December 1, 2009, 7:12 am

The Financial Blogger 3rd Anniversary and Giveaways!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Miscellaneous
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Back on November 15th 2006, I was creating my very first post (not much to say about it! Hahaha!).  It has now been 3 action-packed years since then.  I have been waking up in the bus with my laptop under my arm early in the morning 5 days a week. While most people read or sleep, I open my little plastic case and my fingers dance on the keyboard, at times as fast as a cheetah going for its prey.

I first started this blog in order to share my passion about finance and to improve my English writing skills. Since then, my priorities toward the blog have grown as it is now part of my website company. The purpose of this blog will always remain: talking about money, opening our minds to the marvellous world of finance without limits and having fun!

In 2009, I wrote a few posts that I really like such as:

Making a 6 figure income at the age of 28

– My series on sources of passive income

Survival guide to an MBA

– The difference between index mutual funds and ETF’s

Best stocks of 2009 contest

The blog also has grown with the help of many other bloggers. Here’s a big thank you to the following:

Million Dollar Journey

Canadian Capitalist

Mike from Four Pillars

SVB from The Digerati Life

The Dividend Guy Blog

Those are the “five pillars” that help me in my day-to-day adventure as a blogger.

I would also like to give a special mention to Richard Handcock, Primerica agent. While I will never work for this company, Richard was kind enough to share his perspective on this long debated topic over The Financial Blogger. He is the living proof that the company doesn’t make the advisor. There good and bad advisors everywhere. Richard is surely part of the 1st category.

Since I purchased Gather Little by Little a few months ago, I have also discovered a whole new world of great blogs. Here’s a few of them:

Man Vs. Debt

This guy impresses me with the originality of his posts. He has the capacity of writing long and well thought out posts.

Cash Money Life

I have learned a lot from the guy behind the blog by reading about his quality advice on how to manage a blog and make it prosper. Definitely a star Blogger according to me!

Frugal Dad

This frugal dad always comes up with nice writing about how to save money. While being frugal is still a huge challenge for me, he is an inspiration.

Bible Money Matters

Peter not only writes about personal finance but he is doing some great logos for websites as well! I particularly appreciate his practical way of presenting financial concepts and how you can apply them in a simple manner to your daily life.

Good Financial Cents

This is another great Blogger who had a lot of success in 2009. As a fellow CFP, I can appreciate his effort to provide quality financial planning content to his readers.


Alright, enough with the Blogger link love and here comes the giveaway to thank the most important part of my blog: Loyal readers!

ipod-touch1st prize: iPod Touch!

2nd prize: $50 gift card at Amazon

3rd prize: $25 gift card at Amazon

How to enter the contest?

#1 sign up for the free trading lessons course and forward me your confirmation email at thefinancialblogger at gmail dot com. This is 100% free and there are no other subscription scam attached to it, promise!

#2 leave a comment saying what you would like to see in 2010 on The Financial Blogger

#3 register to my new mailing list (on the top right of the blog)

Winners will be announced on Friday December 11th so you can get your prize before Christmas!

The Financial Blogger has now become bigger and better in 2009 and I hope it will continue to grow in the upcoming years. One thing is for sure, if I can do it, it will be because of you; my loyal readers! I have always wanted and dreamed of earning a living from my writing.  Having thought it was not really possible since writing books has not become the Klondike for many people. But now, I am seeing a window of opportunity through this blog… it is truly an AMAZING feeling!

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Happy 3rd year!

With everything you got going on, it would be nice to read on how you manage to balance work and family life (I also have 2 kids).

Congrats!! Looking forward to reading about love (all we need) in 2010… :-)

[i Pod, you Pod, he/she Pods…]

Congrats on the 3 years! That’s impressive! I have a 3 year target myself. The site will either be deemed a success or a failure by then.

What I look forward to is you sharing more about the split in your income, and track your psychological changes and spending habits at each new level of income.

I’ll be interested in understanding when $100,000 for you stops being enough, and when, if you do, start thinking about $150K, 200K etc.

The evolution of finances is truly the most fascinating to observe and understand.



Child’s costs, REEE, …

Looks like I read 4 or your 5 pillars… so I guess you are one of my five pillars. :)

My interests are family finances and ETF

congrats, and thank you for the contest.

I would like to see more about your side businesses, how you plan to insulate yourself from failure, if you plan to stop working, etc.

Congrats on reaching 3 years! It’s an impressive milestone!

Thanks for the compliments. It’s been good working with you and I look forward to learnin/sharing more with each other. :)

Congrats on the three years. I would like to see more ideas on investing; why you pick what you do; what kind of allocation you have; ETF’s vs. individual stock picking etc.

Way to go TFB. Congratulations on 3 years and I’m looking forward to many more. For myself the interests are in real estate. Particularly using RRSP’s in 2nd mortgages.

Congrats on the 3 year milestone! Looking forward to many more posts. My interests are indexing and real estate.

Happy Anniversary :)

I look forward to reading more about leveraged investing next year…

Congrats on the 3 years. I have been reading your blog daily for the past 6 months and I’m impressed by how driven you are at the age of 28. I would like to read more about investing for people just beginning their careers. I will be graduating from pharmacy school in a year and I would like to know the best strategies for investing for the long term and I would like to know about how you started a website business as I’m interested in starting a business one day. Thanks… I look forward to reading in 2010.

Alright! Third down, many more to go! Congratulations!

Looking forward to see some budgeting for new home purchase or renovation …

Thanks so much for your kind words!

Holy Bajeebus, though! 3 years? I had no idea. That’s almost unrealistic for me to imagine. Takes so much hard work, consistency, and patience. Nice job!

Congrats on the 3 year mark Mike!

way to go…. 3 years

I am interested in Index funds (ETFs)

Congratulations! Wish I could persuade my students to blog by way of improving their writing skills! 😉

Actually, one of them did, for a while. She, like you, had a subject about which she was passionate. Trouble is, few people do. Your posts are interesting and always informative. Hope you keep on for another 30 years.

I especially enjoy your thoughts on passive income and on your project to make a six-figure income.

Congrats on three years! That’s a testament to your quality articles. What would I like to see in 2010? More of this site! I’m gonna be visiting more often and get in on what makes you a success.

Congrats on the anniversary! I am at 2.5 right now, but will be hitting that 3 year mark soon enough – it’s great isn’t it?

Congrats x3! I’ve learned so much not only about financial info, but also how to blog from watching your example. (This contest is a great example of smart blogging community.) We need more dedicated bloggers like you. Any big plans for the next years?

More on alternative/passive income please!

Also more ipods? hehe.

Done and done and congratulations! I would love to see posts dealing with the entrepreneurial side of your business: what you do day to day, your ROI on buying different financial websites, etc. – Joel

You bought Gather Little by Little? What are your plans with that blog?

I am glad to find a new blog to read. Found you on Credit Card Chasers. Congratulations to 3 years.

I also enjoy reading entrepreneurial posts when it comes to blogging. I’ve just started monetizing on my blog. Be nice to hear how one expands on them. :)

Congratulations on your third anniversary! Well done!

By the way, has anybody been having problems with during the last two three days or so? I’ve submitted to some carnivals, but never got an email confirmation and I’m pretty sure the submissions didn’t get to the respective carnival owners. Anybody else with that problem?

Congratulations on making 3 years! 😀 I’m looking forward to more information on investing and real estate.

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I’d like to see more information posted on leveraged investing. I’m considering starting this riskier type of investing in 2010.

Congrats on these 3 years!

Pick me! Pick me!

Seriously, though congratulations on the anniversary.

ooh, Awesome prize. I’d like to see more about how to negotiate. Rent, salary, etc.

Thanks for the mention of Bible Money Matters, I appreciate it. It has been a pleasure working with both as a fellow blogger, and working with you to do some design work for some of your other sites..

Things i’d like to see more of next year? More posts about common sense ways to deal with money -things that you know because you’re a CFP. Ways to save on taxes, tax incentives – ways to set up a good financial plan.

Signed up for the course, and for your email list as well. I hope I win!

Congrats on three years! We hit that last spring and are headed towards the next milestone.

I’d really love to see more on multiple streams of income. Great to read everyone’s comments on what they want to read about.

I’ve also been dreaming of an iTouch for the past year and a half. This would be a fun way to make that happen!


Miel @ DINKs Finance

[…] Preet and the Financial Blogger are giving away an iPod Touch. You can throw your hat in the ring by visiting Where Does All My Money Go? and The Financial Blogger. […]


Pick me, Pick me!
Thanks for the blog, it is so great to have all these financial blogs around providing REAL info.


Thanks for the occasional chance to win something cool! Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to get the “email trading lessons” page, that you have a link for, to sign me up – it just kept refreshing the same page. If you have another suggestion for sign-up I am very interested. I hope that I can still be entered into the contest. Thanks again for both the contest and your informative and interesting blogs!


Holdin my breath.

Congratulations for the blog’s birthday.

What to read in 2010? Financial impact of having kids, as it happens to be my biggest project for the year to come.

by: The Financial Blogger | December 4th, 2009 (8:37 am)

Hey Russ,

I’ll send you an email with the code!


I agree with Peter about more posts from a CFP’s perspective. It gives you a professional niche that most of us don’t have!

Congratulations! Since you have kids – I would love to see posts on explaining money to children. How to raise financially savvy children. I learned about money growing up in a family of very modest means. I have been teaching my children (ages 10 & 7) about saving in an account and matching coupons to sales to rebates.

Congrats and good luck with the continued success of the site.

I’d like to see more in-depth on asset allocation strategies and portfolio structuring and upkeep.

More of the same type of content. Some general information on the types of portfolios you use for different types of clients would be nice.

I’ve just started reading your blog. I like what I see so far! I’d like to read more about career advancement and ways to increase earnings.

by: Luc-Rock Paquin | December 4th, 2009 (10:25 am)

What I would like to see in 2010 is examples of different allocations and how they perform throughout the year.

by: Madeleine G Hosbein | December 4th, 2009 (10:25 am)

Sorry I got your name wrong. please firgive me, I am new at this. It has since been fixed. In 2010 I would like to read more about how to read a prospectus and determine which stocks to keep and which to sell, Have a traditional IRA with Fidelity which is being actively managed and would like to determine if I really agree with their decissions. Sorry for any mispellings or typos.

Congrats on the anniversary!

I am interested in signing up for the lessons but, the same thing that was happening to Russ Giles is happening to me.

I look forward to reading more on starting to invest … what is a good way to break in? … etc …

Came for the contest, saying for the content… good stuff

by: Returns Reaper | December 4th, 2009 (10:52 am)

Congratulations on achieving this milestone and thanks for the chance to win some great prizes!

While there is plenty of content out there that slams all corners of the personal finance industry, as you suggest in your post there are “good guys” and “bad guys” out there. An obvious post might be how to tell a good advisor from a bad one. But there’s a ton of info out there on that as well. I have two ideas along those lines with perhaps a fresh spin:

1. A post on how to tell if your advisor is a good advisor or not. 2. A post with some insight into how the role of an advisor should differ with different levels of investment knowledge. For example, if you consider yourself a well informed investor and want to take control of your own investments, it might still make sense to have an advisor to help with making sure you’re properly insured, devoting the right percentage of your income to your savings, etc. But if you barely know what a mutual fund is, you might want an advisor to take a bigger role. Would you look in different places for the different types of advisors?

Congratulations – I’d like to see articles on how to budget for a small business and financial impact of kids.

Enjoyable site. Thanks.

by: Deborah Brouwer | December 4th, 2009 (1:51 pm)

Hi – thanks for an excellent blog. I’d like to see some specific posts on the psychology of spending.

I would love any tips on getting through school without $100K in student debt.

Congratulations for 3 years of useful articles!

I’d love to see some articles about international allocations.

Keep up the good work!

Did #’s one and 2, and I’d LOVE to read more about preparing for retirement at a younger age….

and CONGRATS!!!!!

by: Russ Giles | December 4th, 2009 (7:14 pm)

Mike, I’d like to see some dividend stock specifics, such as pay dates, list of monthly payers, history of special dividend declarations, etc. Thanks for the contest, and the personal replies!

I’d love to see more info and help on finding a job after being laid off – again!!! Third time in less than 3 years. I haven’t had a permanent job in almost 3 years! Very frustrating!!! Of course, I do live in southeastern Michigan, the worst economy in the country – highest unemployment, foreclosures, etc., and can use all the help I can get! Also, tips on saving as much money as possible while on unemployment and maintaining my excellent credit. I do have some savings, which I’ve been able to maintain but not build due to being laid off and each new temp job paying less than the one before! Also, I have no idea how long it will take me this time to find a job, as they are INCREDIBLY scarce around here and it’s getting worse all the time! They’re saying it might take over 10 years for this area to recover! And, if we wanted to move, we can’t – we can’t sell our homes, at least not without a HUGE loss, and moving is VERY expensive anyway. It’s SO very scary! Thank you!

I would like to read more about investing in emerging markets–ETFs or perhaps more direct methods, currency hedging, risks, etc.

by: Darryl Lapaire | December 5th, 2009 (1:09 am)

What I’d like to see is more info on the true value of an MBA – does it matter which school it’s from and what does it cost. What is the ROI on that piece of paper?

Congrats on 3 years. I’d love to read more about teaching your kids the value of money.

Congrats on year 3. I’d like to hear how you balance work, business, family and education. Your posts on how you accomplished your MBA were very insightful.

by: Yuko Tanaka | December 5th, 2009 (3:11 am)

In 2010, I would like to see you write more about giving as a component of financial health. What are different methods of giving that you support? Do you do this weekly, monthly? Is it a money thing, or do you believe that giving time is as good as giving money? How much should you give? Etcetera.

I’d just like to see a little more focus on the “get what you give” portion, I guess.

Thank you!

Congrats. I woul d like to hear move about the second stages of finanancial health – what to do after you have paid off debt and are saying toward retirement

Congratulations! I’ve just started investing directly through a discount broker, for now just with ETFs, so any topics that can help me with that are great.

Good for you. Three years is a heck of a long time in the blogging world :). I’d enjoy more posts on dividend investing as well as passive management investing.

Congrats… I think it would be beneficial to have specific stock picks and trace the portfolio’s performance!


Hey Mike, count me in for the draw. I’d like to see more giveaways. 😛

Kidding – just keep doing what you are doing.

Great site!

I would like to read more about trading – some nitty gritties would be nice. Also some of your thoughts on balancing work, businesses and family.

[…] The Financial Blogger 3rd Anniversary and Giveaways!. The financial blogger is giving away an iPod Touch as a celebration for his 3rd anniversary. Go enter, and good luck! […]

[…] -TFB is now 3 years old and has some great prizes (including free Ipod!) to celebrate! […]

[…] The Financial Blogger 3rd Anniversary and Giveaways! […]

[…] not miss the big third anniversary give-away at The Financial Blogger! Entering the contest requires little effort and the prizes are […]

Congrats! I’d like to see an article on some of the retirement strategies, like RRSP meltdowns and annuities.

I’d like to see an article ” stock market for dummies ” , because I still dont totally understand the stock market.

Congrats on 3 years! I’d be interested to see some posts on dividend investing and on leveraging in general.

Congrats. I would like to see home savings articles.

I hope i made the cutoff for the contest!! i would like to read more about good budgetting habits & lifetime financial planning (what and when). Thanks!!

Thanks for the great posts. I’ve been reading your blog religiously for a while now. I’d like to read a post on the valuation of a blog.

Awesome giveaway, and congrats on the milestone!

Very nice give-a-ways.
My husband and I both retired before the age of 65 and now that our income is basically fixed, we become very nervous with the fluctuating markets.
I would enjoy reading articles on diversifying our funds to protect them so we can enjoy our retirement.

Congrats on 3 years and wish you many more in the blogosphere! Any and all things leverage and commodities.