April 8, 2016, 7:10 am

Forex Market Trends in 2016

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Investing Ideas

Although there is no doubt that capitalising on the short-term movements within the Forex markets can generate sizeable profits, appreciating the long-term outlook is just as important. This is now more critical than ever before due to the interconnectivity of the world that we live in. While there can always be surprises around the next financial corner, it is still wise to take a look at some of the most predominant trends to expect during the remainder of 2016.


The Anchor of the Asian Marketplace?


Once thought to be the powerhouse of the modern world, the Asian markets have had an influence upon Forex trading for well over a decade. However, their strength seems to be waning. Many analysts feel that 2016 will a trying year for this region of the world. As regional economies continue to display rather dismal production data, confidence in both the yen and the renminbi has likewise soured. This has led some to speculate if there could be a financial “bubble” around the corner. Pairing western currencies against the eastern markets may be an excellent way to capitalise on any such fiscal ripples.


The Looming Brexit Concern


The western world has been dominated by the possibility of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. Currently, it seems is if there is a rather even split in regards to those who deem such a move a reality and those who continue to be sceptical of this shift. It could even be argued that a thinning of market volume will be observed as any type of definitive vote draws closer. However, it is pivotal to appreciate that money can be made within the currency sector during both good and bad times. Those with a keen eye on short-term profits are actually more likely to enter into positions during a greater amount of volatility and fear.


The Shift to the Mobile Trading Platform


We would be remiss to not mention the prevalence of mobile trading during the year ahead. Astute platforms such as CMC Markets have already embraced this eventuality. Offering streamlined trading systems alongside the same sense of reliability espoused by PC-based platforms, investors can now execute trades through smartphones and tablets. If anything, this pronounced trend is likely to gain pace as operating systems become even faster and more reliable. When we factor in 4G data transfer rates and other advancements, it is easy to appreciate why mobile trading will dominate many strategies within the very near future.


Of course, these trends have yet to be fully defined. Unexpected geopolitical events or sudden market movements could still dramatically change the landscape of the Forex marketplace. This is one of the main reasons why investors need to keep abreast of all of the latest news. It is only through this proactive approach that informed decisions can be made. CMC Markets is pleased to be able to offer numerous tools and instruments which will place anyone in the right position at the most opportune time.


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February 26, 2016, 3:08 pm

Most Affordable Life Insurance on Fixed Income

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Insurance

If you are on a fixed income, your options are limited as far as life insurance policies go. The most affordable life insurance for you is always the one you can get earliest at the best price. This article will discuss some of the ways in which you can get an affordable life insurance policy while on a fixed income.

Term Life Insurance

A whole life insurance policy is only worthwhile if you are already extremely young and likely won’t meet your end for some decades. This is because you will be entitled to the lowest premiums.  Never wait to take out life insurance because the longer you wait the more it will cost you. For most people, term life insurance offers better value for money as it only covers a set number of years. This set period is enough for the majority of people thinking about AARP life insurance.

Shop Around

It seems like the most common piece of advice around, but it remains the best form of advice around. Always shop around for the best deals because the premiums differ between every insurer. You will find that even five local insurers can have wildly different prices. This is down to the way insurance costs are calculated. It’s all about calculating the amount of risk the company takes on by insuring you. Each insurance company lends different weights to each point, such as whether you smoke and what sort of health complications you’ve experienced in the past.

Financial Stability

Generally, you want the best prices. But you also want to make sure the insurance company is going to last out the policy. The insurance industry is more crowded than ever before. There are more new insurers than ever before. They may offer more affordable policies, but there are no guarantees they are still going to be there twenty years from now. Stay on the side of caution and go with a company with a solid reputation of success.

The Name of the Game

In order to get affordable life insurance on a fixed income you have to go out of your way to shop around. Make it clear what your income is using an online calculator so only policies you can actually afford come up. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Finally, remember to call the insurance company to double-check the terms and conditions and to ensure the offer is still valid.



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February 19, 2016, 9:18 am

Business lending tips; What you Need to Consider when Looking at Additional Finance

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business

Starting and maintaining a business can be time consuming and financially stressful. If you have a business which is just starting out or your business is looking to expand having additional finance could benefit your company as long as your business and the lending company are up front with one another- you don’t want to be left with a bad credit loan.

Be Honest

If your business is looking to lend some money and is in need of a loan there is no point in trying to hide your businesses previous financial history. Company credit reports insist that all necessary information about your business should all be true so potential lenders can figure out the best options that are available to your company.

If your business is looking for additional finance and you choose to lend money from a bank or a lending company they will check to see if your business has been profitable in the past three years. All lenders will also look closely at your previous credit history so be sure to keep an eye on your credit rating and be up front with the lenders as lying won’t benefit your business long-term.

As well as being honest about your financial history inform the lenders or lending company why you’re in need of additional finance. Your business will have a higher chance of being granted a loan if your reveal what your businesses future prospects or expansions are.

Seek Advice

When applying for a business loan you don’t have to go at it alone why not seek out advice? The business loan market is an ever changing process so ensure you seek out advice to help explain the procedure so your business is aware of all aspects before taking out a loan. Expert knowledge can make it easier to assess the pros and cons of taking out a loan before you do so.

Be Wise

The current business loan market is in high demand and lenders are aware of this. There are still options available to businesses that are looking for reasonable terms when it comes to loans. Just be aware that headline interest rate figures on business loans are used to attract those who are in need of loans but they don’t always reveal all their rates, so it’s best to search around for the best deal. It could seem like a great deal but it might not suit your companys’ needs and you won’t want to be left with a bad credit loan as this could affect your future credit history. So seek out advice and really think about it before making any brash decisions.

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February 19, 2016, 9:17 am

If you own a sole proprietorship what are the best ways to avoid large costs with an international business

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business


If you’re the sole proprietor of your business it can be difficult as everything is down to you but there are advantages as you make all the profits and expenses are normally lower than other complex business structures. Expanding to an international market can be expensive so make sure you create a business plan and implement a budget for the expansion of an international business.

One benefit of having a sole proprietorship is that there are normally less expenses which will apply to a domestic market as well as an international one. Once you have got your business license it is always a good idea to get an accountant that way you can track your income and expenses. Having a sole proprietorship means that you won’t pay as much tax as other complex business structures. The tax will vary depending on which country your international business expands to. If you invest in an accountant at the beginning they can take care of the international business as well as your domestic one as there will be different tax laws and requirements depending on the country.

Before any business expands to accommodate an international market as the sole proprietor you will need to prepare an international business plan. Take in to consideration all expenses that you will you have to pay out for which as a sole proprietor there will be fewer expenses and you can easily set up a budget for the expansion of your company.  As the sole proprietor you get the benefit of collecting all the profits so make sure you leave some reserve in case any unexpected emergencies appear.

Once your international business is up and running the use of technology will be the biggest money saver. If you need to check up on your international business you no longer have to take lots of expensive business trips you can communicate constantly with your business thanks to modern technology. Technology allows you to make free conference calls from anywhere in the world with your businesses landline or your Smartphone meaning that you can be calling Poland for less or any other place on the planet for that matter. As well as international calls you can communicate with your international business through online VOIP calls and through e-mails which both only cost virtually nothing as well. E-mails and conference calls have an advantage as well as them being free they can be done from anywhere so you won’t be just limited to your office you can communicate on the go.




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February 9, 2016, 8:06 am

How Merchant Accounts are Evolving for Customers’ needs in the Digital Age

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business


If you’re a business owner, entering the digital age can be daunting but unfortunately it’s now a necessity. The start-up of a business’s virtual presence doesn’t have to be pricey and long term it could actually promote more success and more profit for your company. Businesses that don’t accommodate to the customers’ needs of using technology will unfortunately fall behind and lose out to their competitors who do offer a virtual shopping experience.

More and more retailers are switching to using merchant accounts to process payments. Ultimately merchant accounts make it easier for customers to pay with debit and credit cards whether that’s in store or online. Merchant accounts are a quick and easy method of processing payments securely as well. Retailers should invest in multiple merchant accounts for their stores and website as they distribute sales across the accounts decreasing the monthly volume per account and lowers your businesses risk profile.

Shopping habits have changed dramatically over the years due to the opportunities technology has opened up. Online shopping has really taken off in the past few years as customers are able to browse your website in the comfort of their own home. Merchant accounts make shopping easier for customers and retailers, as card payments are accepted and processed quicker through merchant accounts whether they are in store or online purchases.

Online shopping is also great for those who struggle with mobility or for those shopping in a different country. Most retailers recognise the popularity of online shopping and merchant accounts make this process easier for retailers. By using merchant accounts it opens up sales from different countries as they can accept all currencies. Always make sure that the physical store matches the online one as it’s important to have a clear brand image so customers won’t get confused. The physical store is still just as important as having a virtual presence, as some customers mostly older ones will want to visit the store and have a personal interaction.

So you’ve bought your business into the digital age and have an online presences as well as a physical store now what? With the digital age you need to be aware of where your customers are looking and as of 2014 people are using their smartphones more and more rather than their desktops. Many people will be looking at your website through their smartphones or tablet devices so it’s important your website is mobile friendly too. Another option to make sure your business is as accessible to all customers is to adapt your virtual presence and create an app for the use of smartphones and tablets. With merchant accounts retailers can take payments from customers who are ordering from their smartphones and tablet devices. That way you are making the most of your multiple merchant accounts and keeping up-to-date with all of your customers as well as knowing where they are looking from.


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