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August 12, 2016, 12:37 pm

The world’s most influential lawyers/attorneys and how they got there

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Broadly speaking, people from legal backgrounds hold some of the most powerful positions in the world – from presidents to highly respected journalists and executive directors, there seems to be something about those who have previously studied to be a lawyer or attorney that drives them to rise to the top.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most influential lawyers and attorneys in the world today, and how they achieved their goals.

Samantha Power

With a distinguished career as a journalist, advocate, lawyer and UN ambassador, Samantha Power has it all. Samantha worked her way through the prestigious Harvard Law school to get to where she is today.

Elizabeth Warren

This Harvard Law professor comes from humble beginnings. Elizabeth Warren is of Native American origin and specialises in commercial law. Despite ruling herself out of the running for the Democratic Party leadership to leave room for Hilary Clinton, she is hotly tipped to enter the political arena in the future.

Bryan Stevenson

Another lawyer with multiple strings to his bow, when not dispensing legal advice Bryan Stevenson can be found working as director of the Equal Justice Initiative, as well as working as an NYU law professor. He is well known for his liberal stance that “forgiveness is a necessary means” of achieving equality.

Vladimir Putin

Believe it or not, Vladimir Putin received his degree in International Law as a student at Leningrad State University (now St. Petersburg State University), which is the oldest law school in Russia. It’s no surprise to learn that Putin’s experiences of university inform his pulls-no-punches leadership style, particularly when it comes to foreign policy.

Barack Obama

As his second and final term as President of the United States comes to an end, it’s easy to forget that Obama worked his way through Harvard Law School as a youngster. Barack must be a quick learner, as he believes law school should take no longer than two years.

Marine Le Pen

Le Pen is a right-wing politician who heads the National Front, the third-largest French political party. Prior to becoming a political figure, Le Pen gained a Master of Laws from Pantheon-Assas University in 1991, followed by a Master of Advanced Studies in criminal law a year later. Le Pen began practising law after this as a lawyer representing illegal immigrants who could not afford a lawyer – ironic, given her political stance on the current refugee crisis.

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May 19, 2016, 3:05 pm

What to Ask Before Getting a Settlement Loan

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business

settlement loanSettlement Lenders believes that getting a settlement loan is a very important decision to make. Before going out and getting a loan to cover living expenses or medical bills while waiting for a case to settle in court, Canadians should do some research including a visit to Researching and asking questions is a best practice especially in these types of situations.

The first question to ask yourself before getting a settlement loan or a lawsuit loan is: do I need the money? It is not an easy question to answer and requires a lot of thought and the weighing of many different factors. First, you need to calculate exactly what your current weekly and monthly bills are. Add up the rent, the car payment, the insurance, the utilities, the cable, the internet, child care costs, and anything else that has a regular payment attached to it. Then add expenses that vary such as food and entertainment expenses. Once you have the total amount, write it down.

The next question is what is your current settlement case for? Are you awaiting an inheritance, or have you been injured in a car accident or slip and fall accident? If you have been injured and your injuries are preventing you from working, are you receiving benefits like workers’ compensation? Hopefully you are, but if you are not, then how long will your savings last while you are unable to work? It can be scary to think about, but it is better to consider the potential results of all your options before making a decision on how you are going to continue to provide for yourself and your family as well. Maybe your savings will cover all of those expenses for a few months, but what happens after that? This is when a settlement loan or lawsuit loan can help you.

Who Should Provide My Settlement Loan & How do I Get the Money?

There are a few different providers of settlement loans in Canada and they each have their own advantages. There are a few things to consider if you are looking to get a settlement loan though. Is the settlement loan provider a Canadian company? If your lawsuit is in Canada, you are better off with dealing with a Canadian company that understands all the national rules and regulations. Find out how long the settlement loan provider has been in business. Most financial companies fail within the first 3 years of operation for numerous reasons, which makes it important that you get your settlement loan from an established provider like Settlement Lenders for example which has been serving Canadians for over 30 years and has a client base of over 10,000 Canadians who have been helped.

So once I choose a settlement loan provider, how do I actually get my settlement loan? Every provider has a slightly different process for getting funds to their clients. According to the process for getting a settlement loan from $500 to $50,000 is fast and easy with the money getting to the client in one of 3 different ways depending on the client’s preference (monthly installments, lump sum, or line of credit). Clients get their money the following day after they apply and according to the Settlement Lenders Privacy Policy, no personal information is saved or shared after the loan process. Repaying the loan only happens after the client’s case settles and if the case does not settle, the client does not have to repay the loan at all.

If you are looking to get a settlement loan, please ensure that you research a few different websites in addition to

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May 9, 2016, 8:12 am

7 Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business

You probably didn’t start a small business because you were excited about keeping the books. But even if accounting is your least favourite task, you must stay on top of your business’s finances. Once you lose track, it’s easy for it to slide into a huge mess that you need a professional to fix. Use these tips to get an early handle on the accounting for your business.

Keep Track of Business Expenses

You should separate your business and personal expenses and keep detailed records of your business expenses. An easy way to do this is to set up a business bank account or credit card; then you won’t have to save a million receipts, as the bank or credit card records will be your digital copy of your business expenses. Refer to these records often so you can see how you’re spending your money. You’ll also need them to keep track of tax write-offs for business expenses.

Monitor Your Labour Costs

Labour costs are probably your biggest business expenditure. Do you pay overtime? Offer benefits? How much do you pay yourself? Make sure you’re not over- or under-paying your employees (and yourself!) by taking into account the perks your business offers. If you have money left over in your labour budget, you can offer your employees incentives. If you’re over budget, it may be time to cut the overtime or find a new benefits provider.

Use Online Accounting Software

Unless you have an accounting degree, you’re probably not going to get very far figuring out your business’s budget in an Excel spreadsheet. Online accounting keeps your records organized, offers business insights, and helps you with invoicing, too. The software makes a lot of those complex accounting concerns easy for small business owners to handle, and having all your accounting needs in one place makes your life as a business owner so much easier.

Set Aside Weekly Accounting Time

To keep your business finances in order, you have to sit down with them, uninterrupted, at least once a week. As long as you’ve got a good accounting system in place, going over your finances shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each week. Taking a regular look at your finances helps you see where your business is doing best and where you may need to make some changes. Plus, it makes doing your taxes much easier when the time comes.

Know Your Overhead

You probably know what your rent and utilities cost each month, but are you prepared for legal fees? What about interest or repairs? Every cost of running your business that isn’t direct labour, materials, and expenses counts as overhead. Basically, anywhere you put money that doesn’t directly create a profit is your overhead. Do you know what yours is? Estimating won’t cut it; overhead can cost you more than you intended if you aren’t paying attention.

Keep Detailed Inventory Records

You need to know every detail about your inventory, including when items come in late or when you don’t receive them at all, and whether there was any damage. Similarly, you have to keep track of when products go out to customers. Try out cloud-based inventory software, which helps you manage your inventory and assists you with business-to-business transactions, operations, and sales. The closer you can get your inventory records to real time, the easier your business life will be.

Follow Up on Invoices

Image via Flickr by GotCredit

Invoices, above all else, should be in pristine order at all times. You need to know when they’re due, who has been paid, and who owes you money. If you don’t get paid for services or products rendered, your business’s source of money will dry up quickly. Plus, the longer you let an invoice go without payment, the harder it’s going to be to get money from that client. Invoices are also the best way to figure out which customers you may not want to work with again.

Accounting might not be the most exciting aspect of owning a small business, but it does offer you considerable insight into how your business is running. Keep track of your finances to keep your business healthy!

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February 19, 2016, 9:18 am

Business lending tips; What you Need to Consider when Looking at Additional Finance

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business

Starting and maintaining a business can be time consuming and financially stressful. If you have a business which is just starting out or your business is looking to expand having additional finance could benefit your company as long as your business and the lending company are up front with one another- you don’t want to be left with a bad credit loan.

Be Honest

If your business is looking to lend some money and is in need of a loan there is no point in trying to hide your businesses previous financial history. Company credit reports insist that all necessary information about your business should all be true so potential lenders can figure out the best options that are available to your company.

If your business is looking for additional finance and you choose to lend money from a bank or a lending company they will check to see if your business has been profitable in the past three years. All lenders will also look closely at your previous credit history so be sure to keep an eye on your credit rating and be up front with the lenders as lying won’t benefit your business long-term.

As well as being honest about your financial history inform the lenders or lending company why you’re in need of additional finance. Your business will have a higher chance of being granted a loan if your reveal what your businesses future prospects or expansions are.

Seek Advice

When applying for a business loan you don’t have to go at it alone why not seek out advice? The business loan market is an ever changing process so ensure you seek out advice to help explain the procedure so your business is aware of all aspects before taking out a loan. Expert knowledge can make it easier to assess the pros and cons of taking out a loan before you do so.

Be Wise

The current business loan market is in high demand and lenders are aware of this. There are still options available to businesses that are looking for reasonable terms when it comes to loans. Just be aware that headline interest rate figures on business loans are used to attract those who are in need of loans but they don’t always reveal all their rates, so it’s best to search around for the best deal. It could seem like a great deal but it might not suit your companys’ needs and you won’t want to be left with a bad credit loan as this could affect your future credit history. So seek out advice and really think about it before making any brash decisions.

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February 19, 2016, 9:17 am

If you own a sole proprietorship what are the best ways to avoid large costs with an international business

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business


If you’re the sole proprietor of your business it can be difficult as everything is down to you but there are advantages as you make all the profits and expenses are normally lower than other complex business structures. Expanding to an international market can be expensive so make sure you create a business plan and implement a budget for the expansion of an international business.

One benefit of having a sole proprietorship is that there are normally less expenses which will apply to a domestic market as well as an international one. Once you have got your business license it is always a good idea to get an accountant that way you can track your income and expenses. Having a sole proprietorship means that you won’t pay as much tax as other complex business structures. The tax will vary depending on which country your international business expands to. If you invest in an accountant at the beginning they can take care of the international business as well as your domestic one as there will be different tax laws and requirements depending on the country.

Before any business expands to accommodate an international market as the sole proprietor you will need to prepare an international business plan. Take in to consideration all expenses that you will you have to pay out for which as a sole proprietor there will be fewer expenses and you can easily set up a budget for the expansion of your company.  As the sole proprietor you get the benefit of collecting all the profits so make sure you leave some reserve in case any unexpected emergencies appear.

Once your international business is up and running the use of technology will be the biggest money saver. If you need to check up on your international business you no longer have to take lots of expensive business trips you can communicate constantly with your business thanks to modern technology. Technology allows you to make free conference calls from anywhere in the world with your businesses landline or your Smartphone meaning that you can be calling Poland for less or any other place on the planet for that matter. As well as international calls you can communicate with your international business through online VOIP calls and through e-mails which both only cost virtually nothing as well. E-mails and conference calls have an advantage as well as them being free they can be done from anywhere so you won’t be just limited to your office you can communicate on the go.




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