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March 18, 2014, 5:00 am

February 2014 Income Report +13%

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Income Report



I’m back from vacation and I can tell you, it feels great… besides the fact that we are still under meters of snow here! Darn!




The main reason why Ive decided to post this report again is actually for my own follow-up. Since my third child arrived, my online business has been harder to manage. Producing this report helps me to keep track of my main goal: making 100K online in 2014. A few weeks ago I outlined my business plan as follow:

Therefore, my revenues should be represented as shown on the following graph:


Instead, February shows the following results:


Overall, my online business has generated $7,945.01 (+13%). This is gross revenue and does not account for expenses. My online expenses are around $3,000 per month. I spend a lot on VAs since I want to take care of my family more than I want to spend time on my computer ;-).


BLOGS BUSINESS $6,470.87 vs 5,015.17 (+29%)



The blog business peaked last month mainly due to higher traffic and Adsense sales. I’ve also brokered a few good advertising deals that pushed my results beyond my goal for a second consecutive month.

Since I operate several blogs, I get numerous advertising requests. I don’t do much private advertising on my blogs anymore as I’ve previously mentioned but I’ve kept this part of the business for other sites I own. Most of the time, I don’t have enough sites to complete massive advertisers’ requests. This is why I run this advertising brokerage service on the side. I take a 15% “finding fee” to dispatch advertising across my network. It’s a pretty good deal for everybody as it doesn’t take me forever to close a deal and both the blogger and the advertiser are happy.

PRODUCTS $1,280.60 vs $1,877.66 (-32%)


I’m losing steam on this part of my business at the moment mainly because I’ve failed with my February campaign. My goal was to offer a combination of two products (an external investment newsletter and my dividend stock investing tool) at a discounted price. I offered a $169 package deal for both services. I had a deal with the external investment newsletter to offer their product with a $100 rebate. Then, I offered them combined, both products and included their promotion within my package. So customers could get 2 products with a total value of over $288 for $169.

Unfortunately, my pricing strategy combined with my product offering was too complex and not straightforward. It resulted in only 2 new yearly memberships. Later in the month, I quickly turned around and pushed the external investment newsletter by itself. It resulted in 32 new sales within a week.

Their product was offered at a rebate, mine wasn’t. This was probably why it didn’t fly that much. I didn’t want to reduce the price of my membership as I think it would be a lack of respect for existing members. I made a decision to not play with my price and not offer additional rebates. Sometimes, I’m tempted to do so, but I always remember the customer who first paid the “full price”. I think it’s important to show them respect.

In the meantime, I got my product approved within an affiliate marketing system. This means that I will be able to give affiliate links to other bloggers or website owners wanting to sell my membership service. Im offering 40% of the sale price to other blogger. This is definitely a great deal for both parties. I’m definitely looking forward to see how it will go in the upcoming weeks with this strategy.

This business division also includes my two books for sale on Amazon:

Dividend Growth – a 4.5 Star Investing Guide

2014 Best Dividend Stock Picks – After beating the benchmark with my picks in 2012 and 2013, I’m going back for a third year with 20 US and 10 CDN favorite picks.

Sales are stable right now with Dividend Growth (I sell rough a copy a day) and the 2014 Best Dividend Stocks continues to roll as my picks are doing as good or better than my benchmark. The easy money is gone and now investors are looking more than ever for undervalued stocks.

NICHE SITES $193.4 vs $134.22 (+44%)



My niche sites produced more income in February but I’ve done nothing yet to improve the situation. I was simply lucky that I got more traffic and more Adsense revenue ;-). I must admit that my click-through-ratio and earnings per click are quite high with my niche sites. For example, I have one site making $30-$40 per month with Adsense with as little as 200 visitors per month. This can give you the kind of potential such a site can have if you bring it up to 2,000 visitors. Then again, 2,000 visitors/month is far from being impossible!


I’m currently looking at how I will improve traffic for these sites. I have a few ideas on the table and I’ll discuss them with my partner soon… we have our annual meeting coming up!




February was another challenging month in terms of time management. In January, the whole family got sick one after another without any breaks. In February, we were completing the earnings season (when public companies issues their quarterly financial reports). We wanted to cover all stocks in our Dividend Growth Portfolios. This makes 45 different stocks across 10 portfolios.


Nonetheless, the final product (three very strong investing newsletters sent to our members) was a complete success. I was very proud to provide an accurate follow-up and performed trades upon our analysis.


Then, second thing that went well was the advertising brokerage activities. We completed several deals and many bloggers benefited from it. Plus, making a 15% commission each time you send a couple emails is always appreciated!



Time management, again, was a big pain. I was stuck between demanding hours at work, children/family activities and my sites. In my latest income report, I had listed 7 tasks to be accomplished in February (this included January’s unfinished tasks as well) listed as follows:


#1 Write guests posts for my membership site – Fail

#2 Create an affiliate programs for other bloggers – Done Success

#3 Give free access to other bloggers so they can review my site – Fail

#4 Write more on TFB! Lol! – Fail

#5 Run an affiliate campaign through one of my blog – Done (but unsuccessful)

#6 Establish a plan to improve my niche website traffic – in progress

#7 Add a new portfolio model to my membership website (500K+) – in progress


As you can see, I’m not too happy about my overall results. Excuses explain what happened but still, they don’t bring results to the table. I know that my membership site won’t bring in money month after month if I stop promoting only 3 months after launching. I have a good customer base but it won’t increase overnight based on wishful thinking!



Since time is always an issue and I’m starting March a little bit late due to a vacation, I will restrain my objectives and make sure I complete all the tasks on time. So here’s quick list:


#1 Finish the 500K+ portfolio and advertise it

#2 Write two guest posts for my membership site

#3 Offer my affiliate program to three bloggers and walk them through

#4 Finish my niche site development plan


I know it’s not many tasks, but I want to make sure to succeed and finish the first quarter of the year on a strong note. In two weeks, we will already have three months done in the year. It’s crazy how time flies!!

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February 10, 2014, 5:00 am

Monthly Income Report is Back!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Income Report

Back in July 2012, I highlighted the reasons of not sharing my online income anymore. At that time, I felt that I there were more disadvantages than upside. The bulk of my business revolved around private advertising and I was spotted by a few jealous individuals who had nothing to do with their weekends but to harm my business. I hope they feel better about their lives and they feel they have done something right for the human nation. I don’t hold any grudge against them; my life is busy enough without worrying about trolls!


Having said this, I am now back with a new version of my income report. The reason being that private advertising is not a primary source of income for my business anymore. I’ve moved towards other ways of making money online and they work. This is why I’m not scared of getting hit by Google again after disclosing my numbers. On top of this, Google already struck TFB with a PR 0 a few months ago, so I have nothing to lose, lol!










The main reason why I have decided to post this report again is actually for my own follow-up. Since my third child has arrived, my online business has been harder to manage. Doing this report helps me keep track of my main goal: making 100K online in 2014. A few weeks ago I outlined my business plan as follow:

Therefore, my revenues could be represented as the following graph:


Instead, my first month shows the following results:


Overall, my online business generated $7,027.05. This is gross revenue and does not include my expenses. My online expenses are around $3,000 per month. I spend a lot on VAs since I want to take care of my family more than I want to spend time on my computer ;-).



I really like when Excel decides to adjust their axis so I have the feeling that I killed my goal by looking at the blue bar compared to the red one! Hahaha! Unfortunately, I only beat my goal by $15. These are the revenues generated by my blog network. Most of it is Adsense and also have affiliate income.


As you can see, my blog business is still generating the bulk of my income. I would say that we own 5 majors blogs, three of them in the financial niche (including TFB) and two others in different niches.


I’m obviously using my blogs to promote my different products but I’ve decided to use a different category as it is a completely different business model.


PRODUCTS $1,877.66

This Monday, I disclosed that I made over $6,000 with my new membership website within the first six weeks. In January, this site generated the bulk of my product segment. It makes sense since I offer a $149.50 annual subscription. This doesn’t require many sign-ups to boost this figure!

This business division also includes my two books for sale on Amazon:

Dividend Growth – a 4.5 Star Investing Guide

2014 Best Dividend Stock Picks – After beating my benchmark with my picks in 2012 and 2013, I’m going back for a third year with 20 US and 10 CDN favorite picks.


It was obviously a good month for my 2014 book since this is the perfect time for investors who are looking for ideas to improve their portfolio. I started the month by giving it away for free for 5 days and it was downloaded 1965 times! Unfortunately, I don’t make any money out of free downloads! However, it has helped me to rank on the first page of the Kindle Investing Book search on Amazon. I now hope to continue on this wave and I’ll also promote it across my network. I’m making about $1 net per book since I only priced it at $2,99 on Amazon.

But I’m smarter than that. This book is in fact a visit card for my membership website. You can find the link to my site several times throughout the book. If I can beat my benchmark (dividend ETF) again this year, I will gain a lot of credibility. Things look great since I’m already ahead for both my American and Canadian picks for the month of January!



When I mentioned earlier in this post that I had lost track of a part of my business, I can show that right here. I was under the impression that I was making $500 per month with my niche site. This was right a while ago, but right now, I’m far from that!

The main reason for this “disaster” is the drop in traffic over the past 6 months. As I mentioned several times on this blog, it’s been a good 12 months that I haven’t worked an hour on my niche sites. 12 months in terms of the internet is the equivalent of a century in real time. Therefore, Google ran several updates and cut some of my traffic each time. There is not much left right now for that reason. I will have to spend more hours in future months to bring this segment up to speed and generate at least $500 per month.




I’ll explain in a minute while I’m super proud of my month, but for now, let’s just say that I’m happy that most of my income was truly passive this month! I’m also super happy of the continuation of my membership website. I keep increasing the number of members weekly and this is a big accomplishment!

As is the case each January, traffic was quite good. This has helped me make some great money with Adsense and boosted my affiliate sales as well. I’ve made over $350 with INO, a technical analysis paid service.



You are going to laugh but what was the real mess was my stomach! I caught TWO stomach viruses! Can you believe that? Yeah… I guess that’s the price to pay to have a daycare in the home! Lol!

You can guess that I didn’t work as much as I should have! I was more in survival mode than anything else. Among the tasks that weren’t accomplished this month there were some quite important ones like:

#1 Write guests posts for my membership site

#2 Create an affiliate program for other bloggers

#3 Give free access to other bloggers so they can review my site

#4 Write more on TFB! Lol!


I took a two month break away from blogging not so long ago and expected to be more present in January. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out well. But now, I’m 16 pounds lighter (training and not eating really works!) and full of energy!




Unfortunately, I’ll have to achieve my January tasks this month and it won’t be easy. I’m really busy at work these days and I’ll also be in survival mode. Nobody says it is going to be easy (I’m actually writing this post in front of the Super Bowl where “my” Broncos are getting the beating of their lives… arrgh!).


On top of the tasks I didn’t complete last month, I want to accomplish the following:

#1 Run an affiliate campaign through one of my blogs

#2 Establish a plan to improve my niche website traffic

#3 Add a new portfolio model to my membership website (500K+)




I hope you enjoy this new report and that I will be able to bring you hope and motivation through these posts. I’m confident that I will reach my objective of making $100K with my online business this year. And this report is one of the tools I will use to make sure I make it.

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November 7, 2012, 5:30 am

October Blog Evo Report

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Income Report



I’m building so many mini money making machines that someday, they will do all the work for me.


I’m a little bit late for this report as I got sick the first week of November. You know how it works when one of your kids get sick at school, right? Everybody in the family got their share of a the flu…


When I look at my online company back in January of this year and I look at what it is today, I can’t even believe what we accomplished in nine month. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making more money than I used to (unfortunately!) but my sources of revenue have reached a whole new level of diversification. I used to make roughly 60% from private advertising and while this business has dropped to 25%, I’m still on target to make as much as I made last year. So let’s take a look at what happened in October!


Traffic Improvement


As I mentioned in my previous Blog Evo Report, one of my most profitable sites has been hit by another Google Chimpanzee update. This resulted in losing roughly 75% of my search engine traffic for this site. My guess is that I’ve become too greedy with this site and pushed too much Adsense optimization. The site has probably been classified as an “ad top heavy site” and Google are currently chasing them down. So because I was making too much money with Google, the same company dragged me down. Ironic, isn’t it?


I was quick to react and made modifications the same week. I didn’t get my traffic back but I was able to reduce the bleeding. In fact, my search engine traffic increased by 30% in the last week of October (keep in mind that if I was getting 100 visitors per day, down 70% it was then 30 visitors per day, up 33%, it’s now at 40…. I’m still a long way to getting all my traffic back). Nonetheless, it’s a good sign and this tells me that I’ve identified the problem and am fixing it with the right solution.


I removed the Adsense leatherboard and changed an Adsense block within my site. Therefore, I ensured that the first thing that readers see on my blog is content and nothing else. My Adsense earnings hurt (you’ll see that below) but at least, I’m getting more traffic back.


On the other hand, I have another site that “fell into the good graces” of Google where I see an increase of 20% in my search engine traffic. That was good news as I’ve seen both my eBooks and Adsense earnings on the rise. Win some, lose some, the joy of diversification!


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


I recently read a very interesting book called Magnetic Sponsoring. Most of the book has been created to boost MLM (multi level marketing) networkers to even greater success. First, I hate MLM’s (you can read my Primerica Review if you want to know how they work), so I wasn’t convinced about the content of the eBook! The problem with most MLMs is that they are not making money with their products (regardless if it’s vitamins, insurance (Primerica), cosmetics (Mary Kay) or phone/cable (ACN), they are making money from recruiting more people. And I don’t like when you advertise something while you sell something else. The problem is that most people’s MLM won’t advertise that you are in the recruiting business. They will sell you the “system” and lead you to believe that you will earn money from right, left and center. This is not what is happening. Sure, there are a few crazy performers that are making a ridiculous amount of money. But this is the same situation in every field. Ramit Sethi is making over $1M per year through his financial blog, the best doctors are making over $1M/year, the best stock traders too (even bad traders make money, lol!), and so on.


So back to the book, I like a few things about the theory behind Magnetic Sponsoring. In a few words, the idea is to sell yourself as an expert in a domain instead of selling your product. There is one quote that I will remember from this book and it presents pretty much the whole concept:


“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!”

-          Perry Marshall


I’m going to give more thought to the whole concept and apply it to various levels throughout my network. I’ll let you know how it works. In the meantime, if you have ever heard or read this book, I’d be curious to know what you think of it.


Niche Site Central $560.92 (+ 4%)


I’ve decided to publish my Niche Sites income now to give a little bit more transparency. It will also help me know how much these sites are generating in my company. The $560.92 is broken down into two sources of revenues:


$326.40 from eBooks (Excluding Dividend Growth)

$234.52 from Adsense


There was a huge increase in the number of small eBooks I sold this month. The main reason was a stroke of genius by my partner who simply worked on the sales page. As crazy as it seems, just a few different words in the titles and sub-titles and BAM! 30 more sales! The key was to erase all “feature keywords” and replace them by “benefit keywords”. Here’s an example:


Let’s say you are selling drills (yeah… I know, I’m piggy backing on what was written above). You want to promote the fact that your drill is making super clean and precise holes. You have 2 options on how you can word it:


The S3452 Drill comes with 25 different hole sizes and 8 speeds so you can drill super clean and precise holes.


That is putting the features in limelight while you still outline the benefit of drilling holes. But you can twist it this way:


Make your holes right the very first time, each time!


When you think about it, the real benefit of making a clean and precise hole is not really to make the most amazing hole of all time. The benefit is to do it right, the first time so you don’t scrap your wall, swear at the tool and throw your drill at the dog!


Do you want to make nice holes or do you want to finish this task ASAP with the best results possible? The first one is a feature; the second one is a benefit. The main difference between the two statements is not the end results (it’s exactly the same), but you add the emotional factor to your feature. This is how you can boost your sales instantly with the very same product.


I must admit I’m not the best guy with this technique yet. But I’m slowly learning how to put the right wording out there that will generate an emotion from my reader instead of a “hum… that would be nice” thought. “That would be nice” never triggers an action, especially a buying action!


eBook Development


The book continues to sell very well. The first update listed 144 copies in the first week, my second update showed 226 copies total as at October 15th and I can tell you that I’m at 291 as at November 5th. The goal was to sell 300 copies by December 31st and I can tell that I will achieve my goal big time.


My designer is dragging his feet in the production of a paper copy and I’m about to lose my patience. He just has too much work on his plate and I hate feeling dependant! I plan to do a relaunch for Xmas and I’m running out of time. I will definitely work on a plan B in the upcoming days….


Besides that, we have a few ideas on the side to write another book. With the current success I have experienced with Dividend Growth, I’m seriously thinking that I could build a bigger business model around my books. Just think about it; if I could sell 20 books at $10 each per day, I would be making $200 per day – $73,000 per year from books. I’m currently selling on average 3 to 5 books per day (now that the buzz is over) with all my books, I just need to write more books and I’ll be able to make it!


Current Project I’m Working On


I’m preparing myself for the Holiday season! No… seriously! Last year, I launched the best dividend stocks for 2012 book and it was a great success. I made over $1,000 in affiliate links with this book and it was downloaded 4,221 times so far this year. Not too bad for a few hours of work! I’ll be repeating this experience with the Best Dividend Stocks for 2013 with an enhanced eBook. The key will be to provide even more value so I increase the number of downloads. Since my newsletter is twice as big now as it was back in January 2012, I expect to hit it hard! Then, in this free eBook, there will be references to my Dividend Growth book. This should lead to more sales!


Adsense Income $2,838.33 (-31.63%)


This is the sad result of having Google hit me right in the jaw by hurting my most Adsense prolific sites. I’m down by $1,300 from my record month but still pretty close to the $100/day mark. I know that with my latest modifications, I’ll be able to get back my $100/day and, hopefully, start earning over $3K again this January.

Now it’s your turn, tell me, what have you done recently on your sites to make them better?


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July 18, 2012, 5:00 am

Is There A Right WayTo Share Your Income?

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income,Blog Income Report



Last week, I read an interesting piece from Kevin @ Invest it Wisely. He highlighted the upsides and downsides of sharing your income with others. As he mentioned, most people are voyeurs and love to see how others are doing. I’m pretty sure that if you offer to tell your neighbour how much you make and how much you have in debt, he will be delighted to buy you a coffee (but don’t expect the same transparency in return!).


People like reality TV as they like to know what people are doing with their lives. Somebody else’s life is definitely more interesting than yours, right? We all want to know how this guy is able to pay for his new car or go on vacation and we really would like to know about our boss’ salary.


This is Why Sharing Your Income is a Good Marketing Strategy


The fact that people want to know makes the idea of transparency a great marketing tool to bring people on your side or to get other’s peoples attention if you share your personal income. You will automatically have the dance floor to yourself and have your moment of glory… if, of course, you are making a great income!


Several successful bloggers are sharing their income report in order to attract more readers.


Several brokers and financial advisors use the same technique to show they make money in order to attract new clients.


Reality shows are based on the same concept to attract their audience and it works perfectly!


If You Share Your Income, You Must Have a Better Plan Than That


Sharing your blogging income is definitely a great way to grow your readership. However, if you only do it to gain more readers, you are making a big mistake. This is what I had done last year and it wasn’t worth it. Sharing your income to get more RSS or newsletter subscribers is not a good marketing plan. You need a better plan than that.


When you share your income, you don’t always attract the people you want. You will also attract jealousy. This is why the benefit from sharing must be higher than simply getting more traffic on your blog.


Pat Flynn’s example is perfect:


His income reports are among the most read and popular posts on his site.


Each income report includes tons of affiliate links and tutorials to use products.


If he used a different ID for links showed on this income report than others used on his site, I’m positive that the ID linked to the income report would generate at least 50% of his overall sales.


It’s also an amazing way to do natural link building:


Income report articles usually get several natural links from other bloggers who comment or just mention how great your month was. Then, if you include links towards tutorials and articles that will generate affiliate sales in your income report, you are building an amazing web around the keywords you wish to rank for.


So the better plan enables you to:


#1 Improve your traffic

#2 Improve your affiliate stats

#3 Improve your keyword ranking on money generating articles


This is why and how people share their income efficiently. And this is where I failed last year in reporting my income. Since The Financial Blogger is not all about making money online but my personal blog where I talk about personal finance as well, it’s harder for me to make money through “making money online affiliate programs”. I was able to boost my sales on Market Samurai but it wasn’t enough to compensate for the hater threats.


In order to fully benefit from the power of an income report, I should have taken more time in the detail and write more “making money online affiliate articles” that would have generated more sales. It’s definitely a catch 22: you are looking to improve both your traffic and earnings with your income report while you need to publish strong numbers to improve your traffic & earnings J.


Sharing Personal Income is Totally Different


In my opinion, I don’t see much downside in sharing my personal income with my friends and family. I’m not walking in the room and bragging about my salary. But if someone asks me how much I make, I will give him the exact number. I don’t see why I wouldn’t. You will probably tell me that I may lose friends because of jealousy. You are probably right. But I don’t see it as a downside. If someone is your friend simply because he thinks he makes as much or more than you, than he is not really your friend in the first place. If all it takes to end a friendship is a number written on a pay stub, do you really need this person in your entourage? I don’t. I would rather keep real friends with real values. As for the others, well… too bad for them!


I’m always surprised to see how taboo money is. You have more chances to know about your friends sexual fantasies than their salary! I see it with a totally different set of eyes. If someone makes more than me, then I’m curious to know what he does that I don’t. How he got there, how things went for him (it’s never easy). It makes great story and you can learn a lot from these people. Unfortunately, this is very rare that you can have such conversations…


Final Thoughts on Sharing Income


Each month, I’m motivated by the desire to share more information with you. I want you to know how I make my money online and how I reach my goals. I also want you to know that it’s not always easy and that I fail from time to time. On the other hand, I remember that if I’m not strong enough, if my plan is not big enough, there will be more downsides to sharing my numbers than upsides. This is the reason why I’m still sharing my Adsense income and continue my Blog Evolution Report. It’s not as bold as an income report but you can get a lot of information from it. One day, I might go back to the full income report… I just have to build a strong plan behind it so it’s really worth it J.


What do you think? Are you willing to share your income with friends and family? Would you share your business revenues?

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May 2, 2012, 5:00 am

May Blog Evolution Report… + Income Stats!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Evolution Report,Blog Income Report


Yeah…last month I told you that I would stop publishing my blog income report. This month, I’m telling you that I’ll be sharing a part of it ;-). If there is one thing that is constant in my business model, it’s definitely the fact that I keep changing my mind. I think it’s important to rethink the way you do things constantly even if it means to go back to your project and making even more modifications. This is why I will be telling you about my adsense income at the end of this article. Since I want to boost my adsense up to 40% of my total monthly income, this would give you a pretty good idea of how much I make on a monthly basis.


Traffic Improvement


The end of April was a bit challenging for us because one of our sites was hacked for 3 solid days. It was showing a malware alert before you enter the site. Do I have to tell you that I missed several thousand visitors during those 3 days? It was quite challenging to solve the issue as it wasn’t clear what the problem was. Here’s what we did:

-          Run free malware detection tools… without any real indication (you get what you pay for, right?).

-          Check Google Webmaster Tool to see what was going wrong… Google was telling us that we had 24 (!) pages affected by malware. We couldn’t tell which pages were delinquent.

-          We then contacted our host (Liquid Web) to ask them to run tests on their end. They were very helpful and first found that it was probably created by a plugin or a code added to the WordPress theme. Since WordPress is used a lot by bloggers, it is a platform targeted by hackers.

-          It took them 2 days to clean all pages and make sure that the malware won’t come back.


With spring coming, we always see a small drop in traffic. When I combine the malware event to the natural slowdown, I can say that my traffic has been quite steady. We didn’t make any major changes on our side to improve our traffic either.


Affiliate Program Strategies


I haven’t worked much on affiliate programs this month as I was finishing my eBooks (more on that below). This is how I collected a few checks from Market Samurai, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, INO and Questrade (here’s a good  Questrade Review).My experience with displaying 1 single link toward ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog really proved that you should think of adding excellent resources to your epic posts. About a month ago, I wrote a huge post on how to Survive Google. In this article, I explained various strategies used to create a sustainable business that is not fully dependent on search engine traffic. A simple mention of my most favourite book to learn how to build a strong blog was enough to “pay me” for having written this post. If I do this more often, I would not only become richer but I would also help a lot more individuals. There is a huge difference between plugging an affiliate every time you can and telling people about a product you like and use. The latter is truly helpful for everybody and this is how affiliate links should be managed.


Newsletter Projects


Last month, I mentioned that I was working on a newsletter funnel project of 12 emails. I’d say that half of these emails include at least 1 affiliate link. They are all pointing to legitimate products that can truly help readers. Since I’m now done creating the email funnel, the test is now running to make sure everything goes smoothly. Testing is crucial when you want to sell products through your newsletter. You want to make sure that your message hits home and that people see the benefit of registering for products instead of seeing them as annoying ads.


Now that this project is almost over, I’ll be able to concentrate in May on my other newsletters (such as TFB!). I have several topics in my “to do” list



Niche Site Central


My EMT Training site continues to impress with a total income of $36.87 for its second month. I’m surprised since I have absolutely no network in the medical or job/career field to use to boost the traffic. I’m still not getting many visitors (slightly over 300 for the past month), but the Adsense stats are awesome. I was also able to generate an affiliate sale of $20.99. I think the combination of Adsense and affiliate programs is awesome. The EMT exams are not easy and people are definitely looking for help. Mock exams and audio resumes are a great help if you want to pass that exam. I guess the key point in designing this niche site was to aim at a need people had (pass that exam in order to get a job). Since this need is quite important, people are willing to invest a few bucks to make sure they pass the first time.


Now, the real challenge will be to generate traffic as I’m convinced that if I can multiply my traffic by 10 (getting 3,000 visitors/month), I can also multiply my income by 10 (and make almost $400/month with this site!). Link building will be a hard path to travel but I have a few ideas in mind.


eBook Development


I’m “officially” done! I’ve written 2 eBooks on the same topic: 1 Canadian and 1 US version. This was quite a challenge, especially writing the second version. I had to revisit the entire book and erase several chapters and rewrite others. What I found the most difficult about it was that I needed to find the additional motivation to revisit something that I already completed. The book is now off for final editing and formatting. I’ll share more thoughts on strategy (and how the sales went) later. For now, let’s just say that I am very happy to have completed this very important step in our business plan. This will enable me to work a lot more on other projects!


Current Project in Progress


Next month, early in June, is our annual meeting. We will have to discuss how the company is doing so far this year and what will be done throughout 2012-2013. We usually start our discussion a month in advance through email to bounce various ideas and topics we want to discuss during that meeting. We have limited time to think about our business during that weekend and need to be as efficient as possible. By doing a 1 month brainstorming session, we have the opportunity to build a huge list of topics to cover and not forget anything. This is definitely the biggest project I’ll be working on this month: preparing the next 12 months for my business. We usually cover topics such as:

-          Operating costs (potential savings, optimization)

-          Security (server, backup, password management)

-          Revenues (trend, strengths and weaknesses)

-          Projects (new sites, products, newsletters)

-          Overview of our current sites (we look at each site to determine what should be done to make it better)

This is definitely one of the most exciting moments of the year for our company!


Adsense Income: $3,126.40!


For a second month in a row (sorry, I couldn’t show you March’s income stats!), I reached an average of over $100/day with Adsense! In fact, during April, I only had 6 days below the $100 bar. These usually happen over the weekend! When I look at my stats, I only wish I could understand why I go from aRPM(revenue per mile impressions) as low as $0.46 to as high as $29.64. Part of the answer probably lies in the site topics and type of visitors. The rest of the answer is probably in the ad placement. I’m actually working on a big piece of how I manage Adsense throughout my network and I’ll provide more details next time out. In the months to come, I’ll also create additional channels to narrow down my stats. I currently have 1 channel per site, regardless of the size or the ad placement. In a perfect world, I’d need a different channel for each ad placement to know exactly where I make money and where I’m just bugging readers.


If you have any specific questions, send them to me!

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