some final expense for older people? What about Med Supps? You see by being captive you are limited by the company. If independent you can choose where your income comes from. remember most people who start at PFS are part-timers. Why would a part-time person if given a choice be captive? That just limits your income potential..Yet if you don’t know any better i can understand that.

Now as for the roots of the company. When art Williams had it , it was a independent company. II he found a carrier that was better for the sales force and the client, he would do whats he thought was best. read the book Coach. A.L Williams and Primerica are not the same company and they don’t have the same concepts except for BTIV. Now there are other organizations that do BTID but can represent many different companies. You just may not know they exist, but i’m sure your RVP and above does. I know this because they are leaving. In closing explain how Citi has been having a problem finding a buyer for PFS..

As for quitting, life happens. Primerica has been around for over 30 plus years. Where are all the old head NSD”s? There have been many people before you who have built big organizations and left. Consider this. If they got to the high levels you dream of and leave do you ever ask why? I’m not putting down PFS, the system they have works for them. My goal is to get people to think for themself. Hey it your life and your future. Sell the products, but understand that’s all it is. It’s sales. It’s some crusade.

Many PFS agents have a blind loyalty. I once had it. No one has to take what I say serious at all. Everything said can be confirmed by doing just a bit of research. Sure you can make some great money at Primerica, but just be honest and say it’s just sales. Your not out to get the client the best product for their need. Your out to give them the best product that Primerica can offer. as for recruits. Your not offering them the best opportunity available in financial services on a part-time basis. Your just offering the Primerica opportunity. Now as for quitting, read the book “Who Moved My Cheese”..

RE Answer This
Can your companies get families out of debt faster like Primerica can???
As far as the system Primerica has it has been working for a number of years and it is proven.
I have never seen a bank offer anyone the chance to pay off their mortgage 7 to 12 years sooner without penilties or offer 1/4 % discount for opting in for a auto bank draft.
Most banks charge for these services, setup fees and a charge for each transaction.

Its also nice to know there approx. 1800 employees working at home office doing all the other work for you, underwriting, all the legal aspects protecting you in your business at no charge.
I really dont know why I waiste time on here trying to prove anything.
Blogs are just blogs, nothing more.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

by: Answer This | January 17th, 2009 (1:21 am)

I am not with a company per say as you are with Primerica. I am with a financial services ,marketing company and yes we do have a product that will help people get out of debt faster. Primerica legal is there to protect Primerica not the agent. If you read your contract you will see the bottom line stops with you. Which brings back the issue of ownership. Primerica has the right to terminate your contract at will, which brings us back to the question of if you leave what can you take with you?

As for the statement of no charge, please consult your compensation schedule. Nothing from any company is free.

So (Answer This) You market for other companies, who’s to say they won’t let you go.
You have to do things their way, the only reasons Primerica will terminate a person is if they do something ethically wrong or are convicted felon, not at will as you say, why would they if you are making them money that’s ridiculous.
If I were a SRVP with Primerica I can leave and sell back to Primerica 10 times what the annual earnings, on average that would be about two million dollars.
That’s what I could take with me.
I have seen it more than once.
Your companies do that? I doubt it.
As far as charging to set up a smart solution for someone it is 100% free.
The only charge they would incur is closing cost witch all banks charge.
You are only showing your ignorance and have no clue as to what Primerica is truly all about.

by: Answer This | January 17th, 2009 (12:09 pm)

Rex there’s no need to get personal. How many people make it to SVP? What if a rep or someone below RVP just wanted to leave and expand the products they offer? what can they take with them per contract. remember agents are independent contractors. You find the clients/ recruit. You sell the client. You train the recruit. You motivate the recruit. Now what if you had a team of say 10 agents and you find another organization that interested you. If you decided to leave what could you per contract take with you? This isn’t about you or me, it’s about the contract.

I am with one marketing company so far. I am thinking of going with another for some additional product offerings. You see I am contracted with more than one carrier. Witht the organization i’m with from day one i own my recruits and clients. The day I left Primerica i was under their noncompete, but on that day I also gained immediate ownership for my future clients and recruits, not to mention a higher commission level. Do you know you don’t have to start at the bottom levels with many other organization? yes even at one time i don’t know if it’s still allowed, but RVP’s could start anyone out at any level up to I think RVP. So if you come into the company with a good sized warm market it would be in a persons best interest to ask about what level can be offered, but of course many people don’t understand that may be an option. That’s whay they are called promotion guidelines. As i said i don’t know if it’s still allowed.

Now as far as companies letting an independent go all the agent has to do is contract with another. If the agent doesn’t like the contract or something else the company is doing all they have to do is contract with another company. You see independence brings freedom. So I ask again, what is the advantage of being captive when looking at being in the business part-time. Term isn’t a hard sale.

The key to Primerica is the system they have in place. They don’t want to compete on the open market with other companies. they don’t want their business to be too complicated. Bills have to be paid on many levels and products have to be priced to payout the field force and make a profit. They stick to their target market because they know in most instances no one else has talked to their client base. That’s why they don’t feel they have to have the best products. They just have to get there first. Head to head you won’t beat a independent agent for business or for the recruits. That’s just the way it is. So if you want to make it big in PFS recruite the masses and go see their warm market. Don’t think about it and if you get a no just move on if they say no thakn you. As I always say it’s best if you stay off message boards because at some point you will do some research on what’s posted…All the rah, rah stuff is great, but at some point you have to look at the business side.

Consider this you will go into a household and increase a persons coverage for less money if the have a cash value product, well I can come in behind you and replace your term with another carrier and give the client in many case more coverage for less money. I can do what you do, but you can’t do what I can do. Go with the business that works for you..

Since its inception Primerica has produced 79 millionaires, 2400 people who generate over $100,000.00 and 4992 reps who make over $50,000.00. Not a bad record for a company who has only been around for a little less than 32 years.
Not to mention No territory you can live where ever you want.
Incentive trips to awesome places like Hawaii, Cancun. Bahamas.
All free of charge.
As far as competing against other companies they do not have any competition, no one can do what Primerica does. And as far as life insurance is concerned a cheaper product is not necessarily what is best for the client.
It is based on needs. Sure there are other products that are cheaper but do they pay off, I have seen other life insurance products that if they pay off they take their time if they pay at all.
Also Primerica has built in riders like terminal illness benefit that when diagnosed with a life threatening illness it will pay 40% of the face value of the policy to do whatever you choose and pay out the remaining balance after death.
One child rider for all children for just a little over $6.00 for all children not for each.
So you can have ten children and it only cost about $6.00.
And after the child turns 25 years of age they can take out a policy for 5 times the amount with no questions asked.
So many benefits for so little, that’s whats good for the client.
It’s not about the money you can make as a rep it’s about what’s doing right for the client.
Helping them become debt free and financially independent. Primerica is the largest term and securities marketing organization in the USA that say’s a lot.
Education is the key, that’s what Primerica does.

by: Answer This | January 17th, 2009 (4:04 pm)

Rex do some research. Many companies have the same riders and higher limits.
Check out this site; http://www.illinoismutual.com/LifeInsurance/Default.aspx?ID=2

For TI rider up to 75% of face value is available. For the child rider basically the same but issues up to 20 units.

Stand Alone Child policy.
Child Guard: http://www.illinoismutual.com/LifeInsurance/Default.aspx?ID=7

Home page: http://www.illinoismutual.com

This is just one option available to a licensed agent.

Primerica just educates enough to sell their products. Just so you know your reverting to rah, rah and hype. That’s the PFS agents default. Remember I was once like you. If Primerica didn’t say it, it wasn’t so. It’s great to agree with their concepts, but don’t let anyone have have your mind..

Notice the capitalized statements
Illinois Mutual’s ChildGUARD plan is an easy and affordable way to begin a lifetime of protection for each of your children or grandchildren from birth to age 18. “A ONE-TIME PREMIUM PAYMENT OF $250” provides ONE UNIT = $1000 of life protection with the following insurance guarantees:
• $5,000 from age 0 to age 13
• $10,000 from age 13 to age 18
• $15,000 from age 18 to age 23
• A maximum of two units may be purchased on each child.
Future Insurability Guarantee
This one-time premium payment will insure your child or grandchild through their 23rd birthday. After that, they can take advantage of ChildGUARD’s future insurability guarantee. It allows your child or grandchild to continue with PERMINENT LIFE INSURANCE protection up to $100,000 at age 23, regardless of future health considerations as long as premiums are paid. This means that no matter what their health situation may be at age 23, they are guaranteed life insurance coverage.
Notice $250 is for each child . Most people can not afford that sort of payment.

“Each Term Life plan is guaranteed renewable and convertible to a PERMINENT= WHOLE LIFE policy, which means when the specified term ends, you may choose to renew the term coverage or convert your term policy to a permanent life insurance plan without having to prove you are still insurable. The premium for the term renewal period or conversion to a permanent plan will be ADJUSTED “This is from the website you sent.

“For TI rider up to 75% of face value is available” I am sure there are stipulations to that statement.

With Primerica its $6.14 for $10,000 for all children until age 25, notice one premium for all children for pure protection.

Buy Term invest the rest into something that will gain financial independence, BECOME SELF INSURED.

I am a very open minded person but I am also educated when it comes to life insurance and all the hype involved with whole life.

by: Answer This | January 18th, 2009 (1:41 am)

Should not need, but life isn’t perfect. Things happen. as always conversion is an option.

by: Answer This | January 18th, 2009 (12:16 pm)

Whew ok here we go. Rex the $250.00 ONE TIME PREMIUM can be paid on a monthly basis. It can also be paid by a grand parent. This was just an example. It’s not a comparison. As for a person not needing Life coverage for the rest of their life, check around. How many middle class working people do invest the rest? i totally agree with you that it should come out that way, but people get sick. People lose jobs. People get married and divorced. Life happens. So if we go by the exact teachings of Primerica why do you yourself have your policy renew beyond the initial term. If you sell a 20 year policy it should end at 20 years and not be needed anymore. Also to what degree do people become self insured? Does that mean they don’t need to consider Long term Care or Disability coverage? Which brings up the question why does PFS sell LTC? If the client follows their program they should be able to take on that risk also? Hmmmmmm…

P.S. There are no requirements that anyone convert to a whole life policy. If by chance a person felt they didn’t need coverage anymore they could just drop the policy. Now if there was still a need for coverage the client could shop the market for another term or consider locking in a rate and premium for life. With some Return Of Premium Term plans at end of term people have the option of using the policy value to by a paid up policy. People do have health changes over the course of the years. Preferred today could be table rated later on…..Hey as always you do you. See you at the top.

Many individuals may feel uncomfortable relying on their children or family members for support, and find that long-term care insurance could help cover out-of-pocket expenses. Without long-term care insurance, the cost of providing these services may quickly deplete the savings of the individual and/or their family.
In short , long term care is put in place to protect their assets.
That is why we offer long term care insurance.
If a person does in fact follow the plan we give them they should not NEED life insurance, as far as being self insured that depends on the persons standard of living.
I agree with you in the fact that life does happen but at least we are there to help them. We stand by them as long as they will allow us to coach them.
It doesnt end with a sale, you could say we are life coaches.

by: Answer This | January 18th, 2009 (1:49 pm)

OK Rex. great answer, great answer. (Got that from NFL network) I do understand your heart is in the right place. As I have mentioned before, I used to defend PFS with the best of them. Until I did some research on different products, carriers and contracts.

One of my points is people shouldn’t take everything they hear at PFS or any company as gospel because at the end of the day it’s business. I don’t take the hype I hear from the carriers I represent to heart, because they are always changing or bringing new products to market that are supposedly far superior than what they had.

There is so much more to learn within the industry. Yes I believe in BTID, but it doesn’t always work and no company will cover everyone. If they did care for the people so much why would they decline anyone coverage. That carrier wide. So to me they look on it as a business and so should I. If PFS is where you wish to be, I really do hope you do big things and reach your dreams, but just know it’s a business and look beyond all the hype. BTIV can be done inside or outside PFS. Myself and many others are currently doing it and more.

In my sincerest way, I wish everyone to find success in their endeavors.
(Answer This) it looks like you are well on your way to fulfilling your. I congratulate you.
For example: In the same way that I would not try to help Bill Gates since it is clear that he doesn’t need it, I am only looking for help those that need my help.
This is done, one family at a time across the kitchen table and in doing so, I am building a future for myself and my family. If I cannot help them for any reason, I am just thankful for their time, an open mind and move on.
If there is something that I can do to help, this is the only time we will move forward. In the cases that we have been able to put a plan together for families, they are very appreciative that they now have a plan for the future. Not to say that we are the “be all, or end all”. All I am saying is to many families, we made a difference to solving some of their financial problems. We are not this Evil Cult that preys on you when the lights go out as some of those posting here would lead you to believe (not you Answer This).

I am over simplifying the concept because I do not wish to drag on the numbers or link quotes throwing (this is Rex territory). We are specifically looking for those with a dream to do and be more but cannot find the vehicle to do it in. Primerica might just be that vehicle for them. They must be coachable to new ideas, hard working and highly motivated.

Unfortunately, to find these people, we must also talk to others that do not fit this bill. There is no other way to do it unless we all start carrying signs around our necks.
I believe that this is the reason companies hold interviews and use the probationary period. To weed out people that do not fit their company model, don’t you agree?

These people that are not suited for the Primerica model are the ones that slag us on these blogs in an unfair manner. I only take the time to defend our position for those that might otherwise be open to other ideas, looking for information, reading these blogs and with no one to balance the opinions loose out on an opportunity.

Good luck out there, and try not to put your insurance into action…

So Robert
Are you a Primerica rep?
If so good for you I truly hope you make it to the top with the rest of us.


I have been a long time client. Now I have decided to join the team.
I am going to put everything I got into this so that whatever the outcome, the buck stops with me and nothing else.
I firmly believe that we are a product of our choices in life and those that feel others are to blame should look no further than themselves.
Life is hard, no doubt! It’s your choice to let life keep you down.
After all, all of us have free will.

All the best to you and your family, Rex.


I hate the above long article about primerica, The person who wrote this seems like a loser. He could not work it out in primerica but sour about other people’s success.

Primerica works, Definitly. for those hard working people but not born in a rich class family, have no money to build their dream business. Primerica is definitly a good opportunity to an average peole. It is an equal opportuinity system. Those who work hard and consistent and best will go to the top.

Most important, primerica is the only financial services company who shows their client what is behind the sceen. The advisors use education approach to help families to make their hard earned money work for them. Primerica is the only company I know so far with the best mission, with the best moral and destiny. They are not doing business. They are changing the lives of middle income people.

Hey thnx to take the time to explain your experience with Primerica
If you want to see my page, I took some video about Network Marketing, there’s a lot of business like this but there are not ALL good

well I don’t have more time to write sooooo, Have a great day
If you wanna talk, my english is not so good ..:)

To your sucess


Hey thnx to take the time to explain your experience with Primerica
If you want to see my page, I took some video about Network Marketing, there’s a lot of business like this but there are not ALL good, ..
May be Primerica is a good company….but th’ere’s to much things I don’t understand about the vision of the business…. You invest for your future in their assurance…..+ they tell you the same thing about network marketing..Invest for your future …yeah I like the MLM system, you could change lives…but with assurance ??
well I don’t have more time to write sooooo, Have a great day
If you wanna talk, my english is not so good but it will be pleasure to learn with you :)

To your sucess


You guys keep on saying that “Primerica Pay” sucks, but why are these people earning great income regardless of the low commission rates. My conclusion would be they are truly helping people and they will always be there to help people. Only people with this kind of goals can thrive with Primerica. If you are on for big commissions and big sales on products without considering the financial well-being of the person, then you do not fit in to be with Primerica. There is always the option of starting part-time, if you are really concern about your income, but would like to help change the world.

I don’t have anything against MLM. I think as long as the product is great, it shouldn’t be a problem. Some of them may actually be very good in generating extra income. You just have to be very careful in choosing the companies you are going to work with. I don’t consider Primerica as MLM, the structure of the organization is very different. You could go way above your upline, if you are hard working. The more people you help, the more incentives you can have. If you dont understand the vision, there’s no way you will be successful. You have to believe in the product and understand the vision as well in order to make it works. People who work here are not just after the money, they are looking at helping others as well. Team work is also a very important key component in this organization. Majority of the leaders are very active with helping their team members. They are also very active in helping the charitable institutions of their choice, creating extra projects to help the people in needs. It’s a tough choice to join in the business, but if you stick around doing what you’re supposed to do. You’ll be able to make it.

by: Answer This | February 6th, 2009 (5:24 pm)

Kate, Kate, Kate,,,PFS is MLM. Why try to go around it. Can you advance from personal production? You mention the people who are “making it”. Well have you ever considred how many have passsed through Primeica’s doors? The reason the commissions are low is due to the payouts and the required pricing of products to make the business money. There has to be an incentive for the trainers to train. Train the new recruits with their warm market and make sales. once the new recruit is comfortable going out on appointments they earn the over-ride. It’s not about the client. It’s pure and simple business.

To make the money at PFS you have to put on the blinders and drink the kool-aid. How else can you explain people will give up compensation (As independent contractors) and defend the company for doing it. The company basically doesn’t want to have any ties to the reps. (independent contractor not w-2).. You are not an employee of Primerica. You just signed a contract to market their products. Now if you believe in your heart you are offering the best products available for your clients, just wait…..You will see the light..Just get off of message boards, because at some point you will do some research….Good Luck……

Kate, Dont listen to (Answer this).
He is one of those who could not make it in Primerica, you know the quitting kind.

by: Answer This | February 7th, 2009 (12:13 pm)

Rex. Why do you want to go there? What have I said that isn’t true? If people choose to use their license with Primerica that’s their choice. it wasn’t that I could do the primerica system, i just didn’t agree witht the methods or the contract. You may not belive it, but I do wish the best for Kate, but there’s two sides to the business. There’s the sales side and the personal business side. Sales is sales. You have a product and it your responsibility to make the sale. As for the personal business side that’s the relationship between the agent and Primerica. Now Primerica is looking our for their best interest. but from some of the post it seems that the agents put the interest of Primerica before their own….That’s the kool-aid factor…..Let me say it again. You are not an employee of Primerica…

Rex. Please don’t start with me, your not ready. i’ve been whee you are and you’ve never been where I am. I did battles on the Ken Young, Misled by PFS, and other anti-PFS sites when I was Pro PFS..so you can say I couldn’t hack it or I quit or i’m a disillusioned cry baby or whatever. “The enemy can’t win.” Ask your RVP if they have that old Art Williams tape and give it a listen…..If you take the emotion out of the equation you might start to see a few things. If not, you do you… Me myself if I knew the company I am contracted with may be sold or shut down, I would want to know my rights for an exit strategy. Yet I know you as an independent contractor believe that the company will take care of you considering they have you in the loop of all the decisions they make…

Rex get this. Your correct in telling Kate not to listen to me. I say verify everything. Kate take out your agent agreement and read it. It’s a business contract, so you should know what benefits you and what benefits the company. At some point you will notice who benefits most. It ain’t you..

I keep reading about judgemental people claiming people from Primerica are young or worked at Walmart. In order to sell financial or insurance products agents at Primerica must pass the same exams in order to get licensed as agents from other companies. One young lady on this blog said if they would hire me I wouldn’t want to work for them. That says what she thinks of herself. Also, she didn’t realize she was only given an opportunity. She would still have to pass her exams and become licensed before she could really WORK for the companyh. I am in North America and it is the land of opportunity. People emmigrate from all over the world to North America because of the opportunities available. Don’t judge a company harshly because it gives all people opportunies. North America in my opinion is the best Continent in the world because it offers opportunies for people who are willing to apply themselves. Is Primerica perfect? of course not. Instead of blog bashing please inform us uniformed people what the perfect company is so we can become clients and possibly work for. Don’t forget to tell us why company XYZ is perfect.

by: Answer This | February 8th, 2009 (12:09 pm)

There is no perfect company. No one company can or wants to be all for everyone. One major issue with PFS agents is many just don’t know what they don’t know about the industry or other companies products. Primerica is not a bad company. They do what they need to do to be profitable. They have a contract and the agents must sign the contract, but i would project 99.9% of the new agents have no clue what the contract says or if it’s a fair contract or not. hey at least i didn’t and I never saw any recruit sit down and go over the contract with their recruiter.

Today there are many avenues for an agent to self educate, if all you deal with is term and a side account and you believe that you are the only one doing what’s right 100% of the time what is the need to self educate? Why not just believe what the company tells you?

As for the lady who made the statement, what she needs to understand is Primerica doesn’t hire anyone. They offer independent contractors a contract to offer the products they have available. The agents own their license(s). The company owns their recruits and clients (Book Of business) for a period of time if they leave per contract..If agents can live with that deal, more power to them..

Why can’t I see my post..this is like the third time i’m submitting it!! What is goin on??

Hi everyone,

I have read most of the pro & anti Primerica opinions and was totally amazed of what people from both sides had to say. All I can add is that please do your research
properly and specially with credible sources..not ones with with no real names of real people or organizations with no contact & address info so that they can be contacted or reached. Anyone can create a website or write a blog about how they hate or like a company, a person or an organization…but lack sum credibility because they fail to mention or leave any information about who they are and where can we reach them and any good solid reference material that others can check on. All I can say is that if its so true what their writing about and they can prove it why don’t they just sign it and put their good name to back-up whatever their talking about!!!

So please again, for the new readers who are just joining do your diligent research thru credible sources and why not try it first hand and experience it before passing judgement on or making assumptions about Primerica Financial Services. You never really know about something unless you try it…right! Oh, by the way FB “Financial Blogger” please update your picture of Primerica it’s out dated and not compliant…you don’t want any legal reprecussions on your good name…if you have one! :p

Also, why would a Fortune 500 company like Citi ever would have bought a company like Primerica it it was any good or profitable? To my knowledge Citi hasn’t sold Primerica even though there are already 3 big offers already on the table to purchase the company. Citi announced only that it has divided its subsidiaries into two categories:
Core and Non-Core business “NEW YORK – Citi (NYSE: C) today announced it will realign into two businesses, Citicorp and Citi Holdings, to optimize the company’s global businesses for future profitable growth and opportunities. This structure will enable Citi to focus on driving the performance of its core businesses and, separately, on realizing value from non-core assets.”
quote from: http://www.citigroup.com/citi/press/2009/090116b.htm/

Please continue on next segment…

Please continue reading on next segment that i will post!

by: The Financial Blogger | February 11th, 2009 (6:56 am)

Hello Mark,

I never said my own experience was reflection the situation of the 100,000 rep at Primerica. I was just telling about my experience and my conclusion after my own research. It’s only my opinion.

I was curious about what is not compliant about the Primerica picture I took over the net? This is not meant for any commercial purposes.

by: Answer This | February 11th, 2009 (10:59 am)

Mark there’s no need to post names or other contact information. It’s not like anyone is trying to recruit anyone. All statements can be verified by the PFS agent agreement or just by calling the company or your local RVP. Also PFS agents do try and refute many things posted. really the information posted isn’t directed towards current PFS agents. it’s mostly for people who are considering joining PFS. As a new person going in many just don’t have anything to compare with so when they go to a business briefing they are deer in the headlights. I don’t say don’t join PFS, I just say understand what your doing going in a coming out. my recruiter just said sign here, sign here. I had nothing to reference to. I was sold on the crusade and the mission. Not on the business side..That was just me…

Something to consider is Citi did cancel the convention and the trip. To my knowledge people basically pay their own way to the convention so why would that be an issue? Citi did separate their businesses and they did mention that PFS is either going to be sold or wound down. Now considering PFS agents first and foremost sell to their warm market which is friends and family what do you say when the company may be sold off or “wound down”? Especially when selling the dream? Yes I know Primerica Life is a solid company, but when my clients have reservations with someone like AIG, I just offer another carrier. When my potential recruits balk at someone like AIG, I just say will pick another carrier who you think you would rather send your clients to. Just for a moment drop the rah, rah and consider YOUR business. Stay strong with PFS if you so choose, but do it from a business stand point and not from an emotional loyalty stand point because the bottom line is Citi, and PFS are looking at this as a business decision. If they can’t find a buyer they will wind it down. They wouldn’t put that out in the press if it wasn’t a real option.

Also consider this. if they were going to wind PFS down what would they benefit by having a convention and a trip. Those things are used to motivate the field force. If you see the higher ups (NSD, SNSD, maybe RVP’s) leaving or their business models changing (less recruiting,less OP meetings, etc) ask questions. Word is getting around, but maybe just not to the lower levels.

In my opinion as a business person it would be in your best interest to find out what they mean by wound down? Just for a moment stop defending Primerica and consider your side of the business. If they do close down what are your options as an independent contractor? Yet hey what do I know. When i left PFS their legal dept. just sent me a letter saying thank for your time at PFS, now send back all the brochures and applications you have (I paid my money for my brochures) and don’t forget that you can’t talk to your recruits and clients for a period of time. It was hard for me to leave up until that point. You see at that point I understood it was business….

Yes, Primerica is a business, what do you think Primerica is? It has its own rights to protect as any other business and individuals out there. I don’t see anything wrong with this. Just think how every company out there kick their royal employees out when they need to cut expenses.

And stop putting out rumor here. No company would wind down a very profitable division and what citi group would get?

by: Answer This | February 12th, 2009 (12:22 pm)

sunyt88 i’m not putting out any rumors. Do some research. As for layoffs.
Just so you know it’s been reported Primerica is due to layoff 50 people from Corp.


Stick your head in the sand if you must.

You can check these credible sites where Primerica is proudly part of these Affiliations & Organizations:
“Citi is today’s pre-eminent financial services company, with some 200 million customer accounts in more than 100 countries. Our history dates back to the founding of Citibank in 1812, Bank Handlowy in 1870, Smith Barney in 1873, Banamex in 1884, and Salomon Brothers in 1910. Other major brand names in Citi’s diverse portfolio include Citi Cards, CitiFinancial, CitiMortgage, CitiInsurance, Primerica, Diners Club, Citi Private Bank, and CitiCapital.”
quoted from http://www.citigroup.com/citi/corporate/history/index.htm

http://www.primerica.com: (The Official Home page of Primerica)
“Primerica’s roots date back to 1977 when the company embarked on a revolutionary crusade to transform the life insurance industry. Primerica’s “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” philosophy encourages middle-income families to purchase affordable term life insurance so they can have more money to invest in their family’s future. Today, Primerica has expanded its crusade to address the number one financial disease facing families today: debt. Primerica offers solutions to help families eliminate crippling debt from their household finances and save more of their hard-earned money for the future.
-Serves 6 million clients in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Spain
-More than 100,000 licensed representatives
-More than 25,000 licensed mutual fund representatives — the largest sales force in North America
-Securities clients have nearly $40 billion in assets under management through Primerica
-Placed in force more than $90 billion in life insurance in 2007
-An average of $2 million in death claim benefits is paid every day
-Paid out $682 million in compensation in 2007
-A member of Citigroup, the world’s largest financial services company”
quoted from http://www.primerica.com/public/history.html

Answer This, Companies are laying off all over, that’s no surprise.
But At least no Reps from Primerica will get let go or corporate employees from Primerica.

You go, Mark. good resources. Anybody out there who wants to do research, check those website credibilities first.

And to “answer this”, several people in our baseshop are going to be branch managers this year, they are just one or two years in business. No oppotunities is better than Primerica. It works if you put your heart and work in.

by: Answer This | February 15th, 2009 (1:17 pm)

LOL..OK what are branch managers? RVP’s?? Your forgetting if PFS is sold projections mean nothing and if they are shut down then being a branc manager really means nothing.; If you read the Bloomberg article it says sold or wound down..


Read the third paragraph…..It reads “On Jan. 16, he created a new division called Citi Holdings to manage the CitiFinancial consumer- finance, Primerica insurance and other units the bank plans to eventually sell or wind down. ”

You think i’m bashing PFS. I’m not. It’s just information. what you do with it is up to you, but having blind loyalty with what’s in print can pnly be explained by the kool-aid factor.. PFS is weighing their options, but the reps. just have to wait it our and hope for the best. that’s great business planning..

Hey thanks REX & sunyt888!! You know sum people just dont see what we see, I guess not everybody is destined for success…at least our company is trying to make and help people dream again and start thinking about other options in their lives than just their 9-5 jobs (just over broke) routines.

Answer this..your entitled to your opinion so u can say all you want but after you peel all the layers off, your left with nothing but the TRUTH!! I know Primerica makes a difference in peoples lives all across North America and around the world in the Kitchen table every single day…so if u wana sound like the rest of the world..like the news or the media…always showing NEGATIVE things..because its what sells the most to audiences around the world..and keep trying to put PFS down then go ahead because you cant stop FREE volontary people trying to help other people change their life..I believe strongly in PRIMERICA FINANCIAL SERVICES because it change my life, my family lifes and every single person that I care about and I was able to help along the way…Now that’s is what important to me…it’s not sum blind loyalty that you keep saying or kool freaking aid crap…i betcha like drinking those huh…but hey i guess that’s your experience…i wonder..

Have you ever had clients calling you at night in the middle of supper just wanting to thank you for showing up in their homes and teaching them a few financial concepts and making a DIFFERENCE and then saying to you”

” man thank you so much..i can finally sleep at night…I dont know where our family would be if you hadn’t show up..”

If all the other Institutiions and banks were doing such a good job why is it that our society today is in a financial crisis right now…they have been here WAY longer than Primerica anyway…so say what you wana say but you can never take away what Primerica has done for me and my family!!! Business stand point or not..I make good money in Primerica and I feel good what I do because my clients know that i’m genuinly trying to help them and not take advantage of them life the rest the Industry! Primerica is not the perfect #1 ultimate business in the world.. just like human beings we’re not all perfect but we still try to do our best!!!

PFS is a force to be reckon with by itself and is recession proof because our business is MONEY..so far money never gone out of fashion and Financial Advisors are one of the Top 5 careers to get into anyway in the next few decades to come!!! The baby boomers will make sure of that!! So keep hating but make no mistake will see who really believes in what they do and will see who will have the last laugh…

Cheers yall !!!!

by: Answer This | February 17th, 2009 (8:56 pm)

LOL,,Please tell me what PFS does that others can’t do? From a business consideration here’s another.


Your right I left with nothing. That’s my point. If you find an opportunity that is better for you, what can you take with you from all of your effort? I don’t wish Primerica to fold. I still have people there I consider friends. They may not like to bring up the business when we talk, but we don’t let our respective business ventures get in the way of our friendships…With whjat’s going on with PFS, let me just say they call me alot more with questions.

Amen, Mark C.
Just some FYI
There is a great line from Homer Simpson that often comes to mind, as more and more of the mortgage crisis continues to develop, and to seemingly get worse: “for once in my life I’m confused.” And here are some of the reasons:

Why hasn’t there been legislation passed to mandate income verifications, simple plain-English disclosure and banning mortgages where the payments don’t even cover the interest, and the balance actually goes up? It would have prevented many kinky brokers getting millions of people confused between “you’re approved” and “you qualify for this loan and these payments.”

There is a huge amount of blame to be shared in this fiasco. But I haven’t heard any company take any responsibility for anything. Nobody has stepped forward and acknowledged their role in millions of families now living a financial nightmare. Hearings aren’t the same as solutions, and “ought to help families” has no connection with tangible actions. What a relief and blessing that the FBI has stepped in to do some serious digging and an extensive criminal investigation. I just hope it goes far enough to investigate individuals and not just the 14 firms currently being looked at.

Everybody got rich beyond belief while throwing millions of families under the bus and killing their financial hopes, dreams and credit. I don’t know who should do what, if anything, but I do know that any decisions, or help, need to have a whole lot more urgency. Every month that goes by, it’ll be too late for more and more families who will have their life altered for years to come.

But here’s what I do know:

Experts say pre-pay your loan when you can. I disagree: Once it starts raining, don’t fix the roof – get an umbrella! Get some emergency savings in place, instead. If you do run into a problem, need the money to refinance, or to avoid going into arrears and dropping your credit score where there’ll be no way out, you’ll have some savings. Once money is pre-paid on your mortgage loan it’s spent and can’t be accessed anymore. If and when you’re out of the woods, you can always apply the savings to your balance at that time.

There are currently huge inconsistencies in what lenders will work with, won’t consider, refinance, do on a forbearance, or consider for workouts. Remember that lenders will lose over $70,000 on an average foreclosure, and they’re just as scared as you are. Half the people who start getting into trouble don’t even call their lender and just give up. THAT is never a solution.

On the other hand, what your lender wouldn’t do last week can change this week. Don’t give up, keep asking, and make sure you get to the right people with your lender. You do have to fight harder for this than they will! It’s your life and your home. In these volatile times your lender doesn’t know any more than you do. Just make sure that a solution is really a solution you can live with for some time. Ask a lot of “what if” questions of your lender AND of yourself, something you likely didn’t do before you signed the loan you’re in now.

Isn’t it funny, in a sick way, that almost every lender is now advertising fixed rate loans? These are many of the same lenders who are waist-deep in the nightmare they were instrumental in creating. Now a bunch of them are the “good guys” that want to help you?

For most people, the most important criteria of who gets their business should be the credibility of a lender. Just because someone pays money to be on TV or the radio does NOT make them credible. It only makes them advertisers. Credibility is measured by what a company does – not what they say, and there is now ample evidence of what the cost has been to ignore that difference.

Yet there is a huge company, Primerica Financial Services, a division of Citigroup, that has made vast numbers of refinance mortgage loans through a product they call SMART. NONE of these are adjustable rate mortgages. Read that again: Primerica has never originated any ARMs with their refinance products (done through Citicorp Trust Bank). Their clients are watching the mortgage crisis from the sidelines and the safety of a fixed-rate term and consolidation, thinking: “that could have been me in a foreclosure…”

Because they refuse to do false, misleading, or gimmick advertising, they need to work harder to make themselves known, in spite of doing the right thing, in the right way, all the time. How sad that credibility can so often be bought by simple advertising. But if you’re looking for a second opinion, some options, or perhaps a way out, it might be worth your time to get in touch with them.

From The Press
Citigroup Inc. has put Primerica Financial Services Inc. in a new division that holds the company’s non-bank, “non-core” assets.

Citigroup, New York, is putting its core banking operations in a new Citicorp division.
The other division, Citi Holdings, will hold Primerica, Duluth, Ga.

Citi Holdings also will hold other non-banking operations, such as Citigroup’s 49% stake in Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Citi Holdings managers “will seek to maximize the value of these [non-core] businesses by running them well, restructuring and managing them through this tough economic cycle, and taking advantage of value-enhancing disposition and combination opportunities as they emerge,” Citigroup says.

At Primerica, “there will not be a change in the way that business is done, because we have always operated as our own business and had our own CEO and management team,” says Peter Schneider, executive vice president of Primerica.

The shift into Citi Holdings will not lead to layoffs or additional employee attrition, Schneider says.

“Primerica has strong results and will continue to have strong results,” Schneider says. The unit is “extremely well capitalized,” he adds.

Although the life market was difficult in 2008, the face amount of coverage issued held steady at $88 billion, and the number of applications fell just 1%, to 336,373, Schneider says.

The average face amount per policy increased slightly, to $299,200; from $296,400.

by: Answer This | February 18th, 2009 (2:29 pm)

I have to run to an appointment so i’ll make this quick..The avg. face amount was $300,000…(round up) Let’s go to http://www.term4sale.com

Insert a zip code…Select $300,000 for coverage amount and hit
“Compare Now”…..If you like change annual to monthly..If you notice Primerica drops off the list…Next change from male to female…..

If this example was a friend or family member what would you do? Remember you do what’s right for the client 100% of the time..

Disclaimer: It’s not bashing, it’s information. It’s not about a crusade, it’s about sales…

Here’s a bit more homework. Take the 300K and build your own client example. Then take the PFS premium and see what the same person can possibly get from what’s posted on the term site. Remember to quote standard for standard and preferred for preferred. Yes i know different companies have different requirements, but this is just for examples…Happy selling…

Answer This
You have no clue do you?
The numbers I posted were actual numbers from Primerica for 2008.
I am sure I can speak for most Primerica Rep’s when I say it’s about the crusade and not the sales.
Our products sell them selves because they make good sense.
Unlike other companies we offer solutions not sales.
So go do your appointment and we will hopefully be able to help them after you SELL your products to them.
And at least I am not ashamed or scared to put my real name in the spot light. (Answer This) what kind of name is that?

by: Answer This | February 18th, 2009 (7:55 pm)

Hey don’t blame me, your the one who posted the numbers. I just used one as an example. Now let’s get back to your solution. If you had a client and I showed up while your there and you put your proposal on the table and took mine to the web site and said pick one, what are the odds that they will pick your policy? I could just sit back and you would have to SELL your policy to the client. Yes I do know different carriers have different features for their own policy, but i’m sure most get my point.

As for who i am what does that matter? How do i know your name is Rex? What is the crusade? Is it the fight against cash value? From what i knew the fight about cash value was about lees coverage for more money. PFS said take the premium a client was currently paying on their cash value plan and change it to a term policy to get more coverage for less money. Well what do you say about getting more coverage with less or the same money by going with another carrier? You see when you have one option or one program you have to sell that program. You don’t give the client a choice. Primerica expects you to sell their products.

You still think i’m attacking Primerica. I’m not. They have a right to do business as they so choose. Just understand beyond all the hype it’s sales. be it selling th dream or selling a program, it’s sales. The crusade and all that stuff is nothing but hype to sell you the program. All companies do it, not just Primerica. Once you stop taking all this personal you’ll see it…

Considering it’s about the crusade. Go to your RVP and tell him/her that everytime you sit down with a client you will so the PFS policy but you will also direct them to the term site so they can make a decision that’s in their best interest. I’m sure as you know if your client could save some on their premium there’s more to invest in the side account and let the magic of compound interest work. Now if you did that I can see the crusade, but if you only mention Primerica products, that’s sales..Happy saless to youuuu…

to answer this: you have been trying to sell on primium all the time. when people go shopping, they don’t just comparing prices, there are other sides they need to think about. what the qualities and what kind of after sales services the stores offer. term policies are different, don’t think they are the same thing. Think for your clients before you offer them anything, if you are only think about sales, and you can still sleep well at nights. hopefully your clients are lucky enough to see they are better off with your “help”

by: Answer This | February 19th, 2009 (2:08 pm)

sunyt888 consider this. I have been in Primerica. I am now outside primerica. I have heard the same speeches you hear. My post arn’t mostly about the company, the post are about the contract and what’s available outside of PFS. The only way many can defend the Primerica agent contract is with hype and then when all else fails say someone is a cash value agent. Primerica is a business and they have the right to do business as they so choose. youi as an independent business also have the same right to contract with any organization you wish. I just want people to understand what they are involved in.

You have seen another agent try to defend in their mind qualifying for ownership is better than immediate ownership. you have seen the agent defend giving up legs by saying other companies do it. You have seen an agent defend not earning renewals ( Which agents outside of PFS selling the same product earn renewals) by implying only people concerned about sales think about renewals. Now you tell me term plans are different and I should think for my clients. if you knwo term plans are different and you can only offer one solution and i have many options, who has a better avenue to help the client?

If your going to sell for PFS, just admit it’s sales. It’s your job to sell their products. That’s it period. They don’t ALLOW you to consider any other options. Forget the products and look at the business model. Read your agent agreement and then consider who does it favor. No hype, just the black and white.

The sooner you understand it’s sales the quicker you can reach the higher levels at PFS. The key to the higher levels at PFS is to just recruit and go through the recruits warm market because at some point they are probably going to quit. Have you ever asked yourself why recruiting is required to advance? Consider all the agents who came before you. Remember when Art Williams had the company they ran 200,000 agents strong. How many people have gone through the company since the late 70’s??? Ask any of he big wigs at PFS how do you get big, they will say recruit and go see their warm market. It’s not about product, it’s about recruit to sell.

Recruit wide and deep.

by: Savysalesman | February 20th, 2009 (8:27 pm)

I went to a meeting thursday night, i was a little awe struck by the Tony Robbins like performance of the regional VP. Now i have read through all of the posts written, and from the get go i was skeptical. But from all the research that i have done, on the internet, as well as a call to the BBB. I found that yes there have been unsatisfied employees as well as clients but that the run of any business.

In all though, it looks as if the main purpose is to try and help the public, to offer them insites to the maybes in life. The sales delivery may be unorthodox, but it does seem right for anyone who is willing to resource, and pound the pavement and produce results. As the presenter said after the presentation, “the success of any individual within this company, is based on the amount of effort put forth by that employee”. And i feel with the adaquate sales skills set, it could be a profitable venture that, if undertaken by the right person could provide the desired results.

So i’ll still keep my side job, i’ll pour some effort into accomplishing something in this respect. Lets hope for some of the same success as some of the stories i’ve read. Just didn’t seem to be enough negative publicity to not give it a shot.

Financial Rep guy has some right and some wrong.

There is NO multi-level marketing in Primerica. However just as in any financial organization I know of, the sales person is encouraged and rewarded to get others involved.

In fact, if this website offered affiliate pay for sending people here, we could say that it is involved in MLM. However it is not the same.

MLM’s do not help people except those at the top. MLM’s do NOT have products which are priced well and help families get out of debt and become financially independent.

In fact many MOST if not all major insurance companies sell cash value insurance such as whole life etc. It is very deceptive.

They claim you are building up money in the policy as savings. But if you take out the savings you build up, then your policy is cancelled. It is NOT your money. If a client dies, then the beneficiary DOES not collect anything more than the face value of the policy. The so-called savings is used as part of the payout.

However most people whose policies we convert to term have NEVER been told the whole truth and think they are going to get the savings too.

Primerica encourages you to do what unconnected third parties tell you to do, BUY TERM AND INVEST THE DIFFERENCE.

You may want to refer to AMBEST.COM re Primerica Life’s rating. A+ last time I looked. Did you notice that last fall, 2008, you DID NOT hear of Primerica folding? But AIG, and other financial firms that are well-known did. [AIG is primarily an insurance company which got greedy.]

I have had many new agents of other organizations come to my house to do their ‘practise sessions” and NONE OF THEM have ever tried to educate me on how money works like Primerica.

The TFB may not like the way Primerica works but hey, do you like the way any company works all the time? Walmart? Sears? The Government????

It is taste. Some people in any job can become so over-excited that they stretch the truth a bit. Why would Primerica be any different. It is composed of imperfect people like you and me. [Talk about stretching truth? How about that no earmark, no pork ‘stimulus package? Hah! Most of it is pork. Truth stretched beyond breaking.]

Good luck
Works well for those who work at it.

As a retired teacher, I can tell you that just because someone is a mechanic does NOT make them unintelligent. And just because someone wears a suit and passes the same licenses as Primerica reps do, does not mean he is honest or perfect.

I have had students in my class who failed several courses yet went on to establish their own successful businesses.

What you do for a living is not necessarily a sign of how intelligent you are.

by: Answer This | February 21st, 2009 (11:58 am)

LOL..I’m done. People go to a meeting hear all the feel good stuff and not pay any attention to the agent contract. Just sign here…

Hey question this…where can i send u the applications so that you can sign up and u do all the reading for all the people in thi whole world and if you dont like what it says, we can refund ur membership :p!

Good DAy!

Geez man [Question This = “Answer this”],

To join and become an Independent Business owner it cost less than $100 bucks. Thats an investment towards yourself..so what if it didn’t work out, the worst that could happen is you walk away with a better grasp and more knowledge about your own personal finance that you never had before..and that no one in your current avenues ( banks..insurance companies..financial institutions..etc) are not teaching you or educating you on…if they did what there suppose to then people everywhere shouldn’t be in or close to financial ruin…! Your not gona get bankrupt because you lost $100 bucks..and if u didnt have that small amount of money to invest in yourself in the first place..then you REALLY need to change careers or do sumething more or different than what your currently doing..cuz YOU definitly NEED it!!!

Stay PosiTiVe yall!

I bumped into a guy who has been investing into mutual funds for years. I asked him on how he learned about mutual funds. He said……..” from one of the meetings held by Primerica.” He is a high school grad with no degree whatsoever. That’s how strong PRIMERICA can influence people, if they are open enough to accept the Primerica concepts. But, wait a minute ……..he is investing in a non-registered account through another institution. I asked him why not RRSP, he said he is still young, he does not need RRSP. He probably attended the meeting only once and decided not to try it since he is not interested in door to door sales as what he said, or else he would have understand the concept better. Now, did the other institution step in to advice him for a better or best option. I guess not because his PAC is still going into a non-registered account. He is also being charged service fee annually for not meeting the minumum required investment amounts. Do you think it’s worth investing into such a company? Of course not. Can I talk him out to do it the other way? Maybe yes or maybe not, everything depends on how open he is to the concepts. If he listens, then he can retire early. If he doesn’t then he’ll need more time and money to save for the future/ for his retirement with his choice of institution. That’s how a Primerica financial advisor helps families. The outcome always depends on how perceptive the person is to the concept. As to why Primerica doesn’t carry the other life products (there’s no other choice or options) because we only believe in the concept “Buy Term and invest the difference”. There’s really no way that the client will be misled on this, not unless the agent lied about the policy. If the client is smart enough to read through the policy then he should know that cash value is not included in the policy. People, who cannot make both ends meet, do not need expensive policies for coverage. The best option is to buy term and invest a minimum amount of money for savings. That is the Primerica concept. Door to door sales, that’s cold market sales, if you can do–Great job! If not, no pressure, start with your warm market. Skipping out your families……..but …….. maybe they really need help. If you drop off Primerica, they’ll never get the help they need. I don’t think, it’s an issue whether you’ll get contacted or not. The members of your families always have the choice of accepting/ turning down or rejecting any help from these guys. I didn’t know that Primerica existed in 2002, or else I would have been saved from any hardship I had encountered previously.

by: sunyt888 | March 4th, 2009 (1:33 am)

This is fun. It is so excited to see this site became a primerica promotion site. Good job. Financial Blogger.

Truth is truth. After times, people saw which company is the best for their clients.

by: Computerman | March 4th, 2009 (5:39 am)

The amazing thing is that most other life insurance companies sell you lies!
If you have cash value insurance like whole life or any derivative of it, you are being CHEATED! You don’t own the “SAVINGS”. Do you have to BORROW your own savings in a bank?

So what good is it? It helps the “normal” insurance agent to make BIG BUCKS.

Very deceptive and dishonest like the old stereotype of a used car salesman, except this kind wears suits and looks good!

Fact is Primerica helps people to buy the right kind of insurance as most third parties will tell you including Suze Orman.

Amazing how the old-line insurance companies are aloud to sell OVER-PRICED OVER-HYPED DECEPTIVE policies that benefit ONLY the COMPANY and the AGENT!

It should be illegal. But then again maybe not. That is why there is an army of willing Primerica Life agents ready to help YOU get the right insurance!

by: Computerman | March 4th, 2009 (5:40 am)

I meant “allowed” not “aloud” (:-)

by: The Financial Blogger | March 4th, 2009 (11:46 am)

I’m not doing the promotion of Primerica. People are free to leave comments ( for or against the company).

I am still wondering why you wouldn’t be able to offer the very same service working for another company. Actually, you would be to offer the same service but with more competitive price (I don’t want to get into a war of number, but it is impossible for any company to offer the best rate possible on all its products). Therefore, you should probably able to find a T10 or T20 cheaper elsewhere. this is the law of the market, if you have the best price in town on everything, you won’t live long… or you have a monopoly !

I still think that you can help people if you do not work for Primerica. It is definitely not the only company on earth that help people. I can tell you that I work for a bank and I help my clients … with more knowledge and strategies that any wal-mart greeter that came from a 3 month training program could do ;-0 (btw, I know that it is not all Primerica agent that don’t have finance background, but it still scares me that some of them were completely strangers to financial strategies 3 months ago and now providing financial advices). I met several people with finance diplomas scaring me… imagine when they have no finance background!

by: Answer This | March 4th, 2009 (1:16 pm)

Computerman you make a statement most insurance companies sell you lies. That is true, but also some companies don’t educate on broad terms. As for the whole life policy. The cash value issue is something many PFS reps are misinformed about. The cash value does not belong to the policy holder. It is the companies money. You see the cash value is used to allow the policy to perform as illustrated, and if the company doesn’t have use of that money the policy performance has changed. That’s why they charge interest because they don’t have use of the money anymore.

Whole Life and other Perm. products arn’t eveil. they just may be used in the wrong situations and if so that’s just market security for many of us. I don’t know how long you have been in the industry but when you make a statement like this “Amazing how the old-line insurance companies are aloud to sell OVER-PRICED OVER-HYPED DECEPTIVE policies that benefit ONLY the COMPANY and the AGENT!” and then end it like this “That is why there is an army of willing Primerica Life agents ready to help YOU get the right insurance!” Get ready to be schooled….


Here’s a question for sunnyt888. I’m sure you have heard all the stories about PFS agents and confrontations. Well many if not all were about Term vs Cash value. Well how would you fair going Term vs Term against a independent agent? You would be one company against many. Now what about for a recruit? I’m talking apples to apples, knee caps, to knee caps across the kitchen table? You see many PFS agents just don’t know of any other options. Your still defending Primerica. granted the contract is a good one for Primerica, what about you? Your an independent contractor. Your in business for yourself. Primeica can terminate you at a whim and Citi can close Primerica down if they so choose, but what are your best interest? What do are your options? You see if the organization i’m with closes down, I still have access to my clients and downline and the other product lines i am working. Per contract, what will you have. Yes it’s great you have the Primerica mindset, but what about you and yours? The owner of the marketing organization said upfront, it’s his business and he will do what’s in his best business interest and we as independent business people should do the same. he said that’s why it’s in his best interest to take care of his agents.

This Primerica thing isn’t so much about products. That’s just business. A major issue is the kool-aid and the fact that many PFS agents just don’t know what they don’t know about the industry and the products available to solve different situations. Term is not for everyone. As for Suzy Orman and the rest, you fail to mention they do say shop with different companies. Suzy will even tell people to shop cost for term. Just for a moment stop considering what’s best for Primeica and consider what’s best for you and yours. No matter what anyone says you at PFS are nothing more than an number as I am nothing more than a number to the companies I am contracted with. Before you get started, I do the same things and more I used to do at Primerica. Leaving PFS the mission doesn’t have to change. I will tell you this, doing the same mission can pay many different commissions.

Primerica Life is the life insurance company. Primerica Financial Services is the financial service marketing company. Compare each one on it’s own merits as it pertains to the market place and your business as being a captive part-time independent contractor (If your part-time) Your not an employee. you can hang your license anywhere you choose. Next consider your agent agreement…Giving up legs, Roll Backs, Full Time requirement, Captive, etc..How many people who love McDonald’s french fries and their dollar menu sign a noncompete and not eat at Wendy’s?

TFB you ask about the experience of the PFS agents. Something to consider is their market from the beginning has been mainly a term policy and a side fund. Their target market isn’t the upper middle income or the wealthy. Their goal was to keep it simple and market to the middle and lower income because as we know many other companies are not too aggressive when targeting that market as a whole. That’s why they throw everyone against the wall and keep who sticks. It’s Buy Term And invest The Difference. Term and a side account, Term and a side account,,That’s it..A very simple concept…

by: Answer This | March 4th, 2009 (6:16 pm)

Hey PFSer’s here a link I ran across. Yes even I am going to order some of his material. http://art-williams.net/index.html

I had worked with the banks for years. I had also experienced financial hardships as well when my income stayed stagnant regardless of my skills. That’s why I could say that I could see better on who is helping who. Most banks lend money for profits, that’s why they are still winning in this time of economic uncertainties. Everyone knows that the bank profits came mostly from loans and credit cards while they let their customers’ money sit in savings accounts–which by the way will give them very minimal interest rates. I had heard people talking about why their RRSP have only earned them $500 on $15000 for 9 years. If these people gave up doing investments and saving money due to these consequences then who do you think should take the blame? Do you believe that the agents who are working with companies offering whole life policy would actually offer “Terms” to the middle and lower class when they have such lucrative commissions being offered on whole life policies? I had also worked with life insurance company (back office) so I know how much commissions these guys are getting. There is nothing “to keep it simple” when it comes to marketing. Primerica has always been in the market for its concept. “Buy Term and Invest the Difference”. Most companies, as you said, are not aggressively promoting or are not really interested with the middle class and lower class market. Why so……..it’s obvious because they don’t have enough money to invest and if they do they let their money sit in accounts which doesn’t have much growth. Do you think they would want to spend their time explaining to these people how they should save and eventually move themselves up to the next level? Regardless of whether the cash value is owned by the company or by the policy holder, whole life policy is expensive and offering this to people who could barely make their ends meet is not an option. Do you think that these companies who offer whole life policy and terms are in the market to help people? You be the judge and tell me!

Hey Answer This
I have read the book COACH and it is awesome. I cant believe you have not read this.
Talk about an Entrepreneur, He went through hell to get what he wanted so should everyone.

by: Answer This | March 4th, 2009 (11:26 pm)

I read Coach and I also read Sandy Weill’s book Tearing Down The Walls…in my opinion in Sandy’s book they had Art crying at the end when he sold the company..Two different books and two different ways of telling the story..One thing I have noticed is John Addison tries to use some of Art’s material when he speaks….Art is a classic…

Kate it is what it is. A major point with Whole Life is high cost for low coverage. The same can be said about some of a certain company’s products. It’s just a matter of how much? It’s easy to compare W.L. vs term, but for some reason it’s not ok to compare term vs Term? When you do, cost is only an issue when there’s an absence of value or something like that…..As far as W.L. being expensive is term low cost at renewal at higher ages? W.L. is designed to 100% payout at death. I’m not defending W.L., but it is what it is. There is a market for W.L., but just not for everyone or every situation. I have seen some W.L. policies that have performed quite well over the years. Especially from mutual companies. I think not being able to offer the lowest cost program which is in the best interest of the client is wrong. It’s not enough to say that you you leave the client in a better situation than before you got there isn’t enough if you are on some crusade. On one of Art’s videos he said he changed 5 different companies when he had A.L. Williams..Today at PFS they can’t do that. back then it was about the consumer and the sales team. Today it’s about the company…Yet PFS has the right to run their company as they see fit..

I’m not up on the market and products in Canada, but here in the U.S. PFS isn’t the only game in town..They think they are, but their not..The word is getting out..

RE: Answer This
Primerica may not be the only game in town but they are still the largest term markiting organization in the USA along with securities. That should tell you something.
And what do you mean as far as W L performing well and for who? I just dont understand why someone would want to mix life insurance with a so called savings program especially when the CASH VALUE does not benefit the client.

by: Answer This | March 5th, 2009 (9:39 am)

Rex for the moment Primerica is the largest. Times are changing. If you realistically looked at some of the contractual points that are brought up on many of the message boards you can see that people can make more doing the same things outside of Primerica and have more freedom. Primerica is going to have to change or die. At one time Citigroup was the big dog on the block. Think about it.

Let’s say for a moment your starting over. You have your recruiter in front of you and me siting on the side. We are offering you our respective companies. Your recruiter shows his program. Now i say I can offer you a 55% contract. Immediate ownership of your clients and downline if you so choose to recruit a team. You never have to give up a leg or have an office if you choose not to. You can have outside business interest as long as it legal. you don’t have to get licensed to sell products if all you wish to do is market nonlicensed products. etc…Which would you choose?? You see something Art said in one of his short videos is you need someone to hate and have a nission. You need a reason to be where you are. Well today after reading that I hate Primerica. ( I only say that in a motivational business point of view) It’s a straight up FACT. People can do the same things and more and make more money with the current marketing organization I’m with.

Here’s a secret to let you know how much times are changing. Term isn’t the big money maker of he future for reps. You see BTID was targeted toward the baby boomers. Today the baby boomers are looking at guarantees and distribution. That’s why Fixed/Indexed products are so popular, but just wait. here’s where the big money is going to come from. Series 65 (RIA). Take this test if your in the US. Ask people you know who manages their money? Not if they have a Mutual Fund or a 401(K), but who manages their money?

For just a moment forget the part about the cash value as a savings account. to keep it basic let’s say a person pays a premium and some goes to saving. When the premium isn’t enough for that payment the company goes to the cash value to make up the difference. That cash value is used to make the policy perform so at age 100 or 120 if the policy owner dies they policy will be there in place.

Now let’s look at it as tool. Some people want guarnateed money to be there at death no matter what. There are people who have funds set aside to make sure that they leave some money behind. They will have it in a savings account or in a CD or whatever. well if they purchased a W.L. policy they could possibly increase the funds given at their death tax free using pennies on the dollar..Then there are some people who have serious health impairments. They can be a candidate for graded W.L…Sure they may have a stipulation that they won’t fully pay out in the first two years, but i know of one that will refund premium plus 12% the first year, 24% the second year and the full death benefit at the third. You see insurance is a tool..Now for the common person with no major issues term is the way to go, but you have to consider the side account. If a person is sold on the concept of Buy term And Invest The Difference and they don’t invest the difference it may have done more harm to them rather than just keeping the perm. plan in place. To see what I’m talking about look at renewal rates after the initial term is over. Term is there if they die, but you also have to consider what if they don’t.

Just let me say again, I sell term, I believe in Term, but in some situations people don’t want term. W.L is a guarantee, but term is a what if. Different tools for different situations..

Now something you need to understand is Primerica is in a certain market. They don’t want to market to the impaired. They want standard or better because their product is term and a side account. That’s the market they want, middle to lower middle income clients.

Yes i understand some will say I’m crazy or I’m just a cash value agent, but so what. I currently have two Primerica agents in my pipeline getting ready to move. I didn’t contaxt them, they contacted me. get this a referral. You want to know why? It’s not about commission or some of the other things. They want to be able to offer their clients more choices rather than just one term plan. Yes they will also have the ability to do BTID, and guess what also i have the ability to offer them different commission levels based on experience and production and past production.

Art Williams was/is a genius. The enemy can’t win.. See you across the kitchen table…

People who actually stay with Primerica and make it–actually understands the Primerica concepts. People who leave and go to other companies–did not believe in the company’s concept–and of course it will never work out and they won’t ever make it. It’s just a matter of how receptive you are with the company’s vision. As I have mentioned I had experience working with life insurance company, as a matter of fact, I was able to purchase a product on a policy long before, which offer short term payments but covers you for life. These products of course were more expensive than term policy. These kind of products, I don’t think exist anymore in current times, mainly because there are no companies who would offer these kind of benefits without putting up their prices sky high. For whole life policies, you still have indefinite payment terms. If you save part of these money into Primerica seg funds or other mutual funds (in CAD, I don’t know how the US works) in the long term you would be able to earn the same kind of face amount as your policy would cover. This is plain common sense. It works with people who have limited resources but would also need a life insurance coverage. If the rich people have decided to buy whole life then it’s their choice, they have too much money to spend anyways. This is the reason why Primerica is a popular choice among the poor and middle class and the other companies would prefer offering it to the higher class. If Citigroup goes, Primerica stays mainly because it is an independent business. The people who owns the businesses are like franchise owners. The worst case scenario would be Citigroup selling it out to other companies, the same way it did to Smith Barney. Primerica would still be here because it is one of the biggest profit generating machine for the company. It would recover a big chunk of their losses if it decide to sell Primerica. Would Citigroup do it, probably not?

by: Answer This | March 6th, 2009 (4:53 pm)

Kate it’s the people who leave who believe in the concepts of ALW. As far as making it many people have different definitions of what making it is to them. These message boards go back and forth, but something to consider I have yet to see anyone who has been an independent agent say they have a better opportunity at Primerica. Many of us know both sides, the PRI-Guys only know PFS. Sales is sales. It’s not like we left the industry, we just left the company. You may not believe me, but unless PFS makes some changes they are done. The word is getting out. Other marketing organizations are directly competing with PFS for business and recruits. Many of you still think it’s still about Whole Life.. Keep thinking that way. Don’t listen to the nay sayers. Just keep on fighting….

You see the only way to get to the high income at PFS is to recruit the masses. selective recruiting won’t work, because the system isn’t designed for that. If I were at PFS i would recruit and hire the masses work their warm market and be on the Monday morning show. (If they still have it) recruit, recruit, recruit…Yes it’s that simple.

Excuse me!!!! Answer this.
There is no other company that can do what Primerica does.
Show me one (REPUTABLE) company that will sit down at a middle income families kitchen table and GIVE them a written game plan to get them debt free, KEY WORD (GIVE) no charge.
Most companies market to the wealthy and leave the middle income families in the cold.
Other companies do not educate like Primerica..
Primerica never looses money. They are a proven money making company.
Look at the history, Primerica does have a proven track record as you well know.
You can not compare Primerica to any other company there just isn’t any one to compare to. Apples to apples. Period…….
Who really understands all of the ins and outs of mortgages, credit cards, debt consolidation loans, life insurance, or investments? With everything going on in the economy these days, wouldn’t it be great to understand what it all means? Primerica gathers all of the information, studies it, and comes back, educating you on what you currently are involved in. Then, they give you the result of your Financial Needs Analysis. This will include showing you how to build a secure financial “house.” They give you specific numbers on what it will take for you to get out of debt with what you are currently doing. Then, they give you the specific amount you need to save each month to reach your Financial Independence Number (FIN). This is the amount of money you would require to retire at the age you desire. Also, included in this FNA are a monthly budget, plan for cutting costs, and plan for creating emergency funds along with many other priceless bits of information.
Every appointment with a PFS agent is 100% free of charge to the client. They do get paid for their services by PFS. You can call them three times a day, every day, and there will never be a charge. If PFS products such as their loans, insurance, or mortgages will help the client, then the client has the option of using these services. There is never an obligation. For professional advice, PFS is a good place to start for financial advice. The company has been featured in several magazines such as Fortune 500, The Wall Street Journal, and Premier.
Never heard of PFS? Not many people have. They do not advertise as most other companies. Their only advertisement is by word of mouth. The founder, Art Williams, decided that it would make for a better company if their reputation stood on its real merits instead of what some advertising agency came up with as a gimmick to get attention

Check it out for yourself, here are the links




This will give you a real outlook about PRIMERICA

by: Reality Check | March 6th, 2009 (7:44 pm)

The FNA is a canned sales presentation, and the reason it is “free” is because no one at PFS has the qualification or the proper license to legally charge for advice. I think Dave Ramsey has done more for more people than the entire sales force at primerica. And the reason Primerica doesnt advertise is because they dont want to be known, and they dont have the money anyhow. Primerica peeps, everyone excited about this years convention? ZING!!

The FNA is free because we choose not to advertise so we can spread the savings on to our clients. We are very well known in a possitive way just check out the links I provided in previous blog . As far as license we have to be licensed to make money and to own our business. As far as the convention it was canceled because we dont want any bad publicity due to the fact that citi has recieved bail out money.

Its all about education some thing everyone needs.

by: Answer This | March 7th, 2009 (11:07 am)

Rex. Please, please stop it. The reason PFS doesn’t advertise is because they want the new recruits warm market. Just as a side not Primerica has tested some advertising before. Ask your RVP. When you start talking about ads it can lead into compensation. There are many people who have to get paid at different levels, not to mention the cost of doing business. The system is designed to recruit and work the recruits warm market.

As for your accusation that PFS is the only company out to help the middle income you are 100% wrong. You just may not know of any other options.

Something to consider is you mention how Primerica educates clients. Well being PFS is a captive company they will educate to advance their bottom line. Sell their products.

Well we who are independents can and do educate ourselves outside of any carrier.as for software, have you ever heard of Winflex? It’s free from certain carriers. You see the more knowledge we as individual agents aquire the more we can help our clients. You as a PFS rep. are limited by the products you have available from your carrier. There’s no need for you to do any research on term conversions and the options of Senior Settlements. There’s no reason for you to talk to a client who may be in the health field about critical illness or any clients for that matter. Let me say it once more. some of us have been where you are and we know both sides. Inside and outside of PFS. I have seen many others leave PFS and become independent, but I have yet to see anyone who was independent go back to PFS. It may have happened, but I just haven’t heard of it happening…

Now as for the convention, in my humble opinion Citi could have explained it away as the agents were paying their own way. now consider this. if Citi is trying to sell PFS what is the benefit to them to spend a dime on a convention? The convention is used to motivate and recharge the troops, so there’s no benefit to Citi..If the Gov. didn’t step in and prop up Citi, where would PFS be right now?

Something to thing about..

So Rex. Please, please don’t make general assumptions.

RE: Answer This
You are dodging my question, Can you name any companies who can do what primerica does??
As far as Citi goes I could care less, Primerica was not built on citi, citi only has a partial leg of Primerica, PRIMERICA LIFE is its own entity. We only market some citi’s products, Smart loans, Good loans etc.
I have done a little reasearch and only found a few who even come close to Primerica but they still only have a few resources.

by: Answer This | March 7th, 2009 (5:22 pm)

Rex if your looking for an individual carrier any carrier can do what Primerica does. If they choose to that’s a different story. Now as for other marketing organizations Primeirca can do what they do, but they won’t.. Primerica is a captive organization.

As an independent contractor it’s not so much what the company can do, it;s what sources and products are available to the agent. You are not an employee of Primerica. You have a choice of marketing with limitations or without. Considering Primerica has ownership of your clients and downline you as a contracted agent must market their products regardless if the product is in the best interest of the client or not. If you knew of a better product for the clients needs you can’t offer it or tell them about it. That would be against your agent contract. Sell PFS, that’s it.

As for your question, i’m not dodging any question. You have one company/organization to compare against many. You have one point of reference. You don’t know what you don’t know. Your correct about the education part, but why would Primerica want to educate about products they don’t market? Do a bit more research. Call some marketing organizations and ask about products, compensation, and even product support. for the new person just getting started Primerica may be a good option, but beyond that, well i’m going to stop there.

Rex let me ask you this. Do you really think most of us who have let PFS, left so we could go sell cash value? At some point a person has to look at the business side. When comparing with the open market it’s just one company against many and the products can be beat. Look at the contract. Forget the emotions. Ask yourself this. If you left now at this moment what could you take with you? If I left the organization I’m with I could take may clients and downline if they wanted to go with me. Currently there are talks going on behind the scenes on the future of Primerica. How much of that information is coming down to you? If they said that there is a good possibility that the organization would be closed and the book of business was to be sold off, what would agents do? They would leave and production would stop. So you see from a business point of view it’s in their best interest to keep a positive outlook. I’m not saying they will be shut down, but it could happen.

Your talking to a former PFS agent here. Not someone who has no reference as to the workings of the company. I say don’t believe anything I say. Just do a bit more research and try not to take all this as a personal shot. We don’t own the organizations we market with.
If Primerica is the company where you wish to make a home that’s great, but don’t try to make it seem like they are the best and only company/organization who is doing it right. that’s simply not true. It’s business. They do what’s profitable. Why don’t they have any guaranteed issue products?

Just as I thought you can not give me a straight answer>>>>>>> Answer This
Good bye

by: Answer This | March 8th, 2009 (12:29 am)

OK Rex. Contact PPMG at http://www.ppmg.net Contact Capitol Choice http://www.capitalchoice.com/ Contact HBW.. http://www.hbwinc.com
If you don’t want to look at marketing organizations, consider contacting carriers directly and see if they will do direct appointments.
Then ask yourself what is it Primerica can do that others can’t.. I don’t like to name carriers or organizations because I don’t wish to be accused of recruiting and people can do their own research if they are really looking for the truth.

As one more bit of research go to a Pre-Paid Legal business briefing and consider the diffference in plans and potential compensation than what you have at PFS. Bypass the middle man.

Hi Guys,

I don’t claim to be an expert of Primemerica but I do believe that the buy term idea is not for everybody and in fact may be more expensive over the long haul. Usually at age 55 the premiums become very expensive and by age 65 the client cannot afford it any more. During that time thousands of dollars were paid to “rent” the coverage.

The old buy term and invest the difference sounds great on paper but unless you can get at least 7% over the last 10 years I’d say that idea is dead.

For people who need coverage, understand that every year the insurance is getting more expensive and their cash flow is limited, this may be for them. But if they need coverage for at least 20 years a hybrid solution may be better than term only.

by: Reality Check | March 9th, 2009 (10:09 am)

Rex, Can I ask you a question? Why is it that you claim that I do not know the workings of Primerica? I know Primerica very well, and I know local agents in my area very well. The agents I know are great good hearted people, and that is why I have a problem with Primerica. Primerica used the good in people to push only their products. Primerica Term is not superior in any way to anyone elses term, but it is more expensive than most. I sold alot of Primerica Term back almost a decade ago, and funny thing was when I decided that Primerica was not for me I went back to those clients and saved them lots of money. You cant do whats best without having multiple options. Do you think it is in any clients best interest to keep the same car insurance company for 30 years? Probably not.

by: Charles Pedley | March 9th, 2009 (4:05 pm)

Reality Check and others still do not see some basics.

Primerica does NOT push just its own products if we are talking about things other than insurance.

Price is NOT the only factor in buying an insurance policy. I quoted A.M. Best ratings before showing that Primerica has a triple A rating.

If you go for PRICE ALONE, then you may have an AIG-type company which looks great and inside is rotten to the core.

In insurance it makes sense to get a policy NOW that takes you right to age 65 or retirement age because if you do not, then EACH TIME YOU RENEW YOU WILL PAY MORE!


I can find cheap TV’s and cheap anything, but that DOES NOT MAKE THEM EQUAL.

Primerica has quality insurance guaranteed for the length of the policy with many more options than most other companies I know.

Car insurance is different so let’s have a reality check, REALITY CHECK!

If you LOCK IN your insurance for 30 years and you get CANCER, HEART DISEASE OR other problems, your INSURANCE WILL NOT BE CANCELLED!

If on the other hand you keep renewing every so often to try to save a few bucks, then since about 1 person in 4 gets cancer, NOW if you do renew, YOU WILL PAY BIG BUCKS OR BE TOTALLY UNINSURED DUE TO AFFORDABILITY

Why take a chance by saving a few bucks?

Last time I checked people DO NOT KEEP THEIR CARS FOR 30 YEARS but they do tend to KEEP THE SAME BODIES for 30 YEARS!

Unless of course you know someone who trades in old bodies for new. If you do Reality Check then please LET US ALL KNOW!

Also to say that Primerica is “using good-hearted people to push” …
Why would you want to sell a product WHICH DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME QUALITY?

Also last time I looked it seems that most companies from GE, GM or most insurance companies sell mainly their own products.

Primerica has multiple options in the type of insurance people want. They sell TERM INSURANCE with multiple options.

All the financial gurus like Suze Orman will tell you TERM INSURANCE IS THE WAY TO GO.

So Reality Check, I hope you have a reality check (:-)

by: computerman | March 9th, 2009 (4:26 pm)

Brian Poncelet – I quote: …

“I don’t claim to be an expert of Primemerica but I do believe that the buy term idea is not for everybody and in fact may be more expensive over the long haul.”


Brian says:
Usually at age 55 the premiums become very expensive and by age 65 the client cannot afford it any more. During that time thousands of dollars were paid to “rent” the coverage.”

ANSWER: The LOCKED-IN feature mentioned above makes that argument unnecessary. However that IS my problem with most companies whose policies I have replaced. They sell 10 year term to a guy in his 40’s. When he is in his 50’s, he needs to renew it but at his PRESENT AGE AND HEALTH levels. These may be considerably different in your 50’s!

Brian says: “The old buy term and invest the difference sounds great on paper but unless you can get at least 7% over the last 10 years I’d say that idea is dead.”

ANSWER: Well Brian I guess you don’t really check the experts like Suze Orman or Bob Brinker or innumerable others. They all say BUY TERM AND INVEST THE DIFFERENCE SINCE 1977! I have no idea what your reasoning is about the 7% bit.

Have you not heard examples of someone saving $167 a month at age 22 to age 28, for seven years. Then invests NOTHING for the rest of his life. At a 10% rate of return which over the long run the indexes have done, at age 62 he would have over $628,000! Sounds like enough to me. Even at lesser rates with compounding one can still accumulate a lot!

“For people who need coverage, understand that every year the insurance is getting more expensive and their cash flow is limited, this may be for them. But if they need coverage for at least 20 years a hybrid solution may be better than term only.”


NEVER. For the reasons given above. HYBRIDS HAVE DANGERS OF not having enough money in the pot to pay premiums especially in DOWN MARKETS LIKE RIGHT NOW!

Brian regardless of your designation, you are fighting with the real third-party experts who are not biassed for their own company.

I have two degrees, both above zero, but that does not make me understand more about insurance. Studying the facts about insurance, does.

I challenge you to email me at cgpedley@gmail.com if you can find any expert on the web, who is not working for an insurance company that would agree with what you said above.

I can send you links from Suze Orman, Bob Brinker, Consumer Reports and way way more that agree with the Primerica philosophy! In fact that is why Primerica started in 1977 because of lack of knowledge about how insurance works! And obviously it is still needed! (:-)

by: Reality Check | March 9th, 2009 (4:50 pm)


You are wrong, and I hope you are not a licensed agent since your statement is slanderous.

“If you go for PRICE ALONE, then you may have an AIG-type company which looks great and inside is rotten to the core.”

The buy term idea is a great idea. Charles, answer me this; have you ever had a client call you 10 years after getting a life policy and calling you because they need more? Theory of decreasing responsibility is a great “Theory” however when you do a policy a decade ago for a 30 year old client for 100k thinking it is a one and done sale you are wrong. Most people have More responsibilities as they get older, they buy the dream house and co-sign for kids to go to college. I love Primericas BTID, but I prefer to sell competitive term. Also why do you guys quote Suze Orman? According to her no one needs a registered rep for investments, all you need are low priced index funds, using that Philosophy do you think her term advice would be to buy Primerica term if it were more expensive? I think she would agree that you would want to go with the highest rated carrier with the best price. What do you think?

by: Answer This | March 9th, 2009 (5:04 pm)

Mr. Pedley we know price isn’t the only factor. Why is it a factor when PFS agents are trying to replace a perm product? They say BTID, but whay not consider compare term verse term and invest the difference? According to some PFS agents the guarantee period isn’t really a consideration. As for switching policies i’m sure you understand there are replacement rules and no one should cancel a policy until they have the new one in hand and fully delivered.

You say lock in a rate for a health issue, now we are looking at conversions, because as we know when a serious health issue comes up, the theory of decreasing responsibility has just gone out the window. As always Suze Orman says shop the market and get the cheapest coverage you can. AIG may have issues, but America General is ok.. Just as a reminder Citi isn’t looking so great at the moment.

Here we go again term 100% of the time.. Lock in a smaller premiun and not consider renewal rates. For the Pri-Guys who have done a bit of research do you see a trend when new Pro-PFS people/agents post? The post are what is learned from Primerica, not industry knowledge. Primerica wants you to sell their products and that’s the bottom line.

Hey maybe you guys can recruit some Smith Barney people. It seems the PFS agents bonuses were larger than the Smith Barney guys.


Let me help you with understanding the cash value of an insurance policy. It grows tax free, there is never (over 100 years in some cases) a down year. Dividends last year for (2008) Canada Life and others was over 7%. The cash can be paid though a policy loan with the collateral as the life insurance.

So in retirement one can get paid every year tax free and still leave a nest egg for his family. By paying no taxes his OAS does not get clawed back! Paying less taxes is always a good thing. He can also purchase a car with the tax free cash and instead of paying the bank pay back he pays the policy loan. The cash value keeps growing at the 7% , without touching the cash value in the policy. He is is own banker!

Buy term invest the difference

The idea and it looks good on paper, but when the markets are down people tend to stop contributing to their investments or go conservative. Plus over time there usually is capital gains distributions or taxes to be paid every year if any changes are to be made, this is paid out of pocket with after tax money. If I get 7% how much do I need to get tax free? Right now the Dow Jones is back at 1996 levels, the TSX is back about six years!

by: Reality Check | March 9th, 2009 (6:01 pm)


You have some strong opinions, and that is what Primerica people have; opinions. I see that you are not even securities licensed, at least not in the USA, so how is it you do the “invest the difference”? Also Primerica has very bad continuation options. ART of 5 year level increases, add those expenses up and you will see Primerica will gladly charge a term client well above the face amount in many instances to keep coverage past 75. Why would they do that? Because they want to punish the for not investing the difference? Or is it because of the value of the policy, since it is soo good you would want to pay more in premium than death benefit?

by: Answer This | March 9th, 2009 (6:28 pm)

Reality Check your missing the point. The client will be financially independent when they reach retirement age. no one ever gets sick past age 65. No one ever has to refinance a home. Everyone pays cash for the children’s college cost. Everyone saved every penney they had in their prime years so they can retire and just sit on the porch and watch traffic. I strongly believe in Term Life Insurance, but what if people don’t die? Term pays out only about 2-3% of the time and people have a 100% chance of dying. After all the years of BTID why is ther still a market for Final Expense coverage?

Do the PFS people ever ask the old heads where are all the people they helped become financially independent? What about all the people they recruited over the years, did they stay in contact with them? A quote by Gorden Gekko to Bud Fox. ‘You can’t go through life with blinders on.” At some point you have to ask questions. If the program is so great why is the field force stuck at 100,000?

Rex, Rex,,How is the research going? I can give you a brokerage for LTC… or maybe Med sups????

I said I would never post another blog on this website again but after “Reality Check, Answer This and Brian Poncelet” started ranting and raving…. I had to come back and set these jokers straight. I feel like Jordan coming out of retirement the first time! lol.

FIRST OF ALL. Before I even get started, it’s always fun to start with some credible third party references: gentlemen, please watch the following links before proceeding to read this post: for the sake of time, I’ll only copy two.


That was specifically for Mr. Poncelet.. Aren’t you a CFP? Boy am I glad you’re not my advisor… Speaking of advisors, I just got to sit down with a new client this weekend and I’d like to share what we did.

He had a Universal LIfe Policy with London LIfe (I’m in Canada for those that are unaware). Long story short, he was paying $100/month for 150K of coverage and no coverage for his wife as she has gone back to school and just had their first child. He was also investing 200/month into a GIC at his friendly bank. So, I went there and wrote up a new policy for him that is going to increase his coverage to 300K, we’re also putting 300K on his wife and 15K on his son. 615K worth of insurance… guess how much it cost? If you said $80.91, you’re correct! Now, I also had him stop his $200/month GIC with the bank. instead, we setup an RRSP loan for him in the amount of 20K. that 20K loan will cost him $220/month at 6% interest and it’s going to be invested in AGF’s dividend income fund. Check it out since you probably haven’t heard….


What does all of this mean? Well, the new life policy is a THIRTY FIVE YEAR LEVEL TERM. that’s right. When this policy is up for renewal, my client will be 62! Not only that, but at an average 10% rate of return, his 20K investment loan will be worth roughly $560,000 in 35 years if he adds NOTHING TO IT EVER AGAIN. And it’s a forced savings plan so there’s no “this won’t work, or most people never invest the difference.” Now, answer this….. When you’re sixty two and you have 560K in your retirement account (worst case scenario if he never invests another penny ever again) what in god’s name do you need life insurance for?

Somebody, please “answer this”… what U/L or a W/L policy out there will turn a 20K investment into half a mill in 35 years? All of which will be the client’s money that will not have to be borrowed? Not only that, but because we invested this into a registered investment (something like a 401K in the states) he’s going to receive a tax refund when he files next year. Matter of fact, in his 30% marginal tax bracket, he’s going to get back roughly 6K next year at tax time . So in year one, his invesment is actually going to return 30% which will be used to pay down the investment loan we just gave him and the 20K loan that we gave him only cost him 14K (at 6% interest). So, instead of taking ten years to pay off the loan, he’ll have it fully paid off in 6.

Answer this – you’re all about comparing term vs term. I”m cool with that. So let’s do it.. What do you have to offer when it comes to a 35 yr term policy with guaranteed insurability, a 10% IBR, waiver of premium, terminal illness benefit rider, 300K on the primary insured, 300K on the wife (rider) and 15K on a child…

do a quick quote and get back to me. ours costs $80.91. Oh yea, and Primerica has NEVER neglected to pay out a death claim in 30+ years in business. Ask about us.

Also, you want to talk about owning your own recruits from day one… but can you promote RVPs (or whatever you call them)? Because if you can’t, then you’re just a salesman at the end of the day. The beauty of Primerica is that we get to Promote RVPs collect Base Shop bonuses and move to senior national sales director so we never have to work a day again ever. That’s the business model everyone dreams about – becoming a true business owner. Sure you might be able to leave your company and take all your clients but so what? can you leverage your efforts by training others to do what you do and continue to override them for life? When you train somebody and they go recruit 10 people and invest millions of dollars, does that count on YOUR assets under management? I doubt it. That’s why our opportunity is so special. When it comes to Primerica, you only look 5 feet in-front of your face and see the short term picture. “not owning your clients until you get to a certain level” or “marketing limited products”.. you’re missing the point!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, TERM IS TERM.. 10% ROR is 10% ROR.. and getting out of debt sooner is basic stuff… If Primerica only offered ONE Life policy and ONE investment and ONE debt instrument but they all did what they’re supposed to.. WHO CARES!!!!? Finance isn’t rocket science. You can have your CFP, your MBA, your CFA, and all kinds of letters behind your name but at the end of the day term will always be better than Whole Life and 10% ROR on an investment will always be sufficient and getting out of debt in 6 years instead of 25 will always be beneficial for ANYBODY. No CFP can go to my client after I’ve left, and put them in a better situation because it is what it is…

Answer THAT.


Hey Guys,

I am getting a link to my web site about series from PBS, you may want to look at it, is the Bear Sterns Story. The sub prime mess in the US and how the economy had a 9/11 attack on the stock market in Oct. 2008. In a nutshell the story is not over. Money in a cash account that is guaranteed and out of the banks hands is not a bad thing.

Here is the link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meltdown/view/

by: Reality Check | March 10th, 2009 (12:40 am)

In response to Charles Pedley AKA Computerman AKA BTID but does not have a securities license,

Reality Check and others still do not see some basics.

Primerica does NOT push just its own products if we are talking about things other than insurance. SO YOU PUSH ONLY YOUR INSURANCE, AS I STATED

Price is NOT the only factor in buying an insurance policy. I quoted A.M. Best ratings before showing that Primerica has a triple A rating. WHAT BRILLIANT SERVICE DOES PRIMERICAS TERM OR AGENTS PROVIDE THAT JUSTIFY A PERSON PAYING MORE? INSTEAD OF INVESTING MORE?

If you go for PRICE ALONE, then you may have an AIG-type company which looks great and inside is rotten to the core. BUT THEY HAVE BETTER PRICING? SO I SHOULD PAY MORE TO GIVE YOU THE WARM FUZZIES?




Primerica has quality insurance guaranteed for the length of the policy with many more options than most other companies I know. MY GOD YOU ARE FUNNY, PRIMERICA POLICIES ARENT FULL OF ANY OPTIONS. YOU THINK A 10, 15, 20, 30, AND NON GUAR 35 TERM POLICY CONSTITUTES OPTIONS?



If on the other hand you keep renewing every so often to try to save a few bucks, then since about 1 person in 4 gets cancer, NOW if you do renew, YOU WILL PAY BIG BUCKS OR BE TOTALLY UNINSURED DUE TO AFFORDABILITY. RE / PRIMERICA CANNOT INSURE PEOPLE WITH CANCER HISTORY? WHERE IS THE”VALUE”?



Unless of course you know someone who trades in old bodies for new. If you do Reality Check then please LET US ALL KNOW!

Also to say that Primerica is “using good-hearted people to push” …


Primerica has multiple options in the type of insurance people want. They sell TERM INSURANCE with multiple options. WHAT ARE THESE OPTIONS? IS THE VALUE THE FACT THAT PRIMERICA HAS UNISEX RATES?


So Reality Check, I hope you have a reality check (:-)

Hey hey,

I just did finished with about 10 appointments on da weekend and guess wat 1 out 10 had term da rest had universals and whole lifes…that tells you how the rest of the industry works ..its all about the commisions…On a good note..it was even a challenge and I easily replaced all of them including the term which even though it was a “cheaper” premium…but renewable every 10 years..it was basic with no disability waiver nor terminal illness benefits..which ours had and I gave her a 35 year term for a good price!

Primerica i tell ya it works wonders..and is the only Company in town that actually tells there agents to DO WHATS is RIGHT for their clients all the time!

Cheers fellow Primericans!

by: The Financial Blogger | March 10th, 2009 (5:34 am)

Hey V!
Glad to see you my blog again 😉 It is always fun to have people like you with a ton of things to say 😀

Seriously, I totally agree with term life insurance, especially in your client situation (I am actually a young father of 2 kids and I have a term life insurance as well). It provides a better insurance coverage FOR THE TIME YOUR NEED IT. Because if you have a financial plan, you won’t need insurance when you will be 50 or older.

However, I have a strong problem with your investment strategy. If the guy was investing in GIC’s, he was probably a very nervous person and didn’t like much fluctuation in his portfolio. On top of that, we all know it pays more to sell managed product like mutual funds so even if his banker was evil, he would not have put his client into GIC’s. I agree that he is wrong investing in something that will barely protect him from inflation. However, a dividend fund is quite risky compared to a GIC.

Don’t believe me? well you AGF fund did 1.1% over 5 years (as most dividend fund did). So I don’t know where you get your 10% avg return over 10 years but the only fund (BEFORE 2008) closed to it was IG Dividend fund at 9%. Now they are showing returns way below 10%! If you would have done this strategy in 2006, your investment would probably be down by 10% and the client would still have a loan to pay off.

That is the other point. If you take 20K at 7% (and even then, I am generous for a dividend fund), you get 39K after 10 years. If you take a systematic investment of $220 a month, you get only 1K less (38K). However, you have the possibility of dollar cost averaging over the years and not become a victim of market fluctuation (imagine you invest 20K on jan 2008, today your 20K worth about 14K….). It would piss me off to not be able to put more money in the market right now if I would be stuck with a 20K loan…

On top of that, I hope you told your client to not claim all his tax deduction the very same year.

Question: what do you say to someone who doesn’t want to lose money (invest in GIC) when he losses $1,000 since January? I already know about the market and fluctuation and all this (I’m 100% invested in equity), however your client might not be as comprehensive than me 😉


What’s goin on, I hope all is well. I see the site has changed up a bit since the last time I was here. I’m still waiting for some of that ad money!! lol. I should be the VP of your primerica series lol.

So, going back to the recent strategy I just provided my latest client. Let’s go over the numbers in a bit more detail……

The AGF Dividend Income Fund is probably one of (if not thee) best investments I’ve seen in a while. Yes the 5 year number is 1.1% over 5 years but that’s because of the horrible couple years we’ve experienced in the market. You need to go behind the numbers on this fund.. I know past performance is no indicator of future returns, however we use past performance to measure the fund against the index (over the same period) and we can see how you would have done if you were in this investment rather than some other investment vehicle.

So, if we go back to 2003 when this fund began, it started out at $10/share in the summer of 2003. If my client had invested this 20K back then, he would have purchased 2000 shares. By the end of 2003, the price had shot up to 12.31 AND payed out a total of 1.42 in dividends. So in December 03′ my client would have been sitting pretty with $22,462 and he also would have received an additional $2,840 (2000*1.42) in dividend payouts which would have been re-invested to buy more shares. Lets say he reinvested that money at an average price of $11/share so he now has 2258 shares instead of 2000. at the end of year 04′ those 2258 shares are now worth $30,302 because the price shot up to $13.42 that year. But wait, those 2258 shares also provided him with a dividend payout of $1.61 per share! so he made an additional 1.61*2258 = $3,635 which would have been re-invested again. You get the picture? The dividends are provided cash payouts to re-invest and automaticaly purchase more shares. Effectively taking advantage of dollar cost averaging without the client even knowing! Long story short, at the end of 08′ my client would have roughly:

– 2540 shares at the end of 04 @ $13.42/share
– 2759 shares at the end of 05 @ $15.55/share
– 2995 shares at the end of 06 @ $15.72/share
– 3259 shares at the end of 07 @ $14.46/share
– 3408 shares at the end of 08 @ $9.98/share

At the end of 08′ his account is worth 3408 * $9.98 or $34,011.84 (I re-invested the dividends at the average share price from the start of the year to the end of the year). Not only that, but OF COURSE I told him to claim the whole tax deduction next year. As I mentioned above, this will give him an extra 6,000 in his pocket so his initial investment would look like this.

we gave him a 20K loan. But he got back 6K from the government at tax time so the loan only cost him 14K. Say he pays 4K in interest (on the high side). He’ll end up paying 18K TOTAL for this money. If he invested in 2003, his account would be worth 34 Thousand dollards today and the loan is paid off…. that’s just under 12% rate of return compounded anually from 03′ to 08′ . That’s where I got my “conservative” 10% ROR from. The Dividends are KEY! This fund has returned an average dividend of $1.25 PER SHARE, PER YEAR. if you had 20,000 shares, you would be making $25,000 per year on average in this fund… REGARDLESS of what the market price does.

that is why I put my client in this fund. He’s pretty neutral when it comes to risk. He doesn’t like to loose money, but he also wants to retire with a million in his retirement account. So a GIC isn’t going to get him to a million by age 65 as you mentioned. This fund is not “very risky” as you described above. Given this real life example, I’d say this fund is actualy REALLY safe given the dividend payout history.. IF he had kept putting 200/month into that GIC he might only have 50K at age 65 if he’s lucky! lol. that’s 200/month for 38 years!! do that math on that? lol j/j. But seriously, GIC are a pretty bad investment vehicle to reach a retirement goal and we all know this.

To the person who doesn’t want to loose money and have at lease a million by retirement age, I say “you’re crazy”. You have to invest in equities if you plan to have a million+ when you retire. Unless you plan on taking a business public through an ipo, or being a franchise owner, or real estate etc. If you’re going to invest in stocks/mutual funds.. you NEED equities, case closed. and if you need equities, then you must EXPECT losses. Simple as that. It’s a matter of HOW MUCH loss are you comfortable with. Given my clients responses to a simple investor profile questionaire, he fit the profile for the AGF Dividend Income fund easily. And I think most people would. if you could turn 18K into 34K in 6 years in (while in a recession the last year).



by: Answer This | March 10th, 2009 (11:04 am)

Suzy Orman says shop the market. Dave Ramsey says shop with Zander. Who says buy from Primerica life? Why do people constantly think people who just don’t agree with PFS products all sell CV all the time?

As far as rate shopping people can do that on their own. There are many term quoting engines. Go to http://www.term4sale.com and run some quotes. They will show Primerica rates. I’m sure you understand that what PFS might quote as standard someone else may get preferred with another carrier. Different carriers do do different levels of underwriting. Whaich I ask, did you quote the wife as an individual or did you use unisex rates? Does PFS still have unisex rates? What about the 35 year policy is it guaranteed for a full 35 years? if not did you inform the client that they could posibly aquire a term policy that could be guaranteed for the full length of term? if not why? Also why not just quote the right amount of coverage rather than selling the IBR? I’m sure you understand the pricing at different bands.

As for the team building and all that, i’m not going to go over all that. Let me just say again. I was once a Primerica agent. I know the difference between being captive and independent. I was an independent contractor at PFS. I am an independent contractor now. Just like at Primerica I can go out and build a team which I will train (Which I do) The difference is this. Yes I own my clients and downline. At this moment if I so choose I can contact all my agents across the country and say hey, let’s go to Primerica. I can go to an RVP and say i’m going to bring this production to your organization what level can you offer me? I will tell you this I wouldn’t start at 25%.
You see you can’t do that. What you build/produce Primerica owns. You do all the work and they get the fruit of your labor. Sure you can earn your way to owning your code number, but why have that policy in place at all? Because Primerica understands unless they secure their business interest per contract agents would leave and take their downline with them which would hurt their business (field force). There are many agents at PFS who may not like the situation they are in, but they just don;t want to start over again.

I don’t know how it is in Canada, but in the US I would hope an Insurance agent is not giving tax advice unless they are qualified to do so. one more question. Did you inform the client that there is a possibility that Citi could shut PFS down? If not why?

Just so you know for future reference, be a bit more specific when you ask someone to compare a program. Husband, wife and child
and premium amount just does not seem like enough information and you call us jokers. Something else you may not wish to admit is we are all sales people. If a sale isn’t made, no one gets paid. What good is it to go see people who don’t need what your selling. yes of course you will say you have gone to clients who didn’t need any life Insurance, well to that I say did they have a a need for disability or critical illiness? Remember if Primerica doesn’t provide it, you can’t sell it. You don’t do what’s best for the client, you do what’s best for Primerica.

Answer This,

I don’t know what show you’re watching… but in the two links I posted, Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey both said (in plain english so even you could understand) Term is better than Whole life, Universal Life and Variable LIfe policies ALL THE TIME. There’s no shopping around when it comes to those three.

funny, I’m reading your next two paragraphs looking for what you’d offer the same client in my example, and more importantly how much you’d charge but I can’t seem to find it anywhere? Why can’t you ust answer the question, it’s simple. I put 300K on both the husband and wife. Yes she is the rider on his policy as a female (no unisex), both are preferred candidates. YES the policy is guaranteed for 35 years, and 300K was the right amount of coverage. both of them are making roughly 30K/year. God forbid anything happens to either partner, the spouse will get the 300K death benefit, they invest it at 10 percent (where can you get 10% you ask, see my previous blog) and they maintain 30K per year income when the other partner is gone. Life insurance should really be called “income replacement” cause that’s what it’s meant for. If you want to leave your family a nest egg or something of that nature, leave them your investment assets. the IBR is just an add on that Primerica offers. the 10% Increasing Benefit Rider (for those who don’t know) will add an additional 10% of coverage onto their policy each year – so 30K – for as long as they have the policy and it will be based upon their current age 26 and 27 so their premium will only increase by dollars each year. We added the IBR because we expect their INCOMES to increase as they get older.

Again, I’m still waiting for a comparison since you love to compare term vs term so much. Can you go into that client’s house and offer them a policy with the same options for less money? If so, I’d love to see it.

Next, you proceed into your building/recruiting rant, but again you ignore my questions. CAN YOU promote RVPs (or their equivalents) and override their business? Will you get RVP base shop bonuses for doing 30/30? Will you get security bonuses for doing a certain volume and most importantly do your securities assets under management include that of your downlines? if the answer is no, then your opportunity isn’t as good as ours. And if you have to wait a bit longer to qualify for that right in Primerica, so be it! I’m fine with that.

In your next post can you please answer those questions and provide back-up where necessary so I may follow up?

Thank You,


by: Answer This | March 10th, 2009 (5:47 pm)

V. When I say shop, I mean shop with other carriers TERM. If you expect their incomes to increase, increase the coverage. Also if their income increases according to your BTID theory why don’t you just increase their investment program. If you educate the client on how to eliminate their debt faster, offer the correct amount of coverage and get them on a systematic savings program, why sell the IBR? The increase in their side account should offset the need for the IBR, but as we know it’s sales. So you are saying that the Prmerica 35 year policy is guaranteed for the full 35 years? Level death benefit and level premium? When did that change?

As for your questions about recruitment you base them on being a RVP. The RVP position is not any kind of standard. Have you ever wondered why PFS agents who have reached RVP and above have left PFS? I’m not going to go into a debate about all that. Rex has already asked me about that so you can click on the above links March 8th, 12:29 am post, and do some research.

At the RVP level which has a full-time requirement ownership, roll backs is a major consideration. When you do your research don’t forget to ask the sources about compensation. When I was a PFS rep., I used to defend Primerica on message boards, but I got hit with facts. So don’t do any research unless you have an open mind, because if not it’s a waste of time.

You say no unisex, both are preferred. So currently Primerica will underwrite a male and female individually? To answer your RVP question I have the ability to offer different agents different levels of contracts and yes i do earn over-rides from their production, and once a agent reaches a contract level it’s permanent. No roll backs are a consideration. You have the link, run some quotes. Give some independent brokerages in Canada a call. Here is a place to start.


Primerica is not the industry standard.

Hi V,

The AGF dividend income is not bad in today’s market but the market price is $8.58 today. 3408 X $8.58 = $29,240 down by over $4,000 this year.

Also the fund produces a dividend which is taxed and the taxes grow every year as more dividends are paid out. Does he pay this out of pocket?

On AGF’s web site http://www.agf.com/t2scr/static/app/fundview/public/en/fund799.jsp
Year over Year (Jan 31 08 to Jan 31 09) this fund is down by over 28%. I don’t know if I’d call this fund “really safe”…not bad but the three year numbers are down by almost 9%.

by: Reality Check | March 10th, 2009 (6:42 pm)


You forgot one very impotant consideration in your point below:

“Next, you proceed into your building/recruiting rant, but again you ignore my questions. CAN YOU promote RVPs (or their equivalents) and override their business?”

The biggest BS thing with Primerica is YOUR GIVE UPS to get an RVP contract! Do you every get any comp of agents that ar stripped fom you upon your RVP Promotion? The answer is NO! Ever wonder why so many people get promoted to RVP and fall of the face of the earth? It is because their greedy UP-Line RVP stripp off all of their producers! Hard to win a race when the cost of entering it is to give up your best leg! What do you think V? Is the give up warrented or fair? I dont think so.

by: Answer This | March 10th, 2009 (7:57 pm)

Reality Check it seems just because it’s in the PFS agent agreement some agents think it’s good for them. Primerica did not go to the expense of drawing up the agent agreement for the benefit of the agents. I have spoken to so many PFS agents who consider what’s best for the company before they consider what’s in their best interest.. It’s like when they talk about the $99.00 fee and how great it is. Yes it’s great for PFS, look at what they get. They get your clients, downline and control of your outside business activities. Then not to mention if you want a higher contract to RVP you must be full-time, with no benefits and all the expenses of running an office….All for the low fee of $99.00.. Yet people wonder why Primeica has recruiting requirements in the guidelines. Oh I forgot, the agents are independent contractors, who mostly join the company to make some extra income.

I don’t know what alternatives are available in Canada, but today in the U.S. the only reason to contract with Primerica in my opinion is people just don’t know of any alternatives. Primerica isn’t a scam, but there are better contracts to be had for the licensed agent.

In response to the last three posts..

Brian: with a 20K investment that’s now worth $29, 240 that’s still about 6 or 7 thousand dollars more than my client would’ve had in a GIC….. It’s gone from 20K to 29K in just over 5 years and we’re in a recession, I still don’t see the downside? When the economy turns around, and it will, what will you say when the performance of this fund turns right back around? In the meantime, my client will continue to collect those dividend checks. the fund has already payed out $0.14 cents this year. As far as taxes go, it’s in an RRSP so all of the growth is tax deferred until retirement.

Reality Check: replacements are the beauty of primerica!! Again, I catch people only looking on the surface. Anyone who’s become an RVP and quit (key word “quit”) didn’t build the business like you’re supposed to. When you go RVP you should have AT LEAST 4 “legs” or downlines that are actively working/producing each month and recruiting like you. The more the better. I say 4 because you’re right, you’ll have to give up one. But for the REST OF YOUR LIFE you will be taking replacements from your downlines and you begin to move into that Business Owner quadrant I spoke about before. That’s the dream, to become a true business owner where you get paid without having to work. So yes, you give up one leg but you have 3 left. So you work the next year or so grooming your three downlines to become RVPs. You promote the first one and he has to give you one of his active/producing legs. You promote the second RVP and that one must also give you an active/producing leg and so on. Now you have 2-3 RVPs who you’ve promoted, you’ve moved to Senior Vice President and you’ve got 2-3 more new downlines to groom to become RVP. Basically you’re an RVP factory at this point and your job is not to go out and see clients and SELL PRODUCTS… your job is to teach and promote Regional Vice Presidents so you can continue to grow your income and get RVP bonuses etc.

You give up one to get them your “whole life” lol. ahhh man, I”m so sick. Just like when you first start out, you give up 6 warm market appointments to your upline (or you should in my opinion). Then when you get your license and your upline has recruited a couple people for you, those recruits should also give you 6 warm market appointments etc. That’s how the system is designed…. Most people don’t follow the system because like you, they never look past tomorrow. One day you’ll see the big picture… So, your question about whether the give up is warranted or fair – YES, definitely when I will be getting one leg each time I promote an RVP forever..

Answer This – YOU STILL HAVEN’T PROVIDED AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU’D DO FOR MY CLIENT. lol. Until you provide that, there’s not much to say to you. I don’t want to look up a policy on term4sale.com. What for? Is that what you do when you walk into a clients home? I want an example of a policy with the EXACT same features as ours, at a cheaper price since you’re so adamant about shopping around for the best price and term vs term. Let’s go spec for spec with an actual Primerica policy that I just did over the weekend. You already heard that specifics: $80.91/month. If Primerica does not have the best policies at the lowest price, then who does?

p.s. No matter what policy I do, I always give the client 5 or 10% IBR. It’s basically free insurance every year at no extra cost to the client! If they become ill and come down with a cancer or some other fatal disease, we still increase their coverage every year. I don’t understand your reasoning for not checking off the IBR… weird.. Again, I’m glad you’re not my advisor…

Guys, please……stop the madness. One of you is trying to convince people that moving from 20K to 29K over 5 years (roughly 8% compounded annually) is a bad investment in a bear market. Keep in mind that growth is tax free and the client made 6K in year one off of tax savings! So really it’s 14K to 29K.

The other blogger is upset because some RVPs quit when they had to give up their one and only producing leg.. If you only have one downline, you’re not an RVP!! You’re not ready to be a business owner yet! I can’t open up a McDonalds with me and my cousin!!

and the third one is still dancing around a simple question. He’s got all the talk in the world and no answers for my question. Put up or……



by: reality check | March 10th, 2009 (8:57 pm)


Serious question. How many RVP downlines do you have personally ( Please Honestly Answer ) ? Are you aware that the upline RVP can take as many as 3 of your direct districts, or two direct divisions, instead of just 1 Regional? And they get ALL of the give ups downlines! My father was promoted back in 1985 when becoming an RVP was much harder than it is now. The Regional Manager that his upline took had 83 downlines which he lost forever. It took him two years to recover the baseshop. He left Primerica making over $16,000 per month, and NEVER produced another RVP. Producing “real qualified RVP’s” is not easy! I have friends still in Primerica at the RVP level that have the 100K ring and have been in for a decade working their butts off that still have not produced and RVP. How is it positive for you to have to turn your downlines into your competition? Especially when you are selling the same products?

I’ll pay you a beer if you ever come to Montreal 😉

I get your point for the dividend fund. Still not bad considering the dividend reinvestment. Nonetheless, I think that 10% is quite aggressive considering that the S&P TSX historically gives about 9%. I don’t think that any fund can FOR SURE make 10% on ANY 10 year period. However, if your client keeps his fund for the next 25-30 years, I think that he can hope to get a 7-8% returns 😉 (maybe it would go up to 10% with DRIP?).

One last point, while I am a big believe of Canadian Banks (I personally invest in them), what if they don’t make as much money as they used during the 2003 to 2007? Betting on financials and resources only (there is not much of any sector, right?) is still “risky”.

let me know if you ever come around!


by: Reality Check | March 10th, 2009 (9:05 pm)

V and all other Primericans. I have grown up in this business, since it was A.L. Williams 1984. I do understand Primerica, I was with Primerica Life, 6, and 63. I have RVP friends that I respect and value with Primerica. But you have to understand that Primerica is an okay company, but if you are struggeling and doubting yourself being able to make a living in this business DONT give up! Before you give up on yourself and this business just look at going independent. The industry needs good agents, Primerica may just not be your way; as it was not mine.

Reality Check,

I will comment more on this tomorrow. But I hear where you’re coming from and I respect that. However, growing up in the industry, you would know that the rules were a lot different back then. Bill Orender (who now makes over 1.5 Mill in Primerica) had to give up HIS WHOLE ORGANIZATION to his upline and he made it work. Look at him now.

My cousin is perhaps one of (if not thee) most successful Primerica reps in Canada right now. So for every example of someone you know who didn’t make it, there are tons of examples of those who have. And those who have done it when it was harder. Look, I”m not saying Primerica is the “be-all and end-all” when it comes to finance but lets call it like it is.. Primerica is a solid company. It was founded on strong business/ethical principles by a great man and I stand behind those principles.

FB, I’ll let you know when I’m in town!

I’m tellin’ you, the dividend fund is key. I’ve never seen anything like it. I think 10% is right about what you should expect from your portfolio, especially when you factor in dividends. the market may not perform at 10% average for any 10 year period (I’d check that though) but over 15-20 year periods, I’m sure that it has in the past and will do so in the future.

As far as investment weighting in banks/resources – that’s why we pay the fund manager. When it comes time to switch out of financials, I trust that this fund manager will do the right thing. I have sat on numerous conference calls with Mr. Robitaille as he explained his investment strategy. Trading around the ex-dividend dates, he keeps almost 100% of the investment invested in equities at all times (no cash/bonds really) and he only goes for large cap income producing securities/trusts. He’s one smart cookie and as long as he’s managing it, I will be investing in this fund. Whatever sectors/industries he decides to invest in is totally up to him to choose not me. (yet).

I”m actually studying for my CFA as we speak. Securities are my passion and in the long run, I could see myself starting my own fund company or working with a company like AGF. love the team over there.



by: Reality Check | March 10th, 2009 (11:10 pm)

Thank you, for the response. If you dont mind me asking, who is your cousin? Also are you involved in Primerica as a rep and if so what level?

by: Answer This | March 10th, 2009 (11:17 pm)

V. I have nothing to prove to you. You can go to the site and plug the numbers. If you feel you don’t want to that’s up to you. Primerica rates are listed. You talk about someone getting a health issue and the IBR, what if it’s a long term illness and there becomes a protection need for life? We all know medical cost don’t go down (At least here is the US) when a major illness happens. So at some point the renewals kick in and that side fund in most cases will be used for health care cost. Now being that the Primerica rep. never talked to the client about disability coverage or critical illness coverage, then to find out the policy owner can’t lock in a premium or face amount, because the policy isn’t convertable to perm. Oh no, please don’t let me run into a PFS client..What if the PFS client finds out that their policy may have value on the open market through a senior settlement at later ages? Do you think a PFS agent will discuss the difference between the possible offers between a term policy that is convertible to perm and one that isn’t, or the option of getting a ROP Term and the options available at end of term? Oh no,, a PFS agent will sell the policy PFS gives them to sell not propose options and let the client decide which way to go is in their best interest.

You see I still talk to some people I knew at PFS, and they send me people that they can’t cover. Yes a few are making good money, but get this. They want to leave, but they don’t want to start over again. Shishhhhhhh. Here’s another tid bit. I heard the PFS 35 year term isn’t guaranteed for the full 35 years.

Answer This..

Actually, you do have something to prove. When you make statements about comparing term vs term and alleging that Primerica is not the cheapest/best term poiclies out there, those remarks mean nothing without proof to back up your claims. I’m just looking for some evidence?

And yes the 35 year term is guaranteed for 35 years. Check your sources. With that being said, there is no renewal to worry about. Going back to my client, lets follow him for 35 years.

Right now he’s 26 and his wife is 27. If he invests in my recommended fund today (which he did) he will purchase roughly 2,222 shares at about 9/share. Check this scenario.. for the next 35 years, this fund only returns 5% AVERAGE for 35 years. and the dividend increases at 3% each year (8% total) – fair market conditions right? He’s going to re-invest all dividends into his tax sheltered RRSP/401K.

If my client does this RRSP loan 3 times… so he does it this year, in 6 years the loan is paid off and he does another one.. six years later etc.. 18 years from now he stops investing. (he was already investing $200/month in a GIC and the loan payments will be about $200/month so I’m comparing apples to apples here.. Except in my example, he stops the $200/month after 18 years, wheres in the GIC example he keeps it going for 35 years). When he turns 62 and his Primerica policy is up for renewal, guess how much his investment is worth? His loley 5% investment, with that measely 3% dividend is going to be worth roughly 1.7 million. Give or take a few hundred thousand depending on who’s doing the math. Now.. with 1.7 million at age 62, you think he can live comfortably despite those rising health care costs? Here in canada you can.

Not to mention his house is paid off at this point. And we’re assuming the wife didnt’ invest ANYTHING her whole life. I’m really low-balling this so you get the picture. What in god’s name does he need insurance for at this point in his life? If anything, he needs cash to pay his bills. You can’t take a whole-life policy down to the grocery store and buy food/medication/clothes and everything else that he needs at this time. He needs money , not BORROWED money, he needs his OWN money. If he gets critically ill at this point, he has plenty off assets to take care of him. And, his Primerica policy had the critical illnes benefit rider for 35 while it was inforce if anything happened while he was still working. He’s not working anymore, why does he need disability? Why does he need to convert to a whole life policy when he has no debt, no dependants, and 1.7mill invested? why?

You saw the video I posted with Suze Orman.. That poor woman was paying $700+ for her Universal life policy alone!! And you want to go into her home and slap on some critical illness and disability ontop of that? Who can invest when you’re paying $700+ A MONTH for insurance? that’s right, nobody, unless your last name starts with Buffet.

The only people (that I assume) you could help are those in their 50’s or 60’s who never had anyone talk to them about this before. Those people are much older and don’t have enough time to amass such weatlh with minimal input, so if they want to leave something behind or have protection during the years when they need it, they might require disability coverage or critical illness or insurance for their dog or whatever else you guys will sell them. We can’t help those people who weren’t told the truth, and now it’s too late.

But if you’re between the ages of 18 and 45, we’ve got the answer for that client. Otherwise (if they’re older) go work for Primerica and collapse time frames that way. One lady in our Baseshop was around 57 years old when she joined primerica. Now she’s making upwards of 300K per year. You think she’d take that back for one of your critical illness policies? She doesn’t even have a driver’s license and cannot use a computer.. who else would’ve hired her?

Oh yea, compare my results to a $200/month GIC and let me know how that pans out for 35 years. The results might be laughable.



Reality Check,

I’d rather not put my cousin’s name out there over the internet, but if you provide me with your email address, I will gladly tell you all about him and my involvement with Primerica.



by: Answer This | March 11th, 2009 (3:46 pm)

BTID. The best laid plans always look good on paper. I heard the same things when I was at PFS, but I hardly if ever heard of the masses who were financially independent. As always you PFS people always revert to whole life. The Suzy Orman video is just one example. Something to consider is Dave and Suzy talk to a very general audience and as i said before they say shop different TERM carriers.. Do you really think Dave gets nothing for promoting Zander? Suzy was promoting LTC, do you think she wasn’t being compensated?

I’m sure you understand suitability and know your client. As always you assume what I can and can not do. Did you not notice that the products mentioned were options to be mentioned to clients?They are potential solutions to a need. As for the investment side I have the ability to use active money management firms. I may not use my name, but the SEC and state regulators don’t play around when posting about investments. That’s why I don’t comment on specific programs. Everything I say can be verified by reading the Primerica agents agreement, or calling a local office.

I remember the days of message board debates on the Ken Young and Misled by PFS boards. Who needs all that? Yes Primerica Corp. does monitor message boards. Do a search for Regina Woods and you will see her post.

So if you need to view term quotes, go to http://www.term4sale.com If you want investment comparisons your not going to get an answer out of me. I didn’t see your clients suitability profile and I can’t give them a prospectus. 35 years. Who would have ever thought that Citi would ever trade less than a dollar a share, but it happened. Life events happen..

Well this has all been interesting. I have decided recently to give Primerica a try, so I have been using google to try and discover what people are saying about the company. Now unfortunately most of the information I get about “scams” comes from the employment end not the product end. The products do seem really good. As for the employment end, I did experience a little too much “we are so awesome” propaganda, but I didnt let it get to my objectivity, just like with all these “scam” posts I read. I think half the reason people are turned off is because I guess in some places the recruiters arent entirely forthright about the process which is unfortunate. The other side of the coin is competitors who will always argue their side is better, which is to be expected. Is the process ethical? well thats a personal opinion. Ive worked in sales before and I dont see a difference, the only difference is that its a financial product as opposed to a physical product, and no one seems to question the real estate agents or the tupperware reps. Its possible they arent as “intense” with their recruiting tho… I do get annoyed sometimes to be honest with the “pump you up” stuff, I dont find it necissary and a little over the top for sure. It certainly does offer legitimate opportunity tho, if you are willing to put in the time and do the work. To be honest, Im not. I just want something part time, Im not interested in recruiting and mentoring a bunch of people. I have no desire to get rich, and people taking a percentage of my sale really doesnt bother me. But I do feel comfortable with the products that they offer, and I do think most people would benefit from them over using a bank. I know I have.

http://letsgetfinancial.blogspot.com/ here’s another interesting blog about primerica.

by: Computerman | March 18th, 2009 (7:00 am)

MissB is correct. Some people seem to need the “pump-it-up” hype. Think of sports teams… what do they do before they break up their huddle? Ever been in Walmart after all staff are there and see their huddle ending with a cheer? I don’t particularly need it. But I am part time and enjoy helping people that NOBODY wants to help with finances because they haven’t got enough money. Primerica stresses the average person, not the most wealthy.

Nothing is any different here. It is definitely for some and not for others. If you want to help families get out of debt and become financially independent it is the way to go. If you really just want money and don’t care what you sell, then look for the highest dollars paid. And good luck with your life.

by: Computerman | March 18th, 2009 (7:26 am)

Answer This says
“I don’t know what alternatives are available in Canada, but today in the U.S. the only reason to contract with Primerica in my opinion is people just don’t know of any alternatives. Primerica isn’t a scam, but there are better contracts to be had for the licensed agent.”

Most companies pressure you into selling CV policies that are NOT good for the client. We have several who came from other groups such as Investors, etc. because they did not want to be pressured to sell the wrong thing.

Part-time, not many companies are interested in you. Primerica is. It gives a person a chance to get their feet wet but not jump in whole hog.

In Canada, critical illness insurance is a waste, we HAVE health care! In a few cases it might be okay. However we just read an AIG critical care policy that a 56 year old lady had paying $100 per month. There were SO MANY EXCLUSIONS that it would be worthless!

If you are looking to help people, Primerica is the way to go. If you are just looking out for your own interests, then perhaps you should be some place else.

I only say this because 80% or more of the people we meet have been sold THE WRONG INSURANCE for them. That makes business for us and helping the client at the same time.

by: Answer This | March 18th, 2009 (3:58 pm)

Computerman it seems Primerica people seem to not understand we former PFS agents if not all have just switched marketing organizations. As PFS only offers their captive products, we have access to many different carriers and products. We market the products we decide to market. we are not beholden to any one carrier. If we run into a policy that isn’t in the best interest of the client, we will decide together if replacement is a viable option.

Primerica Life has a term product which you sell, we just have access to AIG America General , ING, Prudential, West Coast, Banner, Midland National, etc, Term Plans also. There are no requirements to offer a cash value policy.

Primerica agents will replace a cash value policy on the cost of coverage alone. A person can get more coverage for the premium dollar compared to a CV policy (BTID), but that’s not a consideration when comparing equal length Term vs Term and how the potential savings relate with the rule of 72. Yea I know many people think all I consider is the policy cost. That’s not true. Something I did learn outside of PFS is many different carriers have many different policy options. Just consider the different terminal illness benefit ranges and the conversion options.

Currently the marketing organization i’m with doesn’t market in Canada so I won’t comment on the critical illness as I also don’t know anything about how the health care system works, but in the U.S., it’s very easy for someone to start part-time. They can get licensed and just get with a marketing organization or go direct with some carriers. Term isn’t a hard product to write. There is nothing that is exclusive to Primerica. I still don’t see why it’s a good thing to have access to different investment vehicles and P/C products, but the life product is the be all to end all.

I’ll tell you exactly why our life product is the be all to end all…

Because Term insurance is the best option 100% of the time. The theory of decreasing responsibilty / rule of 72 proves it.

Answer This:

give me ONE good example of an instances where a middle income family should have any other insurance policy other than a term policy where they invest the difference? You can’t do it. You can argue that people don’t invest the difference, they’ll spend it or what have you (which is true) but that’s besides the point. If a client decides not to employ the strategy, that’s his/her problem. But the fact remains that the strategy works. It’s our job to advise the client why they should invest the difference and hold their hand through the process, but ultimately the decision is theirs.

There’s nothing against the law (in canada) that prohibits discussing investment vehicles. People do it all the time and everything I say on this blog can be researched on Morningstar, bloomberg, AGF, Google Finance, and a plethora of other online media sources. Again, the facts are the facts. All of the funds that I market to my clients have performed at 10% (or better) since inception with minimal risk. You can’t get 10% in a whole life policy or a U/L policy. And if you do, there’s fees and all types of claw backs. Not to mention you have to borrow “your money” and cancel the insurance in most instances before you can withdraw it! You can talk about tax savings in these vehicles but when you register your retirement savings in Canada, you get a tax break proportionate to the Marginal tax bracket which you fall in. So even if you look at it from that perspective, it makes more sense to get the tax break from the investment and get higher coverage with a term policy.

The bottom line is, it’s pretty much NEVER a good idea to invest in a permanent life policy when you compare it with term. Term is the “Be all to End All”. Period.

I go back to the theory of decreasing responsibility. When that couple decides to get a life policy for the very first time: usually the couple has just had a child, gotten married or bought a house. When you go to make that choice of “what type of policy should we get?”.. and you lay out the term vs the permanent… the term policy will ALWAYS win. It never fails. In all the examples I’ve seen, and all the clients I’ve helped.. I”ve never once said “man, that permanent policy is pretty good.. we can’t do any better”.


by: Answer This | March 18th, 2009 (8:04 pm)

V. Your still going to cash value. Why? I have run across client who want a guaranteed death benefit at death. No matter what anyone else says, that’s what they want. term won’t do it. I also have had clients who have children with disabilities and they also want to have a guaranteed death benefit. Sometimes medical cost and eat up savings real quick. As I stated from other blogs I have seen people get other posters personal information and have them in court. Not me. Also as I stated above Primerca does monitor message boards. From what I understand they did have a few boards shut down.

When I talk to clients who have a history of health issues within their blood line of course I do sell a Term if they qualify, but I will stress the conversion feature to perm. As for the investment boards sure i read them myself, but something to consider is they never see a trend until it’s happening and then everyone is an expert.

You say you can tell your clients about investing the difference, but it’s up to them. Well if they only do one side of the program could it be your doing harm to them, because at some point they are going to die and if they don’t have the savings at some point the renewals are going to get expensive for their budget. There are many people from the beginning of the BTID concept who didn’t invest the difference and now they are clients for final expense plans. ALW/PFS has had a high turn over of agents, and yes it’s an issue industry wide, but many people who had perm. products in place that were replaced by term have nothing now. Not all, but I have come across some of them..Not everyone dies within 20 years and markets don’t go up forever. Today we see what can happen when people hit a down market. As for the theory of decreasing responsibility, talk to some seniors. Talk to people who divorce. Talk to people who have a job loss. Talk to people who have developed a major health issue.
yes i do understand there are differences in health care between the U.S. and Canada, but people do want the best care they can get and sometimes they must go out of country to get it, be it the U.S. or Canada.

So it’s great to sell a client term, but for BTID to work, they MUST have a side account. As I stated before most of not all the former PFS agents who have left PFS still sell Term and help their clients with investments. We just have access to many other products and carriers. More products, total freedom and the ability to have more commissions. The clients win and the agents win. If PFS is your platform, so be it. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that you guys being captive can’t do what we can do for our clients, but we can do everything you can do.

I remember the day I was sitting with a client with limited funds available for life Insurance who needed a good amount of coverage and the wife asked me is that he most coverage they could get for their premium dollar? Well I answered yes. In the back of my mind I meant yes with us PFS. Of course I knew of other carriers who would give them better rares especially considering we used unisex rates. That’s when I understood PFS was about sales and not what’s best for the client. I found them an independent and they got more coverage for their money. Yes it’s about helping the clients, the the situation didn’t meet the mission. So for all the rah, rah and guzzzling of the kool-aid there’s also the real world to consider. Things change over the course of 10,15, 20 ,30 years or whatever. Not to mention in the U.S. Senior settlements are gaining momentum in the industry.

I want to see what happens when a PFS client try’s to get a quote for their policy value and is informed that they may get less for it due to the nonconversion to perm. Will the client go back tot he agent who sold them the policy along with their Attorney? I don’t think any PFS agents have even consider that issue. Yet of course we former PFS agents just want to sell cash value no matter how much we stress we sell term. That’s the way PFS people see it. Blind to the facts.

Well i’m done.. You do you. Me it’s clients first. No mattrer how you spin it you have to do Primerica first. If you know of a product that may be better for the clients and i’m not just talking about life Insurance, you can only advise them to go elsewhere or not tell them. Per your contract you have to use your best efforts to market the products Primerica give you..Think about it..That’s not clients first. That’s not doing what’s right 100% of the time. That’s sales.

This time for real i’m done..

by: Answer this | March 25th, 2009 (9:12 pm)

So you think all we do is sell Cash value?
Give this a listen. March 18, 2009

..No this isn’t recruiting. It’s about knowing there are others out here.

Best way to make money in PFS.

Step 1: Keep your butthole upline out of your address book.

Step 2: Get FULLY licensed and learn about the entire industry.

Step 3: Find a legitimate operation and join it.

great series. i cannot stand these clowns at Primerica. total scam and they know it.

Okay- I want to work in the insurance industry, but I don’t know where to start. Primerica seems like a legit outfit to start, but I don’t want to have to deal with uplines and the non-compete and stuff like that. Is there another company anybody recommends that I can hire on with no previous experience, that will allow me more independence? Do most companies have non-competes? If someone wanted to go truly independent, where can they take the licensing tests? Do you have to be sponsored through a certain company? Kay- that’s like 4 questions! LOL


What province are you in? If in Ontario drop me a line. The key with any company you join is training and what clients you want to work with. If you want a shot at working with CAs or business owners (who are in corporated and have earnings in their holding companies) then you have to look beyond term.


Unfortunately, I live in the states- otherwise I would totally schedule an appointment to ask you some questions. Maybe I still will, email you or something. I just want to know what better opportunities there are besides Primerica, though they seem legit, I know there HAS to be better companies to work for that doesn’t rely on “drinking the kool-aid” LOL but I don’t know where to start.

Maybe I should just get my license with them, and like others have advised, to just keep my eyes wide open, and not stop trying to learn more than what they present to me. I mean, who else will pay for your licensing fees? You get to keep those if you leave, right? I see them as not a company I want to stick around with, but somene to get my feet wet, and see what’s better.

by: Answer this | May 6th, 2009 (2:32 pm)

Tiger to answer your question about the license. Yes the license is yours. Here’s a way to start business. Considering PFS offers a legal plan underwritten by Pre-Paid legal. You can sign on with Pre-paid legal directly for $49.00 or $249.. (Consult a PPL rep.).. Sell some legal memberships and take that money to pay for your licensing.

Doing it this way has some advantages. You can have two seperate business at one time. You will have the ability to offer people who may not want to go through licensing another business option. More legal products directly from PPL and better training. one business can feed clients to the other back and forth.

As for marketing organizations. You can go to http://www.hbwinfo.com/ and click on agent directory and just call and speak to someone. To be fair you can also look at

You can look at http://www.firstfinancialsecurity.com/

My preference is with HBW but you can choose who is the best fit for you…. Read the contracts. Understand who owns what and what you can take with you iof you decide to leave. As if you get to a compensation level can you be rolled back? Would you be under a noncompete? Can you advance from personal production or is recruiting required. That’s just a few question to consider, so good luck..yes thes companies are in the US.. Also call the home offices directly if you want to. Someone will speak to you.

by: Primerica Advocate | May 8th, 2009 (1:19 am)

Go Tiger join Primerica subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway a very credible company . Primerica gives an ordinary person who is giving a chance to do extra ordinary things to do in life. MLM marketing is best way to start a business with small capital..with Primerica is a cost for state license only.

by: 680tiger | May 9th, 2009 (1:42 pm)

I am new to Primerica and have become a full time representative due to my own circumstances. I am the newest statistic in the ever growing unemployment ranks and have chosen to work for myself instead of the corporate BS I have applied my life to previously. I worked all my life to become a better person; a leader. I moved my way into the ranks of management; I had my own building. Then our company was purchased and they shut the doors permananently. If you have a job, whether you are good or not, whether you have seniority or not, you are expendable. There is no security in that. A company’s loyalty is only as strong as its bottom line.

Primerica is on a crusade to help middle income America. By applying myself to the company, I have a chance to help people financially and earn a living at the same time. The focus is not recruiting. If I want to earn more money, then I do need to recruit people into the business. But I really believe in the crusade that started this company. Noone should have to rely on “trash” value life insurance to care for their loved ones. Noone should be mislead into building a savings account with banks that offer 1% or 2% when the average inflation rate is at 3% or higher every year. Noone should have to work hard to pay a mortgage and multiple credit debts at the same time. Primerica is an answer to these issues without claiming to be the best. If there is a market for the financial products we sell, then we are successful. And we are successful. Why else would a company like Primerica not only survive, but thrive in today’s markets? It’s been around since 1977 and continues to hold A ratings from Standard and Poors and the Better Business Bureau.

It should be understood that Primerica is not for everyone. That is a given in any service, product, or business. But the products and services offered must be good to some extent considering the success of this company. To bad mouth a company for any single negative experience is wrong, though. Just as it is wrong to do so when you have been unsuccessful at making the business work for you. If you cannot apply yourself correctly and consistently in any business, you will fail. Don’t take your personal experience and blanket the company as a whole with it. There are far more successes than failures that have been achieved. I know, because I am a part of it and experience it every week.

A quick word on pyramid schemes. Corporate America is the worst example of one. The higher up you go, the more money you make. The lower you are, the lower the earnings; and you are pushed down by the ones above you. Primerica should be viewed as a pyramid upside down. The person at the base earns the most, but raises those that come after him/her. He/She realizes that they cannot be successful if their downline is not successful.

by: Answer This | May 11th, 2009 (7:13 pm)

I tryto stay away, but they keep callin me back..Callin me back..

by: Answer This | May 13th, 2009 (12:02 am)

OK what does this mean?

The marketing arm is for sale? So what happens if the buyer provides a term policy that has a conversion to perm. feature? So many questions and per documentation some can’t get answered.

by: Answer This | May 13th, 2009 (2:15 am)

Here’s another article.

Take notice of ” As per one plan under discussion, the marketing arm would split from Citigroup and start selling policies backed by a new insurer, while the New York company would retain assets and liabilities from Primerica policies that have already been sold, two of the people told Bloomberg. ”

Now I ask. Considering some say the Primerica term Policy has such great value what would you do if it can no longer be marketed? Will you sell a term product that has a perm conversion option or will you leave the industry all together? This is all we have been trying to get across. It’s business. There’s no crusade. It’s not about doing what’s right. It’s business. Pure and cold bottom line business.

Now back to the question. You brought in the clients and sold them products. If you don’t like the new company and decide to go elsewhere, what will you be able to take with you? That noncompete is starting to look more and more clear now isn’t it. Don’t think the purchaser of the policies is going to just let you go back and replace that business… And people thought we just didn’t like PFS. I would think at this time it would be a good idea to consult with an Attorney and let them review your agent agreement. Is that allowed if you own the Legal protection plan?

by: Answer This | May 13th, 2009 (3:27 pm)

I just thought of something. Now this should make some of you think. You as independent contractors are under a noncompete. You don’t own your book of business or downline. Now get this. Primerica if as reported is trying to Sell the sales force? You and your team. They have ownership.

Who recruited the sales force. Who trained them? Who sold them PFS products? Your efforts and their ownership. Immediate ownership is great for PFS, but not for you. Now what about people who own their code number? How does that factor in all this? What about your long term goals?

This isn’t a rag on PFS. for them it’s a great business deal. Well what about you? What about your business interest. What are your options? Go along or leave? If you leave what do you get for all your efforts? What else do you not know that others may know? This is not a consideration that someone just thought of over night.
It’s mighty quiet……

This is the business side we talked about…

Hey Folks FYI, if you read the article…specially the 3rd paragraph of the article where it says and I quote: “Citigroup has not endorsed the plan, the news agency said, citing the people.” as per Answer this cited article (http://www.reuters.com/article/mergersNews/idUSBNG40411720090513)

This is all speculation so as to throw people off…We who are part of the company will know first hand and know more about what will happen to our company not other people who are not on the Primerica pay roll..So please stop trying to scare people about Primerica folks we’re a solid company and we are still here and here for a long time..so long as people out there still need our help..their will always be a need for Primerica services!

Answer this you said :” This isn’t a rag on PFS. for them it’s a great business deal.” well why do you keep on trying to “RAG” on Primerica..cuz that’s is what you seem to be implying and
doing with most of your comments specially your “BUSINESS SIDE” that you keep refering to…Let people do their own personaly research and experience it themselves and withness first hand what it means to be a Primerican…your experience is not theirs…so with all do respect move on please..Geez give it a rest already man! Why dont you speculate about all the other companies you dealing with so that you can attract more people to be like you instead of focusing on Primerica..who has the right to Recruit and Train people just like any other LEGITIMATE company!

by: Answer This | May 16th, 2009 (4:41 pm)

Mark C. As we know PFS recruits new green people to the company. Many have no clue about the industry and what may not be in their best interest. They hear one side. Now if it is reported that PFS may be shopping the sales force don’t you think that is something they should know about and how it may effect them? People can always go to the company and ask questions.

Hey Citigroup may not have endorsed the plan, but for a new person who is about to join the organization they should it. Some may not like the information or the questions i may ask, but some may like it. I would hope that no one would take anything I say as fact. They should read the agent agreement and go to the source to get questions answered.

As for you being in the know first hand what’s going on, do we forget the alleged document the higher ups had to sign and won’t inform the lower levels what it is about? I never said Primerica wasn’t a solid company. The issue is the contract and the pending sale or wind down. If they sell the company what effect will that have on the agent? If they sell the sales force and Citigroup keeps the Insurance business how will that effect the agent? Are those questions agents should be asking? I guess the best thing to do from a business stand point is to just wait and see what happens.

Primerica will do what’s best for Primerica. Why is it so hard for some agents to comprehend that they should consider what’s in their best interest? Are they not independent contractors? Now if it does happen and PFS does sell the sales force and the new company life product has a perm. conversion, what would you all do? No I do not expect an answer.

I understand why you are trying to imply, but what if if doesn’t get sold or loose its sales forces or Citi keeps its insurance business..what if Primerica keeps it what if just like before we became a citi company..we we’re and still are a independent well oiled business money making machine! So its not that I dont want people not to only see one side..I choose as a PFS rep to look at the positives if Primerica goes solo! But at the same time keeping in mind the other side. Remember man business goes on as usual until they’re’s a change.

Best advice ONLY TIME CAN TELL so my advice to new people ONCE AGAIN do your own PROPER research and make an informed decision for yourselves not on what written on a blog..that is let me say and opinionated discussion from mostly agents and sum people of both sides. You can never really know for sure until you try it yourselves…as the saying goes: SEEING IS BELIEVING!

by: Mark C. | June 2nd, 2009 (5:17 pm)

AT bud, I totaly understand my best interest and am not blinded okay..I told you already where Im comming from so Im sticking to my guns..I’ve meet other reps already across the kitchen table and in my perspective PRIMERICA STILL WAY BETTER! I know I cant win you over to us nor can you wins us over to you! So its good your giving you point of view..but in the end its up to the individual to experience it and decided for themselves!

by: Mark C. | June 2nd, 2009 (5:17 pm)

I understand why you are trying to imply, but what if if doesn’t get sold or loose its sales forces or Citi keeps its insurance business..what if Primerica keeps it what if just like before we became a citi company..we we’re and still are a independent well oiled business money making machine! So its not that I dont want people not to only see one side..I choose as a PFS rep to look at the positives if Primerica goes solo! But at the same time keeping in mind the other side. Remember man busines goes on as usual until they’re’s a change. Best advice ONLY TIME CAN TELL so my advice to new people ONCE AGAIN do your own PROPER research and make an informed decision for yourselves not on what written on a blog..that is let me say and opinionated discussion from mostly agents and sum people of both sides. You can never really know for sure until you try it yourselves…as the saying goes: SEEING IS BELIEVING!

by: Answer This | June 2nd, 2009 (6:33 pm)

Mark C. nothing is opinionated. Your agent agreement is what it is. Your rates and fees are what they are. It doesn’t matter if PFS is sold or not sold. PFS doesn’t matter. Mark this day in memory. You can’t compete.
Remember this new concept. Buy term and Save The Difference.

by: Answer This | June 16th, 2009 (8:55 pm)

Today I ran into a PFS agent. He tried his best to try to recruit me. I asked him two simple questions. Can you make money at PFS? He said yes, which is true. A person can make some great income at PFS. Next I asked him if he felt he was doing the best for his client that he can do or the best PFS allows him to do? He got quiet…

As Art Williams once said on one of his tapes, “You have to have a reason to be here”. What is the reason? If it’s to become wealthy that can happen. If it’s to help people you have to put people above the company. Many just can’t do that due to the Kool-aid factor. Once we talked a bit more we discovered his main goal was to become wealthy. So I just told him to do that he needs to concentrate on recruiting. Something I had discovered is people ten to hide their true reason behind another reason. He had no problem with the products or concepts. His whole idea was to become financially independent. We exchanged cards and he said he would refer people to me he couldn’t help with the agreement that I won’t poach his people. I told him I would agree wit that, but if someone ask me a question I will answer it and do a 3 way call with him.

I remember my first opportunity meeting and I saw the evils of cash value. Then I found out family members owned some Whole Life. Well I got them out of that. It wasn’t about the commission, it was the mission.

Well one day I found out some other information about other products and opportunities outside of PFS. So today it’s still about the mission and not the commission (that takes care of itself) so I had to make a decision. Now when I sell the mission, I can look myself in the mirror and know I didn’t have to hold back information to make a sale… Yea I know people are going to say they can look in the mirror with no problem. Well can you look into the eyes of the person looking back? Did you do what’s best for the client or for the company?

Something to consider is when looking at the MLM side. The recruiters and the companies don’t care if people quit. What they want is the warm market list. If an agent quits, the upline/RVP gets the client’s and or the downline. Just consider how many people through the years who have gone through the company. Who do they go se first? Friends and family. The ‘mission is to get people in the front door, the meat is the warm market. So does it really matter if the rates, fees and commission schedule is a bit off balance from what can be had outside of PFS? No. You just have to look at the system. keep them coming and going.

If people quit, just say they couldn’t hack it or they were not committed to their goals. There are some people who do like their jobs. That’s not a crime.

by: Answer This | June 17th, 2009 (9:08 am)

Can any one of the Primericans explain to me what this means?


by: sunyt888 | June 18th, 2009 (1:09 am)

Is it clear what this mean? why you are so sensitive about this?
A bitter person who is trying to put down primerica because he did not really get what he wanted from the company.

Really don’t know what do you mean there is better options for clients? If you have better option, have you find a better way and build a better system to deliver the products to as many people as possible? You really don’t really understand primerica’s distribution system. So stop keeping posting those bitter things about primerica.

by: sunyt888 | June 18th, 2009 (1:17 am)

answer this, could you tell people what this site saying about primerica means?

Primerica is one of the 22 Strongest Life Insurance Companies: http://www.thestreet.com/print/story/10503052.html

I just want to know (since a PFS agent told me that they are the only company that offers this) do any other companies offer 35 year term insurance? Are there any other companies that offer 35 year term?

Also- how reliable are the renewal rates that are quoted? I was told from a PFS agent too that their products are better, because they may cost more than other insurance companies, but their renewal rates are lower. Basically saying that other companies are cheaper on the front-end, but more expensive on the back-end, and that’s how they can be cheaper on the front-end. But if they can only guarantee the first 20 years, how can they be so sure their renewal rates are nothing but quotes that can’t be changed? The PFS agent I talked to said that in the history of Primerica, there has never been a person who renewed their insurance with them that went higher than what they were quoted at 30 years previous (or whenever they were originally quoted their insurance). I’m curious about that.

@ Sunnyt888- Top 22 isn’t really anything to brag about. Top 10, sure. Primerica is a good company, nobody disputes that, but c’mon- Top 22? Why not find something that says Primerica is Top 10 or Top 20? Why Top 22? LOL Plus- this link is the only one “The Street” that lists them in the Top 22. It is good that Primerica has good ratings, but it will be interesting to see what happens when the selling of Primerica is done; if their ratings can stay the same.

by: Answer This | June 18th, 2009 (6:44 pm)

If the list is important why not leave primeric and go to State farm? I have never said PFS was a weak or unstable company. The issues are the products and the agent contract. have you forgotten that per news reports the sales division of PFS was for sale and not the insurance business?

Tiger something to consider is when taking in the program that the pFS agents suggest there shouldn’t be a need to renew a policy. Considering every client is going to be financially independent why would they need any coverage beyond their initial term period? As for the renewal rates being cheaper do they lock the rate and face amount until say age 100?

Does the PFS agent know about guarnteed U.L.? Currently American General Offer a 35 year fully guaranteed Tem Policy. That being said many life companies are adjusting rates and term length due to reserve requirements. So many products are going to change this year. Something else to consider is industry wide term only goes to claim about only 2% of the time. So that being said another way of looking at is there’s a 98% chance the term policy won’t have to go to claim.

Let me say this, from a business stand point you guys (Primericans) by having blinders on have no clue what is going on with your “competition”. If Primerica could offer me a better opportunity and contract at this very moment I would move myself and any members of my team who would like to follow me. It’s business. HBW will do what’s in their best business interest and I look at my business interest the same way. you guys take all this personal. I don’t.

I don’t have to go in the back door. People can get quotes from my website. In the very near future clients who want a mortgage will be able to go to our individual sites and apply for a mortgage (Nationwide and no licensing required) and get instant approval. We are going to be recruiting Real Estate agents to be able to offer mortgages and who can feed us Life business. Did I also mention we will have the ability to get nonresident license nationwide if we so choose. Why, because people can get quotes on our sites. Shall I go into the series 65 RIA option? You guys are so blinded by the hype you can’t consider what may be in your best interest. Have you ever read “Who moved my cheese”?

Stay where you are. Say your compensation is the best. In the big picture it doesn’t matter. There are too many people out here looking for an opportunity. Side by side across the kitchen table I can say Primeica can’t compete. Our agents are given a basic complimentary web site. That means FREE.

As I stated before. People can make some great income at Primerica. Just don’t think PFS is the be all to end all. Primericans are not employees and if PFS wanted to they could shut the company down. They will do what’s in their best interest and so should you. Cash value isn’t evil all the time.

Here is an article that cna make you say hmmmmm.

It’s ok to be loyal. I’m a loyal Cowboys and Yankees fan, but i’m not blind. At sporting events they will take my money and not care if i don’t come again. Just like PFS they don’t care if you stay or go. There’s more coming in behind you and in most cases they will buy PFS products out of loyalty. So yes you can say “We are Primerica”, but in your contract they tell you you are independent contractors. See you at the top.

by: sunyt888 | June 19th, 2009 (1:31 am)

Still want to continue to “brag” more.

A.M. Best, the oldest and most widely recognized rating agency dedicated to the insurance industry, recently affirmed Primerica Life Insurance Company and its Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada subsidiary’s financial strength as “A+” (SUPERIOR);

this rating is assigned to companies that, in the opinion of A.M. Best, have a superior ability to meet their ongoing obiligations to policyholders.

by: Asnwer This | June 19th, 2009 (4:27 pm)

sunytt888 i’m not bragging on anything. Step back for a moment and consider the business side. There are many other different carriers in the industry. Here are some http://www.hbwinc.com/business_pipeline/life_product_details.shtml

Your still taking all this personal. My post wasn’t about comparing HBW to PFS. There’s no comparison. It was just an example of what is coming and what you will be up against. You are your own business and you have every right to run your business as you see fit. If your goal is to become financially independent it can be done inside or outside of Primerica. You just can’t go around saying “We do what’s right 100% of the time” or you have the best opportunity going. It’s just not true. If your goal is to do the BSET job possible for the client that’s true to an extent. the only problem is you can only do the best job you are allowed to do. Which means your loyalty first and for most is to the company, NOT the client.

You quote AM best….How important would the rating be if they wind down PFS Life? I still can’t see how you guys can still actively recruit people without knowing what’s in he future. What are you telling new people?

You see as independents if one carrier has an issue we can just use another carrier. Contrary to what you may believe Primerica Life is not the only carrier in the industry. Don’t take all this personal. If PFS is the platform you wish to use, I say great. Stay there, just know your options and your competition. Beyond all the rah, rah and the kool-aid there is a business side.

No one has even tried to ‘Answer This”. After being in the business 30 plus years, where are all the financially independent people Primerica has produced. At one time in the ALW days they were running with over 200,000 Agents strong. Currently from what i hear you guys are at about 100K. At this moment there should be a 30 year track record. Buy term & Invest The Difference. In the current economy I would think PFS would be all over the news/media with all the success stories of the millions they have helped become financially independent over the course of 30 plus years. Think about it the next time your served kool-aid. The bottom line is this is business. That’s why you sign a contract to represent PFS…

by: Answer This | July 1st, 2009 (10:09 pm)

This time for real i’m going to lay off the Primericans. Why you may ask? Because i’m going to start recruiting more PFS agents to my team. Don’t worry Mark C., or Richard your not a consideration..

It dont matter what you do will always beat you! We are champions ands fighters fighting for our financial freedom and doing whats right for the consumer..think or believe what you want and say whatever you want it wont make a difference nor an impact on my business and other primericans! Im not talking anymore and still I get my name in your useless comments and your saying this: “This time for real i’m going to lay off the Primericans…” B freaking S man get moving on and focus on your business and stop wastin your time because your gona need lots of it if your gona have da slightest of chance to beat us! Stop talking da talk and start walking da walk!

Geez can’t believe have to answer ur mindless comments again neways asta la vista hombre!

WE’RE NUM#1 always and forever!

P.S Its not kool aid..just in case your reply againt about that its REALITY!

by: Answer This | July 3rd, 2009 (4:57 pm)

LOL…Who is we? You can’t even beat me on a message board. I bring facts and you bring hype. Shall we go into Richards cussing? LOL, and you think you can compete across the kitchen table? “MY” business is growing. Your platform (PFS) in up in the air.

No impact. I have a few agents in my pipeline coming over to the light at this moment. get this I didn’t recruit them. I gave them information and they recruited themselves.

What’s crazy is you guys are being blasted all over the net. I can see a name change coming in the future. I’m sure you have noticed I have never called you out of your name or cussed at anyone. As for wasting my time that’s from your perspective. LOL..Chill out, Chill out ,It’s going to be ok… ” WE’RE NUM#1 always and forever!”..Looks like hype to me again…Is that all you have? See you at the top.

Whatever man get a life ..message board my arsss who cares what matters is what my clients and my people think of my business..im not here to get your approval Mr. I think I know it all! Your pipeline filled with too much kool aid so drink up dont wast my time man..You think your getting credibility and leverage thru message boards pleeeeassse! You know what your not even worth a nother reply cuz all your try to do is make yourself look better so that you can “TRY” to make us look bad! Man you know we already discussed about this and even parted with good words and you still bring my name up in your miningless messages so dont include my name cuz your cant even put your real first name Mr Anwswer this nothing!

Check this out for the people who need the truth:


“A Business Opportunity worth considering” by the Editor himself Ed Magedson of ripoffreport.com!


“A.M. Best Co. has affirmed the financial strength rating (FSR) of A+ (Superior) and the issuer credit ratings (ICR) of “aa” of Primerica Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries,”

Face it Good Credible sources are talking amazing things about US” “WE”meaning our company…wow that was a no brainer ! U prob got a brain freeze from all that kool aid and hype thats gone to your head! Where your proof your back up from 3rd party credible sources..that mentioning your name…”Mr. Answer this” company is rated…what sorry cant find you ..or HBW…where you @ man you just seem to get it WE are a company of destiny and a Force to be recon with cause we have a mission to help people change their lives!

Your just a sour milk trying to sour everyone elses milk with your bad history @ our company cuz you probably got kicked out for doin the wrong thing and got caught or you quit cause you cant rip off your clients as much as you want to! so you went somewhere else!


I get the final word so Im blocking thise freaking messge board from my email cuz your milke is getting more rotten as you keep talking! I dont wana get infected by your disease!

Watch out yall you might get contaminated by negative people WARNING WARNING RUN AWAY AND STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE…Their cancerous! Peace!

by: Answwr This | July 4th, 2009 (9:57 pm)

The closing point of a Primerican Mark C.

“Your just a sour milk trying to sour everyone elses milk with your bad history @ our company cuz you probably got kicked out for doin the wrong thing and got caught or you quit cause you cant rip off your clients as much as you want to! so you went somewhere else!”

This is not true. My question to the Primericans is how can facts be cancerous? Many times I have asked them to just prove anything I have posted to be wrong. I have no ill will towards PFS, they are just another company who has a right to do business as they see fit.

One issue is the mindset of the agents that they are the only organization who is doing what’s right for the consumer. That’s just not true. Some agents who are independent contractors are so blinded by the hype they don’t even consider other business options that may be in their best interest. When I was there were we trained to ask clients which is better. Making an emotional decision or an educated one? Well to me that worked both ways. Leaving PFS was an educated decision. NOT an emotional one. I stopped drinking the kool-aid and tried water. Pure and factual…

I may not agree with Mark C. or Richard or other Primericans, but deep down I know they are good people. I may tune them up a bit at times, but none of this to me is personal. I know where their anger towards me is coming from because I was once the same way. It may take some time, but they and others who have read some of the posting here have started their journey towards going independent somewhere. As I have said before. The best way for agents to stay at PFS is to not read message boards. Facts don’t lie… When your only rebuttal is hype that says a lot..

Wait a minute I said I wasn’t going to post anymore…

my sister in law is getting involved with primerica in montreal and we got a first session led by her mentor yesterday. i certainly do not feel comfortable with the family/financial advisor combo.

i am not into finance at all – nor sales, nor insurance. critical mind simply calls for information about this approach to fantastic world of finance. i want to thank you and all contributors for sharing their diverse and – for some extremely – experiences. such balanced insights are rare as most posts either share hate or adoration of that primerica thing.

i start from ground zero. my situation is very average. i do not intent building business making with them – but is there anything worthwile as a customer? i found the first session pretty insightful
as it brought my nose back to stuff i do not fancy smelling. basically my sister in law’s mentor made her primerica presentation and got our financial infos. they are supposed to be back tomorrow. any advices? or suggestion of questions we should ask as potential customers?

by: Answer This | July 5th, 2009 (9:24 pm)

Hello Djela, I don’t know of many options in Canada, but you can go to this site for other information if you get no response here.

People post some great information that even I myself “borrow”.

by: The Financial Blogger | July 6th, 2009 (5:25 am)

Hello Djela,

The best advice I can give you would be same for every company you would deal with:
– take down as many notes as possible
– ask as many questions as possible
– ask for the plan (they will probably say no ;-))
– go with your questions, notes and plan (if you can) to another financial advisor (independant or at a bank) and validate what has been said.

If everything makes sens, then go with them 😀

I said it before, the color of your banking/investment/insurance statement doesn’t matter, it’s the advisor that does.

Hey! I have worked with insurance companies and I have worked with banks. I know what both sides are doing to consumers in terms of profits. I still believe in buy terms and invest the difference and that has always been the crusades for Primerica. People who quit Primerica and went out to offer Universal and Whole Life policies to struggling consumers obviously are not in for the help, but are in for the money that’s why they quit. That is not debatable. The proof is also obvious when it comes to service. Check out the Investment Executive for June 2009.

Link: http://investmentexecutive.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx

Primerica ranks number 1 in basically all categories which covers products, quality and service. I am really proud to be a Primerican. The clients should also be proud to be part of Primerica. It does really show that we are doing the right thing at all times. Whatever Citi does to Primerica doesn’t really matter. Whatever changes or transitions go on in the next few months doesn’t really matter. What matters the most are……..we are the only company who actually stand out on everything. Our crusades will go on. Our debts and liabilities will stay zero. We are composed of very strong teams and strong leaders. We will still be winning and we will still be part of Primerica.

by: Answer This | July 6th, 2009 (8:57 pm)

Kate. Please stop saying people who left Primerica left to sell Whole Life and universal life. That is NOT true. Many of us left so we can truly do what’s in the best interest of the client rather than what’s in the best interest of the company. As a business person in my opinion the agents should be concerned with what Citi does with Primerica. You as independent contractors have signed contracts that can have some material changes that may not be to your benefit.

You say ” What matters the most are……..we are the only company who actually stand out on everything.” As usual this statement is NOT True.

Tell me! What kind of policies would you offer somebody who is struggling financially? Most agents who offer policies other than terms would offer whole life or universal, mainly because it feeds them more money. Carrying a variety of products from everywhere does not necessarily mean that you will be able to help these people in needs. You know very well that all these companies have criteria to qualify for loans, and insurance, etc. If you would look at the policies closely most of these companies offer products such as accidental, critical illness which have huge requirements to be able to get the death claims. Regardless, your market are the rich people. We work for the middle class and eventually the poor (if they are open enough to accept Primerica concept). I would not stick with Primerica if not because of the concepts they have. Terms have lower commissions, why would these Primericans stay if not because of their passions to help people. I have been there working for those companies before. I could always go back, but prefer not too. The proof is there in Investment Executive, June 2009. Yes, this is only mutual funds, but it does have a lot of things to say about the company and how it works.

Kate u said it right! Your awesum! Good luck in you PFS career! I hope you help tons of people!

Oh AT i pity you all you have i guess but the look and sound of things you’ve been saying that your outa options…your only left with trying to recruit people on messages boards…well I guess your cool aids run dry since you cant afford it anymore so you switch to water..its free!



Oups I THOUGHT I WOULD NOT REPLY..damn now your gona spoil the worlds water supply!

by: Answer This | July 8th, 2009 (2:57 pm)

Kate hear this. Not everyone who has left Primerica left to sell Perm. products. Have you ever heard any of Art Williams early speeches?

You see after the kool-aid has lost it’s power some of us realized that this industry is a business. The goal of Primerica is to go to a clients home and leave them in a better financial situation than before they talked to them. Many of us who left wanted to be able to offer our clients some of the BEST products available and have the freedom to run our business as we see fit for us as an individual business person. Yes we do offer other carriers term products. Yes we do have the ability to offer Legal plans. Yes we do have the ability to use brokerage firms for LTC, Fixed/Indexed Products, Offer Mortgages and get other licenses if we see fit, Some of us just wanted freedom. Why would someone who is just looking to make some part-time income want to be in a captive situation. There are many different products that can be offered with a Life/health license.

It’s great you like PFS and the products. Now have you ever compared contracts with other organizations? You see your loyalty is to the company. As an independent agent I have no loyalty to any company. If one carrier is a better fit for my client, that’s who we go with. No one company can be all things to all people. Mark C. I don’t need your pity. I can do everything you can do for a client at Primerica, but you can’t do everything I can do outside of Primeica.

As for recruiting PFS agents, all I have to do is give them factual information and let them decide which is better for them. Refrigerator A, or Refrigerator B.

Kate says “Most agents who offer policies other than terms would offer whole life or universal, mainly because it feeds them more money.” Why do PFS agents have to pay for brochures? Why do PFS agents have to Pay to use software? why does PFS have a noncompete in the agent agreement? Why do agent have to give up legs to go to RVP? Why does PFS have a full-Time requirement at RVP? Why don’t agents under RVP not be paid renewals on some products? Do you know agents outside of PFS can sell LTC and be paid renewals? Do you know associates outside of PFS can sell legal plans and earn renewals and have ownership after a year. Then get this if the associate dies all that’s required to pas on the business is for the surviving spouse or whomever is to have a membership.

So Kate here’s a bit of homework to do. as we know going into any business we should have an exit plan. Ask your RVP if you left PFS today what would you be able to take with you. This is not about being pro or con PFS. It’s a straight business consideration.

As for the riders such as critical illiness or accidental death people can always just say no thank you. What about an increasing benefit rider? Why not just sell the correct face amount? You see today people just don’t die. Some times they will get sick or disabled. Has Primerica given you guys a disability policy to offer your clients yet? Do you know when people have a critical illness there are some cost health insurers may not pay? The policy will pay a lump sum which can help with other cost, medication or whatever. Let’s remember you stress BTID. Now let a major health issue come up and let’s see what happens to that side account. Accidental death is exactly what it is. Have you heard that only about 2-3% of term policies go to claim 2-3% of the time?

I have been in Primerica and I am now outside Primerica. Talk to anyone who has left and went independent and they will tell you it’s a whole different world. I have yet to hear of anyone going back.. No hype, just facts. For the right person Primerica is where they need to be. If you like it, stay there.

Let the cash value mindset go.

by: 2thebrainwashed | July 9th, 2009 (9:59 pm)


Do you have to die to get paid on critical Illness. CI is a marvelous product. Your company is behind in times. Out of all the companies out there, Kate, your company should be pushing this. It is your market the middle class that is lacking health care. It is you market the middle class that has major financial setbacks when diagnosed suffer from a major medical condition. And you guys claim to be the only company helping the middle class. What a joke!

Kate do your homework on critical illness. This is the one product that can keep your flawed BTID concept in place should one suffer heart attack, stroke, kidney failure. You are the perfect person to sell this product. Why? Diagnosis of cancer is one of the claims that is paid out the most on. What kind of cancer? Breast cancer. You are missing out on a great product that can secure your clients financial goals.

Kate you are proving what many have said before that you guys aren’t knowledgeable on the other products in the industry. Accidental insurance, who sells that? I never seen an accidental death insurance agent. Maybe you mean they come in the mail. Consumers buy it because it is so cheap.

by: Answer this | July 15th, 2009 (12:35 am)

Due to the potential headaches that can come from telling the truth this is my last posting. I wish everyone the best. This doesn’t mean I won’t still be reading the post.

Answer this: NO!! Don’t stop! It helps me. If you’ve helped one person, then it was all worth it, right? Please don’t stop responding. I like your posts.

The difference between broke and success is effort and a NEED for a change but most people are afraid of change which is why most are broke. People are afraid of what they don’t know. So instead of being afraid and modest, naive, and losing your money, why not help a cause and do good in this world. That’s why i do it and I am successful. Because it is to help the middle market that might not survive the outcome of the economy when it gets strong. With the constant rise of inflation – and you are excited for a 3% raise at work – you are not making more – you are making less. WHy aren’t people uinderstanding this?!?!?!? I feel soory for the ones that are getting ripped off without knowing. And when banks screw people over becuase they dont care. Well Primerica cares. And we want to help the middle inclome families that may not be investing in their future, or properly insuring their lives so that they don’t leave their families behind with a monthly reminder of bills.
This is why. Be inspired by change. Don’t back down or shy away from it.

by: Answer This | August 7th, 2009 (3:45 pm)

KS do you believe in your own words? “I feel sorry for the ones that are getting ripped off without knowing.” You also say ” People are afraid of what they don’t know.” Many of us who have left PFS have done some research and found there were some things we didn’t know that we didn’t know. If your goal is to really help people wouldn’t you want to be able to help people the best to your abilities?

Richard take notice of this comment from KS: ” And we want to help the middle income families that may not be investing in their future, or properly insuring their lives so that they don’t leave their families behind with a monthly reminder of bills.”

****Lump sum death benefit plus a rider with a guaranteed monthly amount for up to 40 years..

***I’m not implying anyone should leave PFS, just understand there are other options you just may not know about. Pete Bogartus (I think that his last name) many years ago when I was at PFS he said “Being broke is a situation, but being poor is a mindset.”

“Be inspired by change. Don’t back down or shy away from it” Words to live by.

My brother was recruited by a family member to join Primerica and it has destroyed our family.

When he joined, he approached me and some of my siblings about buying life insurance and getting a “financial plan”. Just like you described, he came with his mentor to deliver a sales pitch. Only, he came into my home under the guise of this appointment being part of his “training”. I felt kinda betrayed by this, but I figured, what the hell – let it go.

They took my financial information and came back with this report. It seemed obvious to me that they just input this info into a program and it spits out….well, nonsense.

His mentor told me I should pay off my student loans first because it was the highest balance…and pay my car loan last. Mind you my student loan was at 3% interest and my car was 15% (i had bad credit after school but its great now!). anyway, I had worked in Trusts and Investments before so I had some background in this and worked with some of the best investment/personal bankers in the industry and this was an obvious thing – you pay off higher interest debt first!

And of course the only solution they offered me was life insurance. Very overpriced life insurance. I told my brother I wanted to do some research first before I commit. I found that I could get double the coverage for the same price and if they could match that I would go with Primerica. But no response. Basically my brother has disowned me becuase I didn’t buy from them. That was three years ago. He won’t speak to me anymore because I didn’t “support” him and says that I have no idea how to run a business or know anything about entreprenuership…blah blah blah. I am just shocked that this is a tactic they use. Anyone have a similar experience?

Student loan 3% FIXED? Or revolving??

I only have one thing to say, you’re broke aren’t you?? You will probably be my pool boy someday!

by: The Financial Blogger | October 27th, 2009 (4:43 am)

Hey Rachel,

yeah, I am so broke that my wife doesn’t have to work and she is staying home taking care of my 2 children while I work only 4 days a week and still making almost 6 figures income…and I am 28… I am really really broke! LOL!

I was with this company when it was AL Williams about 21 years ago, at that time I was 21 years old and didn’t know anything. They told us just bring people to the meetings and you will make money, but they didn’t tell us that your up-line is going to take THE BEST PERSON that you signed up (I never made a penny from the person that I brought into the business & he is a SNSD making over $3 mil. a year). I stood around for about 2 years going to meeting and also got to be on Art’s TV Show in Atlanta, but I still wasn’t making any MONEY. I’m glad I got OUT. I finally found a business that helps their clients & pays their reps very well with out taking your BEST PERSON.

You should have not quit is all I can say.Watch Primerica grow and others shrink.

Hi u out there, any help…..
I got invited by a friend to join Primerica, but still have doubts about this company…Had my FA done & had submitted my RESP reports,savings & any credits/student loan….My point is,why will I not be able to have a different bank account s/where,& what if this company is broke ,what will become of my funds…….will have to think over & over…hmmmmmmmm
Any one who has benefited from this company out there????

Thank you for your point. I found that it was neutral enough to me.

Maggie, Primerica is okay. It is a sales job and it can take a longtime to make money there. I was with Primerica about 8 years ago, and working there I realized that I did like that kind of business. But Primerica was not for me. Now I am an independent agent, and it is alot easier to make sales since I can offer many insurance companies instead of one. Give it a try, atleast it will be a good start to see if you want to have a career in that field.

I’ve been with Primerica for about two weeks. I’m going to get licensed and be in the industry that I want to be in. So all in all, I say, at worst this is a resume boost for financial services, spend a couple months, I’m on unemployment benefits anyways, who cares if my trainer makes money off of my contacts, that’s not my fault or purgative either. I just want the licenses, and then, if Primerica is such an opportunity, show me the money. Otherwise, I’ll move on, with my licenses and a leg up on(finally after years of trying), breaking in to the industry and doing what I really want to do. I’m very cautious about the mental conditioning they seem to be trying to pull, the 5000 some-odd people making 50K and blah blah, who cares? All the hype almost made me walk away from it. After all 5000 or 7000 people out of a 100000 active employees is kind of SHABBY if you ask me. Pretty bad f’king odds.

My contacts don’t HAVE to buy anything. I’m not putting a gun to their head. Jump through the hoop a little, let them do their pitch. Primerica people are really not bad people, and the company isn’t an evil thing. It might actually be a good hearted company. The companies that they are trying to render obsolete are the evil companies. If someone I care about buys something, I don’t care, I respect everyone I would forward for a training session enough to believe that they would sensibly make their own decisions.

The bottom line, after reading this blog, a 2 year long debate, is that Primerica is fine, you CAN make money, and probably will if you work at it. It isn’t evil, it has certain weaknesses, the licenses are a big help to moving on to being independent, or obtaining other financial services positions.

I don’t see the problem here, it seems pretty give and take to me. I appreciate this long discussion and all of the perspectives. My education is in philosophy, and as a result I tend to question everything. If you’re interested in Primerica, give it a shot, what the h*ll.

But Keep your head on straight, think for yourself, pursue your own interests, and have an open, but guarded mind. Personally, I think Primerica is an excellent deal and I’m really happy that I’m doing this.


Great Web page TFP, you’re doing a good thing. Your initial discussion and conclusions were excellent as well.

Hi all, I just wanted to share something. For the people with Primerica I am hoping someone could give me their solution to this scenario. Say you have a single mother age 35 with a cash value policy, and she currently has a $50,000. This woman is a non-smoker and in excellent health. She has the policy to provide for her son in the event of her death. The policy has a current surrender value of $2,200.00. How much would it cost for her to get a 20 year level term (since her son is 6 years old, and she wants the benefit until he is atleast 25)? The question is really a two parter.

1) What would you suggest she do with the surrender value of $2,200 if she replaces the CV policy?

2) What would be Primerica’s best rate for a 35 year old female, non-smoker for a 20 year term with a death benefit of 250,000?

I am going to post my solution, but I would really find it beneficial for someone that is with Primerica to give me their real solution to this scenario. Dont let my response deter anyone from suggesting their solution.

Here it goes. Product I would suggest is a Colony Term UL 20 policy from GLAIC “Genworth”, which Primerica offers very good LTC through.

1) Since the policy is a Term UL this policy can take a 1035 exchange into it “1035 is Tax-Exempt Transfer” from her existing CV policy of the surrender value of $2,200.00. Since it is going from life insurance to life insurance no tax penalty or ordinary taxes due. The 1035 exchange occurs with-in 30 days of the client being uderwritten preferred best no-nicotine use.

2) The Monthly Guaranteed 20 year level premium for a $250,000 Guaranteed level face amount is $0.04 per month. Or if paid annually $0.34 per year. Yes that is right, FOUR CENTS if paid MONTHLY, or THIRTY FOUR CENTS if paid ANNUALLY.

And just for the sake of comparison,… and commissions are not the reason any of us sell. Since we are there for the clients best interests. Te total commission for the policy is as follows ( multiply your life insurance commission contract to get an idea of what your comp would be)

If client paid monthly or annually total commission = $146.88

In my case that would mean I would get paid $132.19 overall for helping someone replace their bad CV policy and increasing the death benefit FIVE TIMES for .04 a month or .34 per year for 20 years Guaranteed.

As I said earlier, please do let me know what the best solution would be from the Primerica people that read this blog.

Thank you All

Thank you so much for this post! I recently heard about Primerica from a friend whose friend took her to one of their “Christmas parties” and she warned me to stay far away. I’ve been looking online for more information on them after that, and this is the least biased, easiest to understand explanation I’ve read.

by: Primerican | January 15th, 2010 (3:12 pm)

Hello everyone and of course TFB, first I just want to say how exhausting this debate must be for you.

I’ve read your posts including those by Mike and although you claim that you’re not biased, despite efforts you kinda are. No matter how you flip the page, you are an outsider looking in.

There is a great Chinese proverb: “You hear and you forget; you see and you remember; you do and you understand.” The last part is what’s most important. You are never really going to understand the beauty that is Primerica if you have already made up your mind. No matter how you investigate, you never really gave it a chance since you never joined.

I can’t speak for everyone in PFS but as with anything else, there are going to be honest people and there are going to be corrupt people. All we can do is be the best human beings.

Our market is our loved ones and relatives, it is true that they trusts us enough to do business but not because they can’t make up their own minds but because they trust that you will want to do the right thing and what is best for them. If I have the cure for cancer, I will want to tell everyone I know and those that I don’t. It’s as simple as that. I believe in my heart and soul that Primerica is an honest, noble, and dignified company. I’m proud to be a part of it. You don’t have to share my views, I don’t force anyone to. But I will certainly never stop giving hope to those who need it.

We have God-given gifts and talents. Just because someone is working at Wal-mart does not mean they do not have the talent to succeed. We were all born equal. Success is in your mind. And Primerica is a choice. You can work very hard in a job for 40 years and we can then compare the fruits of our labours. Some people just chose to take a chance at something that gives them hope. Those people making 6 figure income were once at the beginning but they made a choice and committed to it.

I believe that the pangs of regret is worst than the pangs of change. So just as an advice to people looking to join Primerica, give it a chance because you won’t want to think “what if…” down the road.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

by: Answer This | January 16th, 2010 (1:51 pm)

Now Primerican you say you want the best for friends and relatives. Let’s just consider an unknown referral. You go see them and they have limited funds for Life Insurance. With PFS they are rated standard and with another carrier they could get a preferred rating. As you say you want to do what’s best what would do?

Just so you know some of the comments come from people who have been inside PFS and are now outside PFS so we know both sides.

by: Primerican | January 18th, 2010 (3:19 am)

Answer This:

Every situation is different. Whether my clients are strangers or family, I will suggest the best option for them. As an agent, I am bound by my fiduciary duties to put the clients first and as a person with a good heart, I will advise them to compare carefully all the features and to read the fine print of the policy. My intentions are noble and I am not money hungry driven by a sale.

Primerica term insurance is top notch. We have a Terminal Illness Rider wherein if the insured becomes terminally ill, they can claim 40% of the death benefit while they are still alive. This will allow them to spend the remainder of their life with financial dignity and perhaps even buy more time with their families by being able to afford medications and therapy etc. Now this is just one of our awesome features among others, inlcuded with every policy.

Also I would advise the client to do a little research on the rating system of other insurance companies. Websites such as A.M. Best rank companies based on their death benefit claim payouts. Primerica is ranked A+ which is superior. During the 9/11 tragedy, we were one of the only companies that paid out death claims when other companies claimed that it was an “Act of War”. This just goes to show the integrity of my company.

Ultimately, it is still the client’s choice and they can shop around if they want to just like I would get a second opinion if a doctor tells me that I’m dying.

Working with Primerica is not for everyone. Good on you for trying it but if you found your calling somewhere else, then all the best to you!


The Terminal Illenss Rider is a part of almost every term policy, and CV policies without cost. All of the companies that I use will let you have 50% of your face amount up to $500,000. Why does Primerica only offer 40%? I have heard the story of insurance companies trying to claim act of war when 9/11 occured, and at the time I was at Primerica. However, I have not know of one company that actually tried to deny any death benefits by claiming act of war for 9/11. Can you name me one company that did and provide proof? Please let me know. Thank you.

by: Answer This | January 18th, 2010 (2:32 pm)

If you had the clients best interest at heart YOU would do the comparison shopping for them. As PFSL is captive you have to promote their products. If I remember correctly it’s in the IBA. As for ratings those can and do change. Just for grins go to FINRA broker check and do a search on PFS Securities…. You can’t have it both ways.

As for Primerica it’s not a case of working for Primerica because the agents don’t work for Primerica. The agents are independent contractors who contract with PFS to market their products. Once that truth sets in you will start to get what some of us former PFS agents are trying to inform others. It’s not about PFS the company or the products. It’s about the business side. Everything that can be done by a Primerica agent can be done outside of PFS with better products and a better contract..My commitment was BTID while at PFS and it hasn’t changed..

It’s funny how many PFS agents say it’s not about money but it’s 100% about money for PFS.. Why do you think they have you at 1099 and make you may for most everything. It’s about money. Here’s a test. Your RVP can change your commission level with a stroke of a pen to I think RVP. Go to your RVP and tell them you want to up grade your commission level. Once they say no ask them why…

At that point you should understand it’s about money.

by: Primerican | January 18th, 2010 (5:38 pm)


Great to hear that about other companies. Primerica has been around for a long time and no doubt that younger companies may have adopted some of our concepts. Older companies may have always included TI with their Terms but my issue is that they frequently offer Perm rather than Term. So although, they may have great rates, this questions the integrity of SOME agents selling policies which benefits them more and therefore may reflect poorly on the company itself (whether they have quotas or not is up for discussion).

I have to apologize as I meant to say that Primerica was one of companies that paid out FIRST while others delayed due to hoping that the casualties will be considered “Act of War”. Something of that magnitude will only create poor publicity for other companies should they deny the claims completely. I am humbled by this error. There are sites that I found where they speak of the aftermath and how it affected future situations of the sort. They would rather that the U.S. Federal Government pay for such situations. One result of this is TRIA of 2002.

The following sites might be of interest…

There are I’m sure many other sources, however as I searched, it became more and more difficult to find substantial documentation. Arguably, it may be because it is almost a decade old, or that it may have been buried by lobbyist or that I’m not looking in the right places.

I appreciate the challenge, and I try to rise above. This has also taught me a few things, so thank you for that. I am a student of life, there are still so much to discover in comparison to what we already know.

[…] Financial Blogger concludes an investigation of Primerica. I haven’t read the rest of the series, but I certainly plan […]

by: Primerican | January 18th, 2010 (6:03 pm)

Answer This:

As we all know doctors are bound by the Hippocratic Oath, which is similar to that of Fiduciary Law in the sense that they both deal with ethics. You would agree that with each doctor you visit, there will always be a better one. Now why do you choose to go to YOUR doctor?

To the best of my abilities, I sell our products based on their merits and not by trashing others based on hearsay. If and when I speak of a company specifically, I have hard proof of it mainly from experience. If a client tells me that they have term insurance, I commend them first of all, then simply ask if they want a comparison. Should theirs be cheaper, (based on age they initially purchased or perhaps a new medical condition that developed etc.) I do recommend them to keep what they have. I can help them on other things such as investments or debt solutions.

I agree that Primerica is also a business. The insurance industry is huge with tons of competition. My stance is that I can still make money here and eventually have ownership. I like the investments we offer and this creates royalty income. This is a less messy part of the business. I don’t mind starting from the bottom; I think this business is fun and the people are great. I can become an RVP when I’ve paid my dues and all the while I am learning the industry comprehensively.

Again, I cannot defend fellow Primericans who may not have given the best impression to others. All I can control is my actions and to influence those of my downlines to uphold the same integrity in their own businesses. People do business with me based on my character and credibility.

My original comment was not a debate declaration, I just wanted to offer my opinions. Maybe one day I will come to the same realization you did but I made my choice now and I can live with myself doing what I do. What you do seems great also, however just respect our differences and embrace the rest. Primerica is a wonderful combination of business and charity (in my opinion).

by: Answer This | January 18th, 2010 (8:49 pm)

I do respect the differences but I also drank the kool-aid and if there was a death with one of my clients or family i would have short changed them due to may loyalty to PFS. There’s more to it than just having an individual choice and waiting to see what happens. that may work for you, but not for me.

At PFS I was told we had the best products. Everyone else was evil. we had the best opportunity, etc. It was all one sided. It’s not about trashing others or PFS, it’s more about what’s not told. Come on can you honestly say PFS agents don’t trash other companies especially if a perm. product is in place not matter the reason? I was there I know what goes on.

Sure you can make money there, but you can also make more and quicker outside of PFS doing the same thing with more products available. If PFS is the platform for you that’s great jsut understand there are some of us who had the same belifs you have and made a business decision. It’s not about a hate for PFS. It’s more about finding out we were played for a fool.

The PFS corp. never lied. Everything is in the contract. I will just say many of us didn’t know what we didn’t know. The RVP desigination is just a title. The meat is in the contract. Outside of PFS royalty income can be a consideration on the initial sale of the product and not some title. As for credibility I worked the same way at PFS but as I said before I didn’t know what I didn’t know and it wasn’t beneficial for anyone to tell me anything else but the PFS way of doing things.

Family, God, Business….Yea right. Sell my family and friends products that benefit the company (captive)… If you can do it, more power to you…Now if they just left it at sales there wouldn’t be problem, but to make it seem like PFS is looking out for the masses?? It’s business, pure and simple…


You sound like a good guy. And thank you for the post. When I was still with Primerica and mentioned that “act of war” to an agent from a different company they posed me the same question. I could not find substancial proof of any companies doing it either. There is nothing wrong with Primerica, every company is different. This blog sometimes can sound like a Pontiac vs Chevy fight, where in the end were all car guys ” Insurance guys”.


I’ve recently started my LLQP course training and started to climb the mountain of liscensing.

Reading some some of these comments have given me a good chuckle, others have made me wince and conceed to some grimmer facts.
A man named Kevin, complaining he had been ‘accosted outside of walmart by a recruit and upline’ made me laugh out loud. First off…. Your at walmart…. and your mad about getting sucked into an evil scheme….?!
And I could empathise with 680tiger, as due to an economic downturn that sent my industry reeling, and me without a job and bills to pay.
I haven’t read every comment on this page, but I’ve gone through at least 50 at skimmed the rest to get a relatively balanced view of ideas and concepts and this is my own.

Will I’m relatively green in Primerica, I believe I have a pretty good grasp of what it’s about, and where they are blowing smoke up your ass to rope you in.
The reason I decided to join with Primerica, and not another insurance company (where I can get much better pay comission bonus’ etc etc) Is that this is something I can do and not feel guilty about it. It’s very stressed at our office that ‘you don’t steal bread off the table’ and you help the middle and lower end families get off their feet and give them hope for a future and better retirement.

Personally I like the idea of building my own business. I’m aware that someone is always going to be making money off of me…. but I’d rather take the chance at that with 100k a year, not 30..
I’m not overwhelmed by the thought of training recruits and closing my own business at the same time. Anyone with a well organized itinerary and drive can do it. You just gotta do it is all.

To me, no matter how you look at it, every damn business is a bloody pyramid system. Someone always gets a cut off your hard earned cash.
My fee to join was about 100 bucks, wich my upline paid for (as most do and should), on top of which she tells me everything she knows, takes me along with her to her appointments. Plus, everyone at our office is ready to answer any question you have about anything you might not understand as a beginner in life insurance.
I’m really comfortable with choosing this path. I see how smoothly things can run as long as you give it your all. The most difficult thing will be getting used to idea that ‘you are your own boss, you are responsible for your income comming in. You don’t just sit around and expect someone to come up to you’

If you can stand around at any other job, 40 hours a week, getting paid 15 bucks an hour, you tend to turn into a sheep. You get to rely on the fact that as long as no one sees you slack off, you’ll always get that 15 bucks an hour just by showing up and being there.
That doesn’t give anyone much of an incentive to go out of their comfort zone for the ‘chance’ of better cash.
Eventually we’ll all run out of contacts, and referals which is what some figure recruits are for… It’s a scary concept that you might have to go out and talk to strangers, chat up that barista at starbucks to see how he likes his job and if he’s got a policy or RRSPs’.

It’s kind of a fun adventure… I have no fear after what happened to me in my old career. My chances of success are better here anyway. WAY more room for advancement.

……and now to wait for the blast of comments about how foolish and blind I am to reality… hahaah

The people who benefit most from Primerica are people with kids and loved ones who depend on the principle bread maker in the house. Not to say that they cant help others. Primerica just shows them how to save there money by bringing down payments of life insurance policies, mortgages and high interest credit card debt and show them to investing or apply the extra to their debt. they Get you to go to a better type of mortgage that charges interest on a bi-yearly rate not a day to day rate, the interest % could still be the same. and trust me if you made bigger payments for those six months before interest is applied you will most definitely pay less interest in long run thus making you financially free much much sooner. They show charts and actual statements to back this up. ITs a 30 year old proven fact!!!

So for those of you who want to keep their heads in the sand, fine go right on ahead just don’t be looking for a bailout when social security runs out and your grandparent have to move in with you cause they can make ends meat with their arthritis. Meanwhile those who listened will be driving Porsches and living in big fancy houses debt free or will be allot closer to their goals then you will ever be.

And for those of you who have tried Primerica as a “employee“, you had it all wrong, your self employed, just like any self employed person if you don’t get off your fat arses and drop that super sized bag of chips from wall-mart, the same wall-mart where you where possibly approached by Primerica representatives. You will never accomplish anything. The whole MLM is just making it allot easier for regular Joes to get to the top and be financially free, so what if the guy who recruited you gets a cut, he started exactly where you are and worked hard to get above you now he’s reaping the rewards and guess what if you go out and get 10 smart people to work under you the same will happen to you and so on for them.

We are all modern day slaves and your just all to stupid to see it, working your 9-5 or longer jobs for big corporations, worker bees never become queens. So shut up and get an education in financial services.


Oh and Primerica is in the midst of buying themselves, They will be a publicly traded company some time in march, this in turn will make allot more options available from them, Their owners CITI Group are crooks and Primerica knows it why else would they buy themselves out.


I followed your discussion on another thread very thoroughly last night. I’m curious as to how long you were at PFS and at what contract were you when you quit?

I’m not going to read allllll the posts on this thread (took me hours to read the one last night), but I will respond to TFB’s comment in the very beginning about pyramid schemes….

Whenever someone tells me PFS is a pyramid, I ask them to tell me what a pyramid is. 100% of the time, they say “the guy at the top makes all the money and the people on the bottom never make any.”

Well, by that definition of a pyramid, every business in America with at least one employee/contractor/agent is a pyramid. Unfortunately, that’s not the definition of a true pyramid. We’ll address it anyway, since that’s what people are really concerned about.

When I make a sale, I receive 50% of the annual premium as my commission. My direct upline receives 20%. My RVP receives 55% (but that’s only because has trained and developed enough leaders to receive additional bonus beyond the normal 15% given to RVPs). When I promote next month, I will receive 60%, direct upline 10% & RVP 55%. The reason RVPs & above make so much more money annually than their downline is because they have MORE downlines than the new guy.

That having been said, each agent is responsible for their own promotions. The faster you work, the faster you promote.

Now let’s take a look at the true definition of a pyramid. Vis a vis, the following:

Yes, pyramids are illegal. But consider the reasons why:

“A successful pyramid scheme combines a fake yet seemingly credible business with a simple-to-understand yet sophisticated-sounding money-making formula which is used for profit. The essential idea is that the mark, Mr. X, makes only one payment. To start earning, Mr. X has to recruit others like him who will also make one payment each. Mr. X gets paid out of receipts from those new recruits. They then go on to recruit others. As each new recruit makes a payment, Mr. X gets a cut. He is thus promised exponential benefits as the “business” expands. Such “businesses” seldom involve sales of real products or services to which a monetary value might be easily attached. However, sometimes the “payment” itself may be a non-cash valuable. To enhance credibility, most such scams are well equipped with fake referrals, testimonials, and information. The flaw is that there is no end benefit. The money simply travels up the chain. Only the originator (sometimes called the “pharaoh”) and a very few at the top levels of the pyramid make significant amounts of money. The amounts dwindle steeply down the pyramid slopes. Individuals at the bottom of the pyramid (those who subscribed to the plan, but were not able to recruit any followers themselves) end up with a deficit.”

“Therefore, the bottom 3 tiers of the pyramid always lose their money when the scheme finally collapses. Consider a pyramid consisting of tiers with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 members. The highlighted section corresponds to the previous diagram. If the scheme collapses at this point, only those in the 1, 2, 4, and 8 got out with a return. The remainder in the 16, 32, and 64 tier lose everything. 112 out of the total 127 members or 88% lost all of their money.”


So therefore:

1. A person is required to pay a sign up fee.
2. Said sign up fees are paid to the recruiter.
3. The recruiter’s upline gets a cut of said sign up fees.
4. Recruiting is required.
5. Real products and services with an actual monetary value are rarely sold.
6. IT COLLAPSES, leaving everyone at the bottom in a deficit.

Now that we have a correct understanding of a pyramid, let’s take another look at Primerica.

To go to class and receive your license, you must pay $99. That $99 covers your class, materials and a background check. It does not go in any recruiter or upline’s pocket. That class & background check
are required by the state & fed, we are in a very highly regulated industry dealing with people’s money and personal identifying information.

The IBA itself states “I MAY recruit,” therefore, recruiting is not required.

Our products and services are FINANCIAL… life insurance, auto & home insurance, investments, mortgages, debt consolidation loans, PLPP, LTC, etc. Things that make the world go ’round. They of course not only benefit families, but they naturally have a monetary value attached to them.

We’ve been in business 33 years. #1 in Term ins for 26 years. #1 Financial Services company for… honestly, not sure how long that one is. Point is, while other FS & life insurance companies are going deeper and deeper into the red, we are not only in the black, we’re GROWING. Sooo…. no collapsing here.

As far as the “bottom” being in a deficit… if the agent works, that never happens. The money paid out to start up is also *reimbursed* by your trainer and/or the company within the first 30 days in my region. Even if someone else’s region doesn’t have a reimbursement program (state test is always reimbursed by the company, no matter what), the commission from one sale will cover your start up cost. You’re only in the red for a few weeks.

All of that having been said….

Recruiting is not required, however, it is encouraged in order to establish a business that you can walk away from.

And AT, Idk what all you’ve written on this thread, but I imagine it’s a lot of what you wrote on your other one, so I’ll address it here: Of COURSE we want to sell, we’re a BUSINESS. However, we are not DRIVEN by commission the way WL agents are. The guy that sold my friend’s mother her UL policy made $15,000 on that ONE SALE. Being that you sell life insurance, I don’t have to tell you what kind of garbage UL is, you already know. And I’m not accusing you of being driven by commission, you seem to be a person with the best of intentions.

If you want to be a sales person and do all the work yourself, be my guest. I would rather build a business which can sustain itself that I can walk away from in a few years.

Oh, and I just want to reiterate what Todd said towards the beginning:

In a pyramid, the “bottom” can never be at the “top.”

In Primerica, if you work faster than your upline, you can pass him/her (thereby receiving a higher contract of commission, of which your upline receives 0).

THAT having been said… If you’re working, it’s pretty hard to get passed, the way the company has everything set up. Also, the company gives you a year to “catch” the downline that passes you.

As far as AT’s strong preference for independence over captivity….. I’d rather give someone the BEST term insurance on the market, not just the cheapest.

Before you start going on and on about how your products are better than mine, I have two questions about your term products:

1) How many are accidental term?
2) How much does your premium go up at the end of their term if they decide to renew?

I know you represent a number of companies… I’m really looking to see if any of your companies renew for less than 30% of the current premium, regardless of health, to age 95. I’ve never seen a competitor’s Term policy that didn’t explode at the end of the term. If the client has been investing properly, in theory, they won’t need the insurance for their whole life. But what if, for some reason, they weren’t self-insured at the end of their term and they still need their insurance? No way they’re going to be able to afford their premium that jumped from 1700 to 40k (annual).

McDonald’s burgers are cheaper than Hardee’s, but I’d rather pay the extra couple bucks for a much better product!

by: Answer this | February 27th, 2010 (4:10 pm)

Megan I was an NSD. Not really but it doesn’t matter how long or what level. What matters is the contract and how I can service my clients. Do a bit more research and no not everything is Accid. death…

by: Answer This | February 27th, 2010 (9:12 pm)

Megan something to consider is if a person gets to end of their guarantee period and they still need coverage it would be in their best interest to shop their coverage once more. Now if there is a potential health issue they can consider converting their Term to a perm product which can lock in a face amount and premium for life.

To look at another option if the policy was a Return Of Premium depending on the contract at end of term they can take the money, covert it or just get a paid up policy..All this stuff is very basic. I am surprised Richard or others who monitor this message board has not tried to reign you in on your postings. I do feel your heart is in the right place, but as you are new to the industry I can see your only view is from a PFS perspective.

Contrary to what you may think l do have an open mind about PFS. It’s just once I looked outside of PFS and did some thinking for myself I began to understand there’s a business side to all this. it’s not so simple as Cash Value products are bad 100% of the time. It’s more of that’s not a market for PFS.

I’m not sure if you know it but some UL products can be guaranteed for years. Also some Term products can be guaranteed for the full guarantee period such as a 30 year term can be guaranteed for the full 30 years. Richard and others may say the client should trust the company not to raise rates..Yea right.. Companies don’t put stuff like that in contracts for the benefit of the clients.

Subscribe to some of the free industry magazines to stay up on what’s going on. Don’t let any company get your mind because once they do that they have you.

As for being commission driven then why do many PFS people post so and so makes this income? Yes it is about commission. Why do you think the starting commission is 25% or renewals are not paid until an agent makes a certain level? Why do you think they have replacement in place? Do you know companies will rate differently per how much underwriting they do?

It’s about commission. It’s business. PFS does not have you sign the IBA for your benefit. They know their rights, but from what you have said you have no clue of your rights.

If you wish to stay with PFS I highly suggest you stay away from message boards. That Rah, Rah stuff just doesn’t cut it.. Consider this. PFS will talk about the price compared to a Perm. product, but when it’s Term vs Term is a whole different story.

I’m truly interested in how you believe that CV can be good in any situation (such as converting at the end of term). The company keeps their savings & uses it to pay the death claim, instead of paying it out of their own pocket. The whole point of insurance is to *transfer the risk.*

I understand that there are some term policies out there that are cheaper than ours. But I also see that when they are cheaper, they’re either accidental term or will explode at renewal.

However, you make a good point about the message boards. Just re-read my compliance, and I’ll take my leave.

It’s been fun! Have a good night.

by: Answer This | February 28th, 2010 (5:53 am)

At the end of guarantee period and there’s still a need for coverage a person can shop for coverage. Now if there is a health issue or for whatever reason they do have the option to convert to a perm. product. Something you must understand is contrary to what they tell you at PFS, the CV DOES NOT belong to the policy owner. It belongs to the carrier.

The CV is there to have the policy function as it is designed. That is why people are charged interest because the carrier will lose the use of that money.

As for Acc. death I have access to a stand alone product that is ROP. Some term policies do offer an Acc. death rider. Check your renewal rates. I’m sure you will see an increase in premium at later ages. As stated conversion is an option which can lock in a face amount and premium.

Megan your new to all this. There’s a reason many people have come before you into PFS and left. Yes even people RVP and above.
When you make statements like this “McDonald’s burgers are cheaper than Hardee’s, but I’d rather pay the extra couple bucks for a much better product! That shows the Kool-Aid factor is setting in.

When delivering a death claim would you feel comfortable telling a client here’s the check but considering I feel in my opinion I sold you a better PL policy I feel the reduced benefit was right 100% of the time compared to what you could have received if you went with a competitor. You see you can do it. I couldn’t. My loyalty first was to my family and friends. Not PFS.

You can go to http://www.term4sale.com and do a comparison. Take your own program. Play around with the premium and consider the different face amounts. That’s what I did. Then I asked myself if I had to deliver a death claim to someone close to me who I sold a policy to which check would I want to deliver? PFS lost. That’s real life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the information, opinions and thoughts on Primerica. We are all squirrels trying to ge a nut. We all would like to be financially independent and debt free. As a middle class person, I have struggled all of my adult life financially with the exception of what blessings our GOD above has bestowed to me. I am finally ready to think outside the box and not become a product of my community or familiar surroundings. I’ll be the first to actually venture out with the hopes of improving my life financially as well as others. I hope that I have wonderful results so that I may serve as a witness to others who are wanting to provide financial freedom to their families. If not, then surely in the time of training, I would have learned something that will benefit me somewhere else. Either way, I win. I will give Primerica a try. I think that probably more than half of what was mentioned about their company is true. I appreciate that one of the differences may be that they are teaching families how to be responsible and wise when it comes to spending, investing, getting out debt etc. None of my bosses ever approached me to tell me how they have become filty rich. Not just that, but how they began their business or the encouragement of perhaps telling me that I can do it to. I just continued to make them richer. Primerica claims that they will give me an inside look into how to be financially independent and I am going for it. I never heard this before

From my blog….



The problem is women pay much higher rates with Primerica than almost any other insurance company in Canada. Some examples:

female born 25/01/1988 (22 years old) (preferred rating)

Term 30 $500,000 coverage

Unity Life $42.30/month
BMO Life $44.10/month
primerica $81.23/month

The rates are not even close.

What female wants to pay more (a lot more) for less coverage? Another:

Female born 01/18/1982 (regular health) 28 years old
term 20 $500,000 coverage

Equitable $26.55/month
Western life $27.07/month
Canada Life $27.45/month
Primerica $54.63/month

For $1,000,000 coverage term 20…
Here is what she can get:

Equitable $47.70
Manulife $47.99
Primerica $101.18

So double the coverage, more options for less money vs. the $54.63/month for only $500,000 of coverage.

If she wanted to be covered be covered for life. UL/T100


Transamerica $96.25/month
Desjardins $98.03/month
BMO $99.06/month


Female (Born) June 15th 1970 non smoker term 30 (regular health) (40 years old)

$500,000 coverage
Unity life $76.95/month
BMO $83.70/month
Primerica $108.30/month

Female (born) 06/15/1985 (25 years old) (regular health) Term 20

$500,000 coverage
Western Life $25.82/month
Equitable life $26.55/month
Primerica $54.63/month

So why promote buy term and invest in the difference when women pay much more? One primerica representive was quoted was saying “ It doesn’t matter that there may be lower women’s rates out there…”

Many who work for Primerica work part time. Do you want someone who works part time or full time? How about selling only one product?

I also have a new calculator person A vs. person B.
In a nutshell, term insurance for people who have non-registered money pay more taxes and have less money in retirement and leave less money behind for their families.

by: Answer This | March 1st, 2010 (4:40 pm)

Brian are you saying there’s a possibility of someone getting Life coverage elsewhere with the possibility of adding critical illness or a disability policy with the same cost they are paying with a PL policy?

I wonder how much Life coverage would the other carriers provide using the PFS premium? Using the PFS premium comparing the different coverage amounts I wonder which face amount would the beneficiary choose? Which face amount would the policy owner like to be delivered to the beneficiary especially if it’s a close family member or spouse?

PFS loyalty. Yes even beyond family..

by: Answer This | March 1st, 2010 (7:42 pm)

oh yes I forgot. Let’s congratulate Canada on the on Hockey Gold.
See you in 4..

For those in the US who would like to run some quotes on your own you can go to http://www.term4sale.com

I used regular. If you run male quotes you will see PL listed.. Now PFS is in the ball park on some smokers (males). Take notice of the difference between the annual and monthly premiums of the carriers.

For people in the US to run rates for Canada you’ll need first 3 characters of postal code.

In a nutshell Primerica charges the same rates for females as males!

So a female getting a policy gets less coverage or pays almost double with Primerica! I have http://www.term4sale.com on my site and have talked to Bob Barney (president of Compulife). He was the one who pointed out this crazy pricing to me!

Bob also has written a topic which includes the topic of Conversion regarding term insurance which Primerica does not have, to permanent policy.

by: Answer This | March 2nd, 2010 (5:00 pm)

The unisex issue is correct as with unbundling the policy of a married couple after death or divorce. Now let’s not also forget the guarantee periods.. As for conversion if it has anything to do with a perm. product they want noting to do with it. What gets me is they say they do a BTID to reach Financial Independence yet their policy will extend past their guaranteed period. Now after they design a program for the client shouldn’t the need for insurance be done with?

Yes as history will tell us people get to their later years in life and have zero debt, excellent health and have all the money they need to pass on.. ALW/PFS has been around for 30 plus years. That’s a good time frame to consider the BTID..


The prices for females (primerica) is some of the highest in Canada with less features.

Here is another example

Female preferred plus (best health rating)
born Feb 15, 1970 (40 years old)

$500,000 term 20

Canada Life $29.70/month
RBC $29.70/month

Primerica $46.08/month

Does Primerica sell disability or critical illness insurance?

by: Answer This | March 2nd, 2010 (7:21 pm)

I don’t think they sell DI or CI. They don’t think there’s a need for a product until the company tells them so. Until them it’s a rip off.

So if someone is self-employed, do they build up enough cash for one year or ten instead of getting a disability policy?

by: representingtheclient | March 8th, 2010 (6:33 pm)

Megan if you really understood how level term and whole life works then you would know why CV can be good.

Megan you wrote,”I’m really looking to see if any of your companies renew for less than 30% of the current premium, regardless of health, to age 95.” If your kids are going to be grown, out of the house, house paid off, and no debt why do you care if your policies renews? I and others are actually doing financial planning. And none us plan going to the ART rates, so the 30% is mute.

If I am wrong Megan you or someone from you company correct me. You guys policy renews but the premiums are level for 5 years then they increase right? That 30/20 term, which no one should buy if they really need coverage for 30yrs, is not that great. Here’s why. You guys like to say, “we have never raised our rates”. Legally the company can’t raise the premiums your 30 year term has not been around that long(I’m guessing less than 10yrs). When your client’s individual policy reached that 20th anniversary, the company can raise the rates. Your company has no 30/20 term policies that’s been around 20 years in force yet. You are leaving the client in suspense. Guys like AT, Brain and I will clean up the mess. Good job Megan.

CV is not a good thing. When the agent who sells it has Term insurance because he knows to buy term and invest the $ he would have paid for the same coverage w/ a CV policy into something else to get higher returns, that’s bad.

When a person buys a CV policy that leaves them underinsured or not even able to cover the debt they have, which happens a lot with CV policies, that’s bad.
This happens because the agent tries to sell CV first, and since it is so expensive compared to term, clients often purchase less coverage than they need because they cannot afford more.

When the money that is supposed to go into a client’s cash value pays the agents commission for the first few years instead of building cash value that’s bad.

When the company charges you interest to borrow your own cash value when the policy is sold to the client as a savings plan that they can borrow against if needed, that’s bad.

When the company takes the money you put into your cash value and uses it to gain higher returns that the client could have gained themself with the $ paid into their CV that’s bad.

When the interest earned on your CV is less than it would earn at a bank that’s bad.

All these things happen with CV and NEVER happen with Primerica Term. Primerica does what’s right for the consumer 100% of the time, PERIOD. If home office doesn’t think the paperwork submitted by an agent is better for the client than their current situation, they won’t allow it.

Someone tell me, what is good about CV if anything?


by: Answer This | March 13th, 2010 (6:03 pm)

Potential protection from creditors. I case of potential medicaid spend down the use of a WL with a Funeral trust. can be used for loan purposes in case of emergency or if a bank loan isn’t available. In the case of a special needs dependent that may need assistance for life. Flexible guarantee periods depending on the product…Nothing is right 100% of the time. it just may be a case where you may not know when the product is a consideration.

It’s not to the benefit of PFS to educate you on when a perm. product fits.
I have run into people who wanted a certain “Guaranteed” amount to be paid at death. That’s not a case for Term..

by: representingtheclient | March 14th, 2010 (12:47 am)

Cash value is good for those that need permanent protection. Cash value build up keeps the premiums level.

The cash value of an insurance policy belongs to the insurance company not the insured. So you are not borrowing your own money.

Suze says, “Here’s what the agent selling the permanent policy isn’t saying: You rarely need insurance forever. Life insurance is only needed to provide protection in the early stages of your life, when you have yet to build up other assets. It’s only in rare cases — if you have a disabled child who may survive you, say, or a very large estate that requires some tax planning — that a permanent policy might make sense. For the vast majority of us, term insurance is the only logical choice.


Many boomers have not built up enough assets. Jason permanent insurance is needed to bridge that gap.

I recently spoke to a Primerica rep and was a bit concerned. I am glad I found this blog because it has helped me to find some of the answers to my questions. First I would like to explain the fact that I’ve been to one of their ”trainin” sessions and the compagny does seem a bit lax and trying to hid info from a perspective employee. The guy who interviewed me never even mentionned the compagny name at first nor his official title at the compagny. He talked a lot about helping families through re-organising their financing. OK, thats fine with me. They feel they have a product that can truly help people out. What bothers me is the fact that I was called in to do a job interview, because when I spoke to the gentlemen, lets call him Mr. Ripple for argument sack (my apologies to anyone who’s named Ripple, its not by intention). I got the impression I was going to your a-typical job interview. The HR person and you sits down face to face and he/she asks you a series of questions that will help him/her decided if you’re the right person or not. This never happened. All I got was the speal about helping families. Its like going to Second Cup/Starbucks/Café Dépôt for an interview and earing about how the compagny is helping out coffee growers and their communities ! Then Mr. Ripple tells me that there’s a bunch of forms to fill out and fees to pay. Hold your horses ! Nothing about the compagny was explained to me, nothing about my role in the compagny was explained to me, and now, like a fool, I have to pay for a job I know nothing about. If Primerica wants to be taking seriously as a compagny, and lay these claims of bad behavior to rest, this kind of thing has to stop. No serious or professional recruiter for any compagny would find this kind of behavior acceptable. Don’t get me wrong folks, I paid my way through college and university, so I can handle paying my way through school. What I have a problem with is not being given clear and consis information of what I’m getting myself into. When you apply at your local coffee shop, its clear what you’re getting yourself into and the HR person tells you what your duties will be. They have nothing to hide from you because, even though you may not do the job if you find out what your duties are, they know there will be others willing and able to do the work instead of you. And they know that their competitors are applying the same basic duties to their employees. If Mr. Ripple had come out there and said straight up, ”I’m interviewing you for a potential job as a sales rep in finances”, yeah, to be honest, part of me would have run the other way. Then again, I’ve accepted a lot of jobs I didn’t really like, so how would this job be any different.
The fact that I have to pay for classes that are needed anyways ? Thats ok, like I said earlier, I’ve had to pay for classes before. What bothers me is the fact that I have no clue what these classes are. I had to go on the net and figure out what the program title is. Here in Canada, its ”LLQP”. However, I like in the province of Quebec and its a completly different licensing program here. So that brings up my next problem, what classes am I paying for ? When I went to college and university, the curriculum was made very clear from the get go. A list of all the available classes was handed out with a brief description of each class. As well as the appropriate path each student needs to take, ie, if your in science specialising in biology, you need so many classes from this bloc, so many from that one, etc….
In summary, it just seems like Mr. Ripple was trying to hide things from me, things that he had no reason to hide from me in the first place. Its like if you sell coffee and you need a high school degree to do it, why not just say so? If your compagny has the means to provide the courses needed and allows for internship, that, and the honesty, will attract more people than turn them away. Yes, there will be people who will turn down the job once they find out they’re sales rep, but honestly, thats a good thing. When it comes to sales, of any kind, of any product, for any compagny, you need highly motivated people who believe in what they’re doing and truly think that their product is the best product ever ! If not, the results will suffer in consequence.
And yes, the pyramid looking structure of the compagny is a major red flag for me. Other people making money of of my work…. But then again thats what compagny boss’ have doing for generations….

All of these problems, plus having no knowledge of finance, no experience in the field and Mr Ripple hast to have me fill out the forms and pay up the fee have me doubting joinning this compagny.

whoever’s name is representingtheclient, write back and give me an example when CV insurance would be better than buying term and investing the difference, I’m willing to learn, but right now I cannot foresee when it would be beneficial to a person. Thanks. By the way what type of LI do you have?

Caroline, let me first say I am EXTREMELY sorry that you had that type of horrible experience with Mr. Ripple, it sounds to me like you have a good head on your shoulders and like most people don’t like being “DUPED” into doing something. The way Mr. Ripple does things is not the Primerica way. Our company was founded on honesty, integrity, and credibility period. And I can tell you that Mr. Ripple has none of these things as he would not have had to try and dupe you into joining Primerica if he did have them.

I am in Primerica and I can tell you that this is not the Primerica way. The founder of our Company, Art Williams wrote a book called “Coach” about how our company came to be and I assure you he this is not the way things are supposed to be done. Unfortunately when you are in Primerica, you are an independent contractor so to speak and as such can do things like Mr. Ripple, very unprofessional might I add. The office I work out of is the #1 office out of 5,611 offices in North America. We did not get there by doing things Mr. Ripples way, and it is people like Mr. Ripple who cause people like yourself to associate Primerica with being dishonest, a scam, a pyramid, etc when we are in fact a company who has the consumers best interests in mind and are looking for people to join our crusade, not dupe them into it.

I have ran into people who hold the same oppinions as you, and who can blame them or you in light of the way Mr. Ripple does things. I agree with you 100%, and he should be shunned out of Primerica in my oppinion. Again I apologize to you.

The best way I can hope to change your feelings about Primerica is this….have you ever went to a restaurant and just been appalled at everything? Or something? Then reluctantly went to the same restaurant in another part of the city, or another city period and been completely happy with your visit? The same difference can be said about how Mr. Ripple conducts his business and how my office and Primericans are supposed to conduct our business. On another note, Mr. Ripple sounds to me like a car salesman trying to rip you off, or sell you a lemon. Have you ever been sold something that you were completely happy with the whole experience as well as happy with the person who sold it to you? That is how Primericans are supposed to be, not shady like Mr. Ripple.

Also Caroline, To your claim that it is a Pyramid looking structure, do you know how real estate works? When a house is sold, a 6% commission is paid out. For a given real estate company, there is a broker(or owner) at the top who makes 3% (or 50% of every sale, called a 50% contract) then there are sales managers below him who make something like 1.5%,or a 25% contract, providing the agent(s) who made the sale were below this sales manager. Then there are a buying and selling agent who make the remaining 0.75% of the commission, or 12.5% contract, and if one of these low end agents represented both the buying and selling customers they “double end” or make 1.5% (0.75%+0.75%) just like the sales manager above him. The broker and the sales manager make what are called overrides off of the agents who actually sold the house, which is all we do in Primerica. You may think it is the bottom agents doing all the work, but this is not the case. The people above them are the ones actually doing the work and making the sales to train the bottom people how to do so.

Now what Primerica pays us the most to do is hire and train people to become owners or brokers like in real estate, the only difference is, that in real estate a broker never wants any of his agents to become a broker because if his best agent becomes a broker, he quits making overrides from his production. Now, in Primerica, the broker (or Regional Vice President) wants everyone below him to be successful and become a broker too because he continues to make overrides off them when they become a broker. This means that the RVP will work just as hard as people below him, and I dont know about you but to have someone above me helping me make a better income is priceless, you wont find this anywhere else. The beauty about all this however is that the guy at the top does not make all the money (if this is what you are thinking), because your team has to be symmetrical so if someone below you builds a bigger team that is more symmetrical than yours, they can flank you and you will no longer make overrides off of them. This prevents people at the top from being lazy and making the lower rung do all the work. Now if you build your business right it will eventually run regardless of you being there or not which is also amazing. So you can very realistically build a business from the ground up, and in 10 years be making $1 Million a year and not even need to be there anymore. And the best part is that you would do all of this only by doing whats right by helping customers and people on your team be financially better off.

by: Answer This | March 25th, 2010 (5:35 pm)

Jason let me try this. When sitting down with a client or a FAMILY member have you ever considered if a death claim had to be paid tomorrow? Compare face amount per premium (as best you can) with different carriers.

As for CV do you know depending on the laws some people use it for creditor protection. Do you know at this very moment some people and business owners use CV for funds when the bank says no?

CV is the right product for the right situation. The PFS market is Term and a side account. If you run into a client who is close to retirement age with a spouse and pension are you going to only consider Term? What about a client who has a special needs child who will need a life time of care? Will you offer them only a Term policy?

Did you ever wonder why PFS has age ranges for the 5 pointers??

So you are saying that someone close to retirement should consider CV? If they’re going to fully retire why would they need insurance? Chances are someone who still needs insurance at retirement age is not going to retire right? Thats called rehirement. They will probably either “retire” from their current job and get rehired at a different job or simply keep working their other job.

Next, you are talking about someone who has already accrued a large some of CV right? And banks won’t give them a loan right? Well if they had invested the money they put into CV into a simple savings plan at a bank, they would have a very similar amount of $ to borrow w/o paying interest on it. And with CV if you borrow too much, you’ll have to surrender your policy which leaves you unprotected and needing insurance at a later more expensive age which is not good for the consumer, or you’ll have to spend the next 10 yrs+ paying back your CV loan + interest when you could have been building more savings at a bank in that time.

If they have a special needs kid and they themselves are at retirement age, they most likely will not be able to afford CV insurance right? And most likely they already receive assistance $ from the gov’t in that situation. In your opinion what would be the best thing for someone in that situation?

PFS has age ranges because people who are closer to retirement age are less likely to afford insurance period. We don’t want to just sell someone a product, we want to sell them a solution to their financial problems. Simple fact is, not everyone can afford insurance. AND if someone cannot afford a term product when near retirement age, they definitely cannot afford a CV product. No company can provide solutions to every person of every situation and demographic, right? What would a $100K CV policy cost at age 65 for a husband and wife provided these people were insurable and in a good measure of health? $400-$500/mo?

What type of insurance do you have by the way?

by: representingtheclient | March 25th, 2010 (8:08 pm)

62 yr old male wants to leave $100k to his daughter for final expenses and college for grandchild.
Rated at preferred rates 20year term costs:
Trans $82 montly
Gen. $88
Ohio nat. 86.51
Amer. Gen. 94
Ing 98.44

GUL product that he went with cost him $160mo. something, can’t recall. But Jason if you seriously want to learn run the numbers and see if “buy term & invest the difference” works. Also post and tell me how much your 20yr term would cost this individual.

Regardless of what you may have learn, some the population wants a permanent product. For some permanent insurance is the solution.

I have term and perm…….

Good Luck


by: representingtheclient | March 25th, 2010 (8:51 pm)

So you are saying that someone close to retirement should consider CV? If they’re going to fully retire why would they need insurance? Chances are someone who still needs insurance at retirement age is not going to retire right? Thats called rehirement. They will probably either “retire” from their current job and get rehired at a different job or simply keep working their other job.

Maybe for estate planning, if the husband has to work past retirement permanent insurance can help so that when he dies his wife does not have to work for the rest of her life. There are many scenarios where permanent insurance plays out.

Next, you are talking about someone who has already accrued a large some of CV right? And banks won’t give them a loan right? Well if they had invested the money they put into CV into a simple savings plan at a bank, they would have a very similar amount of $ to borrow w/o paying interest on it. And with CV if you borrow too much, you’ll have to surrender your policy which leaves you unprotected and needing insurance at a later more expensive age which is not good for the consumer, or you’ll have to spend the next 10 yrs+ paying back your CV loan + interest when you could have been building more savings at a bank in that time.

So many Americans are tapping their 401k’s and Ira’s but I guess that is okay?

If they have a special needs kid and they themselves are at retirement age, they most likely will not be able to afford CV insurance right? And most likely they already receive assistance $ from the gov’t in that situation. In your opinion what would be the best thing for someone in that situation?

Plan and simple Jason this need is never going away thus permanent insurance can be the solution. What do you suggest term?

PFS has age ranges because people who are closer to retirement age are less likely to afford insurance period. We don’t want to just sell someone a product, we want to sell them a solution to their financial problems. Simple fact is, not everyone can afford insurance. AND if someone cannot afford a term product when near retirement age, they definitely cannot afford a CV product. No company can provide solutions to every person of every situation and demographic, right? What would a $100K CV policy cost at age 65 for a husband and wife provided these people were insurable and in a good measure of health? $400-$500/mo?

Jason you have a lot to learn. Many seniors are buying a permanent insurance product AKA final expense. Death benefits around 5k to 25k. What kind of solution does this provide you may ask? They are usually bought to cover burial expenses. The main thing is that the premiums are level and the death benefit is level and guaranteed. It accrues CV the but the client has no interest in the CV.

by: Answer This | March 25th, 2010 (9:25 pm)

As for the retirement consideration today some people still do have pensions which leads to a consideration of pension max. Do any of your business clients ever have a question about protection from creditors and law suits? If so what possible protection can a Term policy provide?

Jason here’s another consideration. PFS offers a LTC policy. What if a client does not qualify or just can’t afford a LTC policy? What if you for see the only solution will be a medicaid spend down? Do you tell them about a Funeral Trust?

Just because PFS tells you there’s no need for a perm. product doesn’t mean they are right. They are just telling you for their target market term is the product they wish to market.

No Im not saying there is never a need for a permanant product , im simply saying that CV is not a good thing. That money could be invested elsewhere. Are there Permanant products out there that dont contain CV?

You wrote-So many Americans are tapping their 401k’s and Ira’s but I guess that is okay?

What relevance does this question have in regards to what I said? You said earlier people use CV when banks say no, if they had the same $ from their CV in a savings account vs a CV account they would not have to pay interest to use this $ when the banks say no. Also they would not have to surrender their life insurance policy leaving them unprotected. What does this have to do with 401K’s and IRA’S?

You wrote-Plain and simple Jason this need is never going away thus permanent insurance can be the solution. What do you suggest term?

Im not suggesting term, im saying if the family is hurting that bad they wont be able to afford an expensive CV poilcy if they couldn’t even afford a term policy?

As far at LTC? I would have to talk to someone else about our LTC, I have not had to provide one to a client yet as I do not know as much as other people in our company.

PFS doesn’t say there is no need for perm. product, however for our target market there is no need for a perm. product. People who are at/near retirement age and still need protection are better suited for a perm. product, however, as I said before, if they are in need of protection at this age(s) they probably would not be able to afford a CV policy.

To answer your question I do not think we offer a 20 yr term policy for someone age 62.

You never answered my question, what would a $100K CV policy cost a husband and wife at age 65 provided they were insurable and in a good measure of health? $400-$500/mo? The CV part of the policy would cost $238/mo in order to mature to $100K in by age 100.

by: Answer This | March 26th, 2010 (2:46 pm)

Jason if there’s a need for perm.coverage the cost is what it is. Yes there are Guaranteed Universal Life products where the CV isn’t a priority.

As for the affordability if there is a need for perm. coverage many carriers offer Term conversion to perm. at a later date…Then of course there is also the option of a ROP term policy depending on the carrier which will allow a paid up policy at the end of the ROP guarantee period.

Jason you say: “PFS doesn’t say there is no need for perm. product, however for our target market there is no need for a perm. product. People who are at/near retirement age and still need protection are better suited for a perm. product, however, as I said before, if they are in need of protection at this age(s) they probably would not be able to afford a CV policy.”

***There are different ways to fund a policy if needed. Someone could use part of a pension payment to pay a premium. I would suggest you do a bit of research on LTC because I’m sure some of your clients will have older parents and not many people know about asset recovery. You can project a person will have a gazillion dollars at retirement but consider the past few years. As people age the amount of doubling periods they can go through become less and less.

I ran a quote for 100K preferred male age 62, guaranteed UL to age 100 and it would be about $151.00 a month.. A Term plan for 26 years guaranteed (max allowed) would be about $160.00.. That’s just a quick look at one carrier.

As for quotes on the female they were about $30.00 cheaper than the male monthly rates using the same info..Of course all this mean nothing until underwriting but I’m sure you get the general idea.. An agent can design a perm. policy to have a guarantee period to age 100 and beyond. Yes even to age 121.

Beyond the numbers the product should fit the need. If cost is an issue that’s when it’s nice to have other options..

Ok so the UL product is ART right? So they’re premium goes up every year? If there is no CV then it is technically just basic insurance which is good, same principal as term.

What age range are most of your customers come that buy LI?

by: Answer This | March 26th, 2010 (5:46 pm)

Jason perm. is just another tool I have at my disposal. With the GUL product I can dial in a guarantee period depending on the client needs. If the client has a desire of a guaranteed period of say 40 years (someone at age 25) then I can use that product. The premium and face amount will be guaranteed **but they must pay premiums on time. Yet some do have a catch up provision…Really I’m more into this than I wanted to. My point is there are many different programs available which you may just not know of..

My potential client age range is from birth to the elderly depending on the product. I think I can do a Final Expense Funeral Trust program up to age 99..

by: representingtheclient | March 26th, 2010 (11:03 pm)

Where is my quote from your company Jason? If not a 20year what about a 15yr term? Can’t put a 62 year old in a 20 year term. Jason, don’t you see how limited you are?

What do you mean I never answered your question? Jason, you wrote,”write back and give me an example when CV insurance would be better than buying term and investing the difference, I’m willing to learn, but right now I cannot foresee when it would be beneficial to a person. Thanks. By the way what type of LI do you have?”

I gave you the 62 year that wanted the $100k of insurance. $160 a month is how much it cost. This permanent product does accumulate CV, if it runs out of CV, so what the insurance company guarantees the death benefit. Now Jason answer my question how do you solved this 62yr olds problem? He does not want his death to be a burden on his daughter and he wants to leave money for college for his grandchild. How do you buy term invest the difference that situation?

My point about tapping 401k’s and IRA’s is that it is okay to tap them pay a penalty but it is not okay to borrow from the CV. Maybe the client no longer need as much insurance. Maybe they want to withdraw some of the CV to keep his annual income down.

Jason please do research outside of your company. If you truly knew how level term insurance works then you would not have a problem with CV or permanent insurance. For instance on a 30 year level term, how do you think the premiums remain level for 30 years? I need you to try to answer this question Jason, you said you were willing to learn.

by: Primerican | April 5th, 2010 (1:32 am)

30+% IPO!!!!!!!!!!



Answer This:

Just caught a glimpse of one of your posts, that you left PFS when you were an NSD….I don’t believe you. Money at that level, you wouldn’t leave the company. People of good heart and character would spend the money wisely by giving back to the community via charities etc. Also as and NSD, you would have had to be a leader of many RVPs. (Can’t imagine that…you seem to be a loner to me). You would already feel good about helping that many people achieve financial independence. Any great leader would not leave their people behind, your loyalty is questionable.

P.S. I haven’t been on this for a while, yet it still seems that you haven’t discovered a better hobby. Your 24 hrs are better spent actually contributing to society….but not with your negativity.

by: Answer This | April 5th, 2010 (12:51 pm)

I never stated I was an NSD. As far as agents leaving at RVP and above ask around. Yes it does and is happening. You speak of loyalty so I have to ask where is yours? People are independent contractors. 1099 not W-2. In business people have to consider what’s in their best business interest just as any company would. When I left PFS I let people know and my reasons why.

Now with that being said loyalty wasn’t an issue because per contract the noncompete clause took that out of the equation.

Wow! Answer This, you’re a bold face lie on that one. “Megan I was an NSD. Not really but it doesn’t matter how long or what level What matters is the contract and how I can service my clients. Do a bit more research and no not everything is Accid. death.” That was what you said, whether it was sarcastific or not.

by: Answer This | April 6th, 2010 (1:16 pm)

CW where did I say I was a former NSD? You may not have understood that in the context of the quote there is sarcasm.. “Not really”..

All I have to say is that no one on this message board, or at Primerica for that matter, really understand permanent life insurance.

Variable and Universal lack true guarantees and mix in investments with high fees. They were created to try and give people the best of insurance and investments and do both poorly.

Plain old Whole Life has the most guarantees and benefits and is most often the best option for permanent insurance.

The main lack of understanding is “asset classes”. Whole Life insurance is a FIXED INCOME asset class and therefore CANNOT be compared to EQUITY asset classes such as stocks and mutual funds. It won’t get those returns and was never designed to. You can only compare like asset classes. An appropriate comparison is a fixed annuity, bonds, money markets, CDs, and cash. If you own a dividend paying whole life policy from a MUTUAL insurance company the rate of return is anywhere between 5% to 6% (some even a little higher) tax free. This is historical fact. Just as you’d look at the past performance of a mutual fund to judge its value you can do the same with a whole life policy through an “in-force illustration”.

Also, since a whole life policy is not connected to the market and is contractually obligated to increase in value every year, it doesn’t matter if the market stinks, interest rates are down, and so on…the cash value always goes up, which is a great offset to market fluctuations in other investments.

The other error in understanding real financial planning is making the assumption that you can only buy one type of insurance. A combination of term and whole life to get to the correct death benefit usually makes the most sense. First and foremost, the correct death benefit is what should be acquired. From the cash flow you can determine what blend of whole life and term it should be. That way instead of having a pure insurance cost you are now creating another fixed income asset that can coordinate with other investments. For example, by owning some whole life insurance you can use that as the bonds/safe money of an integrated investment strategy. You won’t need to include as many (possibly any) bonds or cash in your mutual fund portfolio because the whole life policy takes their place. Now you are effectively using one dollar for multiple needs.

As time goes on, the existence of a fully paid up whole life policy at retirement gives you the permission to spend and enjoy your other assets more aggressively. For example, you could spend down a million dollar asset over a period of time all the while letting the paid up policy continue to grow (paid up means no more premiums are due). Then the life insurance cash values and dividends can be used to replace that asset.

My favorite misconception about whole life is that the insurance company keeps the cash value and your heirs only get the death benefit. Here’s a quick explanation of how it really works…the “insurance” is the difference between the cash value and the death benefit. A million dollar policy with 500K of cash value only has a 500K “insurance” portion to it. You ALWAYS get the full amount.

There is much more that I could go through but I’m sure someone uneducated about life insurance and real estate planning will read this and spout off more misinformation. However, hopefully now I’ve got you thinking a little differently.

by: Anniemouse | April 24th, 2010 (10:05 pm)

FB: it was a fair assessement. this is more logical to me than your first discussions. so basically, Primerica targets people who don’t care about having their head recruiter get more money. this is for people who need support from their head recruiter. this is a good job for part-timers who wants to work independently or have their own team to market Primerica. so in their other words, this is for certain people that can understand and what to do this type of arrangement. HOWEVER, FB, you are wrong to say that this is not for everybody because they are some people that are okay with this. – I’m just saying. I’m not advocating you or Primerica because I’m neutral. I’m interested though because a Primerica ignited my interest. Sales was not my passion but a Primerica did get some kind of hope that I can do this job. My line of work is to work full-time in a finance office. But for Primerica rep to tell that this is a unique potential opportunity it opened my heart to help people and eventually make sales. However, because Primerica is harder to explain to general public because this type of blog, blames, bad reviews regarding Primerica, I am not completely sold to join the team of Primerica and might be considering Prudential instead. Let me say AGAIN, that because of my conclusions, Primerica started to give me hope, interest and this is what is Primerica is all about 0000 able to ignite hidden passion in people that they have a chance to make too regardless of what is the current situation and this is what Primerica is different from other financial services company. The only that it is off putting to me that Primerica’s name is tarnished this is due to your FB types and this is make it harder to sell Primerica who don’t understand its concepts. Furthermore, I would not probably join Primerica due to structured commission since I like to work independently and get my full commission without cuts from top level. Those two are the only reason I would not probably not join Primerica. Nevertheless, Primerica, aside from limited number of Mutual fund offerings, it does offer broad spectrum of financial products that are of quailty. There you go FB, take it easy. Let people decide and don’t try to make things bad for Primerica because you are one of the reasons Primerica is getting such a bad rap. REVIEW like me. GIVE PEOPLE PROS and CONS and I repeat, let people choose!

The problem is women pay much higher rates with Primerica than almost any other insurance company in Canada. Some examples:

female born 25/01/1988 (22 years old) (preferred rating)

Term 30 $500,000 coverage

Unity Life $42.30/month
BMO Life $44.10/month
primerica $81.23/month

The rates are not even close.

What female wants to pay more (a lot more) for less coverage? Another:

Female born 01/18/1982 (regular health) 28 years old
term 20 $500,000 coverage

Equitable $26.55/month
Western life $27.07/month
Canada Life $27.45/month
Primerica $54.63/month

So buy term and invest the difference does not seem to work,if you are female. Unless the funds are the best in Canada. Also, you can not convert these policies to permanent.

The key is give females the pros and cons. Let them choose!

by: Robert Mitchell | May 21st, 2010 (12:32 pm)

F Primercia they have to many rules

All the Primerica folks need to stop wasting your time explaining to people who are ignorant how the business works. We are not trying to CHANGE people, we are trying to FIND people who want to change their lives. Skeptics are always the ones to say ” I wish I had” on their death beds!!!

Brian Poncelet
Your post quoting Primerica rates is an outright LIE and you should be ashamed of yourself. You must have missed the integrity portion of your CFP course. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me!
22 year old female prefered rate
30yr level with PFS is $43.70 for $500,000
28 yr old would pay $31.35 for 20 year level $500,000
I’d say thats pretty competivive!

Rules keep you off the front page and out of trouble thats
why we have such a great complience record .

by: Answer This | June 4th, 2010 (11:49 pm)

Using a postal code of N4K. The $54.63 looks like a Regular rate.
per http://www.term4sale.com


You need to re-read the quotes. To help you, females pay much higher rates than other insurance companies with Primerica. Why? Since they are charged the same as males.

You can run quotes off my site http://www.rightinsurance.ca

I use http://www.term4sale.com a third pary company that compares all insurance companies. They were the company that pointed out the problems of pricing …why females are priced too high. Prices may change from time to time but the facts still remain. Females pay too much with Primerica.

by: Answer This | June 11th, 2010 (2:19 pm)

PJ something I have learned is don’t always believe the hype no matter the company/organization. Do a Brokerage Firm check on PFS Investments at:


Then read the detailed report. Yes I know there are issues with most firms across the board, but a bit of research outside of company kool-aid hype sessions are good.

Can I ask someone a question? I have no idea how my policy works. I have a whole life policy with $500K on my wife and $600K on myself with a $400K 10 year term rider. We are 5 years into our policy and one Cash value account is -$7 (yes negative) and the other is $289 both continue to decrease, I am only paying like $93.81 a month for everthing. What does a decreasing cash value mean? What does a negative cash value mean? Am I really even insured right now?

Can someone help me? I have no idea how my policy works. I have a whole life policy through Beneficial with $600K on me $500K on my wife and a $400K 10 yearm term rider. The two cash value accounts are at $-7 (yes negative) and $289 and both continue to decrease every month. I am only paying $93.81 a month for everything. What happens when the cash value is negative? What does the decreasing cash value mean? Do I even have any coverage right now?

PJ, you really need to read quotes before you post, be seen and not heard. PJ you were quoting for Preferred plus Brian was quoting preferred for the 22 yr old female and standard for 28 yr old female even tho his was a little higher than what my software says it was pretty close. For everyone’s information: Primerica 30 yr term policy for 22yr old female is $52.20,

28 yr old female standard rating is $53.68,

The big thing is that Primerica has more than 5 times the capital (money) backing its Life Inusrance than is required by law to have.

Also you get what you pay for with Primerica, we have no exclusions like military, aviation, act of war, act of terrorism, natural disaster, or any other exclusions that insurance companies hide behind to prevent paying out. Would you buy car insurance that only paid out if you got in an accident under certain conditions or on certain roads? Pointless right? Probably pay a bit more to have your car insured everywhere no matter what right?

The main reason most life insurance companies are cheaper is because they never pay out due to exclusions and legal battles that would cost the consumer more $ than the death benefit is worth, we never hear of them because the company is quick to have a gag order issued to keep findings private. As a result they can afford to charge lower premiums.

Also, last year 98% of all death claims submitted to Primerica were paid in full within 14 days of submission.

Plain and simple, with Primerica, if you pay your premiums, you get your death benefit. No fine print to read.

by: The Financial Blogger | June 26th, 2010 (2:11 pm)


I would suggest you meet up with a insurance rep so he can fully explain your policies. Those kind of contracts are not easy to read and I don’t think you would be proper advice solely based on the information you just provided.

Meeting with an expert will definitely solve your problems.



by: Answer This | June 27th, 2010 (12:39 pm)

I’m kind of confused. Mark ask questions about his policies then he promotes PFS. Are there two different Mark’s or did he forget to change his name?

@ The Financial Blogger. Yes there is must be two Marks. Thanks for the advice about my policy. I will call my agent monday. I have always believed there is a need for all types of insurances however from the research I have done, I am starting to see the point behind buy term and invest the difference. Funny thing is, my agent is a friend of mine, and recommended Whole Life to meet my needs at the time and my needs have not changed and definitely are not being met with this whole life policy. I will keep everyone posted on what happens.

by: Larissa | July 9th, 2010 (5:13 pm)

I had a fellow from Primerica contact me the other day, and I was interested to find out more about the company. I’ve now read this entire blog, and noticed two things:

1) Most detail-specific and fact-based informaton on this blog is being provided by people NOT in Primerica
2) Most of the arguments that are most compelling (being well-reasoned, logical, professional and non-combative) are coming from people NOT in Primerica

Interesting. Ranting, hype, and swearing just don’t go that far in convincing anyone. Facts do. If someone can’t take the time to spell decently or argue fairly and sanely, if they don’t take pride in the little things, what does that say about how they conduct their business? Fair enough question?

As I said, I followed the thread in entirety, and though I think it’s goals are noble, my conclusion is that though Primerica may be a business that provides a decent product for some people, I am not convinced that it does what it says it can do.

Mainly, I’m not sure it does the best for every client. The advisors don’t have enough to work with – they’re not really free to do “the best.” Do something good, yes, but not the best. I’ve looked at the policies and companies that Primerica works with, and frankly, they’re limited. I like the fact that they give average people a starting place, and a bit of an education about RRSPs, etc. However, if, according to statistics, 98% of term life is UNUSED, then why would I, if I were really a financial advisor and not just an insurance salesman, suggest they buy it? Why are normally sane people giving that money away? They’d be much better off having investing in real estate, or other concrete investments, so that they would have an asset to sell at age 65. Otherwise, you invest money every month and in the end, if you don’t die, what do you get? NOTHING!! ZERO – NADA!! Sorry, all you insurance dudes, but it’s true – what a waste!!

Instead, they could have a solid asset, or at least, cash in hand. Most property/mortgages are often insure against the death of the owner, anyway, so it’s pretty much the equivalent of term life. Or just put the money into a high -yield RRSP! That’s what I’d advise people if I were really trying to help them. But could I, as a “Primerican” advisor, suggest alternative investment strategies? Suggest one of the mutual funds that I currently use, which is AWESOME? The answer, sadly, is no. And why, in the age of cancer and heart disease, doesn’t Primerica offer Critical Illness insurance?

So based on what I’ve seen so far, no one will be recruiting me, because there’s no way I could say I’d really be doing the BEST FINANCIAL ADVISOR I could be. Not that I don’t think the average person doesn’t need education and help, not that Primerica isn’t doing some good, just that I’d be SO frustrated after a while, at what I couldn’t suggest! And there is NO way I’m selling useless products to my closest family and friends!! Though actually, it sounds like at the start I’d just be allowed to watch someone else try to sell it to them, or recuit them!! What a cheap way to do business! NO WAY!!

Thanks, to everyone who added informaton or insight!

Hi Larissa. :)

Let me tell you that there is no better insurance out there than Primerica’s. Many people argue cost, because ours is not the cheapest. But with Primerica you actually get what you pay for, period. Mark hit it right on the head above as to why.

Also, I have been a part of Primerica for over 4 years now, I make half a million $ a year and growing. I will tell you that I have never seen an instance where anyone would be better off having any other Life Insurance than Primerica life (obviously if they needed life insurance), my oldest client was 69 years old and I’ve had a few that age. Our renewal rates are cheaper than any policy I have seen, EXTREMELY. I have personally written over 400 policies and replaced policies from all different companies, and I have never seen a companies whose renewal rates are less than ours, which means that even if the policy they currently have is far cheaper at the time, when they go to renew it, it will end up costing much MUCH more. Even replacing a 30 year policy bought 15 years ago, and replacing it with a 15 year policy will cost less if they end up renewing ours twice, and their previous one once.

Being a part of Primerica, you can let the consumer invest their money however they want. But like any company, we have mutual funds we like. The ones I have had with Primerica since I was 14 (thanks to my Grandpa) have averaged over 15%. That’s pretty good if you ask me. If you invest in land, unless it’s a substantial purchase, and you have it for a long time, you will not be able to retire as well as in a mutual fund. Don’t forget the interest you will pay to purchase that land.

Also, do you have another opportunity to make over a hundred grand a year? And, all while doing things like what we do for people? I’m guessing you are the type of person who makes a decision based upon your own experience, and not what other people say; would I be right in assuming that? If so, delve into Primerica the same way you would delve into trying a new sport.

by: Answer This | July 10th, 2010 (9:43 pm)

Larissa you make some good points. The main factor with term insurance is it provides a high face amount of coverage for a “low premium”..People with limited funds can have the opportunity to purchase high coverage when they need it most. Yes it’s true it goes to claim about 2-3% but I’m not sure if that figure throws in the policies that are converted to permanent coverage.

From my understanding the goal of PFS is to leave the client in a better position than before they sat down with them. It’s basically a case of doing the best they can for a client with the products they have available.

Now as a former PFS agent in the US, I can say when I was there I didn’t know what I didn’t know. To offer other products the pricing has to be right and the agents have to be paid. As for training and recruiting from my past experience there were no requirements that
new agents had to sell or even go see anyone before they become licensed. Things may have changed but I doubt it.

I’m not promoting PFS i’m just clarifying a things. Yet I could be wrong..

by: The Financial Blogger | July 11th, 2010 (6:44 pm)


I have one thing to say:

If you take your $200 a month you would have used to pay a term insurance (it’s probably even less but let just use $200 for fun) and you die in 3 years. How much your financial dependents will get? About 10K if you are lucky (assuming you are making a huge return).

if you have 2 kids and your spouse make half of what you make, do you think that 10K will be enough to guarantee they keep the same lifestyle and pay for tuition? Actually, the 10K will be just good enough to pay for your funerals.

The problem when you talk about insurance doesn’t come when you die at 55,60 or 75. It comes if you die with a young family at 25, 30 , 40… This is why you need insurance; in case you die.

Do you think that your fire insurance on your house worth something? how many people do you personally know that lost their house in a fire? However, we all have one. Why? because if it ever happens, the cost will be huge and nobody wants to take this risk even if you will probably never see a flame coming out of your windows!

by: Answer This | July 11th, 2010 (11:41 pm)

Jeff let me ask you this. Let’s say a client is getting close to renewal and has a major health issue. From my limited experience from what i have seen is when something like that happens assets tend to get spent down. Now considering the assets are being used long term what are your life Insurance options?

Let’s look at it another way. Let’s the doctor say the person as an expected life span of 8-11 months. Is the terminal Illness benefit available? Unless I’m wrong (please correct me if I am) the PFS TI benefit was 6 months or less.

I recently went to a meeting for Primerica here on the east coast of the US. They do make a great debate for their product. It was most certainly the recruiting part that turns me off the most. It felt really invasive when I sat down with a rep at a later meeting and they wanted me to write down a list of 25 people I knew to cold call them right then and there. To me that just didn’t seem to be the right way to go about business, besides the fact that you “need” to recruit 3 peolple for Primerica in order to get paid intially really got my spidey sense tingling.
This article has confirmed the research I’ve been doing online this morning about how Primerica operates. MLM or “Network Marketing” as I’ve heard the term recently with the advent of social netwoking sites, has really let these types of operations boom.

Thank You

I tried the Primerica experience. I must say you have it all wrong. Although I didn’t succeed, it was not due to Primerica. It was my own doing. I am, however, much more comfortable with my finances because of what I learned with Primerica. I’m thinking about going back into it now that I am a little older and wiser. After joining Primerica, you have to take REAL life insurance courses and pass the state test. You attend weekly and sometimes bi-weekly meetings where you learn more about loans and insurances and stocks, etc. Learning is an integral part of the organization. As far as everybody trying to build a team, so nobody sells…you build your team from the appointments you set up. Clients become Reps. It’s an incredible system. Think a little deeper before passing judgement. I’ve been a Rep and didn’t earn a living, yet I still promote the business. That should say something.

I’ve had an off hand experience with this company. My big question is what happens to the $99 that you pay as part of your application. I understand that you’re told you can have it refunded, but read the fine print in the application. Not to mention that you really have no idea how the company works compleatly until you’ve been there for about a week. They will also tell you that they do not want you to get your liscene until you’ve recruited so many people. By the time you figure out how the company works and your morals as human being step in, you’ve probably decided that you want no part of this company and just want out. Your $99 becomes nonrefundable because of “processing fees” or you just do not care.

Now that this has been discussed. Say the person who works above you is recruiting about 30 people a month or even more. 99 is paid for each of those 30. $2,970 is made. Now suppose by the time these people are dragged around and told to wait to get their liscense. That $99 is not spent towards anything if they decide this is not for them. There are 100,000 employees under this company’s name. 100,000 people recruiting at that rate is $297,000,000 a month!. Or more depending on how many recruits are gained. Where in the world does this money go?

Billy….the $99 is to pay for a federal background check, which actually costs $150 (but $51 is subsidized by the company). Since we are dealing with people’s money, I would venture to guess you would agree that requiring a background check is a good thing in the financial industry, so as to not hire felons.

Now, let me ask you a question, if you were going to make a life insurance sale and lets say it would be $1,000 annual premium, would you rather make 70% of that with the ability to make overrides of people on your team or split the sale and only get 25% of $500 premium? (Rhetorical I’m sure) Because, if you get your 3 recruits and 3 life sales, then do your own life sale, that is callled getting your fast start bonus. This means your leader will give you your $99 back, plus your RVP will also give you $200 so you can buy a windows mobile device to do business on, if you already have one, the $200 is yours to do what you want.

The goal if you are a new recruit is to get you to a district leader position ASAP (50% contract) so you are in an overridable position, plus get you 100,000 points on your builders track to gain you the additional 20% contract for bonuses = 70% The reason we don’t want you to get your license right away is because we want you to make the most money possible when you first get your license and focus on building a team and learning how things work a little better before you start going out there on your own making sales and training new recruits.

Now you may argue: “Well if I have my license I make money off those first 4 life sales on top of everything you mentioned.” Few problems with this for you;

-First, you would split all of those sales with your trainer which means only half of the premium will count towards your builders track, making it harder to get that extra 20%

-Second if you wait to talk to people you know who need what we do because you think you can make money is selfish and could be costly to them in the end.

-Third, if all you are focused on is making sales, you will have trouble building a business.

-Much of your time will be spent studying, instead of building a team and then studying while they are getting trained.

AGAIN THE GOAL IS TO GET YOU PROMOTED AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, which allows the highest potential to help people, and the higest earning potential for yourself and people on your team.

Answer this question for yourself; Would I rather recruit 3 people or make 3 sales of $1000 annual premium each?

If you would rather make the sales, I suggest you re-evaluate the way you think. 3 recruits means 3 more lists of people to go see, which means a lot higher potential to help people, get referrals, and make money and overrides. Also 3 recruits also means 3 sales (you would write life on them).

Some people do not Primerica the right way, so I apologize if you got involved with someone like this and feel like you were lied to. It does nobody any good to recruit somone into Primerica, take $99 from them, and not train them to help people or make money-THAT IS IN FACT A SCAM! I myself will not recruit someone if I feel they are not serious about sticking around and learning. I would rather them keep their $99, and get a job instead for they will be far more succesful doing that.

Bobby…did you believe that what Primerica does for people is a good thing or a bad thing? If good, then what reservations would you have of someone showing people you know about it? The other reason for asking for a list of 25 people is if you ever decide to quit, and your leader recruits one of the people on your list, guess whose team they go on?…YOURS, if they do Primerica the right right way of course. If you recruited someone, and they quit but you ended up recruiting 3 people on their list, don’t you think they would be more inclined to stay in business with you and actually put some effort in if they see that it works??? Your thinking is just messed up because if they call your people and get results, #1 it calls you out as being not good enough in your mind and in the minds of others, #2 You feel like if you don’t give them a list to help them out, they will not be successful and quit also which will make you feel better about not following through with Primerica, and #3 You will have live with that regret of not doing it fully. Also, if they are people you know, and you call them, how is this “cold calling” as you say?

Let me ask you, if you were starting a starbucks, or any type of business, wouldn’t you at least tell 25 people you knew about it? Or would you just hope they found out somehow? Obviously you would tell as many people as possible about it if you wanted to be successful, right? If not, then you probably are not cut out for any entrepreneurial endeavors. The beauty of Primerica is that there is no risk involved with building your business like there is if you purchased a starbucks for $175,000. Same tools apply to both, but your thinking is just messed up because you think Primerica is a pyramid and again it comes back to #1,2, and 3 above.

Let me ask, what is the bigger pyramid scheme…working for Microsoft making $50,000 a year with almost zero chance of becoming the owner or even making six figures, while the people higher up in the company make six figures or more and the only way to get where they are is fighting the politics all while hoping and waiting for one of them to retire and that you are picked out of everyone else in the company who is fighting the same fight as you to fill their position, or Joining Primerica where both of these opportunities are very highly probable, and other people in the company HELP you get there? Again most people’s thinking is just messed up. But it is thanks to these people that we have an opportunity because if everyone joined Primerica, there would not be an opportunity just like if everyone had tons of diamonds, they would not be worth much.

Oh and in case there is anyone interested in joining Primerica, people who joins now will get $500 in their first month if they recruit 3 people and then witness 3 life insurance sales, and one other product, then they will get another $500 if they do another 3×3, and then they will get another $1000 for a third 3×3, this is all team by the way, so lets say you recruit 3 people, save yourself money on your auto insurance, and then your trainer writes life insurance on your 3 new people, there is your first $500, then lets say each of your 3 recruits only recruits 1 person and you write life insurance on them, there us your second $500, then lets says those 3 new recruits also get only 1 recruit, and life insurance is written on them, there is your $1000! Each 3×3 had to be completed in 30 days, so if all of that happens in 90 days, you just made $2000 in bonuses not counting other bonuses, and this is also not counting the compensation the company pays you for the production. Is Primerica a phenomenal company or what?!?!?!

Let me tell you that Primerica is very misleading. I was an agent for 15 years, reached RVP and got the ring. Some things came to light recently that lead to my resignation:

1. To have the best contract you must be (FULL – TIME).
2. RVPs (best contract) must open and maintain an office at their own expense
3. 2 year no contest period if you leave (they are NOT your clients)
4. RVPs can NOT be employed anywhere else even if it has no conflict to Primerica business.
5. Captive products – Term is expensive! 27 yr old Female non tobacco, 750K, 20 yr term. Primerica – $67 / American General – $26
6. Declines or rated policies leaves the clients NO options.
7. ONLY 1 annuity product.
8. Must hit certain number every month as RVP or LOSE that production.

I can go on and on but isnt that enough?
I dont hate Primerica, they have helped me become who I am today BUT at a very high cost. The good news is I got out.

They breed on control:
-Everyone else in Financial services are crooks.
-Everyone with a job is unhappy.
-Primerica is different from other MLMs

How much money has ANYONE really made when you net out expenses (office, seminars, retreats, Tshirts, gas, etc.)?

Look at this link:

They are the poster children of Primerica and they are financially devastated.

People are after “the dream” in Primerica but the sad truth is most people are living the nightmare. The majority of friends I have developed in Primerica are RVPs and heroes of the sales force. They are living a lie. Barely able to make office rent every month, creditors on their back, no savings BUT having to sell the dream every week at the opportunity meeting while they are starving.

I got tired of living a lie.

PLEASE keep an open mind and see what else is out there if you want a career in financial services.

Last thing: Ask yourself this question – If Primerica is so good than why doesnt anyone come back after they leave?


Is this the person you speak of? A SNSD???


Who knows it may be for medical bills or something..

by: Answer This | October 20th, 2010 (5:02 pm)

I’m currently listening to an Art Williams seminar and he was going over some of the history of AL Williams and he almost had me going back to PFS. Yet PFS isn’t ALW..

by: Johnathon Hoefer | November 26th, 2010 (8:53 pm)

Do you know anything about the Primerica opportunity!? Ignorance is annoying.

See my comments back in Feb/2010

From my blog….



The problem is women pay much higher rates with Primerica than almost any other insurance company in Canada. Some examples:

female born 25/01/1988 (22 years old) (preferred rating)

Term 30 $500,000 coverage

Unity Life $42.30/month
BMO Life $44.10/month
primerica $81.23/month

The rates are not even close.

What female wants to pay more (a lot more) for less coverage? Another:

Female born 01/18/1982 (regular health) 28 years old
term 20 $500,000 coverage

Equitable $26.55/month
Western life $27.07/month
Canada Life $27.45/month
Primerica $54.63/month

For $1,000,000 coverage term 20…
Here is what she can get:

Equitable $47.70
Manulife $47.99
Primerica $101.18

So double the coverage, more options for less money vs. the $54.63/month for only $500,000 of coverage.

If she wanted to be covered be covered for life. UL/T100


Transamerica $96.25/month
Desjardins $98.03/month
BMO $99.06/month

If you collect the information, you really have to be careful who give the information.

I talked about Primerica with one of my friends who is a casher in a Fast food restaurant, she said “This business sounds like scum, do not go for it” and I also talked about another friend of mine who run several companies, he said “ I have read about that company in business magazine a couple of times. It is growing company with a very interesting business system. “

Everybody has their opinions, but if you want to be successful, whose comment do you believe?

you guys are fools.

my agent help me become debt free and accumulate $600000 so far, in the past 16 years.

what they do is good.

im not an agent,.
i do refer my friends to primerica.
thank you

im glad to see every one who keep comparing standard business models to pyramid schemes,
did not realize how many marxist were selling insurance these days

LOL! I’m wondering if Primerica pissed in the cereal of this blogger, or if they screwed his wife. I’ve never seen so many hateful articles from one blogger.

“im glad to see every one who keep comparing standard business models to pyramid schemes”

Pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States you retarded sack of shit. Even if they weren’t, the NYSE would list a pyramid scheme on their ticker.

by: The Financial Blogger | January 23rd, 2011 (7:42 am)


hateful? you are funny. Pyramid? man, I guess you don’t read blogs and post hateful comments instead. Try reading this simple phrase from this article:
“Is it a pyramid scheme? In legal terms, the answer is no.”

by: Kevin Larson | April 11th, 2011 (12:10 am)

Let’s try a Q & A from someone who just wants to tell it like it is.

I’ve been with Primerica for over 3 years. For all people who are ‘writing’ something that’s negative and at least partially falsified on the internet, thank you. If one of my prospects were to read your anonymous (fake name or no name) source stuff and allow that to negatively influence their decision, I wouldn’t want them as a client or recruit anyway. In other words, thank you for inventing a necessary filter. For people ‘reading’ that stuff, try not to use negative blogs and comments (before the internet was invented, I believe that stuff was known as ‘common gossip’) as convenient justification for deciding against it when there’s at least one underlying concern (the true reason) that you have about the company.

Question: Is Primerica a pyramid scheme?
Answer: no
Pyramid companies are illegal. All of them. Pyramids do not trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Here’s just one link listing the companies that are investing in us. One of the companies/organizations is CPP (Canada Pension Plan). Do you know that you will probably be receiving payment one day from an organization that partially earns its money by investing in a so called pyramid scheme? If you won’t try Primerica, you may be able to thrive a different way. Go to those companies including CPP and make them aware that this is a pyramid scheme or just a plain sketchy company. They may put you on a pedestal for informing them of something that they were unable to discover on their own. For example, “Wow. With all the thorough and extensive research that we did including hiring a team of lawyers to check the company inside and out, all we had to do was type Primerica into Google?!”.
http://www.dailyfinance.com/company/primerica-inc-common-stock/pri/nys/institutional-ownership (not a blogging site)

Question: Does Primerica have a Network Marketing component?
Answer: absolutely

Question: What are the consequences of Primerica using a network marketing setup?
Answer: approximately 6,000,000 clients who own a good, wholesome Primerica product(s), just to mention one positive achievement, and several negative and falsified comments. If you don’t believe yet that our products are good and wholesome, find out. Example: ask our clients.

Question: Why is there negativity on Primerica?
Answer (most common): Is Primerica a non-mainstream company? Answer: Yes. ‘Non-mainstream’ can be like a playground for skeptics and naysayers, can’t it? Analogy: If you stick your head high enough above the crowd, you’re going to have certain people throwing rotten tomatoes and cabbage at your face won’t you?

Question: Who are the negative and/or falsified comments contributors?
1. Competitors in disguise. Like Coca-cola doesn’t say nice things about Pepsi, Microsoft throws dirt at Apple, Air Canada tries to put Westjet out of business, etc.

2. People who join Primerica, don’t pull their weight or do the right things, fail out as a result, and always like to believe that it wasn’t their fault. It would be like getting a membership at a gym, showing up regularly, and doing ‘whatever’ while you were there, and feeling like you fully fulfilled your role for getting fit the way you want to get fit. Then you write a blog on the internet stating that the gym sucks and the gym is a scam because your body looks the way that it does. Try convincing people at the gym who are in great shape that you failed because of the gym system itself (i.e. the equipment could’ve been better, the equipment could’ve been arranged differently, the woman working at the front counter had bad people skills, the air conditioning wasn’t the best, they could’ve phoned to motivate me when I didn’t show up, …).

3) Skeptics and naysayers as described above. They’re entitled.

4) Less common than the first 3, but someone who actually does have a valid complaint or criticism. Are they’re dumb people in Primerica? Answer: Yes. There’s dumb people in everything. We apologize if you came across a bad apple. We try to filter out people like that quickly but unfortunately there’s no instrument to detect that up front for all of them. If Joe Blow was the bad apple, I would like to apologize for him. Of course, I’m not Joe Blow. I’m not Primerica. I’m Kevin Larson.

Question: I understand that negative comments on the internet can be bogus but there seems to be a lot of it for this company. How do you explain many people having the same lie/exaggeration?
Answer: So there’s a lot negative comments? Did it start that way? For example, if you were to write a comment on the internet (positive or negative) about Primerica and you saw 2, 3, or 5 negative comments that were already there, would it be easier to write something positive or negative? It just takes a few to start a ‘follow the leader’ game, doesn’t it?
Let’s say I were to write 2 comments as blogs on the internet about you or your company. One comment is totally positive and totally factual. The other comment is totally negative and totally falsified. Which of the 2 would I have an easier time getting away with. That’s right, ‘equal’ as long as the negative comment doesn’t have grounds for a lawsuit. If Giavano Apostolopoulos were to write a comment about Primerica, wouldn’t you also want to google: Giavano Apostolopoulos? Oh right, you can’t. It’s conveniently an anonymous source (fake name or no name). You may also want to google something like: accuracy of internet blogs. How would a professor react when you tell him that your research paper sourced internet blogs only? Are you laughing with me right now?

Question: Does Primerica have shortcomings?
Answer: Of course. Find me a company to work for/with that’s without shortcomings and you might just be able to recruit me out of Primerica. There’s thorns on every rose. Thanks to the founder of the company among other people, the potential shortcomings, that could exist in any company, have been minimized.

Let’s do a google exercise right now.

Google: “primerica scam”
Result: 20,100 results (in small print below the Search bar)

Google: “microsoft scam”
Result: 29,800 results

Google: “coca-cola scam”
Result: 37,900 results

Google: “royal bank scam”
Result: 56,900 results

Of course, the numbers shown can fluctuate but that’s exactly what I got after doing the exercise on April 10, 2011.

Google: most evil corporations
Click on the ‘The 14 Most Evil Corporations (according to Global Exchange)’ link. Chevron, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, etc., qualify. Primerica is an amateur then.

If you have comments or criticisms, let me know: kevinlarson45@yahoo.com. Please don’t send me an email just to vent and feel like you’re right. I’m looking to have a productive conversation where I may be able to show you where you may have misunderstood and vice versa. There’s nothing wrong with feeling doubtful, apprehensive, sales adverse, a bit skeptical, being curious,…

by: Advisor | May 19th, 2011 (2:17 pm)


I saw that you have been with Primerica for three years. I was wondering if you were securities licensed and if you were in the US or Canada?

by: h giesbrecht | May 19th, 2011 (2:55 pm)

Buy term and invest the difference is a good slogan. In my case in 1981 I bought a whole life policy for $24 a month. In 1983 an astute salesman replaced it with a term insurance policy costing $27 a month. Where’s the difference to invest? I replaced it with a whole life policy costing $26 for 14 years in 1987 and thankfully still own it at no further cost to me.Would Primerica have paid me the difference between term and whole life? Not only that a heart condition now makes me uninsurable and I am a poster of why not to buy term. The wise agent I had who sold me whole life told me that the term insurance was benefiting the company, not me. In this way, Buy term and invest the difference is a dangerous slogan and only benefits the company. Term has its place though, and I have term insurance that replaces my income at my former job, the only thing I was able to take with me. Primerica is in a sweet place, selling insurance that rarely pays a death benefit now that the average person lives to be over 80, not having disability insurance that their target group may actually need in their working career. If they do not have lots of money it would be truly astonishing.

by: Beverly Cloninger | June 7th, 2011 (11:53 am)

If you’re looking to research Primerica instead of just intending to find so-called justification to talk yourself/someone out of it, you should click on:

1. http://www.primericabusinessopportunity.com/public/businessopportunity/primerica-strategic-partners.html (not an anonymous blog or thread)

Primerica is partnered up with: Lockwood Advisors, Legg Mason Global Asset Management, Invesco, Pioneer Investments, AGF, MetLife, Morningstar, etc.

After googling, there is an obvious underground conspiracy network rumor that Primerica is a scam or just a plain shady company. If that’s a fact then God must have pulled a pretty good shade over the eyes of all those big name companies/people. Don’t they know? Are they just unaware? Did they not bother checking the company out? Did they not think to google and believe what they read? Do they know that Primerica is a scam and are they just willing to jeopardize their important reputation too? Scams in the financial industry are researched extensively, put out of business, and will probably be heavily charged.

The above paragraph also applies to numbers 2 – 11 that follow that are all third party pieces. The first link above is enough but some people who like to research want to know more and more. Was Primerica just successful in putting a blindfold over the eyes of everyone working in these companies/organizations?

2. http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/financial-services/primerica-in-duluth-ga-6985 (not an anonymous blog or thread)

The Better Business Bureau has accredited Primerica and given the company an A+ rating.

3. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/A.M.+Best+Assig%20…%20f…-a088999923 (not an anonymous blog or thread)

A.M. Best Co., that has been around since 1899 and rates the financial strength of insurance companies in the marketplace, also gives Primerica an A+ rating.

4. http://www.pr-inside.com/primerica-completes-national-ethics-qualification-r1797274.htm (not an anonymous blog or thread)

Primerica has completed the National Ethics Qualification with the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association.

5. http://www.bcsc.bc.ca/Search/Results.asp?s=primerica (not an anonymous blog or thread)

Primerica is registered with the British Columbia Securities Commission. Actually, it’s licensed and registered in every province and state.

6. http://www.dailyfinance.com/company/primerica-inc-common-stock/pri/nys/institutional-ownership (not an anonymous blog or thread)

Primerica is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is one of the top 10 holders in the stock with over $25 million in shares. Will everyone who dislikes Primerica refuse CPP payments at retirement? Are the top 10 holders also unaware that PRI is a scam?

7. http://www.investmentexecutive.com/client/en/News/DetailNews.asp?id=57201&pg=1&IdSection=22&IdPub=209 (not an anonymous blog or thread)

An article in the Investment Executive newspaper (March 2011) rates Primerica as the top performer in terms of assets under management.

8. http://www.thestreet.com/story/10503052/1/the … -companies.html (not an anonymous blog or thread)

The Street lists Primerica as one of the top 22 strongest life insurance companies.

9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLUuim4LiVU (not an anonymous blog or thread)

Primerica’s co-CEO is interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange by Elizabeth MacDonald on Fox Business channel.

10. http://bestdistancelearning.info/tag/company-with-most-6-figure-earners (not an anonymous blog or thread)

Administration at Best Distance Learning announces that Primerica is the company with the most six-figure income earners ($100,000+ per year) in the United States.

11. http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/029/ripoff0029926.htm (not an anonymous blog or thread)

Rip Off Report did their own investigations on the negative comments posted on the site only to discover that Primerica’s competitors were underhandedly trying to falsely incriminate the company. If they’re doing it on this site then there’s a pretty good chance that they’re doing it all over the internet with articles, blogs, and threads.

12. Talk to some of Primerica’s 6,000,000 (approximation) clients and talk to some, of the 100,000 (approximation) licensed people working in Primerica, who are having success.

Conclusion: Primerica has a great reputation outside of the underground conspiracy network which mostly consists of anonymous blogs and threads.


If you’re looking for information on Primerica with just the intention of finding so-called justification to talk yourself/someone out of it, you should just type Primerica into Google and choose to believe what certain people have written.

by: ECONSTUDENT | June 10th, 2011 (7:12 pm)

My personal experience with Primerica is interesting. I am a first year economics student and the thought of field training and receiving the licenses for a fraction of the cost was really appealing because I am studying within that field and it would give me first hand experience. The reason I am deciding to not continue/ get out however is because of this employment system. It is true that you can get a training bonus which consists of $500 while studying for these licenses but I found that there really was no way to make money unless you start recruiting and building your “team”. In addition to this I found that my recruiter or VP or whatever position that she has achieved was really pushy and the only reason I acknowledged her was because she actually studied economics in school as well. I had an exam coming up worth 20% of my mark and she consistently badgered me to go on some training trip so that I can learn what would take me 2 years to learn if she where to train me and kept asking if there was anyway to get my exam changed. In university you are nothing more than a number and the reality is that they don’t give a shit what you have to do. Im not trying to bring down the company but to them I will just be a number as well which is why all of their rankings on their various leader boards are by number only. My conclusion was that clearly she wants to reap my benefits as quickly as possible. After having the whole system more clearly explained I realized that by signing me and training me quicker it benefits only her. This constant attempt of trying to make me miss my exam was very frustrating and is eventually what drove me away. Even after telling her it was not a good time in a very respectful manor she tried to guilt me in to staying to get the licenses because it would benefit me because with just my degree I wont be able to do anything and apparently the company put me in the training classes already because my background check cleared. I find it funny because their employees with no degree will accomplish a lot more right? I am going to talk with her next week to try and get out of it because I did not pay a dime for the training so I don’t know why they would enroll me. If my background check were to fail obviously they would not so clearly it can be cancelled. All I can say about Primerica is that you should use your own discretion and ask ANY questions that come to mind. There employment system is one that requires you to essentially be a full time worker which is why most of the recruits are full time. They really mean it when they say it is not right for everyone. As far as their products go however I think that they may be beneficial but were just not right for me seeing as how I am only 20 years old

by: glass frog | August 30th, 2011 (5:57 pm)



Presenting the opportunity to family type people in an effort to recruit them is ideal, and what happens most times is they may not become a recurit however but they do end up becoming a client(once they are informed that they have been sold bad coverage for their families). This is the folloy of your post. What you don’t know, you don’t know. It’s a hybrid system where sales, recuriting and training are all intertwined to bring about efficient growth that you may not be prepared for yet, thanks,.

I’m a Primerica Rep everything you said sounds like you have done great research and in some point you may look at it like that but thankfully I decided to stay with the company and not assume. Some people have potential and some don’t in this business. Its all about persistence and effort. The business is not easy but not difficult. Its not an evil plan its called the warm market. If you knew important information you tend to tell your loved ones first. When a rep doesn’t have a “warm market” its harder for them to even learn how to do good with the company as they may be mechanic and walmart greeters. So the purpose of that is so they know what they are doing instead of them jumping into an appointment and second guessing themselves. You built a team and them each and everyone one to that were you get paid by helping them through training so recruiters get paid, you get your license and you get a bonus and then recruit train built a team and get paid. I don’t see how opening doors to everyone and watching how a select few stay (defiantly is surprising who stays and not prejudge people) and we see people leave and see people not join say “no” like you have may heard its one step closer to a yes. People that don’t make it in Primerica is because they didn’t want to. Even if you only go to the meetings as a hobby you can do so much self improvement. I know other companies pay more to there agents and that’s because they charge the client more and well how is that suppose to make you proud of what you do. Positions in Primerica are earn and not chosen by favorites but by true leadership. Those that are in the top deserve to be there, its not easy but the goal is to not stay at the bottom, Its to be at the top because as you may know the bottom is to crowded.

by: Answer This | October 18th, 2011 (5:01 am)

Katrina there’s a bit more to it when it comes to compensation. Just keep an open mind. Understand Primerica is a marketing company and all they basically do is give you products to market. It’s basically that simple.

Thats actually completley untrue, Primerica is a full financial firm. Compensation is what it is. If you are not making money in this company its not because there is a problem with the company and our system, the problem is YOU. People find that hard to comprehend so they quit. And NO, marketing products is NOT basically all we do. That is a completley false statement and thats the problem with people doing their research through wedsites other than BBB.org or other websites like FINRA.org. People get diarhea of the mouth and give wrong info about the company and thats where the bad rap comes from. Moral of the story, if you are or were in with Primerica and dont stick it out or make it, dont go online and dogg the company or act like there is a problem here, realize you were unsuccessful here because you CHOSE not to go and WIN like the rest of us. Ill fight for my family, God , and Primerica all equally….without this company I would not be on my way to the TOP!

Answer This!!! I’ve been searching for you and I saw that you hadn’t been here in a long time and I didn’t know how to ever find you! How can I get your email address? I would like to talk to you.. I read your comments all through this series. I don’t see a feature to PM you.. am I overlooking it?

Not the Glass Frog said ON MY WAY TO THE TOP. Primerica is a Marketing company and they DO sell products. The only way you can make money in Primerica is by personal or base shop sales. That siad, if you can be successful at Primerica then you can be successful with any other financial service company. Just because someone quits Primerica doesnt mean they stunk at sales, as a matter of fact many high ranking high earning RVP’s and above have left Primerica to seek better opportunities. I think one reason Primerica gets such a bad rep is because many people join, build it up to be the best company ever, and give it so much hype; Then never even get licensed or make a sale. That is not unique to Primerica, but since they tend to hire anyone that can fog a mirror they are better known and talked about since 1977 my guess would be that they have hired seven or eight million people and still only have a sales force of licensed life insurance agents of 100,000. Primerica was actually larger and had more licensed agents in the early 90’s than they do now.

The average Primerica rep makes less than $6,000 per year and that is skewed up because of the few guys at the top of the pyramid. Hmmm, sounds like a great income opportunity–I don’t think a dog could live off of that these days.

Their products are way overpriced because they have to pay all the multi-levels in the company and the reps are not qualified professionals. One of my best friends had a life insurance policy with Primerica but was unhappy because he felt the rates were too high and his mutual funds were performing badly. He switched to a more reputable company and he now pays less for the same insurance coverage, gets much better results from his investments, and has better, more competent service.

by: glass frog | October 23rd, 2011 (4:04 pm)

#1…PYRAMIDS are a scheme, look it up…2, if Primerica was a scam then it would be pretty hard to be in business for over 35 years AND have an A+ rating with government agencies and work with over 20 other companies..hmmmmm, maybe you should do a little more reserch other than your broke buddy about Primerica which is a company that works with the TOP investment companies there are, This is the problem with everything these days, people have diarhea of the mouth regarding things they have absolutley ZERO education about…get educated my friend before you mis speak. THANKS. Primerica has the MOST 6 and 7 figure earners in the ENRTIRE nation of any company…check out a book called the ABC’s OF MAKING MONEY…no affiliation with Primerica whatso ever but yet we are the ONLY company that meets ALL 15 criteria in the ENTIRE world to be 100% successful. GET EDUCATED PEOPLE!!! 😀

And to add to that…Primerica was bought by Citigroup for rounds about 800 MILLION dollars, and now a net worth of a few TRILLION, so…with that being said…CONDUCT YOUR RESERCH, AND…look up PRI on the NYSE from the years 1982-2002 and tell me what you oh so educated people OUTSIDE OF PRIMERICA find smarty 😉

by: The Financial Blogger | October 23rd, 2011 (4:42 pm)

@Glass Frog,
please read further than the subtitles:
“Is it a pyramid scheme? In legal terms, the answer is no.” oops… that was the first line of the paragraph. I know it’s not a pyramid scam, but the structure is made so everybody makes a cut of people under them. Therefore, the fastest and most lucrative way to make money at Primerica is to hire people, train them (while earning commission on their warm lead from family and friends) and have them hiring more people (while you are still making a cut on the commission made on other people’s warm lead).

Is it bad? is it good? I don’t care, but it’s the way you can make money with this business model. Your turn to prove me wrong.

Facebook has the most billionaire below the age of 35… does it mean that you have to work for Facebook?

No one says you have to work for Primerica but if you want to be the best, theN work with the best, right? And duh the structure is made that way, so is the company you work for and every other company out there..there is always someone above you making money off of the hard work of those who are under them, so I guess if we are a pyramid, then so is EVERY other company out there. A kid working for best buy…he gets paid 10 dollars an hour to stand and sell THOUSANDS of dollars in merchandise for best buy and gets a cut, who worked harder?? who made more money?? what would you call that, other than corporate prison of course :-) And Hell yeah we make commission, not off of our clients though ;-), I dont let anyone put a stamp on my fore head and tell me what my time is worth. People that want to work hourly are lazy, they get a guaranteed paycheck and are also guaranteeing themselves to be broke forever, what person or people do you know in your life that ever worked an hourly position and became financially independant? And of course we hire, train and develop people, what company doesnt? You are either growing or you are dying, if you are not doing that as a company you are a dying business, and no thanks on that. NEXT!

Glass Frog, Actually I think the US Government has more $100,000 earners than anyone else. Also, if you stick to the arguement that Primerica has more $100,000 earners than anyone else, then shouldnt you take in to account that Primerica offers reps no Health or Retirement Benefits? I dont work with Primerica, but I have in the past. The fact that all sales people are 1099’s makes you guys have to pay a arm and a leg for Health Benefits. But, then again you may be in Canada, and your taxes on your PFS huge income already has that covered :) Glass Frog is right that Primerica does offer an opportunity, but I think there are better ways to make an income in Financial Services while at the same time saving clients even more money than Primerica. I dont have any problem with Primerica, they were just not for me. Long drawln out story why. PS I dont actually suck at typing, just when text is entered into the comment box it takes like a minute to appear after it is typed. :)

by: The Financial Blogger | October 24th, 2011 (7:47 pm)


You want to take the Best Buy example? there we go:
The employee working at Best Buy knows that if he sells something, his manager will get more money and the branch owner will get more money as well. His job is to sell electronics and he knows that while he is paid by the hour (and maybe with a bonus on performance), he won’t be the one making the big bucks. He is totally aware of all this.

Now if Best Buy was ran the “Primerica Way”, this employee (let’s call him Jo)would be told to hire as many people as possible to work under him. While he trains his recruits, he will tell them to bring as many friends/family as customer so he can teach them how to sell electronics. Since they are on training, the recruits would not get paid and Jo would cash all the commission from those warm leads. Then he would tell his recruits to do the same (recruit more people, so they can make commission out of their training while Jo is making commission on them too). So in the end, Jo is not in the electronics business; Jo is in the recruiting business.

This is the real system and it’s because I’m educated that I can understand it! And please, don’t bring me the term insurance argument, I’ve heard it 100 times. It might have been true 10 years ago but today, I know tons of insurance rep offering term insurance and they all working for other companies.

What’s up with that harsh attitude of “if you don’t success with Primerica, you are dumb, lazy or stupid” ? I mean, I don’t think that people making less than me are losers. I do make a lot of money and it’s not making me a better person. I’m just lucky enough to be able to enjoy life more than other people. That’s all.

by: Answer This | November 5th, 2011 (3:09 pm)

A major issue with PFS that many may not think is an issue until they leave is access to clients and their downline. I have found that many agents will defend PFS with all their might but don’t look at it from a personal business stand point.

A case in point . The driving force with BTID was the baby boomers. Well today that market has changed and people are looking at safety rather than growth. Then we consider “The theory Of decreasing responsibility” and we find out today that’s not happening as planned. People still have debt, kids moving home, people losing homes, etc.. It’s just not the same market as it was back in the old glory days fo ALW/PFS.

What is happening today is Term is advancing by adding living benefits and PFS won’t change until they have to. The 6, 63 is going toward the 65 and most PFS don’t even think about how that may effect the company or their own business interest. Don’t people ever question why PFS wants DOI to make the licensing test easier?

The PFS against the industry days are over. PFS contrary to what agents are told is not a threat to anyone. i suggest some forget all the us verse them mindset and do some research outside of what you hear at PFS. Primerica is just basically a marketing company. They supply the products for you to market. That’s it. Here’s something to consider.

Let’s say an agent has a PFS term product which they bought out of loyalty. well the agent is below RVP and doesn’t have ownership. Now God forbid that agent goes on the meet their maker. What happens to the business they agent has built over the years? now do a term comparison and consider the potential face amount difference.. That’s the bottom line.. Was the priority really family then Primerica or Primerica then family?

It’s Ok to give a company your best efforts but never give anyone your mind.

“A” here’s a contact email address: asktermite@yahoo.com

I don’t recruit or give out personal information because I have seen some nasty things come out of PFS debates from past message boards. Those who remember the old Ken Young (RIP) and misledbypfs boards know what I’m talking about.. Yet I will offer any help I can..

Answer This,

I wanted to just mention that PFS agents now can get a series 65, but they are only able to offer managed accounts from Lockwood Advisors, which kind of eliminates the purpose of having a series 65 anyway. One Primerican said the reason PFS decided to do this is so people under Regional Manager can get trails on their investment clients. I told that PFS person that the reason people under RN dont get trails is because PFS chooses to not pay them trails, rather that comp goes to their upline Regional Manager or RVP. Kinda a bad deal in my mind.

by: Glass Frog | November 6th, 2011 (3:38 pm)

@Financial Blogger….#1 is in the best buy scenario you mentioned trainees do not get compensated, well at primerica, if you do actually train, you are paid, $1000 in fact..Secondly…thats the THING about Primerica, its not about money making that we know makes us better people, its about the fact of what we do for families everyday and knowing we were a part of that. and #3…as far as Term Ins. goes, all I have to say on that is SUZE ORMAN & DAVE RAMSEY! And its not having attitude because it IS in fact the truth if you CHOOSE not to SUCCEED at Primerica its because you CANT or the problem is the company, its simply because you wont. This business system is dummy proof and what we do is NEEDED by families, people fail in Primerica because they choose to and just because we as “Primericans” choose to call others out on it doesnt mean attitude, its simply facts are facts :) we like to hold people accountable around here :-)

Plastic Toad (j/k) / Glass Frog,

In your point #1 you forgot to mention that the recruit if they “actually train” then they are paid $1,000; if the recruit never gets licensed they never get paid. And in my opinion even if they do get licensed then they still are not getting “paid” they are reimbursed. I get what you are saying and I may just be splitting hairs here, but the market doesnt open for an hour and I am just sitting at my office bored.

by: Answer This | November 7th, 2011 (3:56 pm)

From my understanding the reason PFS allowed the 65 is because of the potential of the hit they could take on the 6,63 side if the proposed financial fiduciary rules were adopted. As for the opportunity that the 65 can afford the agent that’s a whole different story. That also goes into the captive verse independent debate.

As for failing at Primerica can someone define failing? PFS is set up like other companies so people can give it a try on a part-time basis. The business isn’t for everyone so if a person gives it a try and decides it’s not for them why is that considered failing?

To me Primerica isn’t a bad company or a scam but in my opinion for the part-time/full-time agent especially in the US there are better options. The only issue is if the individual has an open mind or not to make a business decision rather than an emotional decision.

@Glass Frog
If your guy is not licensed (which is the case most of the time), he gets squat.

You claim to have the most 6 figure earner… but you also have the worst income average of the industry (around $6,000 per employee). China is the country with the most jobs… do you really think it makes them the best employer?

And regarding the attitude, it’s not because you leave Primerica that you are a loser. If you succeed at Primerica, good for you.

In the end, I just hope to see more transparency from this company. You can’t tell people they will make 6 figure income without explaining them the real structure (hiring people so you can make commission from their warm sales).

by: finance guru | November 15th, 2011 (8:52 am)

My advice–stay away from Primerica!!! Their products are overpriced and very limited in options. If you get suckered into buying, you’ll be throwing your money down the drain.
if you join them as an agent, you will eventually have to quit. What happens is a 4 step process–(1) if you talk to enough family and friends, you might make a couple of sales (or should I say your upline might make the sale and keep the money!) (2) you exaust your warm market and you have no other people to sell to because of the company’s bad reputation and lack of sales training (3) the chargebacks kill you–when your initial clients find out they could get better deals elsewhere, they cancel and you have to pay primerica for the payment that you got earlier—you eventually realize you can’t afford it and so you quit (4) your immediate upline is then left holding the bag and he or she will often quit soon having too many chargebacks and the losses go up to the RVP who in many cases is able to handle the losses because of other income streams.

If you could have gotten in during the 1980’s when term life options were very limited, you might have made it but today other less expensive companies are killing primerica.

My sister was in this company for 5 moths and did not make a dime. She reported that many people actually lie about how much money they make and have to have other jobs just to make s decent living. It seems success at primerica is all an illusion and people stay in the company hoping against all reason that they will make it.

If one were to look at the numbers, I think you have a better chance of getting wealthy winning the lottery than being with Primerica.


check this out

..also.. did your sister get licensed?…did she do any training appointments?

finance guru…

you can make excuses or you can make money,
you cant do both!

by: finance guru | November 15th, 2011 (9:53 pm)

I am an expert on the financial services industry after my years of experience and study and have close friends that were with Primerica and I reached my above conclusions based on that research.

Of course Primerica is a legal company but it’s structure is not good for the consumer and it survives based on false hopes. A true pyramid is where people are paid for recruiting—where you pay to join and you have to recruit others to pay.
With Primerica, there is obviously no illegal payment for recruiting and it is legit but the bag is still being passed on to the person at the bottom. Most people that become clients are either recruits themselves or a close family member of friend of a new recruit. The products are uncompetitive and they would never buy based on their needs but do so out of wanting to help the new person. Once this runs out, the person must go find others to sell to in their warm market. So, the bag is being passed down not by direct payment but by finding people dumb enough to buy overpriced Primerica products.

basically, person A joins and the family and friends of person A may buy just to help out person A. When person A can no longer find clients, he must recruit person B to join to sell to family and friends of person B. Around this time, the clients of person A may cancel and person A is left with the chrgebacks and he must desperately make sells to the market of person B just to break even but most people will quit by this stage.

My father was in Primerica for many years. He did make over $150,000 per year, so it is possible to make that Primerica. However, the market is so different and competitive now I think Primerica might be an okay place to get started in financial services, but not a place to stay. If you do start making good money and build a team at Primerica, watch out since you do not have “ownership” of your business until your upline and the company give you your “ownership” when my dad left Primerica he was an RVP and did not have “ownership”, so after all those years at Primerica and making good money all he gets now is a check from the increasing benefit riders on policies he had sold in the past and that is about $32.00 a month, so watch out Primericans, if you make it, you may not make it for long. My advice would be to start in Primerica, and then after you are fully licensed leave and find an independant agency to work with, or start your own. I started in Primerica and I passed my tests (Life, Health, 63, and 6) then I left. I own my own insurance Agency and I am able to help way more clients than I could have in Primerica.

my father made over $200,000 a year in Primerica and then he decided to start a window washing business in downtown Dallas and he did OK but his income took a big hit in the window cleaning business.

Son of window man, your comment was stupid, but I guess it takes a stupid person to make a stupid comment. If your comment were true, I would point out the fact that in Primerica if you are an RVP or above then you cannot have income other than Primerica. You must also be full time with Primerica and have an office. I hope the next person to comment has an IQ above freezing.

[…] I have been approached by this company and I really reflected upon their financial model before having formulated an opinion on it. I have decided to present a series of three articles on Primerica: The Approach, The Discussion and The Final Conclusion on Primerica. […]

My record show my IQ was 71 on one test and 68 on the other. is this good? I didn’t know if you meant celsius or farenhite temperature.

Hi there, As a Primerica Rep i would like to speak on our behalf, first of all may i just say that id like to apologize for some of the reps who get their back bent out of shape and make snide remarks at the authur. In my humble opinion it makes us seem like we have something to hide or its an overely sensative topic. To be completely frank and honest, the thought that our company survives on false hopes is really very outrageuos, now as i do understand that the companies opportunity is not made for everyone, I would very much so appreciate if you would take a non biast approach when speaking of our company, as for some people, like myself, it is their business and only bread and butter. Now to address some issues, I would like to say that yes, we have adopted several different business types however the “bag” as u put it does not always fall to our new agent, and the big money does not only come to those who have the biggest team. you constantly refere to this company as pryamid type, to be honest i find this very funny, in pryamids or multi-level organizations the person who recruits is forever compensated by the efforts of the recruited there is no way out. Where as primerica allows the new recruit to pass the recruiter in both contract level and income, which is not something that is permitted with multilevel companies. I myself have passed 3 generations of individuals who lead to my recruitment, and now the only individual who is compinsated from my efforts is the broker (RVP) which is NOT any different than any other brokerage, whether it be financial or realestate. Aswell I can honestly say that out of the past 4 years of i have been with this company i have not recruited anyone until this past year, and i have still made enough money full time to feed 2 kids and my wife without assistance of any kind. Thus the only way for me to maintain my contract and stay ontrack for my own office is to personally produce, so no the new person does not need to sell for me to make money, however i can see where that misconception can derive from. As well as far as our agents only selling primerica life products, this is true however when was the last time you spoke to a london life agent or sunlife agent selling a manulife policy?? it is an industry consistant with a few exceptions. When it comes to mutual funds however we are an independant broker for AGF,TRIMARK, and MACKENZIE just to name a few. We are actually AFG Investments largest broker. I hope all of this makes sense, i have strived to understand your opinions and concerns however i hope this does shed light on someof them. one last thing, it was mentioned how primericas policies are so overely expensive compared to other companies. This is true when comparing term to term, however 101 out of 102 life insurance companies in canada make their bread and butter from the sale of whole life and perminant insurance(which is an issue all on its own) we do not have whole life in our line up, so 8 out of 10 times we sit with a family or a potential client they are massively overspending on whole life while still being heavely underprotected. So in comparison for the consumer we are much much cheaper for better value than what they currently spend money on, as it is very rare that we find a client who already spends money on term with the proper length and protection. plus we still have to keep the lights on as a business, and if the other 101 companies only sold term at their rates, they would be out of business within 24 months, i hope that makes sense. and please dont hesitate to respond with further questions.


by: finance guru | December 9th, 2011 (3:02 pm)

Josh–Thanks for shedding light on these issues–I feel that I must address some of these issues you raised in a polite conversational manner.

First–I doubt you can deny that the main emphasis is on recruiting. I seriously doubt most people in your heirarchy (unless your group is very unusual for Primerica) are trained on being competent financial professionals as much as on being recruiters. Ask yourself-why do other reputable companies not do the same thing if this was the best way to run a business that had excellent products? Could it be primerica has to compensate for having poor products? Just a thought.
Most people that are primerica clients are a good friend or family member of someone that once joined the company. Less than 1% of people with the company make any money, yet people join because they are sold a vision of becoming wealthy with the company. its simple–John Doe joins and his friends or family may buy something just to help him out but if John Doe is like 99.9% of people that join Primerica, he will quit after he makes no more money and the upline must get a new person brainwashed on the idea to get into the new person’s warm market.

You should also ask yourself where all that money goes that you pay the company–what is it-$99 to join and then $25/month?–with all the primerica reps, that sure is a lot of money going to the company-don’t you think? I fone rep stays with the company for one year, that is $300 for a year and for the 100,000 reps with primerica, this comes to be 30 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. Not to mention the conventions–I don’t know if you have been to a convention yet but when you stay in your overpriced hotel room–you should ask yourself if the company is getting their cut.

Also Josh–I challenge you to do this if you do nothing else–ask your upline when you actually have ownership of your business–It is not when you become RVP–and what happens when you leave? can you take the book of business with you? Nope

I have had my series 7 license and my CRPS (certified retirement planning specialist) and CFP (certified financial planner) designations before. I wonder Josh, what are the qualifications of the people in your baseshop?

Concerning the life insurance issue–I am against whole life for 99% of the circumstances and agree that Primerica helps people save by getting them out of whole life insurance but other companies offer much better term life insurance rates. Check out http://term4sale.com/ and see if Primerica is even competitive.

here is a question–you are told to teach people to “buy term and invest the difference” if someone could compare different insurance rates and get a better priced offer, wouldn’t there be more “difference” for the person to invest? If your goal is truely to free up money for clients then you should work with an indpendent agent that can shop around for the best rates. You are a “captive” agent for primerica and cannot do this.

On the investment side–do you sell any “no load” funds? off course not. Now I know that most people are not going to take the initiative to go to a discount broker like Vanguard and there have to be costs for offering investments but say I have $10,000 to invest-would I be better off investing into primerica mutual funds where I pay upfront load of 5% which is $500 right off the bat PLUS annual charges for the rest of my life OR going to a financial planner where I pay one flat fee and follow the financial planner’s advice and invest in a discount broker where I save thousands over the long run. I wonder how much of your client’s investment dollars are being eaten away by the ouragous fees with primerica mutual funds?

@ TFB .. China is the country with the most jobs … do you really think that makes them the best employer?” = GENIUS. I would like to borrow that one from time to time. Unlike the vicious PFSers here who are only looking to fend off any hint of negative publicity to their potential recruits, I DID read your series and felt you have offered the most fair and accurate portrayal of this organization available on the internet so far. No axe to grind and then taking the amount of time to write it all up and stick up for your views when the Termites come to attack tells me you stick to your guns. That is tough to do when you have no compensation at stake. So accept my thumbs up and keep up the good work

Been an agent for 6 months and have made $5000 total just from a part-time basis. Pretty good I’d say but I will say I’m glad I stumbled upon the number one hierarchy that focuses on how to recruit and close a sale effectively. We never are taught anything unethical yet we follow a simple system and every single person that follows the system in the hierarchy are slowly finding success and building their monthly income. Those who deviate from the system are the ones that struggle. What’s more is that people with just a life license can do fixed annuities and earn residual income but to become an RVP does require the securities license.

Did they have their doubts at first? Of course but all the people that are slowly finding success are ones that chose to cast doubts about the business away and just all-out on the training that was given. I was in a slump for the first two months and decided to completely change my attitude and now I’m finding success.

Also, I insured a cousin of mine… 32 y/o/ F / Preferred Plus / Max child rider coverage for 3 / 500,000 coverage – $72 a month. This replace 3 policies by Metlife – Term/Whole/Universal all totalling $150 a month for 500,000 total coverage. I saved her more money monthly and I also showed her how in the long run the Universal would rip her off (as it did my mother) and showed her how whatever cash value is accumulated will not be paid out in the event of an untimely passing (which also happened with my mother).

Sure Primerica may be more pricey than other term coverages but do these other term policies have no limit to how many children can be insured? Do these policies not have the war exclusion clause (I have not run into ANY other term policy that does NOT include war exclusion clause.

by: Trying it Out | March 17th, 2012 (2:19 am)

The company is changing a lot and about to roll out with products that will blow your mind. If it’s not for you then it’s not for you. I’ve worked a lot of places that I hate and some I’ve tolerated. I will say that it’s a job just like the rest of them. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, you may want to watch for our new products and what we’re about to be able to do for our clients. This is the ONLY company where everyone seems very good hearted and means well. I have researched and concluded that I’ll give this a sincere shot. I would imagine it’s just like anything else in life. Nothing is handed to you, and you get what you put into something. Nothing beats families helping families though!

A few links I found interesting:



BBB Accredited A+ Rating

Fox 16 PRIMERICA (2/6/2012)- Putting America Back To Work


All I can say here is that there is a lot of pretending of earning income without the leg work. Seriously? No matter if it is Primerica, Walmart or even the fashionable Holywood : NO Hard WORK NO money!!!! Get it?

Has anyone here read The ABC’s of making money version 2011 by
Dr.Denis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght? Talking about the 15 criteria for sucessful business criteria, and which company filled all 15.

Has anyone here read The ABC’s of making money version 2011 by
Dr.Denis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght? Talking about the 15 criteria for a sucessful business, and which company filled all 15.

Man I have to proof read!!
Also remember people this business is like a Real Estate Branch and you are the Broker not the agent.
The Real estate broker does not worry about selling homes he just wants more agents. Its a ll about building distrubution.
Also dont believe me or ANYONE in a blog or forum, you dont know who they are their motives or how many accounts they have.
Most negative posts are from people who lost sales to an Pri agent, non business orientated people, or just people looking to blame someone for there failures.
I could open a hamburger booth on a street corner for 500.00 and keep all the profit from every burger I personally make, or open multiple McDonalds, not know how to run the register or make a big Mac and make .10 cents off every product sold while Im sleeping

Man I have to proof read!!
Also remember people this business is like a Real Estate Branch and you are the Broker not the agent.
The Real estate broker does not worry about selling homes he just wants more agents. Its a ll about building distrubution.
Also dont believe me or ANYONE in a blog or forum, you dont know who they are their motives or how many accounts they have.
Most negative posts are from people who lost sales to an Pri agent, non business orientated people, or just people looking to blame someone for there failures.
I could open a hamburger booth on a street corner for 500.00 and keep all the profit from every burger I personally make, or open multiple McDonalds, not know how to run the register or make a big Mac and make .10 cents off every product sold while Im sleeping

The ownership program has gone thru a major change. A non competition clause is standard in any business partnership from partners selling their shares and so on. I have never met an intellegent person who thinks Primerica is a pyramid scheme.
All of our mutual are not Load funds, I am a broker and can use DSC, FE 0% and no load funds from any investment company I want.
Do not I repeat do not go independent, you will receive no training and you will not have the weight of tons of investment firms stating their partnership with you, plus the over head will be crazy.
This month alone Mackenzie financial is doing a PFSL training program.
Check out this credibility link, none of these companies would deal with an illegal pyramid. (look under strategic partners)
Also if you are independent every person you meet will think you are doing a ponzi scheme. You do not have access to PERSONALIZED mutual fund software for full portfolio analyzing, you will be forced to pay big money for good software or be stuck using sub par freeware software.
You will not be able to quote about the Dalbar awards, quote published books on Primerica, quote multiple magazine articles, show news reports, say you are a public company, state the Canadian Pension Plan is the largest Canadian share holder, you will not be able to say your company has over 6 million clients and is the largest term insurer in the U.S.A.,you will not be able to say you are part of the largest independent financial services marketing organization,you will have to pay higher costs for courses and licencing, you will not have access to very cheap or free well designed advertising products, you will not have acess to special cell phone rate plans thru major cell phone carriers, you will not be able to work out of an office for as long as required keeping your overhead low while still being professional( unlike a home office)you will not be able to show your better business bureau rating, you will not be able to show your companies financial strengtht (A.M. Best rating), how the company is building a new huge Head Office in Georgia, tell people the govenor of Georgia made a speach on the news about the ground breaking, how Warburg Pincus spent 10 million investigating the company and then invested 230 million (I think they would of uncovered a scam before anyone in a forum).There is so much more, I promise no one will ever be able to post a credible link saying Primerica is a scam ever.
And after showing any person the evidence they think its a scam or whatever you just go talk to someone smarter.
Good luck to everyone

by: Success | May 10th, 2012 (9:20 am)

What a Great Company! With Fantastic Products! I became a client before becoming a representative! I have been a Rep in business for a year and a half
after becoming a client first. By taking a look and doing a financial needs analysis I saved o er two hundred dollars a month. As being a Rep on a part time basis i made over twenty five thousand! We don’t get paid to recruit and the compensation program is great weather you just want to be a sales person or build a business. I quit my seventy thousand a year job after a year and a half. It’s now been two years, and I love the freedom to control my own life and time. I was a industrial mechanic before. Had no background was willing to learn something new. Worked!!! What I see to be the common denominator on most blogs is that the people who write them just did not put in the effort to learn and work. It’s easy to go write a bunch of crap on a blog or form! Have a great day! Definately worth having a look from the client side of things, if it’s better than what you got now why not!? If you need the extra cash or fed up with your J o b, have not seen anything else that beats it!

by: Smarter Guy Named Greg | May 10th, 2012 (8:47 pm)

Greg whom commented on April 24th. I think you are missinformed. You do realize that a LOAD fund is not only a mutual fund with an up front sales charge, back end sales charge, level load 12b1, but also any mutual fund that has a 12b1 fee. If you are correct in your statement which I doubt you are, then how exactly are YOU as the rep compensated? Are you working free of charge? If so how does working for fre equal a business opportunity?

by: Smarter Guy Named Greg | May 10th, 2012 (8:54 pm)

also Greg whom commented on Aprl 24th, have you ever been an independent agent? You do realize that the account analysis software from Morningstar and others are provided free by other companies right? I am guessing you know nothing about the financial services business, and I dare say I doubt you have a securities license or even a life license! BTW, Primerica is a place to get a start, but they are not worth staying with if you actually want to own your own business.

Also, the fact a pension from Canada owns shares in PRI doesnt mean crap, do you realize how many large investors and charities had with Madoff’s Fund? Primerica is a real company and their stock is real, but the fact someone or some pension owns it doesnt mean anything.

More disgusting propaganda from brainwashed Primerica drones. Primerica is the worst form of multi-level-marketing. Its pyramid system is designed to bring failure to any new person and only the people at the top of the pyramid make any money. Over 99% of recruits fail. If it was so great, why do they have to beg people to join? Ask yourself that–people are lined up trying to find jobs but Primerica is having to chase down people to join.

With Primerica, there is NO base Pay, NO benefits, NO help with marketing. They just want to get your friends and family as leads and leave you to fail. The company was started by an uneducated football coach and ia run by ignorant people who are low down enough to rip off their friends and family selling terrible products.

Its important for people to realize that just because a company is legal doesn’t mean that its good and the company is being honest. Fortune tellers that charge for phsycic readings are legally allowed to charge but does that mean they are really beneficial for the average consumer?

Primerica is like a big leech sucking the life blood (warm leads) out of new recruits. The people at the top of the pyramid make all the money while new recruits give away their friends and family to be sold the products and there is no training beyond selling to your closest freinds. By that point, you will fail and that’s how its designed.

Please understand this people. MLMs/pyramids are DESIGNED to bring failure to new people and keep the income going for those that got in early. Every business has a marketing plan and Primerica’s marketing plan is to sell a new recruit on the dream of becoming wealthy and this is all a a scheme to make sells to the new recruit’s friends and family and when they are done with that recruit, they will mve on to a new victim.

by: Carlo Johnson | June 9th, 2012 (5:03 pm)

one crucial thing i think that you are missing is that they train associates in areas of managing there own money which is why there are a lot of satisfied reps. If any job were to explain to an individual what should be done with the money that they are receiving from them then more people would in turn be apart of the few that make thousands a month.

I just spend few hours at a training session with Primerica [ I would call these people a ” Happy Bunch”] and I’m sorry to say that I felt like a complete idiot. I sat with other 20 victims in a classroom and watched numbers fly across the screen.Sexy teacher like lady spoke fluently and really didn’t say anything that would explain to us the most important thing we needed to hear. How are we going to make any money? In the room next door other members of Primerica were constantly clapping their hands and cheering.Most of them seemed to be Filipinos and I though for a second that the office space is shared with some Baptist congregation. I could see even small children running around in the hallways.I kept asking myself what’s all this about ?Apparently Primerica likes to invite as many families as possible to their gatherings. To me the whole meeting seemed very strange to say it politely. All these happy faces, everybody shaking my hand and the ladies gave me that look ” oh I wanna sleep with you pretty boy”. I have never attended any cult meeting in my life but it sure felt like one to me. Primerica may be a successful company and I’m sure this organization makes lots of money for some but the way they try to recruit new members certainly didn’t work in my case. I feel any above the average intelligent person will walk away from these recruiters .I’m sorry Primerica people but you didn’t convince me and the 99$ you asked me to pay for the criminal check at the end of the meeting was a cheap shot.I’m glad I didn’t give you any of my $$$ I already gave you few hours of very beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

@Gunther, the meeting you went too and environment was created to inspire You and/or someone you know. You will definitely get more from Primerica than they will get from You for $99.00. I would take what you learned and use it to empower you in the future. Not sure how old you are however at one point in your life you will be in need of financial education or financial assistance and You will remember the day you went to this meeting.

You mentioned:
– I feel any above the average intelligent person will walk away from these recruiters..

My opinion:
– It can be the opposite as well. One may believe to be too intelligent that they may not be aware of an opportunity sitting in front of their face.

to your success

As far as Primerica as a company When ever we worked and put in time we got paid. Primerica paid put over 250,000 to a friend of mines family when they lost there mother. Saved there home and paid for college tuitions. Has 1,000 of dollars saved away for fathers retirement. Has put a lot of extra part time money in my families home what more is there to say about a company that could do that for anyone?

BLW, your spelling and grammar is horrible. Any financial services firm does those things you mentioned for families daily. I have no problem with Primerica. What annoys me is how Primerica brainwashes their agents and clients into thinking every person and company is out to screw them if they are not Primerica.

RUN AWAY FROM PRIMERICA!!! Overpriced life insurance and poor trained agents

I signed up for Primerica under a friend who recruited me even after reading blogs like this and I feel mixed but I think success can be achieved if you think independently and are intelligent and patient.

First, anyone arguing representing Primerica on this blog with terrible spelling is just proving the point of the detractors about the caliber of agents.

Relative to other MLM, Primerica is fairly benign as it does allow for you to actually make some money without the risk of carrying overpriced inventory that you have to dump (like Herbalife, Amway etc) if you can’t sell it retail. .

My strategy so far has been 1 – not being pushy with selling to anyone, but mentioning it in passing if I am already discussing financial topics 2 – treat it like a part time job, but stay educated. I have other sources of income that are far more lucrative than Primerica, so I can be patient. 3 – let it grow slowly and steadily and keep a good reputation 4 – MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE TACTICS SOME BRANCHES WILL USE ON YOU! This is important! Don’t just hand over 30 leads for “training”, don’t give in to their pushy demands to recruit more to get your “bonus”,

Be smart – if you can actually sell and are educated, you can make decent money. I have no interest in selling insurance for a living so the non-compete doesn’t really bother me. Recruit only those who maybe have no other job prospects or understand the system, pay for their fees and at least try to get to a level where you get a slightly higher override for your own sales.

It’s amazing how many comments on this blog are negative!! I wonder how many of these negative people are making these comments on their lunch break from their minimum wage job. The “above average person” of intellect, if they truely were above average, wouldn’t be making derogatory comments that are meant to tear down the efforts of a group or individual to make their aimless life more meaningful. Small minds tear down to lift their insecure selves to the level of their target. Live long and prosper if you can making $7.50 an hour.

Whether it is Primerica or Amway, or Mary Kay, any MLM-oriented company is what YOU make of it. I know individuals who are successful in all 3 companies. If you are new and are about to attend one of their larger, recruiting meetings, do this: ask your recruiter to actually see paystubs from anyone they trot out there billing themselves as a “success.” After a Primerca meeting I attended, I did that and all 4 people that the company had speak either declined or said they’d “get back to me.” None did.

[…] bloggers have gone after quasi-pyramid schemes like World Financial Group and Primerica – financial services companies who seem to make more money recruiting others to sell […]

I see a lot of negativity about Primerica and i’m aware that not everyone is ethical in the business or does the business the right way. You can go to ANY company and see this. Is the marketing and prospecting done a little unorthodox? Certainly, but word of mouth was the only way of marketing back in the day and still to date one of the most successful ways. The people who say “when you bring a recruit in, you get paid off their warm market” aren’t even taking into fact that A) you’re giving these people experience and building a rapport for them, B) they’re getting bonuses b/c they can’t write any business legally (why expect to get paid off a business you can’t legally get paid from until your business is licensed?) and C) you’re getting them referrals so that once they are licensed and have the proper field training, they can become independent and do their own thing! There are TONS of people who refuse to recruit and still make good income off their own pen. You don’t NEED to recruit to make money, but if you would like more money+freedom, then you CAN recruit. You don’t build a team who spends every second of their life recruiting. They prospect and train all in the same time frame. Primerica is more customer driven than product driven. Many non-capture agents just push products to get commissions, products that aren’t in the best interest of the customer usually. I’ve met head to head w/ several agents like that who have admitted being predators. We do not PUSH products that families cannot benefit off of.

Pyramid schemes do not allow you to move past whoever brought you into the business. Primerica allows you to pass someone who brought you into the business if they aren’t working as hard as you. Where else will you get that? So who has worked their butt off for a slacker and wished you was above him in the food chain? You can do that w/ Primerica. Just like with any job, nobody comes out of the blue day one and knows everything about the job. They go thru what? Training. That technician you wouldn’t let touch your car had to touch someone’s car FIRST after training was over. Same rule applies here. Hope I was able to clarify some things.

I am a WFG agent. I have to say that there is a tremendous amount of misunderstanding regarding the process of “giving up” a portion of your warm market to your trainer.

Why is this not a bad deal for the new recruit? First of all, the recruit knows nothing about the business and is not licensed. Training takes the time of the trainer who would otherwise be writing their own business elsewhere. The point is you want your trainer to show your closest people that the company really does benefit them through proper insurance and investing.

This is why I had no problem approaching those who are closest to me. I had no problems giving up all those initial sales because I want my friends and family to have the best service possible. Something I can’t give without experience in the field and watching how it is done correctly. Which is more caring for your close friend? Asking them if you can experiment on their money or introduce them to someone who can really be of help and won’t screw up? Which of the two will give you more credibility as far as your motives are concerned? Do you know which forms to fill? how to evaluate the needs? what are all the issues that need to be considered?

I had one friend say to me when I started he would wait until I got licensed then purchase insurance for his family. I said getting you protected now is more urgent than me making money now. What if you die while waiting for me to get my act together? When the closest people see the best of what your company can offer and they are happy with it, they will refer their friends and family to you as you grow in knowledge and skill. If they don’t, something went wrong. The long-term success of your business is with people referred to you by those who were helped initially. You will be known for your deeds and people will talk accordingly.

I too felt it was is counter-intuitive but it works. It is a system based on giving that keeps on giving. You give your trainer the sale and he gives you his training and skills. Keeps you from screwing up. You give your family or friend the best of the company and they give you referrals in return. You learn to do the business right the first time; what is that worth to you?

No one bats an eye giving up $40k and a few years to go through college for a profession. Why would you be unwilling to give up a few thousand dollars over a few months to become a well trained advisor with a strong support team?

So I was approached to do this primerica thing so here doing research, and just realized by definition stated above, I work for a Pyramid scheme. I work for a Fortune 100 Company tech company as an IT Consultant. My job is to meet with potential clients, sell them my services, perform the services and bill for the services. I receive a base pay plus bonus for what I bring into the company. In turn my Manager whom produces nothing, gets paid for being a manager and his manager gets and receives bonuses on what several of the other pillars under his management receive. This is propagated up 15 levels of management to the CEO.

So my view is that nearly every company on the earth is structured as a pyramid, and the higher you go up from the base, the higher people get paid while the majority of the actual revenue building work is done a the lowest levels. I know that I am given a paycheck, but the condition behind this check is I must sell and meet my quota which is 92 times my annual salary. If I don’t hit my numbers, then they may get rid of me at any time. Have seen many of my co-workers laid off recently and their jobs go overseas, they called it re-alignment of skills, but we all know it was to allow the bosses to get bigger bonus checks.

Now I understand that a true pyramid you cannot get promoted higher than your boss (recruiter) where as a MLM which is what I see primerica follows you can get promoted higher than your recruiter, but there will always be someone over you that gets a cut of your business. This is no different than corporate America so do not see the negative side of this except you have to actually do work.

I come from a family that has a large real estate brokerage firm and it appears to be similar in structure, but am still in research mode and hold my opinion at this time.

I understood almost everyone’s comment here except for ANSWER THIS. If you are as vague as how you write here, I don’t see you see succeeding in anything you do at all. Sorry for this comment, but really, you are not making sense at all to me. Do you read over what you write? I did try to read and make sense of what you are saying but half way through, I just decided to just make this comment coz.. really… you don’t make sense at all. I’m happy to get a line from you that would enlighten me of point but such long blogs with no sense in the most part,,,, Really frustrating. I am not referring grammar at all but just simple a clear point of what you are trying to defend or explain.

I am sure, for the most people who tried to respond to you, they had to rack their brains to understand what you are saying and just simple tried to respond to what they got from a line that they understood.

I am just curious though, as a Marketing person or businessman, what do you do or sell in your company? How do you make money? Until when do you have to do your job to be financially independent and be called decent and not cutting the buck from the efforts of others?

Great article on Primerica financial services company. I think it really exposes the details behind the company!