October 9, 2013, 6:22 am

Life… Differently

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Over the past couple of months, I’ve changed a lot of things in my life. First, my wife started a daycare at home. Then, I made some important changes in my lifestyle.


#1 I sold my RX-8 and am getting used to having one car

#2 I reduced my monthly spending on wine and food

#3 I delayed most of my other unnecessary expenses (read everything not related to my children).


To be honest, I wasn’t excited about these changes; I wasn’t thrilled about reducing my lifestyle. But I had no choice for now. Since we are focusing on a healthier corporate situation, we have stopped all “benefits” derived from our online company. This has forced me to run on a smaller budget. As I recently wrote on this blog, making money in the PF online world is not as easy as it used to. This is why we have to concentrate on what we do best and also have to stop spending carelessly.




I was a bit quick to sell my car. After all, I can slow down on wine and good food and still hit a few bottles per month. But I can’t sell my sports car and hope to drive it again. This was more than a car, it was a symbol of wealth, power and speed. OMG… that’s so BS when you think about it!


This is exactly what I realized once I sold it; driving a cool car is not the end of the world. In fact, after a few weeks, it’s more liberating than anything else; no car issues, no expensive gas bills. In other words; I’m less cool, but richer! Hahaha!




The other thing I realized this year is that one never has enough stuff. Now that I’m making good money, I want more. I want more money, more stuff, more of everything. That’s completely stupid. I’ve got into a cycle of always wanting to make a bigger bonus to live a bigger life. I call it ambition and I’m proud of being ambitious. However, I’ve realized that it’s better to put my ambitions elsewhere than in a bigger bonus.


The myth of corporate performance never ends. The more you bring the numbers in, the more you want to bring in. In the end, it all resets on Day #1 of your fiscal year and you start the wheel all over again. That’s enough to give you a headache!


Since my last son was born (about 20 months ago), I’ve taken life lightly. I didn’t push too much on my online company (no matter how motivated I was) and didn’t push as hard on my day job either. In the end, I still did more than most people would do anyway, but in my inner self, I know I wasn’t working at full speed. The funny part is that nobody noticed; I was still ahead since I’m highly productive. I guess that I could continue to “cruise” my way for a few years and nobody would ever realize that there was something wrong.


I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find what was wrong with me. I was happy, I am happy! I like my job, I like having my sideline but still, I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t running full speed.  To be honest, I’m not sure that I have found the real answer of why I feel this way. I just feel that I need to slow down for a while and enjoy what I have.


I’ve never been as close to my family, to my kids as I am right now. I spend a lot of time with my three kids and can see my toddler evolving day after day. I didn’t do that for my two first kids. I guess a part of the answer why I’ve slowed down is there; I want to enjoy the small things in life.


This is why I’ve decided to live my life differently; with less stuff and more savings. My guess is that I’m rebooting and preparing my system to start on another rush eventually. After all, I’m expecting to go to Hawaii in 2014… so I better rack-up a few more dollars to pay for this trip!


How are you living your life? Are you expecting to make more money to spend it? Or are you enjoying the small things?

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Love this post. We are focusing on enjoying the little things. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to enjoy life.

We’re still going, but probably not at top speed. We still need to finish killing my wife’s student loans though so we’re pretty close to full speed!

I didn’t do that for my two first kids. I guess a part of the answer why I’ve slowed down is there; I want to enjoy the small things in life.
– Seeing your kids more isn’t the small things in life! It is what makes life worth living imo. Every so often I dream of ditching my job and getting one in NYC (which would increase my commute from 30 mins to probably 90+)…then I remember I literally may never see my boy

Cutting those eating expenses! This is difficult to do as I work near a lot of restaurants, and “treating yourself” is a good thing right? Even if I’m not splurging, I’m buying something to eat or drink for breakfast (which is the most important meal of the day). This is my life’s challenge because when looking at the income to debt reports at the end of the month, eating out is the ever present culprit.

Well said. As my kids get older and I realize that I might be missing out on their things at school, sporting events, etc because of work, meetings, my own online ambitions, it REALLY makes me think about my priorities a little more carefully. Money has always been important and it always will be, but it is certainly not the most important thing. What’s happening right now and what you do with it is. So the more I can auto-pilot some of my financial matters, live more simply, and not obsess about my bonus this year at work, the more time I will have for the things that truly are important.

Now that I work 5 minutes away from home, I would never take a job at 1hr drive from home anymore! this time is precious!

I’m saving every penny I can. Trying to get one month where I don’t spend any money accept for gas/food/daycare. We’ll see how it goes :-)

Love this post! Right now, we are enjoying on small things rather than spending a lot to have fun. What is important is that we are enjoying as a whole family.